Chapter 889 - Hunted by the Heaven-Saber Sect

    Chapter 889 - Hunted by the Heaven-Saber Sect

    The battle intent from the five Divine Battle Martial Trees completely surpassed Qin Nan's expectations.

    "Divine Sense transforming into a mountain, stop them!"

    Qin Nan immediately reacted and uttered a roar, transforming his Divine Sense into an invisible mountain that suppressed the five Divine Battle Martial Trees. It was his first time suppressing them.


    Following a loud explosion, the five Divine Battle Martial Trees instantly broke free from Qin Nan's control and unleashed their Monarch Arts in the Martial Tree's direction.

    On the other hand, the Martial Tree showed no sign of backing off. It reached out its branches and fully unleashed its Monarch Arts.


    A series of explosions took place, resulting in a ferocious impact that swept into the surroundings, destroying the formations that Qin Nan had constructed.

    Although the Martial Tree was powerful, it was no match against five Divine Battle Martial Trees at the same time. It was losing the battle in the blink of an eye.

    "Crap, the impact is attracting the experts of the Wuliang Mountain!"

    Qin Nan sensed several people scanning the place with their Divine Sense, prompting him to unleash the golden seal.

    However, the Divine Battle Martial Trees were satisfied after successfully suppressing the Martial Tree. They withdrew their Monarch Arts and returned to Qin Nan's body.

    Meanwhile, even though the Martial Tree was suppressed, its aura showed no sign of weakening.


    Qin Nan let out a relieved sigh. Using the golden seal to stop the Divine Battle Martial Trees would be his last resort. However, what had happened just then served as a warning too. Despite coming up with a perfect plan, he would stumble into troublesome difficulties trying to execute it.

    "I have to find some way to solve this problem..."

    Qin Nan mumbled to himself and withdrew the Martial Tree. His figure disappeared from the place before the experts arrived.

    Following this, the Third Prince finished his seclusion and successfully altered his destiny, making him the top genius of the Wuliang Mountain. As a celebration, the Wuliang Mountain held a feast and invited the Sect Leaders of more than twenty Three-Starred Factions nearby. Some of the Two-Starred Factions had sent their envoys to represent them too.

    Qin Nan did not attend the feast, but met up privately with the Third Prince, Xuan Yue, the two hounds, and one mouse after the feast.

    "Third Prince, I'm now the disciple of the Dragon Emperor Clan's Human Peak. Would you like to come with me?" Qin Nan said after a slight ponder.

    As the Peak Leader of the Human Peak, he was given the right to recruit fifty disciples. It would be great if the Third Prince was willing to join the Human Peak, thus allowing them to work together.

    "It's fine, I'm not planning on joining a Two-Starred Faction yet. I'm now focusing on improving my cultivation to the Martial Progenitor Realm." The Third Prince smilingly shook his head. His gaze showed great anticipation. His desire was to learn more about the Middle Continent, to gain a better understanding of the world.

    "Not a problem, come, let's drink." Everyone would make their own decision. Qin Nan had no intention to convince him further. He picked up the cup and finished its contents.

    They did not rely on their Qi as they drank, but enjoyed the slight dizziness as they discussed about the things that had taken place in the Eastern Continent, and mentioned countless familiar names in their chat.

    The chat lasted for the whole night. The next day, Qin Nan rode Xuan Yue and left the Wuliang Mountain.

    "Come, it's time for us to go back to the Dragon Emperor Clan." Qin Nan glanced at the Wuliang Mountain in the distance, before he turned his head around and wore a determined look.

    He could not wait to see the changes that the Mountain-Suppressing Godly Orb would bring to the Human Peak.

    "Qin Nan, I didn't have time to mention this last night, but you've been blacklisted by the Heaven-Saber Sect." Xuan Yue said with a gloating expression. How do you feel now after bringing trouble to yourself?

    "The Heaven-Saber Sect?" Qin Nan was startled.

    "That's right, the two disciples of the Heaven-Shattering Saber are not just ordinary disciples. Apparently, the elders of their sect had high hopes for them." Xuan Yue explained, "That being said, they wouldn't send anyone to hunt you down specifically, as you're only considered their bronze-graded enemy."

    Qin Nan recalled something upon hearing this.

    According to the All-Knowing Scroll, many factions would classify their enemies into three levels-bronze, silver and gold. For bronze-graded enemies, if the disciples were confident that they were strong enough to kill him, they would attack at once.

    Those who were classified as a silver-graded enemy would be hunted by the authorities, while the gold-graded ones would be hunted by the Sect Leaders themselves.

    "Who cares, let it be." Qin Nan shrugged.

    He was never afraid of his enemies!

    Xuan Yue twisted his lips and chose to keep quiet, causing the two hounds to burst out laughing seeing this.

    The four beasts and one human swiftly made their way to the Middle Sector City and teleported to the Dragon Emperor Clan through a portal.

    ...Meanwhile, at somewhere hidden in the Dragon Emperor Clan...

    "Chief, are you summoning us here because you've received the news from the Beast God Forbidden Area?" The Nine-Tailed Monarch Beast spoke first with her usual pleasant voice.

    "Correct." The Dragon Emperor wore a stern look, "I was told that a new change has occurred to the situation of the half-God region. Apart from the three great factions, among the seven forbidden areas, the Lost Herb Garden that was destroyed a long time ago now has a new successor. Meanwhile, the Godly Exterminator Tablet of the Godly Exterminator Forbidden Area has cracked open..."

    "By the way, it appears that each of the three great factions now has a genius who has broken the rules of cultivation!"


    The Nine-Tailed Monarch Beast and the Diabolic Beast Monarch were astonished.

    The successors of the Lost Herb Garden and the Godly Exterminator, and three geniuses of the three great factions who had broken the rules of cultivation. Why was this happening?

    "According to the Beast God, it's highly possible that we've reached the golden era. It's still unknown whether Qin Nan will be able to stir a great chaos in this era." The Dragon Emperor took a deep breath and continued, "Therefore, unless it's an emergency, we shall let Qin Nan grow at his own pace. One day, if he reaches a certain height, the Beast God will meet him in person."


    The Nine-Tailed Monarch Beast and the Diabolic Monarch Beast let out relieved sighs. The outcome was not what they had expected, but it was not unacceptable either.

    Letting him grow at his own pace might not be a bad idea either.

    "Mm, I have faith in the kid too, from the incident with the crystal, and later on making Xuan Yue submit to his will. He even killed two inner disciples of the Heaven-Saber Sect recently. One day, he will definitely surprise us with his talents." The Dragon Emperor smiled and said, "At least, apart from the half-God region, only a few could be comparable to him."

    "I agree with that too." The Diabolic Monarch Beast felt the same way, "Then I'll excuse myself now. Qin Nan's Martial Spirit's rank is still too low, I shall find a destiny-altering fortunate encounter for him."

    His figure disappeared with a flicker.

    "Giggle, I've never seen Old Black being so diligent. He wasn't even that concerned about his own son." The Nine-Tailed Monarch Beast giggled.

    The Dragon Emperor stared in the direction from which the Diabolic Monarch Beast had taken off, before letting out a sigh and saying, "There's no way Old Black would let this chance go. After all, our beast tribe has been waiting a long time to get our revenge."

    The Nine-Tailed Monarch Beast became silent, whose glamorous eyes became icily cold.
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