Chapter 50: False Core Pill

    Chapter 50: False Core Pill

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    Qin Yun and Yi Xiao stood on the mountaintop as they looked down from the top.

    "He's out." Both of them saw a tiny figure walk out of Water God Manor, heading towards them. It looked carefree but every step traversed space rapidly.

    "We shall go according to plan in a moment." Qin Yun looked at Yi Xiao beside him.

    Yi Xiao nodded, flipped her hand, and revealed a transparent pill that suffused an ice-blue luster. She popped it into her mouth and swallowed it. "Got it. During this fight, Brother Qin, you have to be especially careful. You will need to engage in melee combat with him."

    "Leave it to me." Qin Yun turned his head and continued his overlook of the area below him. The tiny dot beneath was rapidly approaching. Even though there was a faint water mist beside the river shrouding the area, Qin Yun was still able to discern the figure clearly.

    The figure was dressed in white robes, making him look like a scholar that looked thin and frail.

    "Water God." Qin Yun's heart burned with fury. He had repressed his hatred for too long. How was an eight-year-old child capable of having the willpower to train in the way of the sword in such a fascinating manner? How did he accomplish such accomplishments? Talent was one aspect of the reason, but the other reason was that he always wished to avenge his younger sister by killing Water God.

    Water God was leisurely walking with hands behind his back. Finally, he came to the foot of the mountain.

    He looked up and saw the duo on the mountaintop. He chuckled and said, "Are you the two juniors that challenged me? You snatched my spirit fruit previously and now, killed my subordinates. You want to fight me?"

    "Yes." Qin Yun looked down with flames flaring from his eyes. He yelled, "Today is the day you die!"

    While speaking, he leaped up and whizzed down the mountain's side. Although there were many obstacles in the way such as boulders and trees, Qin Yun met them as though he was on flat ground. Every step he took covered a hundred feet.

    When Water God saw Qin Yun rushing at him, he sneered. He then looked at Yi Xiao, who was high up above him. "This little girl sure is a beauty. It will be a splendid addition to my manor."

    "Hmph." Yi Xiao grunted coldly when she heard that. However, she was in no rush to take action. All she did was wait patiently for the opportunity.

    "Water God, die!"

    With a roar, Qin Yun charged at Water God.

    Water God stood there as he gently moved the thin aqua blue chain coiled around his right hand's index finger. The thin chain began spinning and unwrapping itself around his finger. When Qin Yun came in front of him, he instantly drew his sword and slashed a dazzling beam at Water God. Only then did Water God move the chain in his hand with a scoff.


    The chain grew thicker as it flew out.

    Finally, it reached the thickness of a human waist. Dense runes inscribed on the thick aqua blue chain could be seen. They resembled water waves. The waves were instantly lit up when Water God injected his forbidding demonic powers into the humongous chains. The chain's strength was subsequently enhanced as it lashed out at Qin Yun.

    "Oh?" Qin Yun's expression changed slightly as he dodged with a flash.

    "Boom!" One end of the chain smashed into the mountains, causing rocks to blast apart. A huge hole replaced the mountainside as gravel flew chaotically.

    "Your speed isn't bad." Water God casually waved his chain. Its trajectory was baffling and complex, as it flailed with extraordinary power. Qin Yun did not dare to get entangled by the chains for he knew he would be doomed if he permitted it to happen.


    His silver sword blocked the chain before thrusting straight at Water God. Immediately, the chain spun around to ward off Qin Yun. Tumultuous clangs ensured as Qin Yun constantly parried the chain with his sword. However, the chain seemed to have a life of its own. It spun and twirled around, preventing Qin Yun from coming within thirty feet from Water God.

    "How are you killing me if you can't even approach me?" Water God laughed out loudly.

    "Water God, die!" Qin Yun roared angrily. He made one attempt after another but was shoved into a perilous situation by the unpredictable chain.

    As for Yi Xiao, who was watching from the mountaintop, she clenched a Dao talisman with her left hand behind her back.

    "Go." The pill that Yi Xiao had swallowed began to release its powerful Dharmic powers. She tried her best to control the Dharmic powers but she could only barely control it with her Dharmic Dao realm and psyche strength. Her meridians were experiencing the full impact of the Dharmic powers, as it approached the limits to which her meridians could withstand. She did not dare push it any further.

