Chapter 12: Renowned Courtesan Chen Shuang

    Chapter 12: Renowned Courtesan Chen Shuang

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    Chen Shuang nodded in excitement. She never imagined that Qin Yun would understand her so well. She was afraid that he would leave in anger.

    "By the way, while I was outside, I heard about the Courtesan Belle selection," said Qin Yun with a smile. "Are you participating in it?"

    "Yes, Brother Yun, although the sisters in Swallow Phoenix Brothel treat each other as comrades, there are still some open and veiled contentions." Chen Shuang said with a smile. "Also, we can be competitive with the renowned courtesans from other brothels. I too am someone who will not easily back down and admit defeat, so naturally, there will be some strife."

    Qin Yun chuckled. "Where there are people, there is strife. Even among renowned courtesans in brothels, quarrels are still intense."

    "It's far more intense than in other places."

    Chen Shuang smiled and continued, "After all, the greater one's reputation is, the more money is at stake. The competition between us naturally becomes more intense. Furthermore, many renowned courtesans have someone wealthy backing them. This makes the competition even more intense. On the surface, we are amiable sisters, but there is no lack of gnashing teeth in the dark! Brother Yun, don't you think that such strife is rather interesting?"

    "As long as you are happy." Qin Yun laughed as well.


    Qin Yun and Chen Shuang engaged in idle banter and talked about her days in the brothel. Qin Yun also recounted some interesting tidbits from his travels out in the world.

    "Alright, it's about time I go. I have already overstayed my welcome by more than an hour." Qin Yun got up. Swallow Phoenix Brothel had given Qin Yun face and had not disturbed him.

    "Brother Yun, there's no need for you to come see me here in the future. It costs you. When I'm free, I'll go to Qin Manor during the day." Chen Shuang said while beaming. "Auntie Xue, please accompany Brother Yun down."

    "Take care of yourself. Come to me if you suffer any tribulations," Qin Yun said with a laugh.

    Following that, he walked out with Auntie Xue.

    Chen Shuang walked to the door and silently watched Qin Yun leave.


    On the way out, they passed through Swallow Phoenix Brothel's main building.

    Qin Yun said, "Auntie Xue, please tell me immediately if anything happens to Little Shuang. I know that renowned courtesans will inevitably run into trouble in such a complicated place. The ancients stated that alcohol, sex, wealth, and temper are the four troubles. Sex alone has led many to lose their minds, often making them lose their lives in the process as well."

    "I know. We have always been very careful. Swallow Phoenix Brothel has provided very good protection. There are also some from the older generation from the escort company that are willing to look out for Little Shuang." Auntie Xue added.

    "Alright." Qin Yun nodded and walked to where Tian Bo was. "Little Bobo, let's go."

    "Aren't we going to watch more?" Tian Bo was still listening to the melody performed onstage.

    "No." Qin Yun urged.

    "Alright then." Tian Bo grabbed two servings of dessert and stuffed them into his mouth before taking another two in hand. "There's so much left uneaten."

    Qin Yun and Tian Bo walked out.

    There were many guests that looked at Qin Yun with reverence. The Liu family's Young Master Liu Qi had been thrown down the building by Qin Yun. They also witnessed the sword beam that he shot as a threat, so they knew he was an immortal cultivator.

    'Young Master Qin, Young Master Tian. This way please." The old procuress said warmly. The moment they stepped out the door, the servants were already waiting outside with their horses in rein.

    "Auntie Xue, go back in." Qin Yun said with a smile. Following that, he mounted his horse and left with Tian Bo.

    Auntie Xue watched from afar.

    "It appears Chen Shuang will have good days ahead of her," joked the old procuress. "Probably no one will dare to bully her openly. By the way, Sister Xue, what relationship does she have with Young Master Qin?"

    Auntie Xue chuckled. "Childhood friends!"

    Following that, she turned to return to Swallow Phoenix Brothel.

    "Childhood friends?" The old procuress waited till Auntie Xue was a distance away before she scoffed. "If that were true, why would he let her stay here in a brothel? He would have taken her back to his manor. He's probably just humoring her."


    Qin Yun and Tian Bo returned on horseback.

    "How was your chat with Sister Xie Shuang? Were you able to resolve her indenture contract?" asked Tian Bo. "After all, the price of the contract is nearly twenty thousand taels of silver. It's difficult to settle that even for a cultivator like you, right?"

    The cool evening breeze blew across their faces.

