Chapter 870 - Demonic Martial Orb

    Yang Song and Xia Hao did not expect Qin Nan to follow them.

    Could it be that he was planning to enter the place with them?

    Wasn't that the same as committing suicide?

    "I'll be going first."

    Qin Nan glanced at the duo before stepping into the entrance.

    "This guy..." Xia Hao glanced at Qin Nan's back with a hint of disbelief, who had yet to collect his thoughts.

    "How daring of this Qin Nan, to challenge us with his cultivation of the first-layer Martial Progenitor Realm! I can't wait to see if his trump cards can save his life this time. Let's go!" Yang Song's face darkened. It went without saying that Qin Nan only dared to show himself because he was confident in his strength.

    That being said, Yang Song could not believe that two third-layer Martial Progenitor Realm inner disciples of the Heaven-Saber Sect who were ranked above two thousandth were no match against a single Qin Nan!

    They swiftly entered the place.

    Inside the entrance was a small path constructed with piles of white bones stained with red dots, as if they were formed with blood. The path led into the distance, with no visible end to it.

    "This path is filled with forbidding auras, it's not as simple as it seems..." Yang Song wore a solemn expression while his eyes emitted the flicker of saber intent, which turned out to be his Saber Eyes.

    "Senior Brother, look..."

    Xia Hao's voice weakened.

    Yang Song raised his head and his eyes widened. He could see Qin Nan's figure proceeding steadily forward and dodging the traps with ease as if he were taking a stroll in the park.

    Yang Song possessed the Saber Eyes, thus he was clear about how deadly the traps were. If he were in Qin Nan's shoes, he would take extreme caution while advancing forward.

    "Follow him!"

    Yang Song took a deep breath and said while clenching his teeth.

    With his Saber Eyes, he was able to follow the path that Qin Nan had taken, allowing the duo to follow tightly behind. However, in comparison to Qin Nan's pace, theirs was significantly slower.

    "Is that..."

    Qin Nan halted in his tracks and looked forward.

    He could now see the end of the path, at which stood a thirty-zhang-wide palace covered in darkness. Beside it floated a few eerie blue flames, and under their illumination, there was a crimson coffin right in the middle, resulting in an eerie sight.

    "The aura inside the coffin is quite extraordinary. It's highly possible that the treasure is lying inside it." Qin Nan's left eye emitted a purple sparkle as he dashed forward and landed his left hand onto the coffin lid. He exerted a force pulling it upward, resulting in a squeaking noise echoing in the surroundings as the lid was lifted.

    "What's that?"

    Yang Song and Xia Hao lost their patience and immediately quickened their pace.

    There was no sign of a corpse inside the coffin, but simply a pool of golden blood. Meanwhile, at the bottom of it was a box the size of a palm, which contained a pure white orb.

    A demonic aura could be felt being emitted from the orb, producing fear in the hearts of the people looking at it.

    "It's a Martial Orb! According to the rumors, it's something that a demonic cultivator refines with all of their Martial Arts and cultivation prior to their death! With the orb, one could alter their destiny, greatly improve their strength, and even obtain the memories of its owner!" Yang Song and Xia Hao were astounded.

    Even in the Middle Continent, Martial Orbs were incredibly rare to be found.

    Besides, judging from the appearance of the valley, the power that the Martial Orb contained surely belonged to a formidable demonic cultivator, whose cultivation had at least reached the peak Martial Progenitor Realm!

    Even if the demonic cultivator only possessed a first-grade Tian ranked Martial Spirit, the strength and memory of Martial Arts that the orb contained was still very useful to them.

    Besides, what if the owner of the orb were once a peerless genius, who possessed a fifth-grade Tian ranked Martial Spirit?

    Their gazes immediately burned with passionate flames.

    "The Martial Orb is mine!"

    Yang Song uttered a roar and rushed forward at lightning speed. However, he did not lose his ground. He drew out the ancient saber from his back and slashed in Qin Nan's direction, before he flipped his saber and thrust the saber into the coffin.


