Chapter 57: Grand Dominance Stirred

    Chapter 57: Grand Dominance Stirred

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    "Father, Young Master Qin and Miss Yi wish to seek an audience." A voice came from outside the study.

    The county governor was slightly taken aback. Why did they want to meet him so late into the night?

    He stood up and saw Qin Yun and Yi Xiao outside. Yi Xiao's clothes were stained with blood which alarmed him. "Yi Xiao, what happened to you?"

    "Uncle Wen," said Yi Xiao immediately. "My injuries are nothing. There is something important I have to tell Uncle Wen. Six hours ago, Qin Yun and I went to deal with Water God and have successfully ridden him from this world. This is Water God's personal Dharma treasure-the Blackwater Oxhorn Trident!" With that said, she took out the Cosmic Bag by her waist, retrieved out the trident, and threw it to the ground with a loud thud.

    Noticing how the ten-foot-long Blackwater Oxhorn Trident was emitting an aura of death, the two guards, Wen Chong, and the county governor were taken aback. They looked at Yi Xiao and Qin Yun in a daze.

    "You... You..."

    It took a while before the county governor said, "Did you just say that you and Qin Yun jointly killed Water God? This... This is the Blackwater Oxhorn Trident?"

    The Blackwater Oxhorn Trident was very famous! However, the county governor had only heard of it and never seen it before.

    "Lord County Governor." Qin Yun said, "Water God is dead and it is not to be doubted. Here in my hand is another one of his Dharma treasures, the Anchor Cloudchain." With that said, the chain around his wrist rapidly unwrapped and flew out. As it flew, it grew longer and the chain that was hundreds of feet long whistled around the surroundings, turning the guards, Wen Chong, and the county governor appalled.

    Yi Xiao added, "Uncle Wen, back when I sent you a letter saying that I was coming to Grand Dominance County, my true goal here was the mission I accepted from the sect-to rid the world of Water God! Qin Yun had complemented me, and through the treasures bestowed to me by the Divine Firmament Chapter, we finally managed to kill Water God successfully."

    The county governor was extremely excited. "So it was a plan by the Divine Firmament Chapter."

    With that said, he crouched down and touched the Blackwater Oxhorn Trident. He was rather knowledgeable and the aura of death and charm from the Blackwater Oxhorn Trident made him understand that it was not an ordinary Dharma treasure. "It's truly a formidable Dharma treasure. Well done, you did well killing him!"

    "I've seen portraits of the Blackwater Oxhorn Trident. It's indeed identical. And it's such a powerful Dharma treasure, so it can't be fake." Wen Chong added.

    "How can Yi Xiao and Qin Yun lie over such a serious matter?" The county governor was so excited that blood was boiling in him.

    It had been more than two centuries!

    The entire Grand Dominance County had been shrouded in the horror of Water God for more than two centuries! The imperial government had thought of all possible means to kill it but Water God had been too careful. Cultivators at the Connate False Core realm would only send Water God fleeing into the river out of safety. How was he to be killed?

    Even if they sent the troops to kill the lesser demons, removing him of his aides? Water God, who possessed an ancient water ape bloodline, would cause floods, leaving the troops helpless.

    "He has finally been killed! Finally!" The county governor looked up into the sky and roared with laughter. "The heavens have eyes! The heavens have eyes!"

    "Water God is dead? Water God is dead?" The two guards standing by the side trembled with excitement as well. They were Grand Dominance County locals and had heard of Water God's legends while growing up. Who in Grand Dominance County didn't hate Water God? And who didn't fear him from deep within their bones?

    The county governor immediately ordered, "Wen Chong, sound the drums. Gather the entire army."

    "Yes!" The excited Wen Chong immediately answered.


    Gong! Gong! Gong! Gong! Gong! Gong!

    The low rumbling drum gongs sounded urgent. As the loud drumming from County Governor Manor sounded, soon, there were drumming coming from everywhere in the city.

    The pressing drumbeats reverberated within the entire city!

    The entire city was to be on full alert! The constables had to gather! The troops had to gather!

    Qin Manor.

    Silver-badge constable, Qin Liehu had already fallen asleep when he was awoken by the loud drumming. Furthermore, there were servants shouting outside, "Master! Master!"

    "What's the matter?" Changlan got up as well. "Did something serious happen? Are the demons attacking the city?"

