Chapter 62: Ninth Son of the Hong Family

    Chapter 62: Ninth Son of the Hong Family

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    In the old manor of Grand Dominance County's number one family, the Hong family.

    The eldest son of the Hong family came outside a house, where the maidservant standing guard outside nodded slightly at him. He spoke aloud, "Ninth Brother, can I come in?"

    "Come on in." An aloof and calm voice sounded from inside.


    He pushed open the door and when he turned his head, he immediately saw a handsome youth sitting on a bed cross-legged. The handsome youth opened his eyes slowly as a stream of light subtly flashed across him. He looked at the visitor and said, "Elder Brother, is everything done?"

    "What needs to be done has been done." His elder brother nodded.

    His ninth brother was a concubine's son and did not enjoy a great prestige in the Hong family.

    However, he was extremely clever. After he became a disciple of an itinerant cultivator, he finally became a cultivator after knocking open the gate of immortality. The Hong family was immediately overjoyed! Without further ado, they nurtured him as a pillar of the Hong family. The ascendence of the Hong family was largely due to Lord Prefecture Overseer, so it was no doubt better to rely on oneself than on others. The ninth son of the Hong family was the first cultivator it produced! In the past, the cultivators that it had treated with reverence were outsiders.

    "Great." The handsome youth immediately got off the bed. "Let's not delay this any further. Let's set off to meet fellow Daoist Qin."

    "Why the rush?" His elder brother asked. "Ninth Brother, the Qin family will invite everyone to the banquet in two days. Why don't we wait till then?"

    "It will be too late. I'm afraid it will be taken away by others." The handsome youth shook his head. "Let's set off now."

    "Alright." The elder brother kept his mouth shut.

    Although he was a legitimate son, his ninth brother was the pillar that would assure the Hong family's future success.


    The Hong family convoy traveled through the streets as a mighty contingent. People immediately made way when they recognized the Hong family, afraid of offending them.

    However, an embroidered-robed middle-aged man went up and knelt down. "First Young Master Hong!"

    The horseback recipient frowned. "Manager Liu, what's the meaning of this?"

    "I was at fault. I had spoken without thought while drunk. I was dumb. Please spare me!" The middle-aged man pleaded.

    "I do not know what you are talking about." First Young Master Hong sneered.

    "As long as you return my restaurant to me, I will definitely return the money I owe. I will never forget First Young Master Hong's kindness!" The middle-aged man pleaded again.

    However, a voice came from the carriage behind. "Brother, hurry up."

    "Take him away!" First Young Master Hong shouted.

    Immediately, two guards went forward and dragged the middle-aged man to the side.

    There was a flurry of discussion along the two sides of the street.

    "I heard that Manager Liu lost his restaurant at the gambling den."

    "Who is to blame for his gambling vice?"

    "I heard that he had offended First Young Master Hong with his words after he became drunk. First Young Master Hong probably does not know of this matter; however, the high official, Nine Fingers, at the gambling den had made him lose his restaurant in order to gain favor with First Young Master Hong."

    "He sure has guts! He actually dared to offend the Hong family in Grand Dominance? Isn't that courting death?"

    The convoy continued heading forward.

    First Young Master Hong did not even bother to take another glance. The ones that would take the initiative to befriend him in Grand Dominance City was Wen Chong or cultivators like Young Master Qin. Even so-called scions wanted to ingratiate themselves with him, so how could he think anything of Manager Liu. Furthermore, it was a subordinate that had done it in order to curry favor with him.


    They came to a Qin Manor which was beside a mirror-like lake.

    Ninth Brother alighted his carriage as well.

    "What a magnificent Qin Manor." First Young Master Hong could not help but say when he saw it. "Ninth Brother, I heard that this Qin Manor was bought by the county governor himself. It combines five different compounds. Even a large portion of the lake is within the manor's confines! It's only slightly smaller than our Hong family's. However, there aren't many guards standing by the entrance despite it being such a large compound."

    However, the handsome man went up to the entrance and knocked on the door.

    The door opened and Uncle Li looked out.

