Chapter 868 - Crimson Bald Eagle

    Chapter 868 - Crimson Bald Eagle

    ...Meanwhile, in front of the White Bone Catacombs...

    "The Hundred Barrier Mist is no longer present here. Besides, the bones on the ground are quite extraordinary. I believe the treasure is hidden inside the huge entrance further ahead..." Qin Nan's left eye emitted a purple sparkle as he inspected the area.

    Even though the sight was utterly terrifying, he did not observe any potential danger.

    "Since we have arrived at our destination, we'll follow what we have agreed to. Once we found the fortunate encounter, we'll compete for it among ourselves." Yang Song collected his thoughts and said in a calm tone as he glanced at Qin Nan.

    Without the Hundred Barrier Mist, he no longer needed to treat Qin Nan respectfully.

    However, now was not the time for him to get his revenge, as they were still clueless about the place. It was possible that they would still need Lin Miaoke's assistance.


    Lin Miaoke nodded. This time, she took the initiative to lead the way, followed by Yang Song, Fu Hao, Ding Buhui, and the others as they proceeded forward toward the White Bone Catacombs.

    The path was free from danger, as cracking sounds were produced when they stepped on the bones.

    However, the group of people wore stern expressions on their faces while accumulating their progenitor force at all times.

    "Sect Leader Lin, the valley ahead is slightly dangerous. Instead of advancing forward, you can force them out using a Monarch Art." Qin Nan transmitted his voice to Lin Miaoke.


    Lin Miaoke's eyes flickered with astonishment upon hearing this.

    What kind of eye-technique did Qin Nan possess that he could even see the secrets of this place?

    A few breaths later, the group arrived at the entrance of the valley, and stopped before it.

    Obviously, they were aware that the valley contained some kind of danger.


    Without glancing at Yang Song, Xia Hao, and their crew, Lin Miaoke flickered her finger and fired a beam of light into the valley.

    Following this, the ground began to quaver as an astonishing sight took place.

    The bones on the ground collapsed together into skeletons, whose eye sockets were filled with blazing green flames as they turned around and glared at the group with shocking murderous intent.

    The skeletons were not weak, most of them possessed the strength of the first-layer Martial Progenitor Realm. Furthermore, with a rough glance, they were at least hundreds of skeletons rising from the ground.

    "Very impressive Sect Leader Lin, to be able to detect the trap of his valley! If I'm not mistaken, the fortunate encounter must be somewhere after this valley. Now, let us work together and get rid of these skeletons, how's that?" Yang Song and his crew burst out laughing upon gathering their thoughts.

    As they expected, it was a wise decision to have Lin Miaoke's crew tag along for now.


    Lin Miaoke replied calmly, while casting a side glance in Qin Nan's direction. Once we get rid of these skeletons, we will be competing for the fortunate encounter. What trick would Qin Nan pull out next?


    Tremendous auras burst out from Lin Miaoke, Yang Song, and the others' bodies.

    Although Yang Song, Xia Hao, Ding Buhui and the black-robed old man were only third-layer Martial Progenitors, the former two were the inner disciples of the Heaven-Saber Sect, thus their saber intents were exceedingly powerful, which could match Lin Miaoke's strength of the fourth-layer Martial Progenitor Realm.


    Yang Song uttered a roar as he grabbed an illusionary saber and charged into the horde of skeletons, unleashing his Monarch Arts and outstanding saber art to eliminate his foes.

    Xia Hao's saber art was similar to Yang Song's, which was also fast and imperious, with an extra hint of cunningness.

    Lin Miaoke, Ding Buhui, and the black-robed old man joined the battle too.

    The entire valley was filled with countless explosions.

    "Not bad." Qin Nan glimpsed at Yang Song and Xia Hao, before he turned to Xuan Yue whose face was filled with the eagerness to have a go, "Let's enjoy ourselves too!"


    Xuan Yue uttered a ferocious roar as he dived into the battlefield.

    Meanwhile, Qin Nan appeared to be taking a stroll in the park, who merely unleashed the strength of one of his Martial Trees and randomly attacked the skeletons.

    As for the Third Prince, he stuck close to Qin Nan while keeping an eye on himself.


    Yang Song and Xia Hao's faces turned cold as they saw Qin Nan joining the battle. Their grudge against him was unbearable. We have to find a way to teach him a lesson soon.

    Time gradually passed.

    With the group working together, their strength was like a terrifying army advancing forward. In just the period it took three incense sticks to burn, they had eliminated half of the skeletons. That being said, their pace had slowed slightly.

    After all, the skeletons had the strength of the first-layer Martial Progenitor Realm. They still needed some effort to eliminate them.

    Most importantly, most of them were conserving their strength.

    "Look, that's the entrance!"

    Ding Buhui who was busy killing the skeletons yelled after realizing something.

    It immediately attracted the attention of the group, who turned their heads and saw a giant pitch-black entrance in a well-hidden area of the valley. They could see a gloomy light being emitted from the entrance, resulting in a mystical aura.

    "That must be the place!"

    Lin Miaoke, Yang Song, Xia Hao, and the others felt their hearts shuddering. As for Qin Nan, he had already known of the existence of the entrance before.

    At this moment, Yang Song, Xia Hao, and the others wore a cold look while unleashing a murderous aura. Now that they had found the place of the fortunate encounter, and half of the skeletons had been eliminated, there was no need to let Lin Miaoke and her crew stay alive any further.

    "Qin Nan..." Lin Miaoke was aware of their plan too, who turned around immediately. However, before she could speak, a rare interruption took place.


    A burst of laughter suddenly emerged behind the group, "Isn't this Sect Leader Lin of the Wuliang Mountain, and Sect Leader Ding of the Demonic Flame Sect? What a coincidence to bump into you all here! Tsk tsk, may I ask, what are you guys doing here with such a crew?"

    Hearing this, the murderous intent of Yang Song, Xia Hao, and their crew dissipated, as their eyes widened.

    What happened?

    Why was someone here?
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