Chapter 31: Assembling the Demons

    Chapter 31: Assembling the Demons

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    "Assemble the demons." White Tiger ordered calmly.

    "Yes, King White Tiger." A demon leader took out a trumpet hanging from its waist. It too was a special Dharma artifact.


    The deep trumpeting sounds rapidly extended out after being energized by the demonic power. It reached one mountain after another and soon, covered the entirety of Green Tooth Mountain.

    Green Tooth Mountain was the biggest mountain in all of Grand Dominance County. Many demons lurked in it and there were more than a thousand of them! Now with the trumpet sounding, these demons who heard it would stop whatever they were doing, be it sleep, consumption of human flesh, or the raping of captured human females. All of them turned to the source of the trumpet sounds.

    "The Water God has given his command. Once the trumpet sounds, everyone has to rush there to provide reinforcement."

    "Let's go."

    "Make haste."

    The trumpet was held by the leader demon of Green Tooth Mountain. It could assemble all the demons in it.

    There were demons shuttling through the woods while there were other flying demons who flew straight into the sky with their wings. An extremely few number burrowed underground to answer to the call for an assembly.

    Instantly, all sorts of cave demons in Green Tooth Mountain rushed to the source of the signal through all sorts of different means.

    Beneath Green Tooth Mountain.

    A huge group of humans and horses were proceeding forward.

    "Oh?" The county governor pulled open the curtains of his carriage and listened to the deep trumpet sounds that came from afar.

    The trumpet sound was extremely deep and left the humans with goosebumps after they heard it.

    "It's the Green Tooth Mountain's call to arms," Commander Fang said with dead seriousness. "Once Green Tooth Mountain's call to arms sounds, all demons in Green Tooth Mountain have to obey it and rush to provide reinforcements. It looks like the battle has begun."

    "All the demons in Green Tooth Mountain..."

    The county governor shook his head slightly.

    Wen Chong hurriedly said, "Commander Fang, is there any way to help them?"

    "No." Commander Fang said categorically, "Although the personal guard army we have here is made up of absolute elites, they will be able to slay the demons en masse if we were on flat land with military formations and crossbows set up." However, if were were to enter the woods, we will not be able to take up our formations. We will end up being encircled by the demons and overwhelmed. We might not last long before our personal guard army is completely slaughtered by the demons."

    "After all, in terms of physical strength, lesser demons have strengths at the tenth level of the Qi Refinement realm." Commander Fang said with a sigh.

    The personal guard army was six hundred strong. Most of them were at the fifth or sixth level of Qi Refinement. A minority of them were at the seventh or eighth level of Qi Refinement while there was a handful that had knocked open the gate of immortality.

    However, even the weakest demon had a strength that could match those at the tenth level of Qi Refinement-people who had knocked open the gate of immortality! For example, Jia Huairen, who had cultivated for quite a while, could only withstand the encirclement of a few demons with his enchanted weapons.

    "Moreover, they have more than a thousand. Some can burrow into the ground, while others can fly. Some are invisible so they have no lack of means." Commander Fang shook his head. "We will be courting death if we enter the woods. Only through a military formation and a large array of crossbows will we be able to deal with them."

    "Let's wait."

    The county governor said as he looked at the huge mountain in front of him whose long rocky mass reached into the clouds.


    And on the other side.

    Mist Lake Valley.

    Qin Yun and Yi Xiao's expression changed when they heard the trumpet.

    Qin Yun hurriedly sent a voice transmission. "This is the Green Tooth Mountain's call to arms. Once it sounds, all the demons in Green Tooth Mountain would rush here. There might be more than a thousand."

    "I have been made aware of it in the past." Yi Xiao's expression was solemn. "A demon is nothing to talk about but we humans tend to have weaker bodies. Even strikes from ordinary demons on us are not something we can withstand. More than a hundred demons are terrifying enough. To have more than a thousand...once we are surrounded, there is no way to defend against them."

    "It will take time for a thousand demons to rush here. They may seem terrifying but the threat they pose is rather low. The most problematic one is this tiger demon." Qin Yun's voice was solemn as he said, "This tiger demon is a great demon from Steadfast Mountain County's Blackwind Ridge. He has three thousand lesser demons under his command and has the Dharma artifacts, Wind Thunder Rocks. Typical demon leaders would instantly be crushed to death if they were struck by the nine Wind Thunder Rocks! We humans have extremely weak physiques. Even Connate False Core realm experts have to be very careful to not be struck by the Wind Thunder Rocks. In a while, you have to be careful. He might control the Wind Thunder Rocks to deal with you."

    "Alright." Yi Xiao understood as well. She had only dealt with three of the Wind Thunder Rocks previously.

    If the nine came hurtling at her, the threat they posed would naturally increase exponentially.

    "The Wind Thunder Rocks are only his most ordinary attacks."

    "As the saying goes, clouds follow dragons, while the winds follow tigers. Any tiger demon is adept at commanding the wind! There's no need to elaborate with this White Tiger. Once he commands the winds, he can fly! Even in fights between demons, his speed is typically a lot faster than Connate realm demons. According to what I know, even the water god's speed is only half his. This speed is the most terrifying aspect about him. I will hold him back as best I can but his speed is too fast. We might not be able to hold him back. You have to be careful as well."

    "Also, watch his formidable body. Tigers are considered the king of beasts. When tigers turn into demons, they are naturally a lot more powerful than ordinary demons. Furthermore, he has already entered the Connate realm. This tiger demon also cultivates in physical Dharma methods, giving him extremely great strength. He can even withstand your Five-elemental Lightning Dharma which is a testament to his great physique. With his dual axes, he is able to cleave apart the Dharma treasures of ordinary cultivators."

