Chapter 26: Frostmuster Spirit Liquid

    Chapter 26: Frostmuster Spirit Liquid

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    Days passed as the day of the expedition to Green Tooth Mountain approached.

    Qin Manor.

    In his study, Qin Yun was sitting in front of a desk, practicing calligraphy. His writing was written with vigorous touches and fine strokes. They were forceful like they contained a sword's edge hidden within them but also ethereal like the smoky willows in spring. The calligraphy was excellent, sufficient to make him a first-grade calligrapher. Speaking of which, he had practiced calligraphy back when he was learning to read. However, despite copying many classic texts, his calligraphy remained atrocious.

    However, after he began practicing swords, allowing him to reach the Seamless realm, it empowered him to control every bit of energy within him, or even hair perfectly. His calligraphy also turned for the better. Unfortunately, it had form but lacked soul.

    Ever since he gained insights into the Misty Rain Sword Intent, his sword intent naturally appeared in his calligraphy. It uplifted his calligraphy. With his text having a soul, he was worthy of being called a calligrapher.

    Practicing his calligraphy was a way for Qin Yun to practice his sword.

    "This Misty Rain Sword Intent of mine is still inadequate when I want to attack instantly. The sword intent is still not subtle enough." Qin Yun frowned slightly. His every stroke seemed like he was demonstrating a different sword move.

    "Second Young Master, Second Young Master. Someone from County Governor Manor has come." A servant rushed over and hurriedly said when he came outside the study.

    "County Governor Manor?" Qin Yun lowered his brush and walked outside.

    Soon, he saw the guest.

    "Brother Qin Yun, Brother Qin Yun. Good news! Good news!" The county governor's son, Wen Chong, was shouting with a laugh from afar. Behind him were two guards.

    "Oh, what's the good news?" Qin Yun had a guess and could not help but feel a sense of anticipation.

    Wen Chong took out an azure-colored jade bottle mysteriously and whispered, "This is the treasure you want. It wasn't easy for my father to acquire six and a half pounds of it. He had even sought the help from a Connate expert from a Daoist sacred land. Through a great deal of effort, that Connate expert finally managed to obtain this. It really wasn't easy. As for the remaining Frostmuster Spirit Liquid, they will be gathered within a month after your return from Green Tooth Mountain."

    Qin Yun took it over. It was ice-cold to the touch. He could not help but say joyfully, "Great. I know that Frostmuster Spirit Liquid isn't easy to come by. Please help me thank the county governor."

    "It's enough as long as you go to Green Tooth Mountain and obtain the spirit fruit," said Wen Chong with a smile.

    "Don't worry. I will definitely do my best when I go to Green Tooth Mountain," Qin Yun said immediately.

    "Then, I won't be disturbing you any further." Wen Chong said with a smile, "Remember, it will be the morning the day after tomorrow. I'll see you at County Governor Manor."

    "Sure thing." Qin Yun nodded. It was the time that they were scheduled to set off.

    After Wen Chong left, Qin Yun immediately instructed that no one was to disturb him. He entered his room and closed the door.

    Inside his room.

    Qin Yun sat cross-legged on his bed. Holding the azure-colored jade bottle in hand, he pulled out the bottle stopper.

    "Phew!" A white visible mist emanated from inside the bottle, causing the temperature of the entire room to drastically decrease. There was even frost that formed inside the room.

    "Frostmuster Spirit Liquid." Qin Yun smiled. "What a great treasure. As expected of South Hill's Wen family. They truly have access to the entire world!"

    He had thought of searching for it in the past but to no avail.

    It was because Frostmuster Spirit Liquid could only be found in the deep depths of the north sea. To seek it intentionally was worse than searching for a needle in a haystack. Typically, cultivator experts would chance upon it on the north sea's seabed and keep it. Only top-grade cultivation sects would have some in their stores. Furthermore, the treasures in sects could not be purchased by disciples using money. There were many limitations to the allocation of resources.

    The county governor had sought the help of a disciple from a sacred land. Furthermore, he was at the Connate realm. Now, six and a half pounds had been gathered.


    Qin Yun stretched out his right hand as a metallic hair strand flew out from the tip of his index finger. Following that, it rapidly expanded into a three-inch-long, bright silver sword that floated in front of Qin Yun.

    "Go." With a thought, the power of his Quintessential Essence was released as it directly lifted up a portion of the flowing dark azure liquid. The liquid suffused sparkles while a frost wave emanated. Even the surrounding furniture had frost forming on them.

    With the Frostmuster Spirit Liquid being lifted up, it was instantly used to envelop the Intrinsic Flying Sword.

    Qin Yun immediately began using his Dharmic methods. The three-inch-long Intrinsic Flying Sword had a radiance flowing over its surface as if it were crazily absorbing the Frostmuster Spirit Liquid. With an audible hum, the Frostmuster Spirit Liquid was absorbed at a discernible rate. In just a few seconds, all of the Frostmuster Spirit Liquid had been consumed by the Intrinsic Flying Sword.

    "This Intrinsic Flying Sword of mine has been starving for too long." Qin Yun smiled.

