Chapter 869 - Entering Together

    Chapter 869 - Entering Together

    The group turned around and saw eight cultivators wearing crimson robes each embroidered with the symbol of a ferocious-looking bald hawk on their chests. Their eyes were emitting a crimson glow, giving them an intimidating appearance.

    Among them, seven possessed cultivations of the second-layer Martial Progenitor Realm, while their leader was a third-layer Martial Progenitor.

    "Crimson Bald Eagle? Why are you guys here?" Lin Miaoke and Ding Buhui were startled.

    The Crimson Bald Eagle was formed by a group of rogue cultivators, whose members would normally roam around various mountain ranges and rob cultivators of their findings.

    Once, a fifth-layer Martial Progenitor Realm expert was not happy with the Crimson Bald Eagle's doings, thus he chased after them for thirty thousand li, but the Crimson Bald Eagle managed to escape in the end, thus giving them an infamous reputation.

    "Mm, isn't this a coincidence? My brothers and I like to roam around the vicinity of the Skycloud Mountain Range during our free times. It's a surprise that we're able to bump into you. Do you agree that it's a coincidence too?" The leading middle-aged man wore a grin as his eyes scanned the group before he asked curiously, "Oh, I don't think I've met these young cultivators before?"

    "Crimson Bald Eagle, right? I don't care who you are, but I'm Yang Song, an inner disciple of the Heaven-Saber Sect, ranked one thousand seven hundredth on the Monarch Ranking! This is my Junior Brother! And he is an inner disciple of the Dragon Emperor Clan! If you're smart enough, you should back off immediately!"

    Yang Song stepped forward and replied with a cold expression, as if these intruders were nothing in his eyes.


    However, the eight people of the Crimson Bald Eagle burst out laughing in a scornful manner.

    "What are you laughing at?" Yang Song's expression darkened.

    "You of course!"

    The middle-aged man withdrew his smile, which was replaced with a ferocious look, "Inner disciple of the Heaven-Saber Sect? Inner disciple of the Dragon Emperor Clan? Even if you were a genius on the God Ranking, as long as your cultivation is not strong enough, don't you dare talk ** in front of me! My fellow brothers, they must be here for some kind of treasure, it shall be ours!"


    The Crimson Bald Eagle showed no hesitation. They instantly unleashed their auras and dashed forward in the group's direction.


    Yang Song's figure stiffened. He did not expect that their identities would fail to drive them away. That being said, he was confused why they still dared to attack despite the difference between their strengths.

    Little did Yang Song know, the Crimson Bald Eagle had roamed across various mountain ranges and experienced countless battles. In their eyes, strength was the only thing that mattered, thus they could not care less about their opponents' backgrounds.

    Besides, the middle-aged man keenly noticed that with the treasure within their grasp, Lin Miaoke's crew and Ding Buhui's crew would surely compete against each other, thus he could easily incite disharmony among them.

    "Sect Leader Ding, Sect Leader Lin, these people are nothing to be worried about. I say that you two should work together to deal with them, while Xia Hao and I will focus on finding the treasure, how's that? We'll split the findings fairly in the end." As expected of the disciple of the Heaven-Saber Sect, Yang Song quickly analyzed the situation and came up with a plan.

    "Not a problem!"

    Ding Buhui and the black-robed elder nodded their heads in agreement.

    "Rely on you two to find the treasure? No way--" Lin Miaoke was infuriated. If that was the case, who could she send on their side? Qin Nan and the Skyhowl Wolf?

    They were only first-layer Martial Progenitors. Even if they could look after themselves, how were they going to compete for the treasure?

    As for splitting the findings fairly? No one would ever believe that.

    However, before she could finish, Qin Nan transmitted his voice to her, "Sect Leader Lin, don't worry. I'll go. I'll make sure we get the treasure in the end!"


    Lin Miaoke was dumbfounded. Was Qin Nan being serious?

    He was going against two third-layer Martial Progenitors with immeasurable strength!

    "Trust me!"

    Qin Nan stared right into her eyes and said.

    "Then...fine!" Lin Miaoke's heart shuddered. For some reason, she was unable to reject the suggestion seeing his gaze. Besides, either way, their side would turn out to be the weaker one regardless of her decision.

    Their overall strength was too weak. Therefore, the only way was to let Qin Nan have a go.

    "Hehe, Sect Leader Lin is wise indeed!"

    Upon seeing Lin Miaoke nodding her head, Yang Song and Xia Hao's eyes glistened. They glimpsed at Qin Nan, before their figures weaved among the skeletons at lightning speed toward the entrance.

    "Xuan Yue, look after the Third Prince!"

    Qin Nan instructed before he took off and followed the duo.

    Upon seeing this, Lin Miaoke, Xuan Yue, Ding Buhui, and even the Crimson Bald Eagle were dumbfounded.

    Qin Nan had decided to go alone?

    A first-layer Martial Progenitor was trying to go against two third-layer Martial Progenitors?

    Especially Lin Miaoke, who initially thought that Qin Nan would bring the Skyhowl Wolf with him!

    "Humph, what an idiot!"

    Ding Buhui and the black-robed man wore cold grins on their faces.

    Did that Qin Nan really think he would stand a chance against Yang Song and Xia Hao with his eye-technique?

    How naive!

    "HAHAHA, very interesting! Brothers, they are trying to hold us off here so they can acquire the treasure. We have to hurry!" The middle-aged man burst out laughing as his eyes emitted a sharp gaze, causing his aura to grow stronger.

    The other seven cultivators reacted the same way.

    "Screw it!"

    Lin Miaoke clenched her teeth. She had to deal with the Crimson Bald Eagle and the skeletons at the same time. Even with her cultivation of the fourth-layer Martial Progenitor Realm, if she were careless, her life would be in danger.

    Besides, Ding Buhui and the black-robed old man were only her temporary allies.

    Xuan Yue let out a roar with an unpleasant look. He could not understand where Qin Nan got his confidence from. Despite that, he still prayed in his heart for Qin Nan's safety. After all, he had agreed to be Qin Nan's mount. If Qin Nan was killed, where was he going to get his Vital Qi from!

    On the other hand, the two hounds and one mouse were not worried at all. Instead, they were enjoying themselves rummaging for pieces of artifacts among the horde of skeletons.

    The Third Prince clenched his fists tightly.

    Seeing his Sect Leader place herself in danger to fight for his fortunate encounter, while his close friend had entered the lion's den alone caused his heart to be filled with a sense of helplessness and fury.

    Even after he had altered his destiny, he was still so weak.

    He was furious because he was so weak, being a burden to the people around him!

    The battle continued in the valley, filling the place with the glows of Monarch Arts and gusts of wind from the impacts.

    The area within ten li shook vigorously, awakening a few powerful beasts from their slumber, but none of them dared to go closer.

    A few breaths later, Yang Song and Xia Hao arrived at the entrance. They were about to enter when the suddenly realized something. They turned their heads around and frowned in a surprised manner.

    "Qin Nan?"
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