Chapter 892 - Cultivation Improves

    Chapter 892 - Cultivation Improves

    With the mountain as the center, the Qi gathered from the dragon veins accumulated rapidly.

    In the blink of an eye, the Human Peak experienced an unbelievable change. The Dao Origin Crystal began to buzz as if it were dancing joyfully after being aware of the change. Ancient trees and magical herbs sprouted and grew healthily, and even flowers that were out-of-season began to blossom.

    The beasts uttered roars into the sky to express their happiness.

    "The Qi from the Ancient Purple-Golden Battle Dragon Peak, the Diabolic Qilin Peak, the Nine-Tailed Skyfox Peak, the Skyhowl Wolves Peak..." Names of various mountains were uttered by Xuan Yue, whose face was gradually filled with astonishment.

    What had Qin Nan done this time?

    How did he absorb the Qi of the other mountains' dragon veins here?

    "Dao Origin Crystal, it's your time to shine."

    Qin Nan withdrew his thoughts and glanced at the Dao Origin Crystal.

    After refining a steam of Vital Qi, the Dao Origin Crystal had produced a slight hint of consciousness. As it received Qin Nan's command, it uttered a buzz and fired a brilliant purple glow that absorbed the Qi of the dragon veins.


    Following this, the Dao Origin Crystal unleashed a tremendous force that covered the entire Human Peak.

    It had transformed the Qi of the dragon veins into a different unique force, which was the result of the combination of all the different Qi.

    That being said, the Dao Origin Crystal itself was receiving outstanding benefits. During the process, its aura experienced a tremendous change.

    "Xuan Yue, Heavenly Fortune Mouse, and you two, help the senior set up the Human Peak." Qin Nan stood at the peak observing the change of the Human Peak, as a sense of accomplishment arose within his heart.

    He had brought changes to the Human Peak with his own hands.

    It was like mentoring a disciple, who had finally become one with an indomitable spirit.


    Xuan Yue recovered from his shock and nodded with glistening eyes.

    Even though he had no idea what Qin Nan had done, it was utterly impressive. Xuan Yue was even more convinced that he had made the right choice in joining Qin Nan's crew.

    "Senior, I'll leave the rest to you!"

    Qin Nan brought his fists together toward the Six-Spirited Dragon Vein, before entering the Dao Origin Crystal with a flicker.

    Now that he had set up the Mountain-Suppressing Godly Orb, it would continue to absorb the Qi of the dragon veins into the Human Peak.

    "I shall let these eight cultivate inside the Dao Origin Crystal with me." Qin Nan waved his hand, causing eight half-Martial God Realm skeletons to appear.

    Along his journey back here, he had carefully inspected the eight skeletons and refined them. Although they did not possess any cultivation now, they had great potential, and would never betray Qin Nan, which was why Qin Nan had high hopes for them.

    After all, it was important to improve his own strength here at the Canglan Continent, but at times, it was helpful to get support from other things too.

    "I'm not sure what would happen if I tried to merge the skeletons with the Vital Qi?" A sudden thought crossed Qin Nan's mind. Without hesitation, he flicked his finger and fired two streams of Vital Qi into the skeletons.

    As for what change it would bring, Qin Nan did not overthink it. He would know when the time came.

    However, what Qin Nan did not expect was that his random decision would bring an unimaginable benefit to him in the future.

    "I shall start cultivating now. It's time to improve my Martial Tree and the five Divine Battle Martial Trees. I should use this chance to restrict the presence of the Divine Battle Martial Trees too."

    Qin Nan's eyes flickered.

    With the Qi of the dragon veins, it would be extremely helpful now if he were to cultivate in the Dao Origin Crystal.

    Most importantly, Qin Nan was planning to suppress the Divine Battle Martial Trees with the Qi of the dragon veins. He had been concerned about it since the incident that had taken place at the Wuliang Mountain.

    "Martial Spirit unleash, Martial Trees unleash!"

    With a thought, the Divine Battle Spirit emerged from the ground, as six Martial Trees appeared in the air.

    The Dao Origin Crystal followed Qin Nan's order and separated the will from the Qi of the dragon veins and used it to suppress the five Divine Battle Martial Trees, while directing the Qi to Qin Nan's Martial Tree.

    The Martial Tree's aura instantly grew stronger, while the auras of the five Divine Battle Martial Trees deteriorated swiftly, resulting in a great contrast.

    Time gradually passed.

    Each day, the Human Peak would experience new changes, causing its aura to become more intimidating than before.

    As for the other mountains, apart from the dragon veins feeling slightly uncomfortable and trying to find themselves a better posture, they were entirely unaware of their loss of power.

    Even the dragon veins were clueless, let alone the Peak Leaders of the mountains.

    The sky had lightened slightly as the sun began to rise. It had been twenty days since Qin Nan had gone into seclusion.

    During this period, Qin Nan had neutralized the temper of the five Divine Battle Martial Trees with the will of the dragon veins and his Divine Sense. Even without Qin Nan's interference, they would no longer reveal themselves to compete against his Martial Tree.

    Meanwhile, Qin Nan speculated that the Divine Battle Martial Trees were only breaking free from his control as they had begun to possess their own consciousness after the force of the Divine God of Battle was refined into Martial Trees.

    As they sensed a possible threat from Qin Nan's Martial Tree, they immediately attacked it.

    Therefore, what Qin Nan needed to do was to eliminate this consciousness and place them under his control.

    "It's been twenty days, the Martial Trees have been strengthened significantly. It's time for a breakthrough!"

    Qin Nan turned toward the Dao Origin Crystal.

    The Dao Origin Crystal shuddered and directed streams of powerful force into the six Martial Trees.


    Qin Nan's Martial Tree was the first to experience a breakthrough. In the blink of an eye, it had grown to a height of two zhang, while its leaves and branches formed by the Monarch Arts became lusher.

    Its core had somehow grown stronger too.

    Its power was significantly stronger than before.

    A moment later, the other five Divine Battle Martial Trees had their breakthroughs too, causing their power to grow stronger, resulting in a stronger consciousness.

    Luckily, Qin Nan was able to seal them off in time. Otherwise, the Divine Battle Martial Trees would go rebel and oppose his Martial Tree.

    "An overall cultivation of the second-layer Martial Progenitor Realm." Qin Nan let out a relieved sigh as his eyes flickered with joy.

    When he was a first-layer Martial Progenitor, he had the strength to face a fourth-layer Martial Progenitor who possessed a third-grade Tian ranked Martial Spirit.

    Therefore, his strength now was comparable to a sixth-layer Martial Progenitor who possessed a third-grade Tian ranked Martial Spirit.

    After all, the grade of Martial Spirits would affect the strength of their owners too.

    "I should take some time planning my next steps. I won't be able to control the Divine Battle Martial Trees for too long."

    Qin Nan withdrew his thoughts and mumbled to himself.
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