Chapter 34: Life Struggle

    Chapter 34: Life Struggle

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    On the other side, Qin Yun and Yi Xiao were similarly doing their best to survive. White Tiger was the greatest threat! The thousand or more demons that would rush to Green Tooth Mountain would become an even greater threat the longer they were delayed.

    "We have to rush to leave here. We can't stay here any longer. Any longer and we will easily be surrounded by a thousand or more demons. But to leave this place, we need to send White Tiger retreating at the very least!" Both of them understood this point well. White Tiger was too unmanageable and it could ride the winds and fly. If they continued to be embroiled in a battle with it, there was no way they could escape.

    Yi Xiao looked up into the sky. The sky was dark and the winds were becoming stronger.


    "Kill that female cultivator!"

    Demons began rushing over from the surroundings.

    Yi Xiao suddenly flipped her left hand as five-colored lightning suddenly appeared in her palm. As it sizzled, it suddenly shot out, splitting into five bolts of lightning that shot at the five demons that were closest to her! The five demons were rash lesser demons. Furthermore, Five-elemental Lightning Dharma was extremely powerful, capable of even slightly injuring White Tiger. Typical demon leaders would directly be blasted to death by the Five-elemental Lightning Dharma!

    Now, although it was split into five, it was more than sufficient to deal with some lesser demons.

    Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom!

    Thunderous sounds echoed.

    The five demons were blackened from the blast as they died instantly. The demons close to them hurriedly retreated in fright. Previously, when they were dealing with Uncle Qian, the demons were hopeful of quickly taking him down since he was heavily injured. As such, they had been daring in their assault. However, they never expected Uncle Qian to remain so formidable despite being heavily injured. It made the demons lose twenty of their peers. As such, there were fewer than a hundred demons in Mist Lake Valley presently.

    Nonetheless, the Five-elemental Lightning Dharma was too terrifying. The lesser demons had no means of dodging them and death was guaranteed if they were struck.

    "Stay a thousand feet from her and she won't be able to hit you." White Tiger's voice resounded through Mist Lake Valley. "Flying demons, throw boulders from the sky. Crush her to death! Those with bows and arrows, shoot at her from afar. Those with great strength, throw rocks at her to smash her to death."

    "Yes, King White Tiger."

    The demons immediately responded after hearing him.

    Hu! Hu! Hu!

    Six flying demons carried boulders and rapidly flew high into the sky. There, they aimed at Yi Xiao and threw the boulders at her.

    There were demons who were naturally talented in archery. Even ordinary demons were able to match humans at the tenth level of Qi Refinement, so they had the strength of five thousand kilograms. A pair of axes that weighed eighteen hundred kilograms could be lifted by them but they would not be able to swing it, much less use it in battle. However, by matching that strength with a good bow, and their natural talent in bows, the force delivered would be immense as well.

    There were only two demons that had bows and arrows. For Uncle Qian, whose physique matched Chu Yong, he naturally did not mind the arrows.

    But for a human lady like Yi Xiao? Moreover, she cultivated in Dharma spells so how strong could her body be?


    There were only two demons who were skilled in archery. One of them was still a distance away while the closer one had already shot with its arrows. The arrows instantly whistled at Yi Xiao as they tore through space.

    "Take this!" Demons with great strength such as bear or ox demons were standing a thousand feet away and throwing fifty-kilogram rocks at her. As though they were catapults, the rocks hurtled through the sky and precisely struck where Yi Xiao was.


    Instantly, boulders, arrows, as well as rocks that were thrown from a great distance away came smashing down at Yi Xiao from the sky. When Qin Yun saw this, he was worried but there was nothing he could do. He had to use all his strength to ward off White Tiger! Each of White Tiger's two axes could easily cleave apart a small hill. They seemed to work in perfect harmony, so he was only able to barely hold back White Tiger but had yet to hurt him at all.

    "Yi Xiao is a disciple of a large sect. She should have a way to resolve such problems," Qin Yun thought to himself.

    Yi Xiao was standing motionless in her light blue robes, with no intention to dodge.

    She extended her slender arm, revealing a bracelet around her fair wrist. Now, the bracelet was suffusing golden patterns.


    Formless streams of light produced a total of three layers as they enveloped Yi Xiao.

    Boom! Boom! Boom... The boulders barely managed to depress the outermost light barrier. Losing all their momentum, they fell to the side. The arrows failed to even penetrate the first layer before falling to the side. The rocks that were thrown from afar also failed to break through the first layer.

    "What!?" The demons watched from afar in gaped shock.

