Chapter 59: Meeting

    Chapter 59: Meeting

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    The black-robed man scanned the great demons beneath him. Under his blood-colored brows, rage filled his eyes. "Water Ape is dead? How is it possible?"

    "Master, it is true that Junior Brother Water God is dead." The demon who had reported the matter said immediately. "The humans have also mustered the troops at the fastest speed possible to fight on all fronts. Now in Grand Dominance, there are two Inspector Heavenly Ambassadors. The humans have slaughtered many demons over the past few days. The other demons have also hidden deep in the mountains or lakes. They no longer dare to live like in the past."

    "Water Ape is dead..." The black-robed man fell silent.

    The imperial army was even deployed, as well as Inspector Heavenly Ambassadors. There was no way that the news was faked.

    The demons standing below him did not dare utter a word. They knew that Water Ape was Nine Mountain Island Lord's most beloved disciple. Water Ape called himself Water God and had also demanded that his fellow disciples call him Water God! Only their master, the Island Lord, called him Water Ape in such an endearing manner. He was, in fact, very supportive of Water God's insufferable arrogance.

    "Who killed him?" The island lord looked down.

    "It's still unknown."

    The demons could not provide an answer.

    "A bunch of incompetent fools." The island lord shouted. "Azure Ox."

    "Master." A brawny man came forward and answered politely. He was the island lord's eldest disciple. He kept the lowest profile but he was already a great demon at the Connate True Core realm.

    "I'll leave this matter to you. Investigate this matter and report to me in three days. Tell me who killed your junior brother," said the island lord.

    Azure Ox replied respectfully, "Yes, Master."

    Azure Ox knew very well why his master was in such a rage. One reason was his reputation! After all, his master was a great fiendish demon that was famous in the world. The second reason was that Water God controlled more than half the resources in Grand Dominance. The special items needed for Nine Mountain Island Lord's cultivation were all provided by Water God. Typical great demons did not have the capability to control the lives of millions of humans. The reason why Water God was so favored was that of his usefulness. Now, having lost such a disciple, how could he not be mad?


    Dusk was setting in.

    Qin Yun and Yi Xiao were strolling along the riverbank. Over the past few days, Qin Yun frequently brought Yi Xiao around to sample Grand Dominance County's delicacies, which were, after all, rather famous in the world.

    "The Lanyang River's Lightning Bladefish does deserve its reputation. I have eaten it before and found it very delicious. But now, it seems like it's a lot more inferior than eating it in Grand Dominance," said Yi Xiao with a smile.

    Qin Yun smiled and said, "Lightning Bladedish is only found in this stretch of the Lanyang River in Grand Dominance County. If they are caught and delivered to an area thousands of miles away, its taste would be greatly different even if they were still alive. The restaurant I brought you today serves you the catches from the Lanyang River on the same day! It also uses the water from Grand Dominance, so it's the most traditional rendition."

    "I see." Yi Xiao nodded. "Indeed, the delicacies in Jiangnan are extraordinary."

    "We cultivators have long lifespans. You can also stay in Jiangnan for an extended period of time," Qin Yun said with a laugh.

    Yi Xiao glanced at Qin Yun but did not say anything.

    "Giddy up! Giddy up!"

    From afar, Wen Chong rode a horse over. He had a group of subordinates accompanying him.

    Qin Yun and Yi Xiao stopped and looked over.

    "Brother Qin, Miss Yi, it took me a while to find you." Wen Chong led his horse to their side and immediately dismounted it, leaving the horse to his subordinates.

    "To deal with Water God, Yi Xiao had not had the chance of sampling the delicacies of our Grand Dominance. I brought her around to try the various old restaurants," Qin Yun replied.

    When Wen Chong heard that, he immediately nodded. "Yes, yes. Grand Dominance's delicacies are much better than my hometown's! There are also many old restaurants in the county city that have been in business for more than a hundred years. Many a time, one has to go to these old restaurants to enjoy the authentic traditional Yet. However, the county city is so large that one might not be able to sample all the famous old restaurants even if they were given half a year."

    "We just had Lightning Bladefish today. It was really good." Yi Xiao smiled.

    "Yes!" Wen Chong nodded. "Lightning Bladefish is my favorite as well. Among all the fish-based delicacies... it ranks in the top three."

    "Brother Wen, why were you rushing to look for us?" Qin Yun interrupted him and went straight to the point.

    Wen Chong laughed. "I nearly forgot my job. The two Inspector Heavenly Ambassadors are now in County Governor Manor. They wish to meet the two of you."

    "Inspector Heavenly Ambassadors?" Qin Yun and Yi Xiao exchanged looks.

