Chapter 880 - Fleeing Successfully

    Chapter 880 - Fleeing Successfully



    A series of explosions could be heard from the bottom of the Ancient Demon Abyss, which became louder as it seemingly approached them, as if a huge army was charging in their direction!

    "Mm? What's going on?"

    The young man straightened his face and took a closer look.

    Qin Nan was slightly startled too, who immediately took a glimpse.

    Following this, a terrifying demonic aura surged upward like the eruption of a volcano.


    The young man was taken by surprise. He did not expect the Ancient Demon Abyss to suddenly fire such an overwhelming demonic aura. Could it be that the battle just then had awakened something mysterious in the abyss?

    "Here's my chance!"

    Qin Nan was overjoyed. He increased his speed and dropped rapidly toward the demonic aura. Meanwhile, the golden seal vibrated vigorously and emitted a stronger glow that covered his body to prevent the demonic aura from hurting him.

    "Damn it! Apart from the Heaven-Shattering Saber, what other artifact does he have to protect him from such a terrifying demonic aura..." The young man's expression darkened.

    Soon after, the demonic aura surged upward and devoured Qin Nan's figure.

    However, the young man could sense that he was still alive, and was not affected by the demonic aura!

    "Master! I need your help!"

    In the nick of time, the young man uttered a roar and revealed his final trump card. A talisman that was floating in his dantian flew out and exploded, covering the young man's figure with a tremendous monarch aura.

    Each of the disciples of the three great factions in the half-God region possessed a sixth-grade Tian ranked Martial Spirit or above.

    Therefore, their lives were extremely precious to their sects. Most of the time, they would each carry a Martial Monarch Talisman to protect them in crucial moments!


    Even with the Martial Monarch Talisman's protection, the impact of the demonic aura still caused a series of explosions, thus it would not hold any longer.

    In other words, if the young man did not leave now, his life would be endangered.

    "I'm saved, my luck is not too bad this time!"

    Qin Nan's eyes glistened. However, he still did not lower his guard, as the real danger had only begun now. He had no idea what would be awaiting him deep within the Ancient Demon Abyss.

    "What a surprise! A successor of the Heaven-Shattering Saber who appeared out of nowhere would possess such capabilities! No wonder the Heaven-Shattering Saber would choose him as its successor! That being said, even if I'm unable to get the Heaven-Shattering Saber and the Heaven-Shattering Treasure, you won't be able to live either!" The young man's eyes flickered murderously upon analyzing the situation.

    He already had such capabilities when he was still so weak. How terrifying would he be if he had time to grow?

    "Godly Thunder of the Nine Heavens, the sword as the trigger, Heavens and Earth, ten thousand snipe!"

    Following a roar, the ancient sword in the young man's hand unleashed a shocking thunderous aura. Following this, with a fling of his hand, he inserted all of his strength into the sword, causing it to descend rapidly like a meteor.


    The loud explosion caused Qin Nan's hair to stand on end and his scalp to go numb.

    He subconsciously raised his head and was dumbfounded by the sight.

    He could see the ancient sword surrounded by a thunderous aura fly toward him like a thunderous dragon. He felt himself to be a stalk of grass before the tremendous attack, completely helpless.

    "Left arm of the Divine God of Battle! Heaven-Shattering Saber! Block it!"

    Qin Nan groaned as he raised his arms before his chest!

    It was the strongest attack he had encountered in his life. Even his six Martial Trees would be completely useless against it.

    There was nothing he could do now!

    He could only block it with brute force!

    He could only survive if he managed to block it!


    In the blink of an eye, the thunderous sword intent came into contact with Qin Nan's arms, causing his figure to descend even faster. It was impossible to tell if he was still alive or not.


    The young man twisted his lips seeing this. He immediately unleashed the remaining progenitor force in his body and flew upward.




    Following a piercing sound, the young man's figure exited the Ancient Demon Abyss.

    "How was it?" The other genius who had long awaited his return blurted out.

    "Not ideal, I wasn't able to retrieve the treasure!" The young man's expression became unpleasant as he recalled the outcome, "I was about to catch him when a terrifying demonic aura surged upward from the bottom. Even with the Martial Monarch Talisman, I could only hold on for a brief while..."


    The other two's expression darkened hearing this.

    Despite their effort, they ended up getting nothing from it.

    "Senior Brother, forget it! Now that the successor of the Heaven-Shattering Saber has appeared, and he has also acquired the Heaven-Shattering Treasure, we have to notify the sect about this! After all--" The other young man took a deep breath and said.

    Before he could finish, the young man with the sword interrupted in a cold tone, "There's no need for that. In the final moment, I've killed him with my strongest attack! Let's go!"


    Despite feeling unsatisfied, they had no other choice but to return to the half-God region.

    The Dark Tribute Progenitor remained silent. The two young men glanced at him before taking their leave.

    "Damn it, geniuses of the half-God region my ass, just a bunch of useless pricks!"

    The Dark Tribute Progenitor could not help but curse watching their departing figures. If he wasn't afraid of their trump cards, he would definitely rob them straight away.

    "Sigh, screw it."

    The Dark Tribute Progenitor let out a sigh and shook his head, before leaving the place.



    ...Meanwhile, deep inside the Ancient Demon Abyss...

    A figure crashed heavily onto the ground, resulting in a huge pit.

    Not long after, the pit was dyed red with fresh blood.

    The figure was none other than Qin Nan.

    After receiving the terrifying blow, even with the Heaven-Shattering Saber and the left arm of the Divine God of Battle, QIn Nan was severely injured from the impact, with only his last breath remained.

    This was only possible due to the fact that he had six Martial Trees.

    However, if he did not get any help soon, he would die for sure, as his last breath would not last very long.

    At this instant...


    A terrifying aura appeared, followed by a voice.

    "This kid, I can see my shadow on him! Not bad, not bad!"
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