    "It has to be something serious." Qin Liehu did not hesitate and immediately donned an outer robe and rushed out the room. He wore his clothes as he ran to the horse his servants had prepared. Immediately, he rode the horse and headed for County Governor Manor.

    At that moment, all the constables had rushed to County Governor Manor upon hearing the drumming! The military troops were gathered as well! The officials had rushed to County Governor Manor as fast as they could.

    "What happened?"

    "What? What is it?"

    "Are demons wreaking havoc in the city?"

    Late at night, many people in Grand Dominance City were resting at home. A small number of them were enjoying themselves in places like brothels. However, when they heard the intense drumming that resounded through the city, they were given a fright. Even those on the streets rushed home. Those in the restaurants did not dare leave.

    Everyone knew that something serious had happened!


    And inside County Governor Manor, the county governor had rushed into his study. He took out a golden scroll from a cabinet and a brush.

    After he spread out the golden scroll, he dabbed his brush with some clear water and immediately began writing.

    Words began appearing on the scroll.

    He reported the news of Divine Firmament Chapter disciple, Yi Xiao, having accepted the Divine Firmament Chapter's mission and coming to Grand Dominance County to kill Water God! He also mentioned how Qin Yun had complemented Yi Xiao.

    After everything was written, the county governor took out a seal and stamped on it.


    All the text on the scroll emitted a golden light.

    Following that, the text vanished.

    "It has been reported to the imperial government. Next, we wait for its orders." The county governor muttered to himself.

    After ten minutes, text appeared from the scroll-"Take control of the entire county, vanquish all demons! The Inspector Heavenly Ambassador will arrive in Grand Dominance to hold down the fort before dawn."

    "Great!" The county governor was delighted.

    The imperial government had always been decisive when dealing with demons. Especially with Water God dead, the imperial government wanted to take the opportunity to regain control of the areas outside the cities. It naturally had to be fast!

    After keeping the scroll back into the cabinet, the county governor walked out the house. Most of the officials were gathered outside the house. They were discussing fervently, clearly unsure of the reason for the summoning. However, they fell silent when the county governor came out of the study.

    Qin Yun and Yi Xiao also stood by the side. Yi Xiao had already returned to change into a clean set of clothes.

    "Everyone." The county governor said solemnly, "Cultivators have succeeded in killing Water God today!"


    "Water God is dead?"

    There was a stir. A number of people like Qin Liehu who had a grudge with Water God fell into a daze from shock.

    "I have already reported it to the imperial government and they have ordered us to quickly take control of the entire county and vanquish all fiendish demons." The county governor said with a commanding voice. None of the officials dared to make a single sound when they heard that it had been reported to the imperial government.

    "Everyone, receive your orders!" The county governor commanded.

    Everyone stood respectfully before him.

    Following that, the county governor handed out his orders one by one.

    Immediately, manpower was moved around. Personnel rushed out the city overnight and headed for different vicinities of the county.

    There were also hawks that flew into the sky and headed for different areas.


    There were twenty county cities in Grand Dominance County. They covered a vast area and many villages. There were also on-site inspection offices located at important areas.

    A hawk landed in one of the on-site inspection offices and the inspector received the letter.


    The moment he saw the letter, he was overwhelmed with excitement. He cleared his throat and immediately ordered his subordinates, "Quickly inform all villages that Water God has been killed by cultivators. From this day forth, the millions of residents of our Grand Dominance County would no longer suffer under Water God anymore!"

    "What? "Lord Inspector, is that for real?"

    "Water God is dead?"

    The soldiers under him refused to believe him.

    "The authorities have already sent a letter by hawk. The three major seals are on it, so how can it be faked?" The inspector immediately ordered, "I'll stand guard here. The other eight troops are to quickly inform the various villages."

    "Yes, sir!"

    "Yes, we will set off now."

    "Water God is dead. Haha, Water God is dead!"

    These soldiers were ecstatic. The captain and vice-captain rode horses while the troops followed with a brisk jog. Soon, eight troops split up and rushed to various villages to inform them of the news.

    Various inspection offices in Grand Dominance County received the letters by hawk, and all of them found it unbelievable. Some even roared with laughter before they quickly handed out the orders. Troops began leaving the inspection offices and rushed to the villages under their watch. Before noon of the second day, the news had spread to every village in Grand Dominance County.
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