Chapter 21: Palm Lightning

    Chapter 21: Palm Lightning

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    Lady Chen Shuang, Fairy Clear Autumn, and Lady Scented Dress, who were situated on the top deck of the cruise liner felt their ears ring and head buzz from the angry bellow. They stumbled and failed to find their balance as they watched the hideous and ugly demons fly towards them.

    "Demons! Three demons!" The three of them were observant but their legs went limp from fright.


    Lady Chen Shuang saw a stream of light heading for her over the river's surface. Although Qin Yun's figure remained blurry, she was still able to identify him.

    "Brother Yun." Lady Chen Shuang could feel that Qin Yun was trying his best to rush to her but the demons were just too close.

    "There's not enough time." Qin Yun felt anxious and angry.

    This was not the first time he had encountered such a situation.

    In the battlefields in the north, his brothers that went through thick and thin with him had landed themselves in peril. When he couldn't save them in time, he could only watch his good friends die.

    "Little Shuang." Qin Yun did not wish to see Little Shuang and Madman die just like that.

    And at that moment, the woman in the light-blue dress who was situated behind the crowd by the riverbank frowned slightly. "Demons?" There was a sharp glimmer in her eyes. With a step, she surmounted the crowd and in mid-air, she extended her left hand. Her fingers were slender and fair as lightning beams began to appear from her palm with sizzling sounds.

    Boom! Boom! Boom!

    Accompanying a thunderclap, the lightning beams in her palm split into three. They traveled quickly in mid-air, instantly striking the three demons from a distance.

    The dog demon that wielded a saber cried out in pain as its body convulsed while it fell to the ground weakly. Qin Yun, who was rushing from afar, could see through his Dharma Eyes that the dog-head demon's demonic aura had dissipated immediately! Clearly, it was already dead.

    As for the wolf-head demon, its clothes burst apart when it was struck. With charred fur, it fell into the river but its demonic aura remained intact. It was obviously still not dead.

    As for the most powerful rhinoceros demon, its black hide had the remnants of Lichtenberg figures after it was struck by the lightning bolt. However, it only staggered and fell to the water surface before regaining its footing on the water surface to charge back onto the cruise liner! The rhinoceros demon was also the one with the most robust demonic aura through Qin Yun's Dharma Eyes. The effects the lightning bolt had on it was minuscule.

    However, Qin Yun still heaved a sigh of relief.

    The process of the rhinoceros demon plummeting to the water surface before leaping back up had bought him time.

    "Palm Lightning?" Qin Yun was feeling grateful as he looked into the distance.

    A woman dressed in a light-blue dress was standing on a railing by the riverbank. Her clothes were fluttering in the wind.

    "How beautiful."

    Qin Yun felt a jolt when he saw her.

    He had experienced a lot from his roaming of the world; however, the woman in the light-blue dress was definitely ranked top three in terms of looks of all the women that he had seen in his entire life. In addition to that worldly immortal cultivator aura she possessed, Qin Yun even felt like she was the prettiest women he had ever seen. Such a woman should have attracted the attention of the crowd no matter where she went but she was after all a cultivator. Mortals would not remember what she looked like and thought of her as an ordinary woman.

    "Lightning is equivalent to a decree of the heaven and earth. Among the thousands of Dharmic Dao, lightning reigns supreme. This fellow Daoist can project her Palm Lightning and split it easily into three... Impressive!" Qin Yun thought to himself.

    Although Qin Yun had many surprised thoughts running through his head, his speed did not decrease at all. He was charging straight for the cruise liner.

    The Courtesan Belle selection was a grand event of Grand Dominance County so there was tight security. The top ten renowned courtesans were gathered on the cruise liner and that was where all attention was focused on. Naturally, the imperial government's experts were situated here.

    "Demons sent by the water god? What audacity!"

    The two corridors and the deck of the cruise liner were filled with military experts.

    If the demons had reached the cruise liner from the beginning of their assault, it would be been very troublesome. However, the three demons had been struck by the Palm Lightning. One of them was dead and another injured. Although the last rhinoceros demon remained unharmed, it had been delayed. The military experts naturally launched a counter attack immediately.


    Among the experts on the cruise liner, some of them were holding crossbows. These were the most commonly seen Demon Annihilation Crossbows used by the imperial government. Privately owning them meant the death penalty.

    Shoo! Shoo! Shoo! Shoo! Shoo! Shoo!

    More than half the twelve Demon Annihilation Crossbows were aimed at the flying rhinoceros demon. The remaining ones were aimed at the wolf demon that had yet to die but had once again torn through the water surface.

