Chapter 54: Flying sword! Flying sword!

    Chapter 54: Flying sword! Flying sword!

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    The water ape brandished its Blackwater Oxhorn Trident and Anchor Cloudchain, attacking Qin Yun with all its might. Its blows left Qin Yun flying into midair before crashing into a mountain cliff, followed by a tree... However, the defense put out by Qin Yun's misty sword beams managed to parry every single attack.

    "Why is this sword immortal's sword arts so good at defense?" The water ape turned curious. "I hold the absolute advantage but I have not managed to grab a single opportunity."

    "If I didn't lose my arm, my attacks would be faster and more precise. It'll probably take me a few moves to kill him directly." The water ape looked at its remaining right arm. By wielding the trident with only one arm, its attacks naturally became a lot cruder. It was more inclined towards simple strikes such as thrusting, slamming or slicing. "If this continues, I can only defeat him by depleting him of his Quintessential Essence. He's a junior that has yet to enter the Connate realm, so his Quintessential Essence is definitely not as much as my demonic powers. I'll be able to enervate him."

    This took time to describe but in reality, the water ape came to a realization after attacking Qin Yun several times.

    To kill the human sword immortal? It wasn't difficult! But it would probably take him a great deal of time.

    "Kill that female cultivator first. I can't let her escape." The water ape immediately came to a decision.

    The two human cultivators could not be spared! The three powerful deathblows from the female cultivator played a significant role in placing him into the current state he was in.


    With this thought in mind, the water ape immediately leaped into the sky and headed for the mountain cliff. It was steeply slanted but the thirty-foot-tall water ape treated it like flat land, managing to rush up at a maniacal speed.

    When Qin Yun saw this, he immediately looked up at Yi Xiao and shouted instantly, "Run! Run away!"

    "Brother Qin, you should run too!" Yi Xiao, who was originally worried for Qin Yun, noticed that Water God was traversing up the side of the mountain for her. Without any hesitation, she immediately used her Dharmic Dao and Length Contraction Charm. Woosh! With a single step, her figure flashed and instantly, she had covered more than two hundred feet.

    "After it." Qin Yun was worried for Yi Xiao. He wished he could hold Water God back ever so little, allowing her to flee successfully.

    As she cultivated in the Dharmic Dao, she was not skilled at melee combat, so there was no question about her death if the water ape closed in on her.

    For Qin Yun, he was able to hold his own in a combat in close quarters. After all, he was best at defense.

    "Woo!" The turbulent winds whistled by his ear as he rapidly charged up the mountain cliff. His speed was also slightly slower than the water ape's. The pursuit of human and water ape continued... However, the distance was getting wider. Qin Yun watched helplessly as the water ape reached the mountaintop and soon, it disappeared from his vision.

    A few seconds later, Qin Yun reached the top of the mountain.


    Standing atop the mountain, he looked afar and saw Yi Xiao a great distance away. Yet, the water ape was closing in on her.

    "No good. Yi Xiao's speed is slower than mine. In time, she will be caught by Water God." Yi Xiao turned anxious as he quickly continued his pursuit. Yi Xiao's speed was incomparable to his. For her to be that fast, she had relied on her Dharmic Dao.


    Yi Xiao was indeed escaping with all her might; however, the water ape was too fast. Although it had just broken through and suffered the severe injury of a broken arm, its legs were fine. It was still able to run very fast.

    "He's approaching. He's approaching!" Yi Xiao could sense the behemoth closing in on her rapidly. She could not help but worry.


    With a majestic bellow, the water ape extended its arm. One end of the Anchor Cloudchain was wrapped around the water ape's arm while the other end flew out. As it whistled in the air, it grew to about five hundred feet long. The Anchor Cloudchain was a Dharma treasure in the form of a chain. It was best at attacking from odd angles and was very long. As the Anchor Cloudchain lashed around, Yi Xiao instantly activated her protective Dharma treasure, producing a hazy three-layered halo that covered her body.

    "Bam! Bam! Bam!" Previously, the water ape could match the all-out Qin Yun purely by controlling the Anchor Cloudchain with its Dharmic powers.

    Now, just a swing of its arm caused the chain to produce explosive sounds when lashing through the void.

    It lashed at Yi Xiao ruthlessly, causing the three hazy halos to shatter one after another. The final halo held for a short moment before fracturing. However, Yi Xiao was struck heavily in the chest by the chain. Instantly, the color in her face drained as she spewed a mouthful of fresh blood. She was sent flying backward and to the bottom of a mountain cliff... Thankfully, her robes were extraordinary or she would have been killed from that single strike.

    "Haha, die!" The water ape pounced over and once again brandished its chain and lashed it at Yi Xiao.


    Qin Yun, who was frantically in hot pursuit, saw the gap between him and the water ape open up. He could not help but feel torn by anxiety.

    "I have cultivated for thirteen years all for such an outcome?"

    "No! No-"

    The gap grew wider.

    Qin Yun watched helplessly as the water ape moved its arm, lashing out the Anchor Cloudchain at Yi Xiao, who was hundreds of feet away. He saw her protective Dharma treasure halo shatter and her flying towards the valley while spewing out blood. And then, she disappeared from Qin Yun's vision. The water ape moved forward and continued lashing out furiously at the plummeting Yi Xiao.

    "Father, Mother, Big Brother, Second Brother, save me! Save me..." The cries of his younger sister when she was taken away by the demons resounded in his mind again.

