Chapter 43: A Wrong Read of Character?

    Chapter 43: A Wrong Read of Character?

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    Qin Yun and Yi Xiao came to Qin Yun's compound as they sat by a stone table.

    "Brother Qin." Yi Xiao could not help but stare at Qin Yun. "There is something I need to trouble you with. It might be a little dangerous too."

    "What is it? Speak your mind. I, Qin Yun, am not someone who fears danger either," said Qin Yun.

    Yi Xiao smiled.

    "I'm planning on heading out to kill Water God." Yi Xiao looked at Qin Yun. "I wish to invite you on this mission."

    "Kill Water God?" Qin Yun's heart palpitated, his mein changing slightly. "Miss Yi, why are you suddenly talking about killing Water God?"

    Yi Xiao explained, "To be honest, my main goal of coming to Grand Dominance is to kill Water God! It's just that after Uncle Wen knew of my arrival, he sought my help to retrieve the thousand-year-old Ice Jade Fruit. Now, having gotten the spirit fruit, it's naturally time to tend to proper matters. In fact, I had taken on a mission within the sect to kill Water God. An Uncle-Master should have aided me but he was heavily injured after killing a Connate realm demon. Therefore, I can only request you for your help."

    "Sect mission?" Qin Yun said, "Are you absolutely confident?"

    If you were absolutely confident...

    That would be great. Grand Dominance County has suffered under Water God for too long!

    "How can I be absolutely confident?" Yi Xiao shook her head. "If I had absolute confidence, Water God would not have gone scot-free for more than two centuries."

    "If my Uncle-Master were here, we would have about sixty to seventy percent chance of success." Yi Xiao shook her head.

    "Forgive me for being honest."

    Qin Yun shook his head. "Water God is very crafty. If any cultivation expert at the Connate realm were to head for Water God, he would definitely not stray too far from the river. Therefore, to deal with Water God, it has to be a Postnatal realm cultivator."

    "My Uncle-Master is in the Postnatal realm." Yi Xiao said, "However, he cultivates in the Physical Establishing Sage. His physical body is probably the best among all Postnatal realm cultivators in the world. However, due to him being at the advanced age of more than a hundred years old, he has not been able to break through to the Connate realm."

    "Physical Establishing Sage?" Qin Yun was surprised.

    In the world, there were two most powerful melee combat styles. One school came from Godfiend heritage. Among humans, only the imperial government possessed the profound Godfiend cultivation methods. The imperial government had even established a Godfiend Guard! For example, his father, Qin Liehu might be at the ninth stage of Qi Refinement but he had mastered profound Godfiend techniques. He could match typical cultivators and be capable of killing ordinary lesser demons as well. This gave him the qualification of being a silver-badge constable. It was said that demons also had Godfiend heritage among themselves.

    The second school was the Physical Establishing Sage of Daoist and Buddhist sects. However, most of them were not profound enough. The most famous heritage came from the Primordial Chaos Sect of the three Daoist sacred lands. Its ranking stemmed from the Dharma methods of Physical Establishing Sage.

    It was also the most famous melee combat style. Their bodies could match Dharma treasures! They had immense strength!

    Striking their bodies would only give off sparks!

    A single strike from them would kill you!

    In comparison...

    The state of being a sword immortal was only the beginning stages because they were not able to partake in sword kinesis! Therefore, they had to engage in melee combat. A sword immortal's body could not be compared to existences like Godfiends or Physical Establishing Sages. For instance, in the battle between Qin Yun and White Tiger, White Tiger's strength was a lot greater than his. He had relied on his Misty Rain Sword Intent to produce an impenetrable defense.

    If he had been hit, just a single strike from White Tiger would probably reduce him to a pulp.

    Sword immortals had all their strength deriving from their Intrinsic Flying Sword!

    There was a saying that a flying sword could accomplish: 'a single sword can destroy all Dharma'. It was not inferior to methods like the Physical Establishing Sage.

    "Yes, Uncle-Master has cultivated for more than a hundred years with excellent spear arts. The divine spear he has in possession is even an eighth-grade Dharma treasure! Because of his Physical Establishing Sage methods, he was designated to complement me according to the sect mission." Yi Xiao said, "However, Uncle-Master is severely injured and cannot help me. Therefore, Brother Qin, I can only ask for your help."

    "Just you and me?" asked Qin Yun.

    "Yes." Yi Xiao nodded.

    "Forget it." Qin Yun shook his head.

    Yi Xiao was taken aback.

    She was rejected? She was rejected in such a direct manner?

    Yi Xiao hurriedly said, "Brother Qin, I need you to hold back Water God. You have your melee combat techniques and I will additionally give you two Length Contraction Charms! With this charm, your speed will be above Water God's. There's no problem coming out alive."

    Length Contraction Charms.

