Chapter 883 - The Ancient Demon Path

    Chapter 883 - The Ancient Demon Path

    The duo immediately saw something huge not far ahead, which had bloodshot eyes and a ferocious appearance similar to that of an enraged demonic bull. Its aura had reached the half-Martial Monarch Realm.

    "Humans, how dare you enter the Ancient Demon Abyss without permission! You're seeking your own deaths!" The demonic bull raised its head and uttered a blasting roar together with a terrifying murderous aura.

    The Heaven-Shattering Martial Monarch said with a cold grin, "A mere half-Martial Monarch Realm beast dares to bark in front of me, I believe you are--"

    Before he could finish...


    A series of explosions took place, as one demonic bull after another appeared out of nowhere. Their bloodshot eyes in the darkness sent chills down the duo's spines.

    It was as if the entire place had frozen in time.

    "Seventy-three half-Martial Monarch Realm beasts?" Qin Nan held his breath while his figure stiffened.

    "F**k me! What kind of advice was that! It was a trap!" The Heaven-Shattering Martial Monarch turned around and realized that the corpse from before had vanished, causing his face to darken.


    The Ancient Demon Bull leading the herd uttered a roar, which served as a sign urging the other demonic bulls to attack simultaneously. Their combined aura felt like a raging ocean, which instantly devoured the figures of the Heaven-Shattering Martial Monarch and Qin Nan.


    Qin Nan received a great impact from the suppression. He immediately inhaled deeply feeling the pain from his wounds.

    With his current injury, not only was he unable to fight, he was extremely vulnerable. A single attack could easily finish him off.

    "Damn it, didn't I say we were tricked? Still trying to attack us? Very well...I shall teach you a great lesson today!" Following the words, the Heaven-Shattering Martial Monarch's aura changed tremendously.

    Previously, his appearance had resembled a beggar.

    Currently, he was more like the dominator of the human race!

    "The power of all, either demon, god or the heavens, the four-sided Heaven-Shattering Seal, suppress!"

    The Heaven-Shattering Martial Monarch flipped his hand, causing the surrounding demonic aura to fall under his control, which merged into a giant demonic seal that crushed down onto the seventy-three half-Martial Monarch Realm beasts.


    A loud explosion took place.

    A series of cries of agony could be heard, as the beasts were defeated by the single attack!

    "Such a terrifying Monarch Art, to be able to control the demonic aura..." Qin Nan's eyes flickered seeing this. As expected of the Heaven-Shattering Martial Monarch, even a stream of his will possessed such remarkable strength.

    "Come!" The Heaven-Shattering Martial Monarch's face became cold as he walked forward, as if everything before him was nothing worth mentioning.

    "Senior..." Qin Nan hesitated before he spoke, "Didn't you say the advice was misleading? There must be some danger awaiting us ahead. Shouldn't we take the opposite direction?"

    "Kid, remember one thing, a place filled with danger has a higher chance of containing a superb fortunate encounter." The Heaven-Shattering Martial Monarch said, "Since we're here, what's the point if we don't check out the most dangerous area?"

    Qin Nan was stunned.

    This Heaven-Shattering Martial Monarch was definitely a maniac!

    Who would immediately think about that in a situation like this?

    "Senior is right!" Qin Nan's eyes glistened as he replied, "I've got the golden seal protecting me from the demonic aura, and I am accompanied by senior. Why wouldn't I venture deeper into the Ancient Demon Abyss?"

    "HAHAHA, I'm pleased that you've reached the same conclusion too!"

    The Heaven-Shattering Martial Monarch gazed at Qin Nan with a hint of admiration, as he led Qin Nan deeper into the abyss.

    Following this, Qin Nan finally witnessed the real strength of Monarch Arts!

    Along the way, they had stumbled into three waves of enemies. The first one was made up of demonic spirits. The second one was an army of puppets, while the third one consisted of skeletons and phantoms. They all possessed the cultivation of the half-Martial Monarch Realm. Any ordinary Martial Monarch Realm cultivator would immediately back off upon seeing them.

    However, not only was the will of the Heaven-Shattering Martial Monarch able to utilize the demonic aura to attack his enemies, he could even turn pieces of rocks around him into powerful weapons.

    "The strength of his Monarch Arts are unbelievable. This doesn't even make sense..." Qin Nan took a deep breath trying to calm his astonishment.

    "Kid, although these Monarch Arts are strong, I won't be teaching you them. Why? If you really want to learn powerful Monarch Arts, it's better if you invent them yourself!" It was as if the eyes of the Heaven-Shattering Martial Monarch were able to read Qin Nan's heart, as he calmly said, "Only the Monarch Arts that you invent yourself suit you the best, granting you a formidable strength!"

    "Inventing my own Monarch Arts?" Qin Nan pondered.

    His Martial Skill Talent was indeed extraordinary; thus it would be wise for him to try inventing his own Monarch Arts.

    "Thanks for the advice, senior!"

    Qin Nan brought his fists together and said in a serious tone. He knew that the Heaven-Shattering Martial Monarch had been giving him useful advice along the way.

    "Humph, don't take it wrongly, do you really think I'm willing to teach you? I was forced by your right arm..." The Heaven-Shattering Martial Monarch rolled his eyes.

    Qin Nan responded with a smile.

    "Mm?" The Heaven-Shattering Martial Monarch halted his movement all of a sudden, "There's a dojo ahead, which looks quite strange."

    Following this, he raised his brows as if he was trying to recall something.

    "A dojo?"

    Qin Nan was shocked. He did not expect to find a dojo here at the Ancient Demon Abyss. He took a few steps forward to take a closer look.

    A dojo with a length of three hundred zhang and a width of two hundred zhang stood silently.

    It was severely damaged, with ravines all over it, as if a shocking battle had once taken place there. Meanwhile, there were eighteen corpses scattered on it, emitting faint monarch auras that were completely unaffected by the demonic aura. It was a sign that these corpses were once Martial Monarchs!"

    "Eighteen Martial Monarchs? All of them died here?" Qin Nan's eyes widened.

    How significant were eighteen Martial Monarchs?

    Even the entire Dragon Emperor Clan only had three Martial Monarchs.

    Even with all of the Two-Starred Factions of the Middle Continent merged together, there were only just over forty Martial Monarchs in total.

    "Mm? What's going on?"

    Qin Nan's figure stiffened.

    For some reason, an indescribable feeling arose in his heart.

    It was as if an invisible hand was clenching his heart, but he did not feel that his life was being threatened.

    "Kid, we have a problem." The Heaven-Shattering Martial Monarch wore a solemn expression as he reached out his finger and tapped on Qin Nan's left eye while uttering in his heart, "Reveal!"


    Qin Nan could feel a chill from his left eye. When he glanced at the dojo once again, he immediately saw a broken-down ancient temple behind the dojo.

    "How? Why would there be an ancient temple here?" Qin Nan's eyes widened.

    Although the Heaven-Shattering Godly Eye was powerful, but how could his left eye of the Divine God of Battle fail to detect the temple?

    "Only those with a cultivation of the Martial Monarch Realm and above are able to see the altar." The Heaven-Shattering Martial Monarch explained, "By the way, kid, if I'm not mistaken, this must be the entrance to the Ancient Demon Path."

    "Ancient Demon Path?"

    "Mm...Legend says it's the path to the Nine Heavens."
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