Chapter 55: Nestling

    Chapter 55: Nestling

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    Standing on his flying sword, Qin Yun charged down and saw Yi Xiao's figure. There was blood seeping through her robes and her face was pale. There were three layers of hazy haloes suffusing her surface but she was slumped to the ground, strengthless.

    "Yi Xiao." The anxious Qin Yun directed the sword to dive at high speed, rushing down into the valley to reach Yi Xiao.


    Yi Xiao had been thrown into the valley after being struck by the Anchor Cloudchain. As she saw the gargantuan water ape chasing her and about to lash out again, she had felt a sense of despair even though she instinctively powered her protective Dharma treasure.

    "My protective Dharma treasure, Protective Armor Spell, and the protective powers in my robes were destroyed in one strike?" Yi Xiao attempted to cast a Protective Armor Spell again but the pain in her meridians prevented her from succeeding.

    The chain was already lashing down at her!

    "Am I going to die here?" Yi Xiao watched the chain lash down. She realized that she could remain very calm as death loomed over her.

    "Father, if you hear of my death, will you be hurt?"

    Yi Xiao said silently to herself.

    Suddenly, there was a tremor from the worldly energies. The water ape that had lashed out with its chain suddenly turned its head and the momentum of the chain decreased greatly. Although it struck Yi Xiao's three-layered halo that protected her with a loud boom, she had only suffered fractures in her ribs despite her failure to cast a Protective Armor Spell and the protective powers of her robes had been completely drained. She had endured the chain's strike only through the special materials of her robe and the natural protection she derived from her Dharmic powers.

    Following that, the chain was instantly retracted and there were rolling thunder and the clashing of weapons sounding above her.

    Following that, there was silence.

    "I can't accept it!" A low, indignant roar resounded before the sound of the water ape crashing to the ground was heard.

    "What happened?" As Yi Xiao was wallowing in her despair, she was still somewhat in a daze.


    A figure appeared above her. Qin Yun was on a flying sword, charging down with an anxious heart.

    "Qin Yun... He is engaging in Sword Kinesis Flight?" Yi Xiao saw Qin Yun fly down with sword beneath him. On careful look, she could see Qin Yun's anxiety all over his face and from the way he was diving down.

    "Miss Yi, how are you?"

    When Qin Yun rushed to her by directing his sword, he extended his hand to hold Yi Xiao. The three protective haloes naturally dissipated.

    Yi Xiao grunted softly as her expression changed. She could not help but hold her chest as blood began spreading through her clothes.

    "Miss Yi, I'm sorry for taking liberties." Qin Yun ignored the social construct of man and woman upon seeing the scene. He immediately held Yi Xiao and infused his Quintessential Essence into Yi Xiao's body, preventing her from suffering even the slightest of tremors.

    Yi Xiao felt the pain in her chest alleviated as she was held in Qin Yun's arms. However, the warmth coming from Qin Yun's embrace made her face blush involuntarily. This was the first time in her life she had been this close to a man.

    Qin Yun felt the softness of Yi Xiao's body as he hugged her. However, her faint body fragrance made Qin Yun involuntarily tense up.

    Qin Yun, who thought nothing of life and death, turned nervous at that moment.

    He had just killed the greatest archenemy of thirteen years. He was experiencing the greatest euphoria at the moment and zeal was surging through his blood. When he saw Yi Xiao heavily injured, he felt ashamed and his heart pained for her. Yi Xiao had accompanied him to storm Green Tooth Mountain and now, had fought Water God at the risk of her life. If not for Yi Xiao's three deathblows, there was no way he could have gotten his revenge.

    Qin Yun's flying sword might not have defeated Water God if Water God had not lost his arm, received grievous damage from the Formless Yin Lightning and the Precelestial One Breath Lightning blasts.

    If he had waited a year according to his original plan, he would have naturally attained the Heaven Man Unity state and his strength would have reached the same stage as he had now. However, Water God might have already been in the Connate True Core realm by then. Furthermore, it would be a natural breakthrough that stemmed from a solid foundation. In addition, Water God could fortify his foundation after breaking through, so in Water God's perfect condition, Qin Yun would only be committing suicide if he launched his assault.

    "Miss Yi, thank you." Qin Yun said softly as he stepped onto his flying sword and flew up with Yi Xiao in his arms.

    Yi Xiao revealed a smile, "What are you thanking me for?"

    With Yi Xiao in his arms, he slowly flew up but not at a great speed. He was afraid he would inflict further damage on Yi Xiao's body.

    At that moment, Qin Yun and Yi Xiao remained silent.

    When they flew out of the valley, Yi Xiao saw the water ape's corpse in the distance. She was stunned but not alarmed. After all, Qin Yun had managed Sword Kinesis Flight, which gave her hints as to what had happened.

    "Phew." Upon landing, the flying sword naturally fused into his body. Qin Yun gently placed Yi Xiao down, allowing her to lean on a rock above the grass.

    After putting Yi Xiao down, Qin Yun heaved a sigh of relief. He also felt a little despondent.

    "Miss Yi, how're your injuries?" Qin Yun asked immediately.

    "Qin Yun, we have already gone through thick and thin twice. I nearly died this time." Yi Xiao looked at Qin Yun. "Why do you still treat me as a stranger? Why do you call me Miss Yi? Just call me Yi Xiao. As for my injuries... it's alright. My ribs are broken and my internal organs are a little damaged from the shock."

    Yi Xiao frowned slightly as she spoke. She took out a Dao talisman. It was a rather common but very pragmatic Drought Rainfall Charm.

