Chapter 52: End of the Road?

    Chapter 52: End of the Road?

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    "Cast Beans for Soldiers?" When the water ape who was embroiled in the battle with Qin Yun saw this, it could not help but be alarmed.

    Cast Beans for Soldiers was a profound Dharmic spell from Daoism. The golden beans took a long period of time of nurturing to reach maturation. There was a one-time limit to the usage of a golden bean. Of course, there were legends that speak of golden beans that could be used for extended periods of time. They were even more valuable than Dharma treasures because they represented a combat strength that was long-lived. Even so, the golden bean that Yi Xiao cast was also extremely valuable.

    As a Daoist sacred land, the Divine Firmament Chapter clearly wished to rid the fiendish demon. The precious False Core Pill, the Length Contraction Charm, the golden bean, the Yin Lightning Dao talisman and others were allocated as items for the mission.

    "Phew." The golden-armored soldier was extremely fast. It was only slightly slower than Qin Yun with the Length Contraction Charm. However, it was a lot faster than the water ape.

    In one step, it charged at the water ape and cleaved down furiously with its saber.

    The water ape had just sent Qin Yun retreating with its Blackwater Oxhorn Trident but when it saw the incoming attack, it quickly raised the trident across its chest before the dazzling golden saber slashed down.


    The clash of the weapons caused a shockwave that spread in every direction.

    The water ape was forced to take two steps back, leaving deep footprints in the ground. It could not help but be alarmed. "What immense strength. It's even stronger than mine. This golden-armored soldier's strength and speed are both at the Connate True Core realm. Thankfully, it appears a little stupid and its moves are not flexible."

    "The legendary Dao soldiers are this powerful?" Qin Yun was delighted seeing the situation play out. Despite it being part of the plan, this was the first time he was seeing Dao soldiers.

    "With him possessing such might, I'll let him be the main offensive while I support him." Qin Yun had been in the northern borders for three years so he was long accustomed to complementing others. Instantly, he changed his combat style. He let the golden-armored soldier charge in front while he followed behind the golden-armored soldier like a shadow. Time and time again, he would sneak an attack in. He would always thrust out his sword ruthlessly when the water ape blocked the golden-armored soldier's attack.

    Such cooperation immediately increased the threat.

    The water ape wielded the Blackwater Oxhorn Trident and was forced to be in full defense mode. Even the chain wrapped around its waist had to frequently fly out to block Qin Yun and the golden-armored soldier.


    On the mountaintop.

    Yi Xiao felt her meridians hurting. The Dharmic powers were extremely violent as she tried her best attenuating it. With the rich Dharmic powers contained within the False Core Pill, it obviously could power more than three deathblows. However, Yi Xiao's body had its limitations. According to the Divine Firmament Chapter's estimates, three times was the limit. A fourth time would damage Yi Xiao's cultivation foundation. The fifth time might cause her meridians to shatter the moment she attempted to generate any strength. There was no way to cast any more Dharma spells.

    This was the reason why the Divine Firmament Chapter had only given her three trump cards. If success could not be achieved in three times, she had to flee for her life.

    According to the plan, Yi Xiao would be a great distance away from Water God. By using the Length Contraction Charm to escape, there was a high chance of her escaping unscathed. The uncle-master that would engage in melee combat was excellent at his craft. Together with the Length Contraction Charm, he had a high chance of escaping with his life.

    To the Divine Firmament Chapter, even if the mission failed, the loss would not be too much considering their massive resources and wealth. The most important thing was the preservation of the disciple as they were not easy to nurture, particularly the disciples of a sacred land. All of them had a chance of entering the Connate realm.

    "The golden-army Dao soldier is extremely powerful. Brother Qin is able to complement him perfectly. With the two of them combining forces, we hold the absolute advantage. Although Water God is doing his best to parry the attacks, a perpetual defense is bound to fail. He's doomed." Yi Xiao anticipated the outcome. However, she was trying her best to calm the chaotic Dharmic powers, hoping to cast the third and final deathblow as soon as possible.



    One human, one great demon, and one gold-armored Dao soldier. The trio was engaged in a brawl!

    The great demon had the bloodline of an ancient water ape. It was at the peak of the Connate False Core realm and a disciple of Cloudfiend Mountain. Even if it were severely injured, the casting of a forbidden art allowed its strength to step into the Connate True Core realm.

    The golden-armored Dao soldier had the strength and speed at the Connate True Core realm but it was rather rigid. The overall might it could produce was barely the half-step Connate True Core realm.

    Qin Yun, being at the peak of the Postnatal realm or the twelfth level of the Qi Refinement realm, had mastered his Intrinsic Flying Sword. He also had his Misty Rain Sword Intent, so the combat prowess he had could also reach the boundaries of the Connate True Core realm. With the Length Contraction Charm, his overall strength was not much weaker than Water God.

