Chapter 51: You Wont Escape!

    Chapter 51: You Won't Escape!

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    "It was all a feint at Green Tooth Mountain. It was done to lower my guard. It looks like I'm their ultimate goal. That Qin Yun and female cultivator had come to Grand Dominance County one after another recently! Both of them are disciples of top sects... From the looks of it, it's one of the schemes the top sects have come up with to target me." The water ape could not help but come to such a conclusion.

    It raised the Blackwater Oxhorn Trident straight in front of it, causing it to collide with the sword beam.


    The terrifying impact made the water ape involuntarily tremble. Likewise, Qin Yun took a step back from the forceful impact.

    "What powerful might." The water ape's pupils constricted.

    "Ambushing me? Sending two powerful disciples to deal with me? But the outcome could end up with them being killed by me." The water ape's expression was hideous. He thrust the trident at Qin Yun, causing large amounts of water to surge alongside as though the eye of the vortex was Qin Yun himself.

    "Kill!" Qin Yun shouted. He was a top sword immortal and the Intrinsic Flying Sword in his hand effused immense power. Instantly, he slashed apart the vortex eddies, parrying the trident.

    At that moment, the Anchor Cloudchain was completely wound about the water ape's waist. The water ape was using all its strength by attacking with the Blackwater Oxhorn Trident.

    Bam! Bam! Bam!

    The two figures exchanged blows. The water ape was immensely powerful, more powerful than White Tiger! The profundity of his moves was even more formidable. Coupled with the sixth-grade Dharma treasure, Blackwater Oxhorn Trident, his melee combat strength was almost equivalent to the Connate True Core realm.

    However, the power from Qin Yun's Intrinsic Flying Sword was in no way inferior to the Blackwater Oxhorn Trident's. The Misty Rain Sword Intent was even more peerless and profound, causing the two to be equals in a battle.


    On the mountaintop.

    Yi Xiao looked down and was also astonished. According to the original plan, it was a question if her Uncle-Master's strength, coupled with the Length Contraction Charm would be able to hold back the water ape. Now despite Qin Yun being the one complementing her, he was able to completely hold back the water ape in melee combat. He was not at a disadvantage at all.

    "I never expected Brother Qin's strength to be that high? He's a lot stronger than when he battled White Tiger." Yi Xiao was astounded. "To be able to equal Water God in combat is amazing. Although Water God has been injured after the Formless Yin Lightning strike, only about ten or twenty percent of his strength would be affected at best. I have used the False Core Pill's Dharmic powers but Brother Qin is battling him in true melee combat."

    She was impressed. At the same time, Yi Xiao tried her best to calm the chaotic Dharmic powers in her body. She was striving to use her second deathblow as soon as possible.

    The usage of a Dao talisman from before had burdened her body greatly. The remnant Dharmic powers were quaking within her body.


    "I can't delay it any further. That female cultivator will likely deal another fatal strike soon." The water ape glanced at the blue-robed Yi Xiao atop the mountain. Being unable to deal with the sword immortal, the water ape immediately went for broke. It let out a roar as its fur suffused a flaming light. Fiery-red patterns began appearing on its body, causing the water ape's aura to increase once again.

    "Forbidden demonic arts!" Qin Yun and Yi Xiao were alarmed. According to their gathered intelligence, no one had seen Water God use forbidden demonic arts before but perhaps, the humans that saw it were already dead! However, with the Divine Firmament Chapter's understanding of Cloudfiend Mountain, the demon disciples of Cloudfiend Mountain would typically train in a few forbidden arts if they were powerful enough.

    It was not a surprise that the Connate False Core realm Water God had cultivated in a forbidden art.


    With all its fur suffusing fiery-red patterns, the Blackwater Oxhorn Trident in its hand made a sweep once again. Qin Yun immediately used all his strength to block and deflect it but when he felt the inundating force, he could not resist being thrown backward.

    The water ape sneered and glanced at him. "I'll kill you in a while."

    With that, the water ape rapidly flew up the mountainside.

    The female cultivator had to be eliminated first before he could deal with the sword immortal in peace!

    "You can't leave!" Qin Yun roared angrily as one of his Length Contraction Charm was triggered with the infusion of Quintessential Essence. Formless fluctuations swirled around him as his entire body became distinctive in the world. When he took a step forward, an obviously great distance was traversed in a single step. Space before him rapidly contracted.

    "Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh!"

    In three steps, Qin Yun had chased up to the water ape.

