Chapter 32: Dharma Treasure? Misty Rain Sword Intent!

    Chapter 32: Dharma Treasure? Misty Rain Sword Intent!

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    Yi Xiao's expression changed. "Brother Qin is being too rash. White Tiger is just too savage. It cannot be fought head-on. One should exploit the advantages and avoid the disadvantages. He shouldn't compete with him in strength."


    White Tiger cleaved down with all his might. When he saw his opponent drawing his sword to meet him head-on, he could not help but secretly scoff. "Even a Connate cultivator's Dharma treasure will be sent flying by me. How dare a junior that's not even at the Connate realm face me head-on? They are truly courting death!"

    However, when the blow was delivered, White Tiger felt his axe appear to strike layers of vortices that did not seem to resist at all. Different layers of the vortex distorted and diverted the force away, causing a large portion of his massive force to dissipate. Furthermore, the spot where the sword beam and his axe collided had a terrifying penetrating power that transfused from his axe into his tiger claws. They then streamed straight into his body through his arms.

    Even though he possessed a powerful body, he could not help but tremble!


    A powerful wave blasted out when the duo's weapons clashed, sending sand and rubble in all directions.

    "Urgh!" White Tiger's blow had failed. His furiously charging figure was forced to a halt. His chest was heavy and uncomfortable.

    Qin Yun similarly experienced an unimaginable force. Although he had used the Misty Rain Sword Intent, their difference in strength was still too great. He could not help but take three steps back in retreat, with each step crushing the rocks on the ground.

    White Tiger stopped as he looked at the puny human youth in front of him in alarm.

    His chest was heavy as his body was trembling.

    This forceful collision had stunned White Tiger.

    "You managed to block my attack? You aren't even at the Connate realm but you can withstand a cleave of mine?" White Tiger was in disbelief. He was a Connate realm demon!

    "Brother Qin, you really managed to withstand it head on?" Yi Xiao, who was standing behind him, was also completely astonished.

    However, Qin Yun said wistfully with a smile, "Its massive power that can easily defeat ten is indeed formidable."

    However, the level of his moves was a lot more profound than his opponent!

    He had managed to slay Chu Yong or the rhinoceros demonic slave with one strike. They were not even given a chance to retaliate. However, White Tiger's strength was a lot stronger than him. Coupled with the massive axe, even though his sword technique was peerless in its profoundness, he had been put at a disadvantage.

    "Without entering the Connate realm." White Tiger stared at Qin Yun with widen eyes before looking at the divine sword in Qin Yun's hands. "Are disciples of the sword immortal lineage that powerful? No, no. The sword in your hand must be an extremely powerful Dharma treasure, right? You only managed to clash head-on with my cleave through the power of that Dharma treasure, right?"

    "Powerful Dharma treasure?" Qin Yun was rendered speechless.

    He was only an itinerant sword immortal. He did not even have a ninth-grade Dharma treasure!

    His Intrinsic Flying Sword had yet to be refined! Without a master to bestow him a Dharma treasure, where could he get one!? He had been relying on the Misty Rain Sword Intent that he figured out independently. Sword intent was extremely rare. Even in the Daoist sacred land, Spirit Treasure Mountain, or the most famous sword immortal sect, Sword Tower, only Connate True Core realm sword immortal experts would have a chance of figuring out a form of sword intent.

    Sword intent was profound and peerless.

    If a flying sword was nurtured, it could be done ten times faster! Even a tree branch that contained sword intent would slice through metal like mud.

    Qin Yun truly had the capabilities of defying the heavens for him to remain an itinerant cultivator and knock open the gate of immortality. After all, disciples groomed by places like Daoist sacred lands with all sorts of treasures, masters, and seniors would still need to have impressive talent and grit in order to arduously knock open the gate of immortality. Even when they left their mountains to tour the mortal world, sword immortal disciples would be bestowed a flying sword Dharma treasure to protect themselves.

    How were they like Qin Yun? He had to rely on himself for everything!

    "However, you have only managed to block a strike of mine. Again!" The tiger demon took a step forward as he came charging with intent to kill again.

    "Perfect." Qin Yun charged forward as well. In the northern borders, he had jointly killed three Connate realm demons with his good friends! He had fought even more Connate realm demons head-on, so why would he fear the tiger demon?


    The massive axe came cleaving again.

    Qin Yun turned his body as he dodged the axe while he retaliated with a stab. As for the tiger demon, he agilely used the other massive axe as a shield.

    Bam! Bam! Bam!!!

    Both sides instantly engaged in a brawl as they exchanged extremely fast blows.

