Chapter 20: Crossing the Water God

    Chapter 20: Crossing the Water God

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    Grand Dominance City had a population that numbered in hundreds of thousands. The turnout for the Courtesan Belle selection numbered tens of thousands. People filled the banks of the Flower Solarium river from one end in the south to the other end in the north.

    The cruise liner gradually traveled from south to north and turned around when it reached the north. On its return, it clung to the other bank as it headed south, allowing both sides of the river banks to clearly see the renowned courtesans on the cruise liner. When the cruise liner proceeded to a certain point in its voyage, the people raised their heads in excitement to look carefully at the ten fairy-like figures at the cruise liner's top deck.

    The renowned courtesans were at times dancing and at other times playing the zither...

    When the cruise liner approached where Qin Yun was, it was precisely when Lady Chen Shuang began her sword dance. It was unknown if it was a coincidence or a deliberate arrangement.

    "Lady Chen Shuang's sword dance is akin to fairies from heaven descending to the mortal world. The thrust of her sword leaves the world ashen and cold." Someone in the crowd by the riverbank marveled. Many of them were dazzled and mesmerized by her dance.

    "Compared to her sword dance," said Wen Chong wistfully in the restaurant. "I prefer Lady Chen Shuang's lute performance. In the past, I enjoyed Fairy Clear Autumn's flute performance, finding it distant and calm, as if I could distance myself away from the secular world but after listening to Lady Chen Shuang's lute, I realize that it's because the other courtesans are not that good at the lute. Lady Chen Shuang's lute performance...seems to describe the love and strife in a couple's relationship. There is a longing for each other, as they can't severe ties with one another nor turn to reason. The most chaotic thing is one's heart. It also resembles the impossible-to-forget smile as one looks back. No matter how steel-hearted one is, it will simply melt. Fairy Clear Autumn's flute performance is to distance herself from the secular world while Lady Chen Shuang's lute performance is to make people lose themselves in the secular world, so much as to resist waking up."

    Wen Chong looked at Qin Yun and said, "Brother Qin Yun, I'm not currying favor. It is something I truly believe in. I really love it. In the past few days, I have been paying a visit to watch Lady Chen Shuang's performance so that she can play a tune for me."

    "Brother Wen, why don't I share the same feelings?" Young Master Hong was puzzled. "I only think that Fairy Clear Autumn's flute performance is more attractive."

    "That's because you are still young. At my age, you will prefer Lady Chen Shuang's playing of the lute," said Wen Chong.

    "I like Lady Chen Shuang as well. However, I prefer her sword dance. That valiant air to her that is different from ordinary females, as well as that frailty really makes my heart ache for her," said Young Master Hong.

    Qin Yun said with a smile, "In the past, she wasn't famous so few people were aware of her. So it's natural that the people who liked her were few in number. Now that her fame has reached afar, more people know of her so there are a lot more suitors."

    "It's really good." Wen Chong hurriedly added, "I have heard a grandmaster who is proficient in the lute play the lute. However, that gives me a kind of ethereal feeling. As for Lady Chen Shuang, although her skills in the lute are incomparable to a grandmaster's, the tunes of her lute are inextricable and commiserative. It's filled with love and hate that even fine steel will turn soft."

    "Is it that good? I must listen to it carefully in the future." Young Master Hong said.

    "To be honest, I have not heard Little Shuang play the lute after I returned. The last time I heard her play the lute was six years ago." Qin Yun's interest was piqued. The last time he heard her play the lute, Little Shuang had done so to send him off to roam the world. Back then, Little Shuang was only thirteen and her skills in the lute were still rather tender. However, it was enough to make Qin Yun's heart wince.


    Among the huge crowds by Flower Solarium river's riverbank, there was a girl dressed in a light-blue dress walking from afar. There was a leisurely air to her. Even when the people around her saw her, they would quickly forget what she looked like. They didn't even realize anything unusual.

    "Grand Dominance in March is truly mesmerizing. The scenery is enchanting and this renowned courtesan's artistic talent is extraordinary." The light-blue dressed girl smiled as she watched from afar. Although she was located far behind, she could still see every renowned courtesan on the cruise liner clearly. She was enjoying Lady Scented Dress's dance.

    "The scenery is good and the people are good. Unfortunately, there is the huge demon that is the water god. It has plagued Grand Dominance for two centuries."

    The light-blue dressed woman shook her head slightly. "When Martial Uncle comes, with his help, I will be able to exterminate that huge demon."

    Although she was speaking softly, no one around her heard her.


    As time passed, it was finally time to decide on who was Courtesan Belle.

    The female host standing at the bow of the cruise liner had a gentle voice. She was a renowned courtesan in her youth as she declared the top three contestants, "Fairy Clear Autumn, Lady Scented Dress, Lady Chen Shuang."

    The moment the names were declared, there was immediately a tumultuous uproar.

    As for the ten renowned courtesans on the cruise liner's top deck, though seven of them may feel downcast, they did not lose their composure. One by one, they walked down the stairs to the underdeck. There were only three contestants vying for the title of Courtesan Belle left standing on the top deck of the cruise liner-Fairy Clear Autumn, Lady Scented Dress, and Lady Chen Shuang.

