Chapter 888 - Going Into Seclusion for Ten Days

    Chapter 888 - Going Into Seclusion for Ten Days

    The elders' gazes toward Qin Nan were now different.

    With such capabilities, it was highly possible that their Sect Leader was stating the truth. It was all thanks to Qin Nan that there were able to acquire the Martial Orb.

    That being said, if the elders knew that Qin Nan had slain the two genius disciples of the Heaven-Saber Sect, their reaction would have been even more interesting.

    Meanwhile, the Third Prince's figure suddenly shuddered, as his pale face recovered. His aura began to rise rapidly, as if it were having a breakthrough.

    "Qin Nan, thank you for your help. Here are two streams of Law-Defying Qi!" The Third Prince smiled and fired two streams of Law-Defying Qi into Qin Nan's body with a flick.

    "The Third Prince, the owner of the Martial Orb didn't just leave a single trap. The others have already entered your body. You'll have to resolve them by yourself in the future." Qin Nan said as his left eye flickered.

    He had discovered a demonic seed residing in the Third Prince's body like a parasite, which would grow together with the Third Prince, and would one day threaten his life.

    Besides, the demonic seed was somewhat invisible, which was impossible to be discovered without something like Qin Nan's left eye of the Divine God of Battle. It would only reveal itself when the time came.

    "It's fine!"

    The Third Prince took a deep breath and prepared himself to go into seclusion.

    Although he did not need to fall into a deep sleep like when he was in the Sky-Scorching Ancient Kingdom, he would need some time to stabilize the memories, Martial Arts, Martial Spirit, etc. that he had freshly acquired.

    "Sect Leader Lin, I guess my work here is done. I'll find myself a place to cultivate in seclusion too." Qin Nan smilingly brought his fists together toward Lin Miaoke and the others.

    "Qin Nan, do you want to use the best cultivation ground we have?"

    Lin Miaoke blurted out, which astounded the other elders, but they remained silent.

    "Don't worry, I'll find a random spot, I'll excuse myself."

    Qin Nan smiled as his figure disappeared with a flicker.

    Lin Miaoke and the elders glanced at one another, before they fully focused on supporting the formation to assist the Third Prince.

    Following this, Qin Nan found himself a place located close to a clear river.

    "This will be it."

    Qin Nan landed on the ground and unleashed his progenitor force with a wave, constructing a few formations to conceal his presence.

    Those without a cultivation of the third-layer Martial Progenitor Realm would not be able to peek through the formation.

    "These two streams of Law-Defying Qi are quite obscure, I should take my time refining them." Qin Nan inspected the two streams of Law-Defying Qi inside his body and mumbled, "My trip to the Skycloud Mountain Range has been quite rewarding, let's take a look at the loot..."

    He waved his hand and took out two storage bags. With a tap, he cracked the forbidding aura protecting them.

    "Tsk tsk, as expected of disciples of the Heaven-Saber Sect, they were quite wealthy. There  are a total of six thousand Monarch Crystals, and the value of the Monarch Arts, artifacts, etc. is not less than four thousand Monarch Crystals either." Qin Nan's eyes glistened.

    Ten thousand Monarch Crystals was considered a significant amount.

    Earning Monarch Crystals through robbing cultivators was indeed the most convenient way.

    "Let's devour some Monarch Crystals first." Qin Nan picked up the Monarch Crystals and devoured them. Apart from producing two streams of Vital Qi, there was not any visible change to his Divine Battle Spirit.

    Qin Nan showed no disappointment though. Since his last level up, he had only devoured a little more than ten thousand Monarch Crystals, thus there would still be a long way to go.

    After storing the Monarch Arts and artifacts away, Qin Nan took a closer look at the crystal case and the eight corpses, before he took a deep breath and glanced upward into the sky.

    The Law-Defying Qi was quite extraordinary. In the past, Qin Nan had used it to refine the Martial Highness Crystal, causing his cultivation to skyrocket.

    "I could easily refine a Martial Tree with these two streams of Law-Defying Qi, two streams should be enough for one Martial Tree. However, what senior said to me was right as well. The fact that I've broken the rules of cultivation was too bizarre, thus I shouldn't expose myself before achieving the Martial Monarch Realm."

    Qin Nan murmured, "If that's the case, it might be better if I were to use the two streams of Law-Defying Qi to strengthen one of the Martial Trees, which I will utilize in my upcoming battles..."

    Furthermore, Qin Nan also came to a decision. Now that he had yet to overcome the Tribulation, once it took place, it was highly possible that he would be able to acquire more force of the Divine God of Battle.

    Currently, apart from the Martial Tree that he had refined with his sacred force, the others were all refined with the force of the Divine God of Battle.

    As such, if he were able to find something similar to the Law-Defying Qi, he could use them to continue strengthening the sacred force Martial Tree, allowing it to grow stronger.

    Therefore, this Martial Tree would be his main focus, supported by the Martial Trees refined with the force of the Divine God of Battle.

    "This would make it easier for me to execute my moves as well!" Qin Nan made up his mind as his eyes flickered.

    Since he had surpassed the rules of cultivation, it was an entirely new path that he had chosen, thus he would need to grope in the dark.


    Qin Nan unleashed the sacred force Martial Tree and merged the two streams of Law-Defying Qi with it.


    A shocking explosion took place, together with a tremendous aura that was emitted by the Martial Tree.

    Following this, the branches and leaves of the Martial Tree experienced a great change at an incredible speed.

    The other five Martial Trees began to vibrate vigorously after being aware of the change.

    "Mm? Damn, I forgot about this. The Martial Trees refined with the force of the Divine God of Battle contain a strong battle will too. How would they be satisfied seeing this Martial Tree becoming stronger than them?" Qin Nan was startled. He immediately suppressed the will of the five Divine Battle Martial Trees.

    Fortunately, the resistance from the Divine Battle Martial Trees was not too strong, thus they soon calmed down.

    Days passed in the blink of an eye.

    After the shocking change of Qin Nan's Martial Tree, it was slowly enclosed by some white silk and fell into a deep sleep.

    Qin Nan practiced his Monarch Arts while learning the secrets of the eight skeletons as he awaited the awakening of his Martial Tree.

    ...On the tenth day, on a starry night...

    A breeze swept by Qin Nan's face all of a sudden.


    A terrifying aura sprang into the sky from the Martial Tree that had remained stationary for a long time!


    Qin Nan was shocked as he took a glimpse of it.

    He could see a glow mixed with black and white colors emitting from the Martial Tree, which felt like chaos. Furthermore, each of its branches and leaves was emitting a shocking aura that was comparable to the ones emitted by the Divine Battle Martial Trees. Meanwhile, it felt like some unknown presence was being nurtured inside the tree.

    Although the presence was still being formed, its presence alone was enough to give everything the urge to submit to its will.

    "How powerful! If this Martial Tree absorbed more Law-Defying Qi or something similar, its strength would be overwhelming!" Qin Nan collected his thoughts as his eyes flickered with astonishment.

    It appeared that he had made the right decision.

    However, at this moment...


    A few tremendous auras burst out from Qin Nan's body, which turned out to be the five Divine Battle Martial Trees breaking free from Qin Nan's control, directing their battle intent toward the Martial Tree.

    "Crap!" Qin Nan's face instantly turned pale.
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