    In the past, his Intrinsic Flying Sword had been absorbing materials that inclined to the elements of 'metal' and 'wood'. As for a rare treasure like the Frostmuster Spirit Liquid that was considered 'water'-elemental... A flying sword was a metallic object after all. It was not picky with metal-elemental materials. It was even willing to absorb the essence of scrap metal. However, it demanded a lot more from the rare treasures of the other four elements. For example, few water-elemental treasures were suitable for the Sword Immortal Legacy. Frostmuster Spirit Liquid was one of the easiest to obtain.

    "After absorbing the Frostmuster Spirit Liquid, my flying sword will turn even tougher with the powers of the water element infusing into it. Its foundations will turn more robust. Perhaps, the moment it becomes a Dharma treasure, it has a chance of reaching the eighth-grade." Qin Yun thought to himself.

    Dharma treasures had a total of nine grades.

    They were similar to the rankings of officials. Ninth-grade was the lowest and the first-grade was the highest.

    The Intrinsic Flying Sword that sword immortals cultivated in could be slowly accumulated in strength even through the use of massive amounts of scrap metal. When the Intrinsic Flying Sword was finally refined, it would definitely be at least a ninth-grade Dharma treasure!

    "Go." Qin Yun began to draw Frostmuster Spirit Liquid from the azure-colored jade bottle, again and again, allowing his Intrinsic Flying Sword to absorb them.

    This absorption process stopped at the five and a half pound mark.

    "Haha, this Intrinsic Flying Sword of mine has indeed been starving for too long. Ever since it was refined, it has never absorbed water-elemental objects. Now, it has finally drunk its fill. It drank a total of five and a half pounds." Qin Yun smiled as he pushed the stopper back into the azure-colored bottle. "The absorption after this will be too slow. It will probably absorb only an ounce or two a day."

    Qin Yun could sense that after his Intrinsic Flying Sword absorbed so much Frostmuster Spirit Liquid, it had indeed reinforced its foundations.

    Even if there was no more Frostmuster Spirit Liquid later, the Intrinsic Flying Sword would be refined in three to four months.

    "Intrinsic Flying Sword." Qin Yun thought to himself, "I heard that every sword immortal that leaves their Sword Tower in the Shu Prefecture would be given an ordinary ninth-grade flying sword Dharma treasure to protect them. After all, cultivating one's own Intrinsic Flying Sword takes too long. I'm just an itinerant cultivator and all I can use are ordinary weapons. Thankfully, I had gained insights into the Misty Rain Sword Intent. Every strike of mine possesses mighty prowess."

    "However, it will be soon. Once I obtain the next batch of Frostmuster Spirit Liquid, my Intrinsic Flying Sword will be refined in half a month."

    Qin Yun was filled with anticipation.

    To become a sword immortal...

    Without one's Intrinsic Flying Sword, how could one be considered a sword immortal?


    Elsewhere, at County Governor Manor.

    "Father, the Frostmuster Spirit Liquid has been delivered." Wen Chong reported.


    The county governor was standing while pruning his bonsai.

    "Father, we have given benefits to both Second Young Master Qin and Sister Yi Xiao. Only Jia Huairen has not been given any. Furthermore, the Hundred Poisons Blood will only be given to him after they return with the spirit fruit. Will he feel any resentment as a result? Could it even be possible that he will not do his best on the expedition to Green Tooth Mountain?" Wen Chong asked worriedly.

    The county governor stopped his pruning and looked as he son. He said with a smile, "Different tactics have to be used for different cultivators. That Jia Huairen can only amount to so much because of that old demon servant of his. He has yet to experience much setback or hardship. Such cultivators would not dare to set one toe out of line as long as they feel the threat of death. Furthermore, there is a carrot in one hand and a stick in another. I have also given him some beauties. Besides, he will obtain the Hundred Poisons Blood after succeeding."

    "For Yi Xiao and Qin Yun, they are different."

    "Yi Xiao is a descendant of the large Yi family from the Kunlun Prefecture. Its roots lie deeper than our Wen family. She is also a disciple of the Daoist sacred land, Divine Firmament Chapter." The county governor continued, "For her, we naturally have to influence her using the favor she owes us."

    "As for Qin Yun? He looks like he comes from a sword immortal lineage. Most importantly, he is someone that has carved his way out of a sea of blood. Threats will only backfire." The county governor said with a smile, "Such a person understands propriety very well. Furthermore, with us giving the Frostmuster Spirit Liquid, we have bound him through karma. He will definitely do his best."

    The county governor lowered his head again to continue pruning his bonsai. At the same time, he suddenly said coldly, "Furthermore, it doesn't matter if that Jia Huairen does his best. He is of no use, to begin with. The reason for sending him is mainly for that old demon servant of his. That old servant is still of some use. As for him? The number of demons he has seen his entire life is probably not as many as the demons that Second Young Master Qin has killed!"

    Once Wen Chong heard that, he laughed. "Indeed! I have flipped through his dossier. The number of demons he has seen is really not more than the numbers Brother Qin Yun has killed."

    "All shall be revealed in three days." The county governor stared at the bonsai in front of him as he began to feel nervous with anticipation for the first time.

    After the spirit fruit was brought to him, he could extend his life by another twenty years.

    If the expedition failed, he would not live more than a few years.

    "Three days." The county governor muttered silently.
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