    "Pu! Pu! Pu..." Three bloody holes instantly blasted through the wolf demon's body. Instantly, its aura dispersed and fell back into the water, dead.

    All the remaining crossbow arrows landed on the rhinoceros demon's body. Due to the close distance and the fast speed of the Demon Annihilation Crossbow arrows, the rhinoceros demon failed to dodge a single crossbow arrow, or could it be said...he did not care about dodging?

    Puah! Puah! Puah!

    The crossbow arrows hit the rhinoceros demon's body like it had hit tough leather! The thick hide had managed to prevent the arrows from going more than a fingernail's depth in, and there was no blood at all. It was completely useless.

    "What? He can withstand the Demon Annihilation Crossbows? Such a demon is actually sending himself to his death?" The military experts on the cruise liner were surprised. The might of the Demon Annihilation Crossbows was something only a leader-grade demon under the water god's command could withstand. However, there were few demons of that grade under the water god's command. How could it be sent to its death? Even if such a demon was forced to do so, they would probably flee Grand Dominance County. They would rather betray the water god than undertake a suicide mission.

    After all, demons were also afraid of death.

    "Take this!" The leader of the military experts on the cruise liner had taken out a black crossbow. It was the Star Chasing Crossbow that was a hundred times more valuable than a Demon Annihilation Crossbow. The crossbow arrow had countless runic patterns on it and at the moment the trigger was pulled, the Star Chasing Crossbow's arrow's runic patterns were instantly stimulated, transforming into a blazing trail that resembled a meteor. When the rhinoceros demon saw this, all he had was the time to twist his body slightly as the meteor-like flame tore through his chest, leaving behind a hole the size of a fist. His chest had been completely penetrated!

    "Die, all of you!" the rhinoceros demon that was more than ten feet tall continued to appear full of vibrancy despite its chest having a hole. It rushed up the cruise liner.

    "It's coming up, it's coming up! That terrifying demon is coming up!"

    The lower deck of the cruise liner had maids and servants, including the other seven renowned courtesans which Dreamlike Pavilion Lady was a part of. They were still somewhat in a daze for it was only when the three demons were struck by the lightning bolt, and shot by the crossbow archer experts did they manage to react. However, the terrifying demon that was as tall as a building was still attacking. It had charged up the cruise liner with immense killing intent.

    "Will I die here?" Dreamlike Pavilion Lady instantly felt gripped with fear.

    "Don't take it head on!"

    "Ensnare him." The military experts on the cruise liner were also panicking. For a demon to be able to withstand the Demon Annihilation Crossbows, and still remain so ferocious despite having a hole in its chest from the Star Chasing Crossbow's strike meant that even the ninth level Qi Refinement expert they had would be sending himself to his death as he yet to knock open the gate of immortality.

    The light-blue dressed woman that was standing on a railing on the railing in the distance had planned on launching another Palm Lightning strike; however, when she saw Qin Yun, who was rushing over like a stream of light, she stopped. "That's fast. Is he using some form of Dharmic Dao escape art?" Immortal cultivators that had knocked opened the gate of immortality technically could not have such fast speeds before the Connate realm. He was definitely using using some special Dharmic Dao.

    However, Qin Yun did not know of such a Dharmic Dao but he had the Divine Traversal Talisman Amulets on him!


    "Are we going to die here?" The military experts on the cruise liner began to panic. "How can such a powerful demon be willing to send itself to its death?"

    Perhaps, the demon was able to kill the people on the cruise liner.

    However, more reinforcements from the imperial government would surround it. The demon was definitely doomed but it had come on a suicidal mission. The military experts were completely puzzled over its actions.

    "I don't want to die, I don't want to die!" Dreamlike Pavilion Lady was chattering in fear as the other renowned courtesans were horrified.

    And at that instant!

    Qin Yun, who had rushed over from hundreds of feet away, had finally arrived! His figure was so fast that he was embodied by a stream of light. At the moment he arrived at the cruise liner, he instantly unsheathed his sword.


    A blurry sword beam carved out a diagonal trajectory, across the rhinoceros demon's waist.

    That scene was left etched in the minds of everyone-the military experts, the servants and renowned courtesans on the cruise liner, as well as the people watching by the riverbank-forever! That was because the curved sword beam in mid-air left a sword scar in mid-air that remained suspended for a moment before gradually dissipating.

    The rhinoceros demon that was roaring angrily in a murderous rampage suddenly jolted. Its eyes stared round and wide as its torso began sliding off its bottom half, sending fresh blood to splatter.
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