    The tiger demon's axes would either take turns unleashing a barrage of attacks or switch to a harmonized mixture of offense and defense. The profoundness of his axe arts could be considered in the Seamless realm where his control was extremely precise. With his immense physical strength, even Connate False Core cultivators like Commander Fang would shrink back in fear.


    The mountain ground was cleaved apart by the axe, forming a massive rift about a hundred feet long.

    "Boom." A huge tree shattered. The axe did not lose its momentum as if blasted a huge pit open.

    Clearly, the tiger demon had missed several of his strikes.

    Bam! Bam! Bam!!!

    Weapons from both sides clashed, forming a multitude of rippling patterns. Other than Qin Yun's first head-on clash to measure his opponent's strength, the remaining blows he delivered were devastating!

    "Darn it." White Tiger cleaved down once again with his axe.

    Every time he clashed with the divine sword in Qin Yun's hand, he would feel that the force from his axe would be diverted away, or even be repelled back at him. The divine sword simply made contact with the axe before brushing past it to head for his thigh, as though it wanted to slice his leg off. The strikes were indeed ruthless and relentless.

    "Boom." White Tiger's other axe immediately blocked the strike.

    "I say, although White Tiger can command the winds and is extremely fast, that is only when he is charging in a straight line! If it wants to move and dodge within a confined space, how can its massive body be faster than me." Qin Yun heaved a sigh of relief. This made logical sense. Typically, smaller bodies were more adept at moving and dodging. The bigger one was, the harder it was to be agile. Even if the tiger demon could command the winds and was a Connate False Core realm demon, its massive body made its agility inferior to Qin Yun's.


    The sizes of their bodies stood in stark contrast. It was same with the size of their weapons.

    However, in their brawl, it caused tumultuous shocks through Mist Lake Valley. Wherever a strike passed, trees would blast apart or disintegrate while boulders would shatter.

    Jia Huairen, who was running desperately for his life along the mountainside, turned to look back at the demons that were pursuing him. Uncle Qian was trying to block them in a frenzy. Jia Huairen also noticed the battle in Mist Lake Valley. He could not help but click his tongue. "That Qin Yun is that terrifying?"

    Previously, his feat of easily slaying the rhinoceros demon was just a tiny display of his capabilities.

    Now was when he truly revealed his strength.

    However, Jia Huairen did not dare think further as he continued fleeing for his life.

    "So this is Brother Qin's strength." Yi Xiao's eyes were bright. "It's said that sword immortals are able to use a single sword to destroy all Dharma and are best in a fight! Brother Qin is probably one of the best sword immortals among the younger generation."

    Yi Xiao attempted to stretch her hand out to conjure the Five-elemental Lightning Dharma.

    By using her internal organs as an inductor for the lightning, she began inducing the spiritual energy in the external world to instantly condense. Five-colored lightning began lingering over her fair palm before there was a rumble-

    The lightning shot at White Tiger.


    White Tiger's golden eyes studied the faraway Yi Xiao and decided to use his body to withstand the Five-elemental divine lightning for he could not divert his attention. His two axes had to be fully focused on dealing with Qin Yun. He was even secretly happy... that he had two axes. If he only had one, he would have been severely injured a long time ago.

    "Brother Qin, this White Tiger's physique is extremely powerful. My Five-elemental Lightning Dharma can't hurt his core. I need time to channel my Dharma spells! Can you protect me while I channel my divine lightning spell?" Yi Xiao asked with a voice transmission.

    "Alright, I'll protect you. Just focus on channeling the Dharma spell." Qin Yun began retreating as he closed his distance with Yi Xiao.

    As long as he was around Yi Xiao, he could completely ensure her safety with his agility and sword techniques.

    Yi Xiao immediately took out a Dao talisman with a solemn expression. With a wave of her hand, she shouted, "Wind, arise!" The Dao talisman ignited without a flame. Runes began to light up as they induced profound energies from the world.

    "Hu! Hu! Hu!"

    Winds began howling. They were not the black winds that the tiger demon controlled but winds that were born from the heaven and earth. It did not have great strength.

    Although White Tiger was embroiled in a frenzied battle with Qin Yun, he naturally had a wary inclination, having lived for so long. He was constantly attentive of his surroundings and was paying heed to Yi Xiao. Although he was more wary of Qin Yun, Yi Xiao was, after all, a disciple of a top sect. She cultivated in the Five-elemental Lightning Dharma so he naturally did not dare ignore her. Now, he sensed the wind arising between the heavens and earth.

    "No good. She's channeling her Dharma spell." White Tiger's heart tensed up.

    "This lass can instantly produce Five-elemental Lightning Dharma. Her attainment in the Dharma is extremely high. With her channeling her Dharma spell, its strength would definitely be far superior to the Five-elemental Lightning Dharma." White Tiger knew that he was in trouble.
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