    When Yi Xiao heard that, her expression changed slightly. What she had figured out was not as detailed as what Qin Yun had figured.

    White Tiger stood there and beckoned for the nine Wind Thunder Rocks to return to him.

    The trumpet sounds came to a halt.

    White Tiger immediately bellowed, "Underlings, heed my command. Go, kill the human and demon that have fled. As for these two younglings, I'll deal with them personally."

    "Yes, King White Tiger."


    "Kill those two!"

    Immediately, all the demons scattered in the valley shouted in unison. There were even some that were already along the mountainside or at the mountaintop. These demons roared as they surrounded Jia Huairen and Uncle Qian.

    "We're finished." Jia Huairen was running frantically but had only reached the mountainside. Now, seeing large numbers of demons swarming over at him, he could not help but panic.

    "Huairen, just focus on running. It's best you run as fast as possible." Although Uncle Qian was severely injured, he was able to chase up to him. His speed was clearly more than twice Jia Huairen's speed. He constantly narrowed the gap between him and Jia Huairen.

    "Uncle Qian, save me! Save me!" Jia Huairen was desperately running but he remained extremely anxious.

    After all, more than a hundred demons were encroaching on him. Even a disciple of a top sect like Yi Xiao had panicked, much less a weak cultivator like Jia Huairen.


    Uncle Qian was presently in a frenzy. Even if he were completely fine, he would eventually be torn apart by the hundred demons if he faced them alone. Now, he still needed to protect Huairen... The only thing he could do was to fight it out! By using the time needed for the demons to rush from every end of the valley, he had to grasp every opportunity to do his best.

    "I thought that with Young Master Qin and Miss Yi around, it would not be problematic even if we were to face more than a hundred demons. Now, there's only me and Huairen dealing with them I'm even severely injured. I probably won't be able to live any longer. However, even if I were to die, I have to ensure that Huairen escapes!" Uncle Qian's dog demon's face was filled with ferocity.


    The other demons in the valley began swarming to Jia Huairen and his servant with murderous intent.

    As for the other side, Qin Yun and Yi Xiao had to face one enemy! However, this enemy was more terrifying than a hundred demons.

    White Tiger grinned as he guffawed. His laughter resounded like rolling thunder. "One is excellent in swords. If I'm not wrong, you must hail from a sword immortal lineage. As for the other one, that's Five-elemental Lightning Dharma! Both of you are disciples of top cultivation sects. I never expected that I will encounter two disciples from top sects in a tiny place like Green Tooth Mountain. If I can kill the both of you, it will definitely be a joyous occasion."

    "Now, are you ready for your death?" White Tiger said with a grin.

    As his body flashed, he instantly bulged.

    His clothes began tearing as he grew to a height of twenty feet. He was covered in white fur and there was a tiger's head sitting atop his torso! His arms were thicker than the columns of buildings. His thighs were something an ordinary person would not be able to wrap his arms around. Even the wall of the courtyard beside him only reached the height of his knees! There were black winds howling around him naturally.

    He extended his arms, sending a strong gust of wind to wrap the two gigantic axes in the courtyard out. They were both ten feet long. However, on White Tiger's massive figure, the two axes appeared normal in size.

    The terrifying White Tiger's golden eyes looked at the faraway Qin Yun and Yi Xiao. He laughed hideously. "Disciples of a top sect? I love killing human disciples of a top sect like you! Come over and meet your maker!"

    At that moment, the matter regarding the spirit fruit was the least of his concerns.

    White Tiger wanted to kill such disciples of top sects!

    He took a step forward.


    Air tore apart!

    His figure moved so quickly like he was a meteor tearing a rift across the sky.

    Clouds follow dragons, while the winds follow tigers! White Tiger charged forward as the black wind howled. A single step allowed him to traversed hundreds of feet. In three steps, he had arrived in front of Qin Yun and Yi Xiao. In terms of speed, his speed was two to three times greater than Qin Yun's use of the Divine Traversal Talisman Amulets. The demons in the distance were still rushing towards Jia Huairen and his servant. As for the White Tiger on this side, he had instantly appeared in front of Qin Yun and Yi Xiao.

    "He's too fast." Yi Xiao's calm expression also revealed a look of alarm. The speed was too scary. She used all her strength to dodge and with a backhand, struck out with her Five-elemental Divine Lightning.

    However, Qin Yun stood steadfastly.

    He had already expected the White Tiger's speed. However, when he experienced it himself, he felt his heart palpitate. It was too horrifying! This speed meant that it was impossible to escape because the difference in speed between them was just too great. Also, if White Tiger wished, he could fly... Flying would make it easier for him to chase up to the duo. Therefore, Qin Yun could only face it head-on.


    The Five-elemental Divine Lightning struck White Tiger, charring large swaths of his white fur black. However, he ignored it and had a hideous expression. His golden pupils were filled with killing intent.

    Qin Yun grabbed his scabbard with his left hand while he placed his right hand on the sword hilt. With one foot in front of the other, he bent slightly.

    The rapidly retreating Yi Xiao was alarmed when she saw that. She hurriedly said with a voice transmission, "Don't take it head-on!"

    However, Qin Yun stood at his original spot and waited quietly.

    "Die!" White Tiger charged over with his massive figure that resembled a hill. The axes that were bigger than normal houses came cleaving down with great fury.

    Qin Yun looked up at the axe that was cleaving down at him. Without blinking, he could see every trajectory the axes made.

    "Hum!" Qin Yun instantly charged forward and withdrew his sword as a sword beam flashed!
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