    "Dharma treasure?" White Tiger was astounded when he saw this. He was knowledgeable so he could easily recognize the bracelet on Yi Xiao's wrist. It had to be a Dharma treasure!

    There was no way a Dharma artifact could have such powerful defensive strength.

    After all, it had three layers of defense. The attacks had failed to even break through the first layer.

    Yi Xiao remained very calm.

    She cultivated in Lightning Dharma and was skilled at attacking. Her defensive capabilities were weaker so her Dharma treasure was meant to save her life.

    These disciples of a top sect all have Dharma treasures to protect them." White Tiger clenched his teeth. "This sword immortal hasn't even entered the Connate realm and is unable to engage in sword kinesis. All he can do is engage in melee combat but he already has such a powerful flying sword Dharma treasure! I dare bet that this flying sword Dharma treasure is not at the ninth-grade but at the very least, eighth-grade; perhaps, even seventh-grade."

    Unfortunately, he had no idea that the axe in his hand was worth a hundred times more than the divine sword in Qin Yun's hand.


    Yi Xiao looked up again. Now, the sky was dark and strong winds were howling.

    "It's time." Yi Xiao took out a Dao talisman and immediately threw it out. "Cloud, beckon!" The Dao talisman ignited without a flame. Runes began to light up as they induced profound energies from the world.


    As the strong winds howled through the darkened sky, black clouds began to gather, turning bigger and thicker! It was as though they were approaching the ground.

    White Tiger shuddered. "This lass has yet to reach the Connate realm but her channeling creates such impressive phenomena?"

    "I have to risk it and kill her."

    While White Tiger brandished his axes that were bigger than houses to cleave furiously at Qin Yun, a long furry tail appeared behind him. The white tiger's tail was thirty feet long and was as thick as a water bucket. Phew- The long tiger tail grew out and lashed out in Yi Xiao's direction.


    Simultaneously as Qin Yun blocked the axe, he turned and slashed a sword beam at the white tiger tail!

    "Argh!" White Tiger cried out in pain. Although his tail was extremely tough, Qin Yun's sword beam was relentless. It managed to slice through about a third the way into the tiger's tail.

    White Tiger's tail immediately retracted and disappeared.

    "Tigers typically have three major moves-pounce, wrestle and lashing. With you being a mighty white tiger demon, how can I not be wary of your lashing?" Qin Yun said. However, he was secretly alarmed. "What a powerful tiger's tail. That's as deep as I can go while using all my strength?"

    Other than his deathblow, he had not held back.

    As for the deathblow? It could only be used to advance. Retreating was not an option! Once it was used, he would be doomed if he failed to defeat the enemy. Therefore, he could not easily use it.

    "Darn it."

    White Tiger's tail was severely injured so he was naturally infuriated.

    And at that moment, the black clouds in the sky grew thicker. They seemed like they were descending down on him but of course, that was only an illusion. In fact, the black clouds were still a distance away from the ground.

    "Chi! Chi! Chi!" The strong winds howled as lightning began forming amid the black clouds.

    "It's time!"

    Yi Xiao was delighted!

    Only by borrowing the powers of the world could she use her Divine Lightning Spell!

    Yi Xiao took out her final divine lightning charm. She could only successfully produce only one Dao talisman out of five or six attempts. The price was extremely high as well.

    "Five Elements from Five Directions!" Yi Xiao's voice was clear and crisp as it reverberated through the world. "The Five-Directional Thunder God, under the summoning of the Dao talisman, rally the winds and clouds, and urge your lightning bolt to vanquish this demon! For thus was so ordered by the Lord of the Numinous Treasure!"

    Quintessential Essence was kindled as the Dao talisman burst into a blinding light, inciting the lightning powers within the black clouds.

    The moment the incantation was delivered, the heaven and earth responded.

    A thick dazzling bolt of lightning shot down from the black clouds suddenly.


    The thunder was so loud that the surrounding lesser demons could not help but tremble. The lightning was so fast that even White Tiger could not dodge in time. At that moment, he was fiercely brandishing the gigantic axe in his right claw. Filled with demonic powers, the axe struck tumultuously at the incoming bolt of lightning! Boom! The heaven and earth turned white! Under Yi Xiao's control, the lightning sent the axe flying before it struck White Tiger.

    White Tiger's body was charred black as his skin tore away, revealing flesh underneath.

    "Die!" Qin Yun had also prepared for that moment. As his eyes flashed with a radiant beam of light, he leaped up and charged forward with a deathblow!

    His deathblow demanded success! This was the time!

    The airborne Qin Yun's sword beam lit up and with tremendous speed, slashed straight at White Tiger's neck in a bid to slice off its head!
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