Chapter 23: Zero Tolerance for Failure

    Chapter 23: Zero Tolerance for Failure

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    Qin Yun could also tell that the ability to split lightning meant that Yi Xiao's Palm Lightning was just the tip of the iceberg regarding her strength.


    The county governor took a glance at the three demon corpses. His turbid eyes had a puzzled look. He said, "Although there is a huge turnout for the Courtesan Belle selection, there are similarly many experts in the vicinity. Demons similarly fear death so why would these three come seeking death?"

    "Father, it's not the case. When this rhinoceros demon was split into two by Brother Qin Yun, it had spat its heart out. Its heart exploded, spewing large amounts of poisonous liquid. Just a few drops that hit the riverbank was enough to reduce quite a number of people to pus." As Wen Chong spoke, he pointed at some pus in the distance. The soldiers did not dare touch it. "Brother Qin Yun said that these are not ordinary demons but demonic slaves."

    "Demonic slaves?" The county governor was alarmed. "How is it possible? Grand Dominance County has not seen demonic slaves for hundreds of years."

    "Uncle Wen, they are indeed demonic slaves." Yi Xiao said from the side.

    "The great demon known as the water god has wreaked havoc in Grand Dominance County for two centuries. After cultivating for so long, it is not a surprise that it has learned the means of cultivating demonic slaves," said Qin Yun.

    The county governor frowned and had a heavy expression. "That would be troublesome if that were the case. Although the demons from before were fierce and malevolent, they were afraid of death! To send them on suicidal missions? They would rather betray the water god! However, demonic slaves are not afraid of death. It will be troublesome in the future. Perhaps, there will be more assassination attempts on me."

    Wen Chong's expression tightened. He was the county governor's son!

    "Not only so. This time, Young Master Qin and Yi Xiao had taken action. The water god will likely quickly know of it and vent its anger on the two of you," said the county governor.

    "I came alone and those demons won't be able to touch me." Yi Xiao said with a smile.

    As for Qin Yun, he said with a frown, "Lord County Governor, I am usually situated in my residence so I'm not afraid of attacks from the demonic slaves. I'm just afraid of the times when I'm not around."

    "In that case, I'll arrange for twenty Demon Annihilation Crossbows and one Star Chasing Crossbow to be sent to Qin Manor." The county governor said after some consideration.

    "Thank you, Lord County Governor," said Qin Yun immediately. His father was a silver-badge constable so there were a large number of guards in Qin Manor, to begin with. It had in its possession quite a number of ordinary crossbows and three Demon Annihilation Crossbows. Now it suddenly had another twenty Demon Annihilation Crossbows and an even more valuable Star Chasing Crossbow. A Star Chasing Crossbow was at a level that could threaten experts at Qin Yun's level. Demon leaders like Chu Yong would die instantly if a vital spot was struck by an arrow launched from it.

    As for using it against Qin Yun?

    If there were a hundred Star Chasing Crossbows aimed at him simultaneously, Qin Yun would only be able to run for his life. It was even a question if he could survive. Of course, he would not think too much of it if there were only about ten.

    As for the demonic slaves? Qin Yun wasn't worried at all.

    Firstly, it was not easy for the water god to unleash its fury on him.

    Secondly, demonic slaves were not easy to refine. Demons had to be used for refinement, equivalent to robbing them of their lives. Even the water god had to find a reason to seize these lesser demons. If the water god were to refine demonic slaves wantonly, perhaps many of the demons would flee or even rebel. Furthermore, it would need a great deal of wealth! The cost of refining such beings was in no way lesser than refining pills or artifacts. Most importantly, it was extremely likely to fail several times before a successful demonic slave was refined. With the water god still in the beginning stages of its refinement endeavor, it lacked experience. It would be pretty good if it could successfully refine one demonic slave out of ten demons.

    "The three demonic slaves that were sent must have been recent successes of the water god. It probably wants to see the power of the demonic slaves." Qin Yun thought to himself. "After all, the three demonic slaves clearly had varying strengths. The weakest could not even withstand one lightning bolt that came from one branch of the Palm Lightning before dying. The wolf demon was a little stronger but it could be killed by Demon Annihilation Crossbows. The rhinoceros demon was the most powerful. It could even employ internecine measures."

    Although Qin Yun verbally mentioned his concern, it was only to take the opportunity to gain benefits for the Qin Manor.

    "Constable Qin is a silver-badge constable of our Grand Dominance City. As for Young Master Qin, you have rendered meritorious service to the imperial government. It is only necessary that more crossbows are prepared," said the county governor with a smile.