    She carefully controlled her Dharmic powers and healed her fractured ribs. Following that, she used the Drought Rainfall Charm and slowly used its restorative powers. It was quite a successful endeavor.

    The Dao talisman was triggered.

    The vibrant energy that was naturally gathered began seeping into her body, enhancing her vitality. Her bones began to grow and fuse together and the light injuries in her organs were rapidly recovering.

    "Phew." Yi Xiao heaved a sigh of relief before gently standing up.

    "How are you?" asked Qin Yun.

    "It'll be fine if I don't make extensive movements. Another use of the Drought Rainfall Charm and my ribs would recover. However, the injuries in my meridians will probably take half a year." Yi Xiao said, "During this half year, my strength will be reduced to a tenth or so."

    Yi Xiao looked at the gigantic Water God corpse in front of her, as well as the Blackwater Oxhorn Trident and Anchor Cloudchain that were by its side. She could not help but smile at Qin Yun. "I really couldn't tell. Qin Yun, you must be a legend among sword immortals. You managed to master an Intrinsic Flying Sword, attained Heaven Man Unity, and gained insights into sword intent at the Postnatal realm?"

    "How did you know?" Qin Yun was astonished.

    "Is there a need to ask?" Yi Xiao said confidently, "Typical sword immortals that just step into the Connate False Core realm will be able to use sword kinesis through their extremely pure Dharmic powers. But the best they can do is control the sword to fight against their enemies. But to accomplish Sword Kinesis Flight? It will need the continued effort of arduous cultivation and enhancement to achieve that."

    Qin Yun nodded.

    Using sword kinesis as an offense was very easy for flying sword Dharma treasures. It would also be very fast. The most powerful part of a flying sword was its speed! When wielding a sword in melee combat, one's speed would be restricted due to the movement of one's arms. However, if the sword was flying, the speed was much faster. With Water God's strength, he was forced to defend. Having lost an arm, he soon failed to defend against the sword and was killed.

    As for Sword Kinesis Flight, it was ten times more difficult controlling it with one person standing on the flying sword. When Qin Yun carried Yi Xiao, there were two people on the flying sword. The burden was greater.

    "According to what I know, if a Postnatal sword immortal were to master an Intrinsic Flying Sword and then attain Heaven Man Unity to achieve sword kinesis, they are able to control their swords to kill enemies." Yi Xiao said, "However, it's impossible for them to achieve Sword Kinesis Flight. In addition, you were able to kill Water God. Even if he had lost an arm, he had the strength of a Connate True Core realm after all. There is only one possibility for you to kill him. You attained the legend of sword immortals. You had mastered an Intrinsic Flying Sword, Heaven Man Unity's sword kinesis, and sword intent at the Postnatal realm, allowing you to have the strength of only obtained in the realm of Connate True Core!"

    Sword immortals were capable of a single sword destroying all Dharma. It was great for offense!

    It was common for typical sword immortals to be able to fight Connate True Core realm opponents at the Connate False Core realm. As for Qin Yun, he had managed to achieve the strength to fight a Connate True Core opponent at the Postnatal realm. He was practically a legend.

    "Yi Xiao, I can't hide anything from you." Qin Yun said with a smile.

    "How did you do it? To grasp sword intent at the Postnatal realm?" Yi Xiao remained astounded.

    Heaven Man Unity was commonly grasped by humans at the Connate True Core realm! Few people at the Connate False Core realm could grasp it.

    As for sword intent, it was something only Connate Golden Core sword immortals could grasp. Even among Connate True Core sword immortals, very few managed to gain any insight. Typically, only those with insight into the Heavenly Dao could gradually gain insights into sword intent. Thus, it was only logical that one could not understand the Heavenly Dao unless one reached a sufficiently profound realm.

    "Expertise Nearing Dao," Qin Yun said with a smile.

    Sword intent was the true intent of the Dao, a charm of the Heavenly Dao. Grasping a sliver of it gave one immense strength.

    Typically, once one's soul was sufficiently powerful, they would be able to cogitate over the Heavenly Dao. This was why only a small number of Connate True Core sword immortals were able to grasp a sliver of the Heavenly Dao's charm.

    And legends speak of another way of grasping the Dao's true intent. That was-Expertise Nearing Dao!

    An ordinary artist or calligrapher might have a very ordinary soul but perhaps be an exceedingly rare artist. Despite being an ordinary person, their art pieces would contain the charms of the Heavenly Dao. When one's expertise in their trade reached the epitome of perfection, a particular experience in life would allow them to grasp a sliver of that charm.

    Qin Yun had reached one with the sword at thirteen. Many years later, he suddenly had an experience while undergoing life and death in the northern borders. His Misty Rain Sword improved, allowed him to gain insights into the Misty Rain Sword Intent.

    "Expertise Nearing Dao? I actually managed to see this legend with my own eyes." Yi Xiao looked at Qin Yun. "Impressive, it's just way too awesome for you to be able to grasp a sliver of the Heavenly Dao's charm and infusing it into your sword arts at the Postnatal realm."

    Qin Yun smiled. Among sword immortals, it was also a legend.

    "However, Qin Yun." Yi Xiao immediately said, "You have to keep it a secret. If this gets out, perhaps all the powerful demons in the world will appear to kill you, so as to rid any future trouble!"

    Qin Yun nodded. "I know. Therefore, other than you, no one else knows."

    He had kept it a secret and did not even tell his parents.

    "I'm the first to know?" Yi Xiao was astonished. She was also a little delighted as she smiled. Following that, she pointed at Water God's corpse. "This corpse has the wounds left behind by your flying sword. Remove all traces of the corpse so that others won't catch on. Also, are there any lesser demons watching in the vicinity?"
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