    "I want to train in the way of the sword. I want to kill Water God. I want to avenge my sister!" Eight-year-old Qin Yun's eyes were bloodshot as he practiced his swordsmanship crazily.

    At Western Mountain Sword Garden, Qin Yun did not bother befriending the scions. He put in all his efforts in his swordplay. There he met the similarly proud Madman Xie and the lackey, Little Bobo.

    Thirteen years old, One with the sword!

    Fifteen years old, number one person among Grand Dominance City's younger generation. However, seeing how he had no hopes of knocking open the gate of immortality, while he had no interest in second or third tier cultivation sects, he knew he needed to possess top heritage to even have a chance at killing Water God. At age fifteen, he left his hometown alone.

    The world was vast. There were bandits and brutal demons out in the open... but there were also insidious plots, vicious beauties, and brothers that stabbed people in the back...

    In the northern borders, he lived a life on the edge of life and death. A group of cultivators wore their hearts on their sleeves and were brothers in arms. Even against death, they remained high in spirits...

    He had gone with Yi Xiao to Green Tooth Mountain and come here to fight Water God together. And now, Yi Xiao was about to be lashed to death by the chain in such a brutal manner?

    "I came back."

    "I honed my sword for thirteen years, not to see Water God continue wreaking havoc."

    "I, Qin Yun, will risk my life and my everything, in exchange for one thing-to kill Water God! Kill him!" Qin Yun saw Water God lash out at Yi Xiao as his eyes turned red.

    A willpower that exceeded life itself!

    Willpower that had been honed from surviving every brush with death!

    To date, he had never experienced such a strong desire in his cultivation career!

    Even if he died, he wanted to drag Water God down with him!


    The world was resonating in response.

    Qin Yun's surging psyche stirred the world as all the worldly powers trembled in response. Dust, gravel, and leaves began floating. As for the water ape that had just lashed out, it sensed something and turned back immediately. It saw the trembling scene of the worldly power. The water ape's expression changed. "Heaven Man Unity? How can a human sword immortal that is not yet at the Connate realm able to accomplish Heaven Man Unity?"

    Once one's willpower underwent a complete metamorphosis, the soul would naturally be enhanced. Having reached the pinnacle of the Seamless realm, his psyche could be fully projected out. Now, with another metamorphic change, he was directly able to control the worldly powers, reaching the state of Heaven Man Unity.

    Turbulent Dharmic powers were immediately infused into the flying sword as the quaking worldly power surged into the flying sword without any coercion. They formed special runes on the flying sword.

    Heaven Man Unity, successful attainment of sword kinesis!

    Mastering his Intrinsic Flying Sword?

    Misty Rain Sword Intent?

    All three were attained!

    Qin Yun stared at the distant water ape with red eyes. He roared, "Sword kinesis, kill!


    The flying sword in his hand immediately whizzed to a high altitude. The Misty Rain Sword Intent was its soul! The Intrinsic Flying Sword was its body! The powers of the heaven and earth permeated through that one sword! Space itself was resonating as the flying sword tore through the air, resulting in explosive sounds that resembled rumbling thunder. The flying sword was extremely fast; the friction that arose from its hurtling through the air caused sparks.

    "What?" The water ape saw the flying sword that was tearing through space. The thunderous fires that formed gave it a fright. "Sword beams with thunder? It even formed thunderous fire?"

    Just as this thought flashed past its mind, the flying sword appeared in front of it, with horror as a companion.

    At this moment, the water ape felt the threat of death. With all its strength, it raised the trident to block the sword. Even the Anchor Cloudchain was used at full force to withstand the incoming attack.


    In the tumultuous thunder, the flying sword streaked a fiery trajectory. With one flash, almost as fast as the blinking of an eye, the sword had circled around water ape more than ten times. Finally, the water ape failed to parry one strike, causing the thunderous fire sword beam to penetrate its chest, boring a huge bloody hole through it. Following that, there were a few more flying sword trajectories that struck the water ape. Holes opened up in its torso and head.

    In the middle of the water ape's gigantic head, where the glabella was located, a hole was torn through by the sword. There were many other holes in its body, and its heart and other vital organs had been penetrated.

    It stared at the distant Qin Yun with widened eyes.

    "I... I can't accept it!" The water ape felt its consciousness fading away as it growled. If its arm had not been cleaved off, it would be able to use the Blackwater Oxhorn Trident more intricately. He would have been able to block the flying sword! If it had not chased Yi Xiao and attacked the sword immortal without giving him a breather, it was able to exhaust the sword immortal and kill him.

    However, there were no ifs when it came to fate!

    He possessed an ancient water ape bloodline and had been extremely careful. The imperial government, and Daoist and Buddhist sects had failed to kill him but now, he had been killed by a human sword immortal that had yet entered the Connate realm.

    "I can't accept it!" Following that, the water ape's consciousness faded away. His massive body collapsed to the ground, churning up countless dust and rocks.

    "He's finally dead. He's finally dead." Qin Yun's blood was surging with ardor and zeal. His body was trembling and his eyes were bloodshot.

    "Yi Xiao, there's Yi Xiao too!" Qin Yun's expression changed.

    The flying sword flew from afar and returned in front of Qin Yun. He leaped onto the flying sword.


    With the flying sword beneath his feet, he accelerated. He was much faster than before and when he flew out of the valley, he charged straight down.
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