    "Since Yi Xiao is here today, come with me to my residence. Also, I will get the third follower to come. He is a Grand Dominance County local. He has already been waiting in the city. The three of you can gather and have a chat. It will allow you to synergize better in the future," said the county governor.

    Qin Yun and Yi Xiao nodded.


    The county governor led Qin Yun, Yi Xiao, and company back to County Governor Manor. He also sent someone to invite the other member of the expedition, Jia Huairen.

    Just after he returned, before even having a chance to warm his seat, Wen Chong hurriedly ran into his study. "Father! Father!"

    "What's the matter? Why the stress?" The county governor put down his teacup and bellowed with a frown.

    Wen Chong hurriedly said, "Senior Zhang sent a letter saying that very few cultivators need Frostmuster Spirit Liquid. Therefore, Spirit Treasure Mountain has very little in reserves. He finds it difficult for him to produce ten pounds from the sect at once. He requests for you to extend it to half a year later."

    One of the three sacred Daoist lands was Spirit Treasure Mountain, which was also the oldest sacred land.

    "Here is the letter." Wen Chong handed the letter to his father.

    The county governor took it over and quickly scanned through it.

    "He can't produce it? If he needs half a year, why would I need to seek his help?" The county governor's originally calm demeanor turned hideous. "How much has he benefited from me? I want him to do something now and he's procrastinating!? Spirit Treasure Mountain is one of the three sacred Daoist lands. It is also the oldest sacred land of the three. How can it have little Frostmuster Spirit Liquid? He just doesn't want the trouble!"

    "Write a letter immediately for me. Tell him that he has to gather at least six pounds of Frostmuster Spirit Liquid for me in a month. The remaining has to be obtained in two months! If he can't gather it, tell him not to ever come to me again! No, let me do the writing myself!"

    Ever since he grew old, he had relegated many things to his son, Wen Chong. At most, he would sign and stamp his seal himself.

    "Father, are you going to lose all decorum with him?" Wen Chong felt a little hesitant.

    "He's only at the Connate False Core realm. Would I need to fear him? He's only a disciple of Spirit Treasure Mountain but I have been giving him face all this while." The county governor's eyes were filled with ferociousness. "I can't live much longer. I have to obtain that thousand-year-old Ice Jade Fruit this time!"

    The county governor looked at Wen Chong and said, "Chong'er, if my lifespan can be extended by another two decades, I can still have a chance of being promoted higher. I can also leave my descendants, you and your brothers with even more."

    "I understand," Wen Chong said immediately.

    "Old fool Zhang, you live off me but you aren't willing to get things done for me. Hmph! It's fine if you swagger around me usually, but if you fail on me this time, don't you blame me if things turn ugly! I will make him spit out all the benefits he obtained from me!" The county governor's eyes were filled with savagery. For his twenty years of lifespan, he would kill anyone that hindered him!

    The county governor immediately sat down and wrote a letter. His text fully expressed his anger.

    As he watched his father write, Wen Chong could not help but ask, "Father, Qin Yun will probably not dare slack off even if the delivery of Frostmuster Spirit Liquid is delayed by a few months. After all, his whole family is in Grand Dominance County."

    "Hmph! What do you know?" The county governor said with a cold voice, "One cannot tell on the surface if he is doing his best! Furthermore, cultivators can be very cold-hearted. There are many that abandon their wife, children, and parents to dedicate themselves to cultivate in immortality. I have even heard of cultivation lunatics that killed all their loved ones to end all pinings."

    "Before he sets off for Green Tooth Mountain, I must give him a batch of Frostmuster Spirit Liquid! By taking something from me, it is a form of karma in the parlance of cultivation! He is from a huge sect and has been to the northern borders. He knows many cultivators so he must definitely know how important karma is. Having received benefits, he has to do his best. If not, he might run afoul with karma, causing him to experience a rough cultivation path or even calamities."

    Wen Chong was enlightened. "Father, you are indeed wise."

    "Hurry, send out this letter of mine." The county governor handed over the letter he wrote to Wen Chong.

    Wen Chong took it over and glanced at it. He nodded and said, "As long as that old fool Zhang doesn't want to lose decorum with Father, he will obediently carry out your wishes."

    "Between him and me, it is he who has always had the most requests." The county governor said calmly. "Does he really think that things taken from my Wen family are free? Hmph!"

    "I'll send this letter."

    Wen Chong took the letter and left immediately.

    The county governor watched his son leave as his eyes glimmered coldly, "I have zero tolerance for failure. This expedition for the spirit fruit must succeed!"

    This thousand-year-old Ice Jade Fruit involved twenty years of his life!
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