    The trio definitely had the highest combat power in all of Grand Dominance County.

    "Puff." Qin Yun's strike was indistinct like the randomly drifting willows in spring, making it difficult to grasp its trajectory. Along with the golden-armored soldier's strike at full strength, the sword came rippling towards Water God's neck.

    Water God quickly retreated and as he raised the Blackwater Oxhorn Trident, he used his chain to deflect any attacks. With clamorous clangs, the sword beams repelled the Anchor Cloudchain but were blocked by the trident by a hair.


    The golden-armored soldier hurriedly slashed upwards with his saber!

    The water ape was thrown into confusion. "What do I do? The two of them are much faster than me. I can't even escape. The golden-armored soldier is alright. Its attacks are rather rigid, so I can parry its attacks without trouble. However, that human sword immortal's sword attacks are a lot more profound. I might not be able to block them if I make a mistake." The few perilous situations it had been placed in was a result of Qin Yun.

    "The golden-armored soldier will dissipate once the Dharmic powers in it are completed drained. An intense battle will make it dissipate faster but it will take at least ten minutes." Numerous thoughts arose in the water ape's mind as it pondered a countermeasure.

    However, the ancient saying was apt: a perpetual defense was bound to fail!

    Furthermore, Qin Yun's killing intent ensured he did his best to seek out any opportunity.

    "Clang!" The golden-armored Dao soldier slashed down at the water ape's leg, to which the water ape lowered his trident vertically to block. With a resounding clang, the water ape was forced into retreat. His trident lost its uprightness from the strike and at the same time, Qin Yun appeared from behind the golden-armored Dao soldier and appeared before the water ape. He slashed his sword straight at the water ape's neck.

    "Oh no."

    The water ape panicked upon seeing this. Qin Yun was too fast with the Length Contraction Charm! Without having the time to block with the Blackwater Oxhorn Trident, he immediately controlled the Anchor Cloudchain to wrap around his neck. If he had to suffer a strike, the chain would take the initial blow.

    Having engaged in such a long brawl, Qin Yun naturally did not hesitate to miss such a good opportunity. His sword beam instantly changed trajectory and cleaved angrily at the water ape's thick arm.


    How powerful was the Intrinsic Flying Sword? Filled with killing intent, Qin Yun did not show any mercy.

    Even White Tiger's axe could be cleaved apart under Qin Yun's full force, much less the water ape's body! Even if it had a body slightly stronger than White Tiger's body, the result was the furry and humongous arm falling to the ground with a spluttering sound accompanying it. Fresh blood spewed out of the wound.

    "Ah, ah, ah!" The water ape cried out in pain. It glanced at its gigantic arm on the ground with a hideous expression. It was furious and alarmed.

    Danger! Danger! Danger!

    It was already extremely difficult for him to parry off the strikes while in perfect condition. Now that he had lost an arm, his strength could at best be considered halved. How was he to fight his opponents?


    "Awesome!" Yi Xiao was overlooking from the mountaintop. She could not help but be delighted upon seeing the turn of events. "Water God has lost an arm. If we keep up the momentum, we can rob him of his life."

    The turn of events was better than what was laid out in the plans.

    The original plan was to have the uncle-master join forces with the golden-armored Dao soldier to hold back Water God so that Water God would receive the three deathblows! The heavier the injuries, the weaker one was. When the time came, her uncle-master and the golden-armored Dao soldier would have a higher chance of jointly killing Water God.

    Now... the third deathblow had not been cast but Water God had already been inflicted with serious injuries. From the looks of it, he could not last much longer.

    Clearly, compared to the original plan, Qin Yun posed a greater threat to Water God.


    At the moment it lost his arm, the water ape retreated as fast as it could. Simultaneously, its yellow pupils began suffusing red. It laughed out maniacally instead of showing its anger. "Hahaha, well done! Very well done!"

    Its laughter contained limitless sorrow and craziness.


    The water ape's aura expanded abruptly as its fifteen-foot-tall figure enlarged once again, reaching a height of thirty feet! Qin Yun was already shorter than where the water ape's knees were. Furthermore, there was a thick miss lingering around it. Its aura and might was a lot stronger than before. It was a qualitative metamorphosis.

    "This..." Qin Yun was alarmed. Even the golden-armored soldier's solemn expression turned blank slightly.

    "Impossible!" Yi Xiao felt like a cold basin of water had splashed her heart. She felt her heart turn cold and despondent.

    Qin Yun's heart was convulsing.

    Looking at the gargantuan thirty-foot-tall water ape, with the formidable stance it was in, Qin Yun could tell that such qualitative increase in strength could not be accomplished by any forbidden or mystic arts. There was only one possibility: Water God had made a breakthrough! It had broken through from the Connate False Core to the Connate True Core realm!
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