Chapter 29: Spirit Fruit Ripens

    Chapter 29: Spirit Fruit Ripens

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    In Green Tooth Mountain's Mist Lake Valley, there were a large number of lesser demons inside the house. Some were snoring away while others were drinking and feasting.

    "We have been taking turns day in and day out to guard that spirit fruit tree. When will this come to an end? In the past, we could enter and exit freely while guarding the spirit fruit tree, but in the past year, we have been forbidden to leave Mist Lake Valley! I'm going crazy from this stifling feeling."

    "Bear with it. It's only May. We have to stay until the end of the year."

    "What spirit fruit tree is this that it needs so many of us to guard it? Even King White Tiger from Steadfast Mountain County's Blackwind Ridge has been invited here."

    "King White Tiger only came here in the past half month. Perhaps, we are in the critical period. Just bear with it and do not spoil the water god's plans. If we spoil his plans, hmph! It would be too late for regrets if you get refined into a demonic slave."

    "Yes, yes, yes."

    The other lesser demons nodded immediately.

    They had also heard the news. In the past, infuriating the water god might mean death but now, anyone that angered the water god would be refined into demonic slaves. According to the information given by the demons that helped as assistants, the refining process caused excruciating pain. Many of the demons eventually died after failing to withstand the pain.


    In a quiet chamber within the house that was filled with demons, a fragrant incense was burning. Its aroma filled the chamber that had a picture of a tiger descending a mountain hanging on a wall.

    There was a mat inside the chamber, with a stocky man sitting cross-legged on it.

    Wisps of black gas whistled as they swam around the stocky man's body. The black gases would rise from his skin before entering back into his body through his nose in a cyclic manner.

    After a long while, the stocky man opened his eyes. His pupils were golden and were thin vertical slits. However, they quickly restored to normal human eyes.

    "According to Senior Brother Water God's divination, the thousand-year-old Ice Jade Fruit will ripen this month. I just need to bear with it a little longer." A cold glimmer flashed in the man's eyes as he got up and pushed open the door to the quiet chamber. Outside was a silent courtyard. The dozens of lesser demons had taken up a small area of the entire house, while the remaining was left to him, White Tiger.

    Laying beside the courtyard were two axes that were bigger than an ordinary house.

    The stocky man walked over as his hands spontaneously grew white fur as his arms thickened. They resembled the claws of a tiger as he grabbed one axe in each hand, lifting both the axes easily.

    "My babies." The stocky man looked at the pair of axes in his hand and could not help but reveal a smile. "It was truly not easy obtaining these pair of axes."

    It really wasn't easy.

    It was because each of the two axes weighed nine hundred kilograms! The materials needed to smith the axes were extremely precious. Only then could such a godly weapon be produced. Like Qin Yun, who battled in the northern border and roamed the world, the sword he used was also a godly weapon. However, that sword was barely heavier than five kilograms. In contrast, just one of these axes was nine hundred kilograms. Including the losses from the smithing process, the materials used to gather to produce an axe made White Tiger's heart feel the pinch.

    He had only smithed one axe first before spending another three decades of hard work that was like smashing mountains of gold and silver to smith the second one.

    With dual axes in hand, the might White Tiger exuded was immediately different. Steadfast Mountain County's Blackwind Ridge White Tiger was still very well known.

    Of course, this pair of axes were still far inferior to Dharma treasures. After all, the techniques to refining a Dharma treasure were extremely stringent. However, to White Tiger...a typical Dharma treasure did not delight him as much as the two axes he had.

    Only a suitable weapon was the best! It was heavy enough. Great Demon White Tiger was a white tiger-king of the beasts-before gaining sentience to become a demon. He was also a Connate realm demon. With a pair of axes in hand... even human Connate False Core realm experts would flinch at seeing him.

    "Phew. Phew. Phew..." White Tiger swung the two axes in hand casually and slowly. Despite the axes having a combined weight of more than eighteen hundred kilograms, he was still able to lift it as though they were nothing.


    Mist Lake Valley.

