Chapter 58: The Sky has Brightened (Final Chapter of Volume)

    Chapter 58: The Sky has Brightened (Final Chapter of Volume)

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    After a storm, the trails outside Grand Dominance City were muddy.

    A horse carriage was stationed by a major road while Qin Yun's family followed the muddy trail to his sister's tomb, where her personal artifacts were contained.

    As she burned paper money, Changlan muttered softly amid tears.

    Qin Liehu was standing by the side, looking at the tomb in silence.

    As for Qin An, his family was together. His wife was whispering to the two children, "This is your little aunt..."

    Qin Yun looked at the name on the tomb-"Qin Hongxiang."

    "Sister." Qin Yun said silently, "I have finally killed Water God. I have avenged you by killing him."



    Hundreds of soldiers sent out crossbow arrows tearing through the sky, enshrouding a particular mountain encampment. The demons in it fled in panic as their bodies crashed to the ground, revealing their true forms. There were many demons that hid behind the boulders in the mountain encampments.

    High in the sky, there was a red-dressed woman standing on a gigantic red gourd. She looked coldly beneath her. "Do you still want to put up a meaningless resistance?"


    The gigantic red gourd spewed out massive flames, immersing the area beneath her with an inferno. The entire mountain encampment was burning as the hiding and careful demons fled with shouts and cries before they were burned to their true forms.

    Some demons burrowed into the ground and others transformed into their true forms and hid in the cracks between the boulders deep in the mountains. They managed to survive.

    "How terrifying!"

    "Why do these cultivators have the nerve to slaughter us? Aren't they afraid Water God would cause a flood, killing all of the humans?"

    "Didn't you hear what the human military officers said? Water God is dead. He's dead!"

    "What? Water God is dead? We're doomed. Our good days are over!"

    It was said that demons lurked in the deep mountains and great lakes.


    It was because demons had to hide there. If they kept a high profile, humans would think of means of vanquishing them! Only terrifying great demons had the heaven-defying strength of protecting themselves, leaving humans helpless. In the past, Water God was only at the Connate False Core realm. There was no lack of humans at the Connate Golden Core realm but he possessed an ancient water ape bloodline. It was impossible to kill him while he was beside the river. He could also cause floods, wiping out a village easily. Naturally, it made the imperial government dread him.


    The military began taking action throughout Grand Dominance County. They charged on horseback in every direction, sending crossbow arrows to mar the sky as they began their slaughters of fiendish demons.

    In certain critical areas facing strong resistance, Inspector Heaven Ambassadors would take action. They had profound Dharmic Dao so they were naturally able to easily vanquish the resistance.

    Without the threat of Water God's floods, the imperial government had gone out in full force. How could the lesser demons withstand it? Instantly, more than seventy percent of the demons in Grand Dominance County were killed. The remaining lesser demons frantically ran deep into the mountains or lakes.

    "The days without human flesh are unbearable."

    "Bear with it. The military will eventually leave. They cannot engage in battle forever. When the time comes, we can come out in secret and capture some humans for eating." The demons began hiding.


    In various areas of Grand Dominance County, the convoys that were helplessly sending their village's children to Water God also returned to their respective villages in great joy and excitement.

    "My son!"

    "Little Ya, Little Ya!"

    "Er'gou, Er'gou!" Families in various villages embraced the children that returned. They believed that their children would be eaten by demons. Now, they were all back, safe and sound.

    This was the first time it was happening after more than two centuries.

    As for Chang'er's family at Heightened district, they also found their child back.

    The child shouted, "Father, Mother!"

    Xiao E hugged her child in excitement as tears streamed down her cheeks.

    Chang'er was watching by the side as his face flushed red from excitement. "The heavens have bestowed us with Its grace."

    The lanky man was watching the joy from the side. He muttered with reddened eyes, "In the future, we no longer have to deliver our children anymore. We have finally waited to this day! The sky of Grand Dominance County... it has finally brightened! The sky has brightened!" He looked up into the sky but he was holding onto a red rope tightly.


    There was joy everywhere.

    The various villages, the provincial cities, and the county city!

    It was an excited joy that came from the deep recesses of the commoners' hearts. The dark clouds that shrouded Grand Dominance County for more than two centuries had dissipated. Now, the celebrations exceeded that of a new year's. Millions of citizens felt as though they were reborn.

    "The cultivators that killed Water God have done acts of great merit."

    "How infinitely compassionate and merciful are they."

    Countless people were feeling thankful.

    However, they did not know that over the past two centuries, many Postnatal realm cultivators had risked their lives to kill the crafty Water God and how many of them had lost their lives doing so. Only now through the combined efforts of Qin Yun, a peerless sword immortal and Yi Xiao, a Divine Firmament Chapter disciple, was Water God successfully slain.


    Grand Dominance City, night began falling.

    On the seventh floor of Cloud Restaurant, there was a table filled with delicacies in a high-class room.

    Qin Yun and Yi Xiao were standing before a railing and watching down on Grand Dominance City. There were lit lanterns everywhere and the sound of firecrackers. There were rich merchants releasing fireworks, sending sparks into the sky, making Grand Dominance City appear to be a nightless city. Many children were carrying paper lanterns and playing in the city with their family. There were performers and acrobatic teams that hailed from afar coming to the city to perform. Some were even performing for free, while others were invited by rich families. They were all doing it to celebrate Water God's death.

    It was extremely lively.

    "In the city, you can see people celebrating everywhere." Yi Xiao smiled. "I can sense the joy coming from deep within their hearts."

    "It's been more than two centuries after all. Millions of citizens of Grand Dominance County have suffered too much. There has been too much blood and tears," said Qin Yun softly.

    "I'm really very happy to be able to help millions of ordinary commoners." Yi Xiao held onto the railing and beamed happily. "Today is the happiest day of my life."

    Qin Yun turned to look at Yi Xiao's side profile and saw her beaming.

    He could always sense that there was a loneliness coming from Yi Xiao but now, she was smiling like a child.

    Qin Yun held the railing and looked at the euphoric Grand Dominance City. He said, "I'm very happy too. It's been thirteen years. This is a scene that I have never dared dream of even in dreams. Now, it has happened before my very eyes."

    Yi Xiao turned to look at Qin Yun and smiled in return.


    Above the greatest lake in Jiang Prefecture, Cloud Lake, there was a massive island named Nine Mountain Island. There was a mountain range stretching across the island with numerous demons lurking in it.

    Deep in Nine Mountain Island, there was an opulent temple.

    White Tiger and the other demons were standing along the sides warily.


    There were immense amounts of black mists rising and coagulating in a seat of honor. Finally, the black mist condensed into a blurry black figure, eventually materializing into a black-robed man. He had blood-colored eyebrows and his eyes suffused a sanguine luster. He overlooked his disciples beneath him. White Tiger and the other demons immediately bowed respectfully, "Greetings, Island Lord."

    "Why was I disturbed from my cultivation?" The black-robed man said coldly as he looked down.

    A great demon took a step forward and said respectfully, "Master, Junior Brother Water God has been killed by cultivators!"

    "What?" The black-robed man's expression sunk. An aura of death effused from him as an immense aura of suppression emanated. White Tiger and the other great demons felt a stifled shock.

    (End of Volume)
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