Chapter 874 - Primordial Ruins

    Chapter 874 - Primordial Ruins

    ...Meanwhile, in the valley...

    "Now that's settled, I've found something interesting, so I've decided to stay here longer. You all should head back to the sect for now. Once it's done, I'll visit you guys." Qin Nan glanced at his crew and spoke.

    "Stay here longer?"

    Lin Miaoke and the Third Prince were slightly startled, before nodding their heads without pondering further. After all, they had no idea what was inside the hall. They were satisfied after receiving the demonic Martial Orb.

    "Master, don't abandon us, we are your faithful--" Yellow and Blacky panicked upon seeing this. They clearly knew that following Qin Nan was the best choice they could make.

    "Cut the bull**!"

    Qin Nan shoved his foot toward the hounds and said with a stern look, "I'll be leaving first."

    Saying this, his figure disappeared with a flicker. He even left Xuan Yue and the Heavenly Fortune Mouse behind.

    "Heaven knows what he's up to this time! Being so mysterious!" Xuan Yue twisted his lips. He assumed that Qin Nan was trying to keep something for himself, thus he had decided not to bring them along.

    "Everyone, let's return to the Wuliang Mountain."

    Lin Miaoke wore a smile and led the crew.

    However, little did they know that after half the period it took an incense to burn, Qin Nan's figure reappeared in the valley.

    "They must have gone far!"

    Qin Nan's left eye emitted a purple sparkle as he stared into the distance. Their figures were no longer within the range of his vision.

    "That place..."

    Qin Nan immediately turned around and looked at a different spoke with excitement.

    If Lin Miaoke and the others were still here, they would know that the direction in which Qin Nan was looking was where the three peak Martial Progenitor Realm experts had been heading to previously.

    "Being able to attract the geniuses of the half-God region here, there must be some outstanding treasure deep inside the Skycloud Mountain Range. I have to go and take a look."

    Qin Nan took a deep breath and made up his mind.

    The trio possessed cultivations of the peak Martial Progenitor Realm and would definitely possess outstanding capabilities, while his cultivation was only at the first-layer Martial Progenitor Realm. However, his left eye of the Divine God of Battle, left arm of the Divine God of Battle, Heaven-Shattering Saber, and the mysterious golden seal were nothing ordinary either.

    Even the coffin and pool of blood that he had just acquired turned out to be rare pieces of treasure as well.

    With this many useful artifacts, if he did not dare to take a risk, how could he call himself the worthy bearer of all his findings?

    He might even have a chance to compete with them!

    To become stronger in the Martial World, taking risks was the first step, and at times it would seem like a foolish act.

    That being said, Qin Nan had pondered carefully before reaching a conclusion.

    He could easily withdraw his cultivation, preventing anyone from detecting his presence. Besides, with the advantage of his left eye, he could observe everything from a very far distance, thus it was almost impossible for the two geniuses of the half-God region and the mysterious old man to notice him.

    On the other hand, Lin Miaoke and the others did not possess such capabilities.

    As a matter of fact, it might be useful to bring the Heavenly Fortune Hounds and the Heavenly Fortune Mouse along, as they were sensitive toward situations of potential danger. However, since their abilities had not fully awakened yet, there were too many uncertainties. As such, Qin Nan had decided to take the risk alone.

    "Let's go!"

    Without further ado, Qin Nan proceeded forward.

    Along the way, Qin Nan did not travel at a fast pace, as the place deep inside the Skycloud Mountain Range was where the powerful beasts resided. It was essential for him to be cautious and move steadily forward. Otherwise, he would find himself in great trouble before encountering the trio.

    "This area deep inside the Skycloud Mountain Range is very different indeed. Even the Hundred Barrier Mist is not the same. The vision of the left eye of the Divine God of Battle is starting to be restricted..." Qin Nan mumbled to himself upon seeing the mist before him.

    However, it was not necessarily bad news for Qin Nan. Instead, it meant that it was easier for him to conceal his presence.

    "Mm? A peak Martial Progenitor Realm beast has appeared in front!"

    Qin Nan's expression stiffened all of a sudden.

    Three li away in the distance, a forty zhang tall beast with the appearance of a colorful tiger slowly approached in Qin Nan's direction. Its eyes flickered coldly as if it were guarding its territory.

    It was the strongest beast that Qin Nan had stumbled into along the way.

    Following this, the beast appeared to be aware of something, whose eyes stared in Qin Nan's direction.


    Qin Nan's figure became tense instantly, as he wore a surprised expression.

    What just happened? My location has been compromised?

    Meanwhile, in the sky behind Qin Nan, a piercing cry could be heard, which turned out to be an icy-blue giant peak Martial Progenitor Realm bird, complete with crystal-like feathers. It flapped its wings producing ferocious gusts of wind aimed at the tiger-like beast.


    The tiger-shaped beast uttered a roar and unleashed a ferocious aura. With a kick, it sprang into the air and slashed with its sharp claws as it collided with the giant bird, resulting in a shocking impact, which shattered the trees nearby.

    "Crap, they were aiming for one another!" Qin Nan let out a relieved sigh as he quickly evaded the battle and took a detour.

    Following this, he took extreme caution as he moved forward.

    It was not him being scared, but his presence was too insignificant there deep in the mountain. It was highly possible that any beast appearing before him would possess a cultivation of the peak Martial Progenitor Realm.

    Time gradually passed. The period it took three incense sticks to burn later...

    "Mm? The Hundred Barrier Mist has grown stronger again. It's no longer white in color, but mixed with a hint of black. Even the vision of my left eye of the Divine God of Battle is restricted to only a tenth of its usual range..." Qin Nan murmured.

    He could sense that he was not too far away from his destination.

    After proceeding a few li, Qin Nan halted in his tracks.

    Among the giant trees ahead, he had discovered several ancient boulders with varying shapes. Each of them was filled with marks on their surface, as if they had existed for an extremely long time.

    "It seems like the remains of a palace."

    Qin Nan mumbled to himself, before he continued moving forward. More boulders could be seen as he journeyed deeper, causing Qin Nan to have the feeling that he was currently at some kind of ancient ruins instead.

    "Is that--"

    Suddenly, Qin Nan's figure shuddered as his eyes were filled with astonishment.
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