Chapter 873 - Intimidate

    Chapter 873 - Intimidate

    ...Meanwhile, in the valley...

    The eight cultivators of the Crimson Bald Eagle were as terrifying as ferocious beasts after executing the strange Martial Art. Each of their moves became savage, with a hint of a demonic aura, which somehow influenced their enemies.

    Normally, with Lin Miaoke, Ding Buhui, and their crew's cultivations, they would not struggle too much facing the Crimson Bald Eagle.

    However, not only did Lin Miaoke need to focus on protecting Xuan Yue and the Third Prince, she was concerned about the situation inside the hall too, causing her to panic slightly, thus hindering her performance to only eighty percent.

    "Someone is coming out!"

    Xuan Yue whose eyes were always fixed on the entrance suddenly caught a movement.

    Upon hearing this, the Crimson Bald Eagle, Lin Miaoke, the Third Prince, Ding Buhui, and the others turned their heads around.

    The eight cultivators of the Crimson Bald Eagle straightened their faces, while Ding Buhui and his crew were relieved.

    Obviously, they all assumed the ones coming out to be Yang Song and Xia Hao.

    Lin Miaoke felt like her heart was about to jump out from her body. She clenched her fists tightly, causing her palms to be filled with cold sweat.

    A great explosion took place in the hall.

    The figure that walked out from the entrance slowly appeared before the crowd.

    "How can this be!"

    Ding Buhui and his crew, and the Crimson Bald Eagle's eyes widened, their faces filled with disbelief.

    Lin Miaoke and Xuan Yue were left with blank faces.

    "Qin Nan..." The Third Prince's eyes sparkled as his tensed figure relaxed.

    That was right, the one that survived was Qin Nan!

    "Crimson Bald Eagle, you guys should flee while you still have the chance!" Qin Nan calmly said as he tossed Yang Song and Xia Hao's corpses right before their feet.


    A silent explosion took place.

    The Crimson Bald Eagle, Lin Miaoke, Xuan Yue, Ding Buhui, and the others were dumbfounded.

    Yang Song and Xia Hao were dead?

    Qin Nan was only a first-layer Martial Progenitor!

    The two geniuses were third-layer Martial Progenitors!


    What exactly happened?

    "Hehe, what a surprise. It seems like this young man here turns out to be the strongest expert here. Forgive us for our clumsiness. Please excuse us!" The middle-man of the Crimson Bald Eagle was the first to react, who chuckled and left with his crew.

    Qin Nan raised his eyebrows with a surprised expression. This Crimson Bald Eagle should not be underestimated, being so decisive in a situation like this.

    He had initially thought that it would take him some effort to scare them away.

    That being said, if Qin Nan were to unleash his full strength, he could still annihilate the Crimson Bald Eagle. However, that would mean exposing his secret of having six Martial Trees to Lin Miaoke and Xuan Yue.

    "Qin Nan, this..." Lin Miaoke recovered, but the astonishment on her face showed no sign of dissipating. Her eyes were fixed onto Qin Nan's figure, as she never thought that Qin Nan would be able to defeat the two geniuses. In her opinion, it was unbelievable enough if Qin Nan had managed to secure the treasure and withdraw safely.

    Qin Nan wore a smile before he switched his gaze onto Ding Buhui and the black-robed man, "What are you waiting for? Would you like to try and see if I actually have the strength or not?"

    "We'll be leaving now!"

    Ding Buhui and his crew immediately clenched their teeth and left the place.

    They were not stupid enough to really want a taste of Qin Nan's strength.

    What if Qin Nan did have the strength?

    Yang Song and Xia Hao were good examples of their ending!

    "Phew, everything has been great so far." Qin Nan let out a sigh as if a burden had been lifted from him. He looked at Lin Miaoke and Xuan Yue with a smile, "After entering the hall, they chose not to listen to my advice, and were killed after triggering the traps."

    Qin Nan had already come up with an explanation.

    Lin Miaoke and Xuan Yue knew Qin Nan had an outstanding eye-technique, thus it was reasonable that he had managed to survive with it.

    That was the only reasonable explanation.

    "I was just wondering!" Xuan Yue lowered his head and murmured. He clearly knew Qin Nan's capabilities, thus he found it difficult to believe that Qin Nan was able to kill the two geniuses by himself.

    As for Lin Miaoke, her eyes flickered with surprise.

    Although the explanation was reasonable, from her sixth sense as a woman, she felt that Qin Nan was hiding something from them, at least their deaths were not as simple as Qin Nan had mentioned.

    "Third Prince, the treasure inside was a Martial Orb." Qin Nan flipped his hand and took out the Martial Orb, before saying in a serious tone, "The owner of this Martial Orb was once a demonic cultivator. I have no idea what his Martial Spirit was, but it was no doubt a Tian ranked Martial Spirit. However, if you choose to refine it, there is a risk that you may be devoured, thus you will have to make the decision."

    The Martial Orb was extremely valuable, and Qin Nan could easily sell it at a great price, but he chose to let the Third Prince decide instead.

    "A demonic Martial Orb?"

    Lin Miaoke was startled, before she glanced at the Third Prince.

    A chance to alter one's destiny was rare indeed, but it would not be worth it if he ended up being devoured.

    At that instant, she felt silent as she was unable to come to a decision.

    "Crap, crap, it's a Martial Orb, a demonic Martial Orb. Ah, my dear Young Master Qin Nan, please give us the Martial Orb, we'll surely do anything to repay your kindness..." The two Heavenly Fortune Hounds who were having fun with the Heavenly Fortune Mouse immediately came up to him.

    Qin Nan remained expressionless as he sent them flying with a single slap.

    These two assholes were getting more shameless each day. Couldn't they at least look after their image when there were people around?

    "Qin Nan, I'll take it!"

    The Third Prince hesitated for a brief while before receiving the Martial Orb, "This time, I owe you one. I'll never forget this, when--"

    "Why are you being so modest!"

    Qin Nan interrupted before giving him a thoughtful look.

    Lin Miaoke was about to say something, but she let out a sigh and remained silent as a thought crossed her mind.

    The Third Prince let out a smile as he stared at the Martial Orb with a firm determination in his eyes.

    He did not want to be petty and low. Either way, he had to take hold of the opportunity!



    ...At the bottom of the Skycloud Mountain Range...

    "Brother, why did we leave? I think the kid is fooling us! If he really had the strength, why would he let us go? It is highly possible that the two disciples of the Heaven-Saber Sect had died to some traps instead!" One of the cultivators of the Crimson Bald Eagle came to a stop and expressed his confusion.

    The others turned toward the middle-aged man as well.

    They had paid a huge price to execute their secret move, but all their efforts were in vain in the end, thus none of them were satisfied with the outcome.

    "Hehe, didn't you take a closer look at the fearful expressions on the two disciples of the Heaven-Saber Sect? Besides, through my observation, they did not die to traps. Instead, their meridians were totally shattered by someone." The middle-aged man wore a cold grin and snapped, "What do you guys think now?"

    The others were shocked.

    It was true that they had not realized this.

    "Alright, let's go. That young man should not be underestimated. We should stay out of trouble. Besides, I was just told that some geniuses from the half-God region have come to the Skycloud Mountain Range! This place won't be peaceful, we shall stay low for now!"

    The middle-aged man whispered.

    "What? Geniuses from the half-God region?"

    The crew was astonished and instantly fell silent.
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