    "The Hong family's ninth son, Hong Lingtong, wishes to meet Second Young Master Qin. Please inform him." The handsome man said with a smile.

    "Alright." Uncle Li responded with a smile and immediately delegated someone to send the message.

    Hong Lingtong stood by the door while his elder brother stood by the side.

    In a while, the door opened.

    Qin Yun walked out in an ordinary bluish-gray outfit. He smiled when he saw the situation, "First Young Master Hong, is this the Ninth Young Master, Hong Lingtong?"

    "He's my ninth brother." First Young Master Hong said with a grin.

    The moment Hong Lingtong saw Qin Yun, he felt his heart palpitate. He had an ancient and special tortoiseshell floating in his dantian. There were cracks on the shell and it was vibrating, giving him information. Hong Lingtong could not help but be alarmed. "This person is not to be offended? If he is offended, great peril will befall? With my life-preservation means, even if I'm not his match, I wouldn't die as long as the rumors of this Qin Yun being White Tiger's match are true. Could it be that his strength is greater than what the rumors speak of?"

    "Greetings, Young Master Qin." Hong Lingtong bowed his body slightly as a form of respect.

    Qin Yun immediately held him up and said, "We are all fellow cultivation Daoists. I do not deserve such a bow."

    "Young Master Qin, you deserve it for what you have done for Grand Dominance County." Hong Lingtong said with a Quintessential Essence voice transmission.

    Qin Yun was surprised.

    The news of him and Yi Xiao killing Water God had not been made public. However, it wasn't necessarily a surprise that the Hong family had learned of it.

    "Please." Qin Yun led the way.

    Hong Lingtong and his brother followed in. Behind, there were beautiful maidservants who carried boxes of gifts.


    At a quiet courtyard, Qin Yun, Hong Lingtong and his brother sat down.

    "First Young Master Hong, might I know why you and your ninth brother are here for?" asked Qin Yun with a smile.

    "I heard that Brother Qin and a Divine Firmament Chapter disciple had jointly slain Water God. You have got rid of Grand Dominance County's scourge. I'm very impressed." Hong Lingtong said. "To be honest, my greatest wish after knocking open the gate of immortality was to kill Water God; however, I was lacking in strength. As for my visit today, I will not lie. I do have a request."

    "Oh?" Qin Yun looked at Hong Lingtong.

    He had heard of him.

    Hong Lingtong had become a disciple of an itinerant cultivator and had knocked open the gate of immortality. His Dharmic Dao and array techniques were rather intricate.

    "I learned that after Water God's death, the Anchor Cloudchain is in Brother Qin's hands?" Hong Lingtong asked.

    Qin Yun nodded. "Yes."

    "I wish to have this Anchor Cloudchain." Hong Lingtong said.

    "The Anchor Cloudchain is an eighth-grade Dharma treasure." Qin Yun remarked.

    Any Dharma treasure was very expensive. For a family clan like the Hong family that had not had time to accumulate its riches could, at best, only be able to buy an eighth or ninth-grade Dharma treasure by selling all its possessions. And the sale was dependent on the cultivator's agreement!

    Hong Lingtong said with a smile, "Naturally, I would be fair to you."

    "Pa! Pa! Pa!"

    Hong Lingtong gently clapped his hands.

    Two beautiful maidservants walked into the yard. They carried boxes of gifts and they placed it on a stone table before opening them. One of the boxes contained an intricate Fire Coral and the other box contained a fist-sized pearl. They were very precious items.

    "I know that Brother Qin has just moved so you might be short on manpower. These two maidservants will also be yours. Both of them are still virgins." Hong Lingtong said with a smile. The two maidservants were handpicked beauties by the Hong family. They were in no way worse than renowned courtesans.

    "Of course, these are only gifts."

    Hong Lingtong said with a smile, "I would like to exchange with Brother Qin for the Anchor Cloudchain. It will be a ninth-grade flying sword Dharma treasure, as well as five hundred thousand taels of silver!"

    "A flying sword Dharma treasure?" Qin Yun's heart was stirred.
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