Chapter 42: Uncle-Master isnt Coming

    Chapter 42: Uncle-Master isn't Coming

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    In a blink of an eye, nearly half a month had passed since the battle at Green Tooth Mountain.

    That day, a middle-aged Daoist came outside County Governor Manor. The guards outside had seen him from afar and were very wary.

    "Please inform Miss Yi that someone from the Great Unity Sect wishes to seek an audience." The middle-aged Daoist said with a smile.

    "Miss Yi?"

    The guards exchanged looks.

    "Wait here." A guard quickly entered the manor to pass the information. Yi Xiao was living in a rather elegant side compound inside County Governor Manor.

    There was a layer of ice formed inside the compound, which rapidly melted under the scorching summer sun, causing the area to emanate coldness. Yi Xiao, who was dressed in a light-blue dress, was sitting in a yard, reading leisurely.

    "Miss Yi." The guard said politely outside the yard, "There is a middle-aged Daoist claiming to be from the Great Unity Sect who wishes to seek an audience with you."

    "Someone from the Great Unity Sect?" Yi Xiao revealed a happy look but she suddenly frowned. She asked, "He looks like a middle-aged Daoist?"

    "Yes, a middle-aged Daoist." The guard responded immediately.

    Yi Xiao frowned but said, "Allow him passage."

    "Yes." The guard retreated respectfully.

    Yi Xiao sat at her spot puzzled. "Strange, Uncle-Master should have a head of white hair, so why is it a middle-aged Daoist? Is it not Uncle-Master?"


    The middle-aged Daoist was led to the yard's entrance. The moment he saw Yi Xiao, he politely said, "Greetings, Senior Sister Yi. I'm Tu Yu from the Great Unity Sect."

    The Great Unity Sect could be said to be a second-tier cultivation sect, and one of the subsidiary sects of the Divine Firmament Chapter, which itself was one of the three sacred Daoist lands. Disciples of a subsidiary sect and the disciples of the Divine Firmament Chapter enjoyed completely different statuses. If they shared the same seniority in the hierarchy, the disciples from the subsidiary sect had to address all Divine Firmament Chapter disciples as senior brother or senior sister, regardless of their age.

    Even if they were from a higher generation, Yi Xiao just needed to address the person as Uncle-Master or Aunt-Master. However, they, as disciples of a subsidiary sect, would not dare flaunt themselves in front of disciples that hailed from a sacred land.

    Subsidiary sects typically tried their best to curry favor with the sacred lands!

    Divine Firmament Chapter was most famous for its Lightning Dharma.

    As for the subsidiary sect, Great Unity Sect, it was well known for its Dharma methods of Physical Establishing Sage. By cultivating the body to a fascinating stage, one could have bodies stronger than demons. However, the entities with the highest Physical Establishing Sage in Great Unity Sect were at best at the Connate True Core realm. Therefore, they were only considered a second-tier sect. To be a first-tier sect, there had to be a Connate Golden Core expert holding down the fort! Shu Prefecture's Sword Tower was one example.

    "Why didn't Uncle-Master come?" Yi Xiao sat there and said in a solemn tone.

    "My master was roaming the world and immediately returned to the Great Unity Sect after receiving the letter from the Divine Firmament Chapter. On the way back, he encountered a Connate realm tree demon wreaking havoc. The tree demon had countless roots that could drain people of their flesh and blood, reducing them to a layer of skin. There were many humans that died under the hand of the tree demon. Master was enraged and engaged in a massive battle with it. Finally, he slew the tree demon but he had one leg cleaved off and suffered serious physical injuries."

    The middle-aged Daoist immediately continued, "Senior Sister Yi, after my master received your letter, he immediately sent me to apologize to you. Master needs at least a year or two to grow back his leg."

    "This is my master's handwritten letter." The middle-aged Daoist took out a letter and handed it to Yi Xiao.

    Yi Xiao's expression was frigid as she took the letter over.

    "Senior Sister, Master is rather ashamed for spoiling your plans as well," said the middle-aged Daoist.

    "Uncle-Master was doing it to slay demons." Yi Xiao said, "That Connate realm tree demon was wreaking havoc wantonly. Its countless roots are powerful and typical Connate False Core cultivators would not even dare approach. Uncle-Master had managed to slay it at the risk of his life. I'm awed by his feat, so how could I be angry? Alright, I understand. You can leave."

    The middle-aged Daoist left respectfully.

    Yi Xiao sat there and was in a bad mood.

    "Why did this happen?" Yi Xiao turned extremely anxious. "Uncle-Master is seriously injured... he can't help me at all."

    "Water God is overly crafty and careful. Water God would be extremely wary if a Connate False Core cultivator were to come for it. It would be by the river and would jump into it the moment it notices something amiss." Yi Xiao thought to herself.

