Chapter 867 - White Bone Catacombs

    Chapter 867 - White Bone Catacombs

    The group immediately withdrew their auras, as if they had suddenly vanished into thin air.

    Yang Song, Xia Hao, and their crew wore unpleasant looks. They did not expect that Qin Nan had been stating the truth this time. If they were to hesitate further and expose their presence to the three experts, they would surely place themselves in big trouble.


    Qin Nan raised his brows as he glanced at the three figures dashing across the sky.

    One of them was an old man, who possessed a strange aura that felt beastly or demonic at times. Beside the old man were two young men wearing Monarch Weapons robes and cold expressions on their faces, which vaguely displayed the natural pride they had in their bones.

    Even Cui Lixu was incomparable to them.

    "Seventh-grade Tian ranked Martial Spirits?

    After taking a closer look, Qin Nan's eyes were filled with astonishment.

    These two young men each possessed a seventh-grade Tian ranked Martial Spirit!

    In other words...

    They were from the Three Great Factions of the half-God region, geniuses on the God Ranking!

    The three figures in the sky passed by quickly like meteors. However, the old man's figure shuddered slightly all of a sudden. Upon seeing this, Qin Nan collected his thoughts and withdrew his gaze.

    Following this, the old man regained his pace and left the scene.

    A few breaths later, the sky above Qin Nan's group returned to normal.

    Lin Miaoke and the rest let out relieved sighs, although their faces were filled with lingering fears.

    If their presences were exposed, with their formation, they would surely be wiped out in less than thirty breaths' time.

    "That was such a close call! Even though that old man's cultivation was significantly weaker than the other two young men, his capabilities are immeasurable!"

    Qin Nan exhaled deeply as his eyes flickered.

    Two geniuses of the half-God region and a peak Martial Progenitor Realm expert here at the Skycloud Mountain Range. There was only one possible reason-there existed some extraordinary fortunate encounter in the Skycloud Mountain Range.

    "Qin Nan!" Yang Song lost his ground and snapped, "What do you think you're doing? You almost got all of us killed! That's three Martial Progenitor Realm experts! They could easily murder us if we got into their way!"

    Xia Hao, Ding Buhui, and their crew wore furious looks too.

    "Yang Song, you've gone too far with that. Didn't I alert you all in the first place?"

    Qin Nan said in a cold tone.


    Yang Song opened his mouth but failed to find any words.

    That was right!

    Qin Nan had reminded them!

    However, they had assumed Qin Nan was pulling a prank on them again!

    "That's enough. Now that three Martial Progenitor Realm experts are here, we should head to our destination as soon as possible. It would be a disaster if we bumped into those three again." Lin Miaoke said.

    Yang Song and his crew were infuriated, and were not willing to let this go so easily. However, on second thought, what Lin Miaoke said was reasonable too. After all, they were looking for a destiny-altering fortunate encounter. If the fortunate encounter was powerful enough, it would easily attract experts like them.


    Qin Nan nodded and quickly led the way.

    Following this, Qin Nan no longer tried to make fun of them. He completely unleashed the power of his left eye and avoided all the dangers along the way.

    As a matter of fact, if it weren't for his left eye of the Divine God of Battle, they would easily have stumbled into some beasts or cultivators.

    They might end up losing their lives too.

    "Almost there!"

    Qin Nan halted his movement and said.

    Lin Miaoke, Yang Song, and the others gathered their focus.

    For some reason, the woods ahead had suddenly become gloomy, with a hint of a murderous aura. Qin Nan keenly noticed that not a single beast could be found within ten li from them, which was completely different from the woods they had passed along the journey.

    "Bark! Bark!"

    The two silent Heavenly Fortune Hounds suddenly cried out, before feeling desperate. What's going on, why can't we speak properly?

    The Heavenly Fortune Mouse that was initially lying on Qin Nan's shoulder straightened its figure with a thoughtful look too.

    "Looks like something's going on here!"

    Qin Nan nodded slightly. The Heavenly Fortune Hounds and the Heavenly Fortune Mouse were quite extraordinary, no matter how hard they cultivated, they did not possess any sign of cultivation. However, most of the time, they could predict the future.

    Lin Miaoke, Yang Song, and the others remained silent too after being aware of the difference. They all stared at the mist before them.


    After proceeding a few dozen li forward, Qin Nan came to a stop.

    "What happened?"

    Yang Song and the others felt their hearts skipping a beat. As they could not see ahead clearly, they immediately unleashed their Monarch Arts as protection and slowly walked forward. After taking a few hundred steps, they finally saw the thing in front of them, causing them to stop in their tracks.

    In front of them was a path filled with pieces of white bone. As the path continued, the number of bones increased, causing the entire place to be white in color.

    ...Meanwhile, deep inside the Skycloud Mountain Range...


    An old man and two young men whose bodies were unleashing formidable auras were floating in the air.

    "This way?" One of the young men calmly asked.

    "You'd better not lie to us. You should know the consequences." The other young man was even colder, as if he was naturally born with a formidable status.

    "Hehe, this is surely the right way. Even if I was given ten guts, I would not dare to offend you." The old man bowed forward and uttered an eerie laugh. His eyes flickered all of a sudden, "By the way, the place we passed by just then, one of them seems to possess an extraordinary eye-technique, even I felt like I was being peeked through. Should we..."

    "Only a bunch of geniuses of the Middle Continent, the strongest cultivator among them is only at the fourth-layer Martial Progenitor Realm. There's no need to waste our time on them."

    The two young men shook their heads.

    "If you say so, let's proceed forward. The place ahead is extremely dangerous. Even with our cultivations, we have to be extremely careful." The old man lowered his head, as if he no longer had any temper before the two young men.
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