    A shocking sight took place. The pool of blood suddenly unleashed a terrifying corrosion, which corroded the ancient saber rapidly, and in just a breath's time, the tip of the saber had eroded.


    Yang Song was stupefied. His ancient saber was a half-Monarch Weapon, but was damaged with ease, which served as an indication of how powerful the pool of blood was.

    "Senior Brother, let me have a go!"

    Xia Hao's eyes flickered as he unleashed a Monarch Art, which summoned a giant hand covered in a purple flame grabbing at the coffin. He was planning to retrieve the ancient coffin together with the pool of blood.


    As the hand struck downward, the coffin remained unharmed. Instead, a reflective force immediately crushed the giant hand.

    "This coffin seems like an extraordinary artifact too!"

    Qin Nan's eyes glistened. It was obvious that the coffin and pool of blood were enchanted, which prevented his left eye of the Divine God of Battle from taking a clear look, which was the reason why he had decided not to act straight away.

    "What just happened?"

    Yang Song and Xia Hao were stunned.

    Even though they did not encounter any danger along the way, if they were unable to retrieve the treasure, their efforts would still be in vain.

    The duo soon calmed the doubts in their hearts and clenched their teeth as they took turns to try their methods.

    For example, trying to penetrate the pool of blood with Monarch Arts, or encapsulating their defensive artifacts with Monarch Arts before plunging into the pool of blood, or even trying to attack the pool of blood and knock it away; but none of them worked in the end.

    The pool of blood remained intact with a strong corrosive ability!

    "Enough, stop wasting your energy!" Qin Nan said calmly after coming to a realization.

    "Shut up!" Yang Song and Xia Hao were already feeling disastrous after failing countless attempts, and thus were infuriated as soon as they heard Qin Nan's voice, especially Yang Song, whose eyes turned cold, "Qin Nan, you dared trick us at the Skycloud Mountain Range, it's time for you to pay--"

    Before he could finish, Qin Nan ignored his presence and reached out his left arm into the coffin.

    "What are you--"

    Yang Song and Xia Hao wore blank expressions upon seeing this.

    What was he doing?

    Was he trying to retrieve the treasure with his bare hand?

    He dared use his bare hand when the corrosion of the pool of blood was strong enough to cause a half-Monarch Weapon to erode?

    Was he insane!

    However, as Qin Nan's left arm entered the pool of blood, a miraculous sight took place. Despite the buzzing sound from the corrosion, his left arm remained perfectly unharmed as he grabbed the Martial Orb with ease.


    Yang Song and Xian Hao were astounded.

    He had done it?

    How was this possible?

    "I've acquired the Martial Orb, thus the succession is mine. What are you waiting for, to submit to my will?"

    Qin Nan straightened his face as he demanded while facing the ancient coffin and the pool of blood.


    The coffin began to vibrate while the pool of blood began to boil as if they were responding to Qin Nan's calling.

    "Very well!"

    Qin Nan was overjoyed.

    He was not too interested in the Martial Orb, as it was something that a demonic cultivator had refined, which greatly conflicted with the Martial Arts he had learned. Besides, he did not need to alter his destiny, nor did he need its power. He was more interested in the ancient coffin and the pool of blood.


    Qin Nan reached out his hand and grabbed the ancient coffin into his storage bag with ease.


    At this moment, the entire place began to quaver, causing cracks to appear on the ground. The forbidding auras flickered vigorously, as if the place was about to crumble.

    The two geniuses who were immersed in shock immediately gathered their thoughts.

    "HAHAHA! Qin Nan, thank you! I didn't expect you to retrieve the treasure! Not bad, not bad, I'm greatly impressed today!"

    Yang Song raised his eyebrows as he said with an obviously greedy look, "Now hand them over to me! Otherwise--"

    The voice halted as a terrifying murderous intent was unleashed.
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