    Qin Yun shook his head gently and said, "She did not sell herself to the brothel. It's only an ordinary contract. I confirmed it with Swallow Phoenix Brothel. Just don't tell anyone else."

    "It's not an indentured contract?" Tian Bo was alarmed. "Then why didn't you bring her out of there?"

    Qin Yun said, "She is now a courtesan after all. Even if she leaves the brothel, there's no way she can be married into a distinguished family as the principal wife. She is unwilling to become a concubine, and weaker families are unable to protect her... She told me that her days in the brothel are rather good. She feels that she would be happier living there than living alone in the deep recesses of a manor. Since Little Shuang is happy, I'll just leave it to her. Furthermore, hers is an ordinary contract. She can leave at any time, even without my help."

    "If she can leave, why is she staying in the brothel?" Tian Bo could not help but ask, "Brother Yun, you must be silly."

    "Humans live less than a hundred years so why should one worry about how others view them? As long as she's happy there," said Qin Yun.

    "Even so, it's still a questionable place," said Tian Bo. "How can you stand by and watch Sister Xie Shuang live out her life in there? Regardless of anything, she should be taken away from there. You can't be at the mercy of her temper."

    "Do you look down on renowned courtesans?" Qin Yun looked at Tian Bo.

    Tian Bo hesitated before saying, "From my point of view, she is bedazzled by the opulent way of life. Her innocent heart has been marred by the countless courting of the guests. She can't return and doesn't wish to return."

    Qin Yun remembered the look in Little Shuang's eyes.

    "She isn't bedazzled nor has had her heart marred," said Qin Yun.


    Meanwhile, back in Swallow Phoenix Brothel.

    Auntie Xue passed through the main building and walked along the corridor to the east building to return to Chen Shuang's room.

    "Auntie Xue." Chen Shuang was sitting there, silently writing calligraphy. "Has Brother Yun left?"

    "Yes, he has gone back." Auntie Xue said, "Little Shuang, why don't you return with Qin Yun and lead a peaceful life?"


    Chen Shuang said softly, "I will never forget the grudge of my brother! I will never forget the hundreds of men who lost their lives on that escort mission! There is no way I can lead a peaceful life!"

    "Then, why didn't you tell Qin Yun the truth? The deaths of your brother and the hundreds of men from the escort company were not solely caused by demons. The true cause was the Baili family from East Gong County, who instigated the demons to commit murder." Auntie Xue said anxiously, "The Baili family is too powerful. Furthermore, Qin Yun has finally knocked open the gate of immortality. He is now an immortal cultivator. If he aids you, you'd have a greater chance of you getting your revenge."

    "Baili family." Chen Shuang's eyes flashed with a cold glint.

    Demons wreaked havoc in this world.

    However, there were some powerful family clans that colluded with demons! They would commit murder or robbery under the guise of random demon attacks.

    "The Baili family is East Gong County's largest family clan. Their roots run deep. Even the local county governor fears them. The county governor changes but the Baili family remains immutable." Chen Shuang whispered, "The Patriarch of the Baili family is a powerful cultivator at the Connate True Core realm who has lived for more than two centuries. The Baili family is deeply rooted in an intricate mess. Many demons are subservient to them."

    "My Brother Yun has only just knocked open the gate of immortality, so how can he be their match? If I ask for his help, it would only put him in danger. I'd be harming him!"

    "I have already lost one brother. I cannot lose my last one."

    Chen Shuang said softly, "Let's act according to the original plan. Sex itself is a formidable asset. History tells of many beauties who have brought down a family clan or even an entire city. There are even countries that have succumbed to a beauty! I do not wish to fell a country nor do I wish to destroy a city. The Baili family is only one family clan. I do not believe that I can't deal with them using my own power."

    "Little Shuang, it's not too late to do something before you have regret, even if you do not tell Qin Yun now. Just wait until the day Qin Yun has the power to help you. It wouldn't be too late to tell him then. If you continue on this path, you will only sink deeper. I'm afraid you will end up so far gone that you can't turn back." Auntie Xue said hurriedly. Her heart pained for Xie Shuang as she watched her walk down such a treacherous path.

    "Since the day I entered Swallow Phoenix Brothel, the person known as Xie Shuang no longer exists, only Chen Shuang-the renowned courtesan, Chen Shuang." Chen Shuang continued writing and did not speak further.

    Auntie Xue shook her head slightly.

    She had often tried to persuade her, but she had never managed to waver Chen Shuang's resolve.

    "Brother Yun." Chen Shuang revealed a faint smile as she muttered softly, "Seeing you come back is truly nice."
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