    "What? That fast?" The water ape that had used all his strength was alarmed.

    "I've never expected this Length Contraction Spell to be so miraculous." Qin Yun was surprised as well. This was the first time he was experiencing a Length Contraction Spell. Despite having never used one, his released psyche could perfectly discern a radius of fifty to sixty feet upon reaching the zenith of the Seamless realm. He was even capable of controlling his hair, so after three bursts of speed, he was able to familiarize himself with the Length Contraction Spell. He perfectly fused it with his own style of melee combat.

    "I said that you won't be able to leave." A sword flash came from Qin Yun as a blurry swath appeared before the water ape.


    The water ape used all its strength to swing the Blackwater Oxhorn Trident with tempestuous might. Its strength was a lot greater than Qin Yun's. However, with the Misty Rain Sword Intent, Qin Yun's moves came bombarding at it in flawless succession. With the immense speed of the Length Contraction Spell, making him appear on either side the water ape at any time, there was not a single strike that the water ape did not dare pay full attention to.

    As Qin Yun's strikes were too powerful, the water ape knew from parrying them that its body would not be able to withstand any of the strikes.

    Instantly, the water ape had no way to escape from Qin Yun, whose speed was faster than it.

    "How can this be?" A human junior not even at the Connate realm is able to be this powerful in melee combat?" The water ape was alarmed. After using its forbidden demonic arts, its strength was equivalent to stepping into the Connate True Core realm. Now, he had been restrained by a Postnatal junior. Wasn't it ridiculous?

    "I can't stay here any longer. If I'm restrained by him, I won't be able to kill that woman. She will be producing a deathblow at any moment. I have to leave quickly!" The water ape had a crafty and careful nature and would flee if it noticed the situation turn awry.


    He turned around and attempted to flee.

    "Trying to flee? Not today!" Qin Yun's eyes were filled with killing intent. How could he permit it to escape? He took a step forward and the Length Contraction Spell allowed him to catch up to the water ape in three steps. He held it up in battle once again as the strikes attacked in successive fashion. He was better at holding back an enemy than at offense!

    "Damn it! Damn it! Damn it!" The water ape let out an angry roar.

    He was truly infuriated and turning anxious.

    However, with Qin Yun appearing randomly everywhere, striking with sword beams that were dimly discernible, he showed no fear towards its Blackwater Oxhorn Trident! As for the Anchor Cloudchain? It posed an even lesser threat.

    "Where did he come from? Where? A human junior that's not even at the Connate realm can have such powerful strength?" The water ape could not believe it.

    However, he did not know.

    He did not know that the young human sword immortal was just an ordinary child from a village thirteen years ago. His younger sister had been eaten by him. Now the young child had come to seek revenge after thirteen years!

    "You won't be able to escape!" Qin Yun's eyes were filled with killing intent.


    On the mountaintop, Yi Xiao was doing her best to control her Dharmic powers. She too was feeling anxious.

    With the passage of time, Yi Xiao was finally able to attenuate the chaotic Dharmic powers in her. She heaved a sigh of relief.

    "Brother Qin has completely held back Water God. Up to now, Water God has not been able to scale the mountain." The most worrisome part of Yi Xiao's plan was Water God's storming the mountaintop. When it came to melee combat, Yi Xiao was probably unable to withstand a single hit from Water God.

    "Alright, time for the second deathblow."

    Yi Xiao sensed that her Dharmic powers had turned completely mild. Looking at Qin Yun and the water ape's battle, her eyes flashed. Immediately, she flipped her hand and produced a golden bean. There were dense runic patterns carved on it.


    Yi Xiao carefully released the False Core Pill's Dharmic powers contained within her body once again. Once it infused the golden bean in her hand, the golden bean's runic patterns immediately lit up.

    She threw it down! The golden bean blazed down like a stream of light towards the foot of the mountain.

    As it hurtled down, the golden bean began distorting and expanding. The runic patterns absorbed the powers of the world before fusing into the golden bean. As the golden bean expanded, it finally transformed into a golden-armored soldier. It was completely golden in color and held a large saber in hand. Its eyes were also golden and it had an indomitable aura. When it crashed at the foot of the mountain, there was a loud boom, causing the earth to tremble. Yet, the golden-armored soldier remained unscathed.

    This was the second of the three deathblows the Divine Firmament Chapter had prepared-Cast Beans for Soldiers!

    "Fiendish Demon, die!" The golden-armored soldier bellowed and headed straight for the water ape.
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