    Qin Yun, Yi Xiao, Jia Huairen, and Uncle Qian were quietly waiting as they constantly watched the thousand-year-old Ice Jade Fruit tree.


    As if their eyes blurred, the only blue spirit fruit hanging from the ice sculpture-like fruit tree naturally turned red in color. It took a very short period of time, almost as fast as the blink of an eye. Additionally, after the spirit fruit turned red, its surface suffused a purple sheen. The entire spirit fruit resembled a gigantic ruby.

    "The thousand-year-old Ice Jade Fruit has ripened!" Qin Yun gave an alert, causing Yi Xiao, Jia Huairen, and Uncle Qian to tighten their hearts.

    Finally, the time had come.

    "Brother Qin, be careful." Yi Xiao said through a voice transmission.


    Qin Yun had instantly taken out the Invisibility Charm that had been prepared. Immediately, he injected Quintessential Essence into it, causing the Invisibility Charm to immediately disintegrate. However, the Quintessential Essence flowed through special runic lines before turning into a transparent barrier. It easily enveloped his body and even perfectly adhered itself to every part of his body. Once he was completely enclosed in it, he turned invisible!

    At the same time he activated the Invisibility Charm, Qin Yun had also activated the two Divine Traversal Talisman Amulets that were tied to his legs.

    He needed to be fast when plucking the spirit fruit! Qin Yun naturally did not dare to hold back.

    This took time to describe but in reality, the activation of triggering the Invisibility Charm and the Divine Traversal Talisman Amulets took an instant.

    "Time to go."

    With a kick of his feet, he instantly flew forward.

    By the side, Yi Xiao, Jia Huairen, and his servant watched as Qin Yun vanished in front of them. However, Yi Xiao and Uncle Qian could still sense his existence at such a close distance. Furthermore, Dharma Eyes could also see Qin Yun's vital aura.

    Invisibility Charms mainly made things invisible to the naked eye!

    "Huairen, prepare to reinforce him. We will be taking action very soon." Uncle Qian transmitted his voice with great solemnity.

    Jia Huairen turned a little frantic but he was able to maintain his composure on the surface. He immediately replied with a voice transmission, "Uncle Qian, what do we do in a moment?"

    "What do we do? Once Young Master Qin plucks the spirit fruit, we naturally have to help him escape Mist Lake Valley. In short, we shall wait for Miss Yi's order. Once the order is given to run, we will immediately try out best to escape. Don't worry. Although there are many demons, perhaps more than a hundred of them, in Mist Lake Valley, it would not be difficult to escape with our lives with Miss Yi and Young Master Qin around. Furthermore, I will constantly be by your side to protect you. You must remember to use that Dharma artifact of yours. It still possesses some power." Uncle Qian said with a voice transmission.

    "Yes, I got it." Jia Huairen replied with a voice transmission.


    And on the other side.

    Qin Yun did not dare proceed forward without any regard. If he stirred up a strong wind, he would be discovered by the demons as well.

    "Phew." He tried his best to conceal his breathing as he silently approached the thousand-year-old Ice Jade Fruit as fast as he could. In order not to alert the demons, he could only maintain a speed at thirty percent of his maximum speed.

    Standing around the thousand-year-old Ice Jade Fruit were more than a dozen bored demons.

    Suddenly, a lesser demon took a sniff and curiously turned to look at the fruit tree beside it. When it saw the spirit fruit already red in color, with a purple sheen suffusing its surface, the lesser demon's eyes widened immediately. It hurriedly said, "Look, the spirit fruit has ripened."

    Some of the other demons were dozing off but when they heard that, they were jolted awake as they turned to look immediately.

    "It has ripened."

    "The spirit fruit has ripened."

    When the lesser demons caught a whiff of the fragrance, they had an irresistible urge to eat it.

    However, the moment they thought of the consequences of eating it, they did not dare entertain their thoughts.

    "This spirit fruit has finally ripened. We have finally come to the end of such boring days."

    "Wait here. I'll report the news to King White Tiger."

    The dozen or so lesser demons were overjoyed as immediately, one demon ran towards the house.
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