Chapter 887 - Altering his Destiny Again

    Chapter 887 - Altering his Destiny Again

    ...A moment later, in the Wuliang Mountain...

    Inside a secret chamber within the Wuliang Mountain, the Third Prince sat on the ground while his face was covered in ancient runes. A demonic aura surged out from his back, which transformed into demonic figures at times, uttering ferocious roars.

    Not far from the Third Prince, Lin Miaoke and a few elders of the Wuliang Mountain each stood in a direction and supported the formation with their progenitor force and sacred force, in order to suppress the demonic aura.

    In most Two-Starred Factions or Three-Starred Factions in the Middle Continent, there would be a secret area like this specifically constructed for disciples to alter their destiny.

    "Fool! You've already successfully altered your destiny. All that I had is now yours! Why are you unwilling to accept the two stream of Law-Defying Qi, absorb it at once!" A demonic figure took form and snapped.

    The Third Prince's face gradually turned pale as if he had been struck a powerful blow.

    "This isn't good! Use the forbidden technique!"

    Lin Miaoke immediately spat out a few drops of blood to execute the forbidden technique.

    The elders did the same thing as well.

    The strength of the formation instantly rose, as a mountain formed by the Wuliang Qi crushed onto the demonic figure, suppressing its presence.


    Lin Miaoke let out a relieved sigh. She raised her head and glanced upward, "Qin Nan, please make it in time. Its resistance is too powerful, we won't be able to hold it off any longer."

    "Sect Leader!"

    One of the elders could not help but yell, "Forgive me for being blunt, but although Qin Nan has helped us before, there's no need for us to go this far. We should let the Third Prince refine the two streams of Law-Defying Qi instead!"

    "That's right! Sect Leader! The process only completes once he has refined the Law-Defying Qi!"

    "Sect Leader, the Third Prince now has a third-grade Tian ranked Martial Spirit. With the Law-Defying Qi, he has a great chance at securing himself the limelight in the Monarch Ranking Trial next year!"

    "That's right! Sect Leader, Qin Nan didn't really help much."


    The elders expressed their thoughts.

    To avoid placing their sect in danger, Lin Miaoke had decided to keep the series of events that had taken place at the Skycloud Mountain Range a secret. Therefore, the elders only knew that Qin Nan had managed to acquire the Martial Orb with his luck.

    As such, the elders did not agree that they would need to repay Qin Nan's kindness with the Law-Defying Qi.

    "Silence!" Lin Miaoke glimpsed at the Third Prince who was trying his best to resist the influence of the demonic aura and snapped coldly, "I can't really tell you what happened, but do keep this in mind; without Qin Nan's help, we'd never be able to get this Martial Orb."

    The elders were startled hearing this, but their hearts were still feeling unpleasant.

    A mere Qin Nan who was only a first-layer Martial Progenitor?

    How much of help would he be able to provide?

    However, at this moment...


    Following a loud explosion, a figure slowly appeared in the air, which turned out to be Qin Nan who had just returned from the Skycloud Mountain Range.

    "Mm? What's going on here? Is the process still ongoing?" Qin Nan scanned the place and immediately understood the situation.

    "Qin Nan, you're here!" Lin Miaoke was overjoyed.

    The surrounding elders fell silent with dark expressions.

    "Qin Nan!" The Third Prince opened his eyes, which flickered with a demonic glow, "I've received two streams of Law-Defying Qi from the process, thus I'll give them to you..."

    He then gathered his thoughts, but was resisted by the demonic presence in his body, causing him to spit out a mouthful of blood.

    "Third Prince!"

    Lin Miaoke and the elders were stunned.

    The Third Prince was their only hope. They would never let anything bad happen to him.

    "Third Prince." Qin Nan felt a surge of warmth in his heart upon seeing this, "I don't need the Law-Defying Qi, you should keep them for yourself. Don't treat me as an outsider!"

    The elders were startled. Did Qin Nan just say he wouldn't need the Law-Defying Qi?

    Lin Miaoke was not surprised at all. Why would Qin Nan be concerned about two streams of Law-Defying Qi when he was not even interested with the Martial Orb?

    This was also the reason why she was furious toward the elders. Qin Nan had been kind to them, so how could they be ungrateful toward him?


    The Third Prince groaned while clenching his teeth, "Qin Nan, I must give you the Law-Defying Qi. Otherwise, I will give up on the chance to alter my destiny!"

    "This guy..."

    Qin Nan's face was filled with a sense of helplessness, before he took a deep breath and said, "If you insist so, then give me a stream. We'll split them one each."

    "Qin Nan." Despite being surrounded by the demonic aura, the Third Prince's eyes sparkled, "The first stream is a token of appreciation toward your kindness. The second one is me trying to overcome the situation with my own strength. I will not let the demonic aura control my thoughts!"

    He uttered a roar as he gathered his thoughts.

    "Very well."

    Qin Nan's eyes flickered upon hearing this.

    He was feeling troubled as to why the Third Prince had regarded him as an outsider, but it appeared that he had decided to overcome the devil in his heart himself.

    The Law-Defying Qi was just a sacrifice that he had made to achieve his goal.


    The Third Prince's black hair danced wildly as he let out a roar, causing his will to rise tremendously.

    Lin Miaoke and the elders felt their hearts skipping a beat.

    "The Third Prince! Since you've insisted, don't you blame me for showing no mercy! I'll kill your brother right in front of your eyes!" The demonic figure wore a menacing grin as its demonic aura was thoroughly unleashed in Qin Nan's direction.

    "Watch out!"

    Lin Miaoke and the elders immediately triggered the formation.

    "Trying to harm me with the demonic aura? Since you've come out yourself, don't blame me for showing no mercy then. Suppress!" Qin Nan flipped his hand and took out the mysterious golden seal, which immediately suppressed the demonic figure.

    "This golden seal--"

    The demonic figure's eyes widened. Before it could withdraw its attacks, its presence was erased by the golden seal.


    It was as if the demonic aura had been crushed by a giant mountain.


    Lin Miaoke and the elders were left in awe.

    Especially the elders.

    Wasn't Qin Nan just a first-layer Martial Progenitor?

    Even fifth-layer Martial Progenitors would not be able to deal with the demonic aura, let alone a first-layer Martial Progenitor!
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