    After all, there were some Connate False Core realm experts that were very outstanding.

    For example, sword immortals, well known for their combat prowess, had top heritage and an Intrinsic Flying Sword that had formidable strength. Connate False Core sword immortals usually could match typical Connate True Core cultivators. Some were even more monstrous that it would not be surprising that they could directly kill those at the Connate True Core realm.


    Once Water God realized that a Connate False Core cultivator approached, it would not stay far away from the river.

    It was very careful-the main reason why it could live this long.

    "My Uncle-Master cultivates in the Physical Establishing Sage to an extremely profound level. However, due to him being at the advanced age of hundred and thirty-four, he has not been able to break through to the Connate realm. His physical cultivation can match White Tiger's. With a Dharma treasure in hand, his spear arts are even more profound. His strength is even stronger than White Tiger's. Even if Brother Qin were to compare with Uncle-Master, he is still a little too tender." Yi Xiao shook her head. "In my Divine Firmament Chapter and all the subsidiary sects, the Postnatal realm cultivator best at melee combat is Uncle-Master."

    "Without him helping me, what do I do?"

    Yi Xiao frowned.

    Killing Water God was a very dangerous mission, to begin with. After taking on the mission commissioned by the Divine Firmament Chapter, there were seniors in the sect that had persuaded her against it but she had persisted on completing the mission.

    Connate realm cultivators could not take on the mission as Water God would not take the risk.

    On the contrary, Water God would think of means to slay incoming cultivators that had yet to enter the Connate realm. After all, if he were afraid of that, Water God, would find himself overtly cowardly. And in the past two centuries, there had been cultivators below the Connate realm that attempted to deal with Water God. Either they barely escaped with their lives or they were eventually killed by Water God.

    "To go or not to go?"

    "If I were to go, I need a cultivator adept at melee combat to aid me."

    "I can only seek Brother Qin's help." Yi Xiao thought for a moment and decided to proceed on!

    "Although Brother Qin's strength is inferior to Uncle-Master's, he has quite powerful life-preservation means. By giving him some Dao talismans, he should be able to hold back Water God." Yi Xiao did not have the luxury of time to bother with the details. She immediately left County Governor Manor and headed for Qin Manor.


    Qin Manor.

    Qin Yun was practicing calligraphy in his room. Doing so also honed his sword techniques.

    "Second Young Master, Second Young Master." A servant shouted from outside, "A particular Miss Yi wishes to meet you."

    "Miss Yi? Didn't I go to County Governor Manor a few days ago to see her? Why is she here for me? This is the first time she's coming to my place, right?" Qin Yun put down the brush and immediately headed outside. It was very rare for women to pay a visit to someone's residence but of course, cultivators did not bother with the way mere mortals thought of them.

    At the manor entrance, Qin Yun saw a woman in a light-blue dress standing outside.

    "Miss Yi, what brings you here? You caught me unprepared." Qin Yun said as he welcomed her with a smile.

    "What preparations are needed?" Yi Xiao turned around and smiled. Following that, she entered Qin Manor under Qin Yun's invitation.

    "Yun'er, you have a guest?" Qin Yun's mother, Changlan walked over with her maidservants.

    Yi Xiao immediately removed her Hypnotizing Spell that affected mortals. By walking around with her entrancing beauty, she would attract attention everywhere.

    However, Yi Xiao did not wish to influence Qin Yun's mother with her Hypnotizing Spell. It was disrespectful. Besides, Qin Yun was standing to the side.

    "This lady here..." Changlan had been looking at what seemed to be an ordinary woman but when she turned her head, she could not help but be startled.

    What a beauty!

    It was like a fairy had descended to the mortal world!

    "Who is this lady?" Changlan involuntarily stammered. She had lived all her life in Grand Dominance County and had watched the Courtesan Belle selection but she had never seen someone as fairy-like as Yi Xiao. Comparing the Courtesan Belles with the woman in front of her, the mortal vibes given off by them was just too great. They did not exude that air of immortality at all.

    "Greetings, Madam." Yi Xiao said with a smile. "My name is Yi Xiao. I had previously gone with Brother Qin to Green Tooth Mountain."

    Changlan was immediately enlightened.

    The way Yi Xiao spoke was in no way ordinary. It was too direct. It was because she was a cultivator too.

    "Mother, I have something to discuss with Miss Yi in detail. I won't be accompanying you." Qin Yun said.

    Yi Xiao arched her body slightly at Changlan before following Qin Yun down a path and headed deep into the manor.

    Changlan watched from afar.

    "Madam, that's an immortal fairy, right?" One of the maidservants off to the side was still in a daze.

    Changlan rubbed her chest as her eyes lit up greatly. She muttered, "Yi Xiao. Yi Xiao?"
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