    Wen Chong immediately said in hushed tones, "I have to tell you first. Out of the two Inspector Heavenly Ambassadors, one of them is an Azure-token Inspector Heavenly Ambassador, Daoist Red Jade, and the other is Purple-token Inspector Heavenly Ambassador, Palatial Lord Essence Charm. I believe the two of you also know that the Inspector Heavenly Alliance is jointly made up by the Daoist and Buddhist sects, as well as the imperial government. Many cultivation experts have responsibilities as Inspector Heavenly Ambassadors. The Inspector Heavenly Alliance also has immense power."

    "That I know." Qin Yun nodded. "Top cultivators in the world make up the Inspector Heavenly Alliance so as to fight the fiendish demons of the world."

    Yi Xiao added, "There are two Inspector Heavenly Ambassador ranks. An Azure-token Inspector Heavenly Ambassador can execute any official under the seventh grade that dares obstruct them! Even the county governor can't do a thing about this. As for a Purple-token Inspector Heavenly Ambassador... they can execute any official under the fifth grade directly. All they need to do is file a report after the matter. Even the execution of a fifth-grade county governor would only result in some minor punishment. The Inspector Heavenly Ambassadors do have immense power."

    Qin Yun nodded.

    Both the imperial government and cultivators protected humans! The combined forces of the Daoist and Buddhist sacred lands were even higher than the imperial government.

    For a Purple-token Inspector Heavenly Ambassador, it would typically be helmed by a Connate Golden Core expert! If not, they were cultivators that had previously killed Connate Golden Core fiendish demons in the past! Either they had attained a particular realm or they had confirmed kills as their accolades. Therefore, any Purple-token or Azure-token Inspector Heavenly Ambassador had redoubtable and irrefutable strength.

    "Let's cut it short and make haste." Wen Chong said. The guards had prepared two steeds for Qin Yun and Yi Xiao.

    "Alright." Qin Yun and Yi Xiao mounted their respective horses and rushed to County Governor Manor with Wen Chong.

    On the way, Yi Xiao transmitted her voice, "Brother Qin, out of these two Inspector Heavenly Ambassadors, Daoist Red Jade is a senior at the Connate True Core realm. She has cultivated for more than a century and her Dharma treasure, Crimson Fire Gourd, is extremely famous. It can release an inferno and her strength is at the peak of the Connate True Core realm. Although she's an itinerant cultivator, she is not to be slighted. She has a hot temper and abhors evil."

    "As for the other Purple-token Inspector Heavenly Ambassador, Palatial Lord Essence Charm, he enjoys an even higher status. He is a Connate Golden Core expert. He came to Grand Dominance probably because he is worried that the fiendish demons would counterattack out of indignation. Therefore, he came to maintain order. It is beneath him to deal with the lesser demons." Yi Xiao said with a voice transmission. "He is the Grand Elder of Scenic Mountain Sect, the only top cultivation sect in the Jiang Prefecture. He is also one of Jiang Prefecture's only two Connate Golden Core experts. He is in control of Scenic Mountain Sect's important heritage land, Essence Charm Palace."

    Qin Yun nodded and replied with a voice transmission. "I have long heard of Palatial Lord Essence Charm's fame. After all, he is a top figure of Jiang Prefecture's cultivation world. According to what I know, Scenic Mountain Sect was once listed as a Daoist sacred land. Unfortunately, its strength has fallen drastically, making it only a top sect."

    "Yes." Yi Xiao agreed in her voice transmission. "Scenic Mountain Sect was once the world's authority of talisman amulets. It was ranked alongside the Divine Firmament Chapter but unfortunately, it had engaged in a brutal battle with fiendish demons. Its mountain entrance had been overrun, causing its strength to fall drastically. But even so, its talisman amulet methods are still ranked in the top three worldwide."

    Qin Yun held the Scenic Mountain Sect in high esteem as well.

    However, he had received the Sword Immortal Legacy and was adept at sword arts and had no foundations in talisman amulets. Therefore, he had never gone to Scenic Mountain Sect.

    Scenic Mountain Sect was similarly, very stringent on the recruitment of its disciples.


    Soon, they arrived in County Governor Manor.

    Under Wen Chong's lead, they came inside a hall. When Qin Yun and Yi Xiao entered, they saw a Daoist elder sitting in the seat of honor. He had white hair and a genial look. Sitting to his left was a red-dressed beauty who had a red gourd hanging by her waist. She smiled at Qin Yun and Yi Xiao. And sitting to the right was the county governor.

    County Governor Wen immediately said, "Qin Yun, Yi Xiao, hurry up and greet these two seniors."

    Qin Yun and Yi Xiao immediately bowed. "Greetings Senior Essence Charm. Greetings Senior Red Jade."

    "Both of you have the strength and guts by killing that water ape as Postnatal realm cultivators!" Daoist Red Jade smiled as she praised them. "I hated that water ape to the bone. I tried dealing with him several times. I razed his manor countless times but he would hide into the Lanyang River every time. I could do nothing to him. Palatial Lord Essence Charm had taken action before too. However, that water ape was too crafty. Both of you are deserving of the cheers all cultivators in Jiang Prefecture."
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