    They originated from Length Contraction Spells. Among the Daoist Dharma spells, only Connate Golden Core realm experts could cast them! Therefore, Length Contraction Charms were typically refined through great pains by Connate Golden Core experts. Among the friends that Qin Yun encountered at the northern border, there was only one who had used a Length Contraction Charm before! Length Contraction Charms could contract the distance between two distant points. Even he had not received a Length Contraction Charm before. Now, Yi Xiao was giving him two at a go... Every talisman charm was worth more than the five kilograms of Frostmuster Spirit Liquid. They were extremely precious and could be used to save one's life.

    "You are already fast. With the Length Contraction Charm and your powerful sword arts, there is no fatal threat at all." Yi Xiao said immediately, "I just want you to accompany this once."

    "If you had Length Contraction Charms, why didn't you use them at Green Tooth Mountain?" asked Qin Yun.

    Yi Xiao shook her head. "This is one of the numerous treasures the sect gave to me after I accepted the sect's mission! These treasures are meant to use against Water God and cannot be used without reason. After all, I'm just a junior that has yet to enter the Connate. To kill Water God with a sixty to seventy percent chance of success, I obviously will need the synergy of several treasures. Even my Uncle-Master was a part of the original plan. These two Length Contraction Charms were for him. Since he's unable to come, I can only implore you for your help. The two Length Contraction Charms will also be left to you."

    "Brother Qin, just accompany me this once?" Yi Xiao's eyes had a pleading look to them.

    However, Qin Yun did not agree. He said, "You are not skilled at melee combat. During a life-and-death struggle, wouldn't you will be in greater danger than me?"

    He had means to ensure his safety even if he fought Water God in close quarters.

    Once Yi Xiao was too close to Water God... the chance of survival was very low.

    "How can there not be danger when killing powerful demons? Besides, it's a great demon that has not been vanquished by the imperial government, Daoist and Buddhist sects for over two centuries." Yi Xiao said. "It's still alright in Grand Dominance City. Outside the city, there are numerous villages. Every village has to offer young boys and girls to Water God. Every year, numerous children are eaten in Grand Dominance County! A large number of humans have been the victims of plunder and torture by the demons. How can we as cultivators be afraid of death? Having sixty or seventy percent chance of success is enough for us to take action."

    "Miss Yi, it's best you return first." Qin Yun said.

    Yi Xiao was enraged when she heard that. "Return? Don't tell me you are really afraid of Water God?"

    "I'm a foreigner! The sect and my family clan have urged me not to come but here I am." Yi Xiao looked at Qin Yun. "I could not tolerate it when I read the dossier. I knew that death is possible but I still came. You are a local but you don't dare to go?"

    Qin Yun looked at Yi Xiao.

    She came even if her life was at risk.

    She still wanted to proceed even when her Uncle-Master was unable to help.

    "Sorry for not being able to help you." Qin Yun got up.

    "Qin Yun!" Yi Xiao stood up as well, her eyes suffusing redness. "Such matters can't be forced but I'm just too disappointed in you. Even without your help, I'll still ask others for help!"

    Qin Yun frowned. "Why are you so hell-bent on this?"

    "I can't tolerate it. Every year this drags out, more children will be eaten." Yi Xiao's eyes were brimming with tears. "I have to go! Furthermore, Water God has already entered the Connate realm for more than two hundred years. According to the information my Divine Firmament Chapter has received, Water God has accumulated a great deal and can enter the Connate True Core realm at any time. He has an ancient water ape bloodline. Once he steps into the Connate True Core realm, together with his crafty nature, there is no way of killing him forever. There will also not be any chance of saving the millions of citizens of Grand Dominance forever!"

    "Now, there is a sixty or seventy percent chance, but once he steps into the Connate True Core realm, it will be impossible forever!"

    Yi Xiao looked at Qin Yun. "Yet, you, Qin Yun, are just watching by the side?"

    Qin Yun was taken aback as he looked at Yi Xiao. "Stepping into the Connate True Core realm at any time?"

    "Yes, according to the attack he did half a year ago, he has amassed sufficient powers to do so. Without a doubt, he can make the breakthrough at any time." Yi Xiao said, "This is why I chose this sect mission. I can not let him off. Qin Yun, accompany me. Let us join forces and vanquish Water God!"

    Qin Yun fell silent.

    Yi Xiao looked disappointed.

    "Three days." Qin Yun said, "Give me three days. Let me think carefully about it. I'll give you an answer in three days."

    "You still need three days to consider?" Yi Xiao took a deep breath. "Alright, I'll come again in three days."

    With that said, she turned and left.

    Yi Xiao believed that the danger wasn't great. With her understanding of Qin Yun, she believed that getting his help was without question. Furthermore, the target was Grand Dominance County's Water God. There was no way that Qin Yun, as a local, would detach himself from the matter.

    However... she had thought wrong.

    She even felt that she did not understand Qin Yun.

    Her master's words suffused her mind. "Yi Xiao, you have cultivated on the mountain for many years. You understand too little about the mortal world. This time, when you leave the mountain, remember that the human mind is unpredictable. Make sure not to trust others easily."

    "Did I make a wrong read of character?" Yi Xiao asked herself silently.


    Qin Yun watched Yi Xiao leave as his face turned slightly pale.
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