Chapter 875 - Mysterious Crystal Case

    Chapter 875 - Mysterious Crystal Case

    In front of him stood the broken remains of ancient palaces in rows, which combined into a giant city. Despite having lost its original appearance, the sight of it still gave Qin Nan a great visual impact.

    "This...is actually some kind of ancient ruins!"

    Qin Nan took a deep breath.

    He had observed the palaces with his left eye of the Divine God of Battle just now, and discovered that he was unable to peek through the material, which indicated how powerful the palaces were before they were destroyed.

    "Something isn't right!"

    Qin Nan's gaze sharpened.

    He noticed that the walls of the palaces were covered in ravines, each emitting a powerful martial intent. It was obvious that a battle had taken place there a few moments ago.


    A series of explosions took place.

    Inside a mysterious palace further ahead, four different auras sprang into the sky, which shattered the palace into pieces.

    Among the four auras, three of them turned out to be the one old man and two young men, who formed the trio that Qin Nan had stumbled into previously. As for the last one they were fighting against, he was wearing a black mask and a robe made of animal hide, whose ferocious half-Martial Monarch Realm aura was thoroughly unleashed.

    "It's them!"

    Qin Nan's heart skipped a beat as his figure tensed. His eyes were fixed onto the cultivators, not willing to miss any detail.

    As he was completely clueless about the situation, he had no choice but to observe patiently.

    "Who are you exactly? These ancient ruins were destroyed, why are you still unwilling to hand it over! Once you hand over the thing, I'll break the chain between you and the ruins, so you can be free once again. Deal?" One of the young men from the half-God region demanded.


    To their surprise, the masked man burst out laughing, "I'm guarding this place under my master's command. Why would I betray him? None of you are the person that master has been waiting for, and you still insist on claiming possession of the treasure? Over my dead body!"

    "How stubborn!"

    The other young man snapped coldly, "Stop wasting time with him. Dark Tribute Progenitor, don't just stand there and pretend it's none of your business. It's time to use your true strength. Apart from the crystal case, you can take everything else!"

    "Hehe, since you've offered so, I'll surely give my best." The Dark Tribute Progenitor had been waiting for this. That being said, the words alone were not enough for him to use his true strength.

    "Martial Spirit, unleash!"

    "Martial Tree!"

    The two young men of the half-God region uttered a roar as seven red glows were emitted from their backs, together with two terrifying Martial Spirits and their incredible suppression. Following this, two thirteen-zhang tall Martial Trees sprang up into the sky, which were colored purple and blue, each emitting an indescribable martial intent.

    "Impressive! Dark Tribute of the Heavens and Earth!"

    The Dark Tribute Progenitor reached out his skinny hand, causing black Qi to appear out of nowhere, which caused the entire place to become dimmer. Following this, the masked man's figure shuddered, as if he were being suppressed, preventing him from fully utilizing his strength.


    The two young men immediately attacked the masked man with their Martial Spirits and Martial Trees. Glows of Monarch Arts and artifacts appeared. Even with the cultivation of the half-Martial Monarch Realm, the masked man was still no match against his opponents.

    Meanwhile, the sky above the ruins was immersed in a great chaos as the battle took place.


    Qin Nan was stunned witnessing the battle.

    Even though he had assumed that the geniuses on the God Ranking from the half-God region were surely powerful, he had yet to witness it with his own eyes. He finally had the chance today.

    The strength of seventh-grade Tian ranked Martial Spirits was immeasurable!

    Their Martial Trees were not normal either, as they had reached their personal unique Martial Progenitor Realm. Furthermore, it appeared that the Martial Trees were even stronger than that, as they each contained some kind of unique intent.

    Not to mention their Martial Arts and capabilities.

    "No matter how good you think you are, there's always someone out there who's better than you. Even though I've refined six Martial Trees, which no one in history has achieved before, I still could not imagine how powerful the geniuses high up in the God Ranking are!" Qin Nan collected his thoughts as he sensed a great pressure approaching him. However, his eyes were filled with excitement.

    Being undefeatable was quite enjoyable, but lonely at the same time.

    If there were no worthy opponents, regardless of how strong he was, it would not make any difference in the end!

    For him, the stronger the geniuses on the God Ranking were, the better it was for him!

    "Forget it, judging from the situation, the masked man must be the guardian spirit. The two geniuses and this Dark Tribute Progenitor are aiming for the treasure he is trying to protect. I'm not sure what the treasure is exactly..." Qin Nan murmured as he hid at a distance and spectated the tremendous battle.

    As the battle erupted, the place began to quaver.

    The masked man was struggling against his enemies, as his figure was constantly knocked back by the attacks.

    Meanwhile, Qin Nan carefully observed the distance between him and the experts. He slowly moved forward as the battle was taking place further away from him.

    "The gods and demons of the Heavens and Earth, shaking the world with a peerless strike!"

    At this moment, one of the geniuses suddenly sprang into the sky and executed a peerless skill. In his hands, the illusionary figures of the sun and moon appeared at the same time. Cries of demons and gods could be heard in the surroundings as he pushed forward with his palm, causing the sun and moon to be fired onto the masked man.


    Following this, the masked man groaned in pain while his figure was sent flying.

    His figure began to vibrate vigorously and emit a black glow. Meanwhile, pieces of herbs, artifacts and maps dropped onto the ground. With a rough glance, there were at least over a hundred of them.

    It turned out that the treasures were hidden inside the masked man's body.

    The only way to acquire them was by killing him or by him handing them over voluntarily!

    "The crystal case!"

    The eyes of the two geniuses burned passionately upon seeing something.

    The breathing of the Dark Tribute Progenitor intensified too.

    "Mm? What just happened?"

    Qin Nan who was witnessing the series of events from a distance away suddenly felt a strange sensation from his body.

    He could feel his right arm burning, as if it was being summoned!
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