    "Top three."

    Lady Chen Shuang stood there with lute in her arms. As she watched the countless masses cheer, she could not help but turn nervous. "I really made it to the top three."

    Back when she heard the cheers from the crowd, she had realized that her popularity had matched Fairy Clear Autumn and Lady Scented Dress's. Unfortunately, she lacked experience which made unconfident of entering the top three. Having entered the top three, she could not help but feel nervous and excited.

    There were three renowned courtesans standing there. Fairy Clear Autumn was carrying a flute in one hand, while Lady Chen Shuang was hugging her lute. As for Lady Scented Dress, she stood there in a frail manner that exuded another kind of charm.

    "For this year's Grand Dominance County's Courtesan Belle, it would be... Swallow Phoenix Brothel's Lady Chen Shuang!" A voice came from the cruise

    "Chen Shuang!"

    "Chen Shuang!"

    "Lady Chen Shuang!"

    Cheers rang to the heavens.

    With lute in hand, Lady Chen Shuang only felt her scalp tingle. "Me? I won Courtesan Belle?"

    Such a pleasant surprise came too suddenly!

    At that moment, Lady Chen Shuang was looking everywhere for she wanted to see the person she cared most about-Brother Yun. However, there were so many people that she could not immediately find him.

    There were people everywhere lining the ends of the river bank. When it was announced that Lady Chen Shuang was the Courtesan Belle, there was an immediate uproar of cheers. It was also the climax of the entire Courtesan Belle selection. And at that moment in time, no one noticed that on the bank closest to the large cruise liner, there were three inconspicuous men in the packed crowd.

    The moment the three men heard the announcement, they exchanged looks and gave a slight nod.

    "Boom! Boom! Boom!"

    Three figures suddenly charged forward, sending the huddled masses flying. Screams ensued as more than ten people were thrown into the air with blood splattering through the skies.

    The three figures that charged out also instantly transformed. One of the figures had its head turn into that of a ferocious dog's. The dog demon was wielding a saber as he jumped into mid-air and pounced at the cruise liner. Another figure transformed into a majestic wolf demon and immediately brandished its sharp claws. While in mid-air, it even swiped its claws at the people that had been thrown in the air. The last figure expanded in size till it was more than ten feet long. Ordinary people could only reach its waist for it was an extremely stout rhinoceros demon! In order to hide their identities, they were unable to bring suitable weapons. After all, with their sizes, any large weapons would definitely ring some bells. However, a simple punch from the rhinoceros demon was probably enough to strike terror in the hearts of people.

    The three demons had suddenly rushed out and jumped into the air, heading for the cruise liner that was about seventy feet away.

    This scene left everyone dumbfounded.

    "Whoever crosses the water god shall be killed!" The rhinoceros demon bellowed angrily. His bellow was like a thunderclap that resounded across a flat plain. It caused the surrounding ground to quake as the river's waters stirred. Many of the citizens that were closest to the riverbank covered their ears in pain. As for Lady Chen Shuang, Fairy Clear Autumn, and Lady Scented Dress, who were still on the large cruise liner, they stumbled while covering their ears.

    "What? Three demons?"

    "Demons sent by the water god?"

    The experts that were defending the area were dumbstruck. Although a large amount of manpower was employed as part of the precautionary measures at every year's Courtesan Belle selection, it was only a precaution as no demon had acted suicidally all this while.

    That was because once they appeared, the demons were definitely doomed despite causing some deaths or injury among the huge turnout.


    In the restaurant.

    Qin Yun was still smiling as he watched the announcement of the crowning of Courtesan Belle. As he listened to the tumultuous cheers, his expression changed suddenly as he saw the three demons charge out.


    Qin Yun's Quintessential Essence stirred as it surged to two talisman charms that were tied to his left and right trouser leggings. They were also the most expensive talisman charms on him-Divine Traversal Talisman Amulets! Typical talismans were one-use items. For example, the Disease Dispelling Talisman could only be used once. However, talisman amulets were treasures that could undergo prolonged use. Although Divine Traversal Talisman Amulets were rather low-end in the cultivation world of talisman amulets, it was still a talisman amulet. They could be used repeatedly for long periods of time which naturally made them very expensive!

    This was also one of the reasons why Qin Yun was able to survive three years in the northern borders. The Divine Traversal Talisman Amulet had no other uses except for one-divine traversal! It was fast!


    In a split second, Qin Yun had charged out of the restaurant and flew across the surface of Flower Solarium river in a stream of light that approached the cruise liner at a horrifying speed!

    His speed was extremely fast!

    However, the three demons were located too close to the cruise liner. A distance of seventy to eighty feet could be traversed with a flying pounce! By the time Qin Yun discovered their assault, the demons had almost reached the cruise liner. As for Qin Yun, he was seven to eight hundred feet away!

    "No good." Qin Yun turned extremely anxious. However, there was no other option for him but to watch helplessly as everything played out in front of him.
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