    She infused her Dharmic powers into the Dao talisman, completing the activation successfully.

    With a hum, the Dao talisman's runes lit up. The surface had faint lightning flashes before the talisman turned to powder.

    A lightning which flashed sporadically tore through the void, zapping down at an immense speed.


    "Soon." Although Qin Yun appeared to be struggling in battle, he was secretly waiting for the opportunity.

    He had deliberately feigned his strength without even using his Misty Rain Sword Intent. Relying only on the Divine Traversal Talisman Amulet and his flying sword, he pushed his speed to the limit. His sword techniques matched with his speed, producing the strongest force. However, the strength he demonstrated was only about White Tiger's strength! He did it to one, make Water God lose his guard and two, to buy time.

    "Oh?" Water God suddenly had a drastic change in expression as he turned to look into midair.

    "Chi! Chi! Chi!"

    The incoming formless and horrifying lightning was the first deathblow that Yi Xiao had secretly prepared using the Dao talisman. She had consumed a valuable False Core Pill, which could temporarily allow her to maintain the Dharmic power of a Connate False Core realm cultivator. Only then was she able to use a stronger Dao talisman.

    This first deathblow was Formless Yin Lightning!

    Formless Yin Lightning was silent and by the time Water God discovered it, it was already very close to him.

    "No good!" Water God's face suddenly turned repulsive as his body abruptly expanded. His white robes tore apart from the stretching, and the formerly thin Water God instantly transformed to a gigantic ape about fifteen feet tall. Having revealed its true form as an ape, Water God had a white mist surrounding it.

    In addition, his bloodline was that of an ancient water ape! He was naturally adept at controlling the flow of water!

    The ape let out a bellow as it swinging the chains in its hands, sending it straight at the Formless Yin Lightning.

    When the Formless Yin Lightning struck the chain with a crackling sound, many of them conducted its way to Water God's body despite a portion of it being impeded by the chain. Portions of fur on its body turned black and but it didn't look seriously injured on the surface. However, Yin Lightning was a most domineering and insidious force. It surged straight into the water ape's visceral organs to begin wreaking wanton destruction.

    The water ape spewed blood out of its mouth immediately.

    "You dare hurt me?" The water ape looked at Yi Xiao. With a ferocious roar, it stretched out its right arm and a Dharma treasure in its palm expanded, turning into a twenty-foot-long trident. It was the water ape's most famous Dharma treasure, Blackwater Oxhorn Trident. It suffused a black glow with hints of black liquid swirling over its surface.

    The Blackwater Oxhorn Trident was a sixth-grade Dharma treasure! It had tremendously powerful.


    The water ape's dark yellow eyes were overwhelmed with killing intent. Now, it no longer had any thoughts of making the woman one of its concubines. All it had was one thought-kill her!

    It immediately began preparing for its charge up the mountain. The trident in its hand was injected with immense powers.

    "You want to leave? Have you gotten my permission!?" Qin Yun bellowed angrily as he obstructed the water ape.

    The water ape was holding the Blackwater Oxhorn Trident in its hands while the chain was wrapped around its waist. At that moment, it gave Qin Yun a disdainful look and shouted, "Scram!" The chain by its waist spun out and swept at Qin Yun. After revealing its true form, even the chain turned a lot mightier. The water ape did not think anything of Qin Yun. It only believed that the female cultivator posed a far greater threat.

    "Bam!" A sword beam lit up and cleaved at the chain in a dreamy fashion, producing an explosive ring. The chain immediately slammed into a tree by the side, blasting it apart.

    As for Qin Yun, intense killing intent flashed from his eyes.

    "What?" The water ape was alarmed. It had not needed to use all its strength to suppress the puny sword immortal but now, having revealed its water ape true form, its Anchor Cloudchain had been so easily deflected despite the greater powers he now commanded?

    "Such a fast strike!"

    The thought came to the water ape's mind but a sword flash was already in front of his eyes. Qin Yun was a lot stronger than what he feigned a moment ago.

    "Who said that his strength is equal to Junior Brother White Tiger's? He had been feigning his strength at Green Tooth Mountain! It was a feint!" The water ape was instantly alarmed.

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