Chapter 63: Cant Afford to Offend

    Chapter 63: Can't Afford to Offend

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    If it were any ninth-grade Dharma treasure, Qin Yun would not necessarily be willing to do the exchange.

    However, a flying sword Dharma treasure was a lot more beneficial to him. While fighting with enemies, an Intrinsic Flying Sword could kill his enemies at a distance! Likewise, his enemies could also cast Dharmic spells or other means to deal with him. Therefore, he needed a flying sword Dharma treasure to be by his side, protecting him. Besides, with certain flying sword arts, many flying swords could be controlled at the same time. With the Intrinsic Flying Sword as the main lead, the other flying swords would complement it, forming a sword formation!

    It would be no different from being besieged by a group of sword immortals. The effect was also excellent.

    "Flying sword Dharma treasure?" Qin Yun said with a smile, "Ninth Brother Hong, can I take a look at this flying sword Dharma treasure?"


    Hong Lingtong focused his mind.


    A sword in a scabbard by his waist slowly flew out and appeared by Qin Yun's side.

    Qin Yun held it in hand. The flying sword was completely black in color and looked ordinary. Qin Yun injected a wisp of Quintessential Essence carefully into the flying sword and sensed the icy coldness the flying sword exuded.

    "This is a refined flying sword Dharma treasure made mainly of Blackcloud Frost Metal?" Qin Yun nodded. "The refinement method is rather ordinary and there's nothing special about it. However, it's still quite acceptable."

    "If it were a powerful flying sword Dharma treasure, it would not be at the ninth-grade." Hong Lingtong said with a smile.

    Qin Yun nodded.

    There were two kinds of flying swords.

    The first kind was refined just like other Dharma treasures! Typically, they would need extremely precious materials and extremely high blacksmithing skills to successfully forge one. Such flying sword Dharma treasures were more reminiscent of ordinary Dharma treasures. For example, during the refinement process, illusionary techniques could be imbued into it, causing the flying sword to produce illusions when used. There were some flying swords that contained lightning. Once used, there would be lightning accompanying it, with tremendous might.

    Such flying sword Dharma treasures came in all shapes and sizes! The outcome was completely determined by the blacksmith expert.

    The second kind was the Intrinsic Flying Sword.

    The Intrinsic Flying Sword was nurtured inside one's dantian, using Quintessential Essence and the soul to cultivate it. Gradually, it would absorb all sorts of precious essence and mature, just like the growth of a tiny tree sapling! One mysterious aspect of an Intrinsic Flying Sword came from sword intent. Sword intent was a manifestation of the Heavenly Dao. By using one's sword intent to nurture an Intrinsic Flying Sword, it naturally imbued the Intrinsic Flying Sword with a sword intent that was more suitable to the user during its growth. For example, Qin Yun's Misty Rain Sword Intent would nurture the Intrinsic Flying Sword and over time, the Intrinsic Flying Sword could also be known as a Misty Rain Flying Sword.

    As it was nurtured using the soul and sword intent, the power that it delivered would reach a perfect epitome.

    Although it was not as myriad as the first kind of flying sword, its strength would be two grades higher! It was sufficient to make cultivators extremely envious. After all, most cultivators had no means to cultivate an intrinsic Dharma treasure.

    "Alright." Qin Yun nodded, "This Anchor Cloudchain is yours."

    With that said, he waved his hand and the chain that was coiled around his wrist flew towards Hong Lingtong.

    Hong Lingtong was delighted when he received it. He was unable to use sword arts so a flying sword Dharma treasure was not much use with him. However, the Anchor Cloudchain could extend to hundreds of feet long and be as small as a chain that wrapped around his finger. Together with his attainments in formation techniques, he could produce great strength with the Anchor Cloudchain. As for using the chain to bind enemies and lash at them like Water God? Hong Lingtong felt that was too dumb a move.

    "This flying sword is also yours. And here's the banknotes worth five hundred thousand taels of silver." Hong Lingtong took a cloth bag from his brother and opened it to reveal stacks of notes.

    First Young Master Hong was feeling the pinch as he watched the transaction.

    This time...

    The Hong family had nearly used all its existing cash flow. Even though the Hong family was the number one family in Grand Dominance County and had a wealth that amounted to a million taels of silver, most of it were in land or hard assets. It was still difficult for them to amass that much cash. It was only because the Hong family was extremely impressed with what Hong Lingtong had showcased over the past few years that they were willing to give him that much money.

    "I have something to trouble First Young Master Hong." Qin Yun took the cloth bag and scanned the bank notes to ascertain the correct amount.

    "Trouble me?" First Young Master Hong was taken aback as he immediately urged, "Brother Qin, feel free to speak your mind."

    Qin Yun took out more than half of the notes, worth three hundred thousand taels of silver from the cloth bag and said, "I need a hundred kilograms of Three-colored Silver, five kilograms of Purple Gold Dust. Are three hundred thousand taels of silver enough?"

    Upon hearing that, First Young Master Hong immediately said, "It's enough!"

    Qin Yun did not take advantage of the circumstances. The amount he offered was definitely easy to amass the required materials. As for the large quantity that was needed by Qin Yun, the Three-colored Silver could be distilled from ordinary silver and Purple Gold Dust could also be distilled from ordinary gold. Only the Hong family with its great social connections could amass large amounts of Three-colored Silver and Purple Gold Dust in a short period of time.

    "Great, I got back three hundred thousand worth of silver almost instantly. As for the Three-colored Silver and Purple Gold Dust, I can think of a way." First Young Master Hong began contemplating. As the legitimate son, he was the heir apparent of the Hong family. Of course, Hong Lingtong was the foundation of the family.

    "Also, bring these two women back with you." Qin Yun advised.

    When First Young Master Hong heard that, he immediately said, "Brother Qin, you can keep them to serve you tea too."

    "Bring them back." Qin Yun repeated.

    Hong Lingtong said with a smile, "Brother, bring them back."

    First Young Master Hong grumbled, "Alright then, it's a surprise that you don't even want beauties that are given to you. Brother Qin, it's not like cultivators do not need women."

    Qin Yun was somewhat at a loss for words when he heard that.

    The two beautiful maidservants also looked curiously at Qin Yun. After all, the transactions from before involved hundreds of thousands of taels of silver and legendary Dharma treasures of immortals! Their beauty was the cream of the crop in the Hong residence and they had been nurtured well. Yet, they had been rejected as gifts?


    The Hong family left.

    Qin Yun kept the remaining items and shouted, "Ah Gui. Ah Fu!"


    Two servants outside the yard ran in.

    "Go, bring these two boxes to my mother." Qin Yun instructed.

    When the two servants saw the Fire Coral and a huge pearl inside the boxes, their eyes lit up. Although they were worth only a few thousand taels of silver, they were rare treasures that were rarely seen! The two servants immediately carried the two boxes away carefully to bring them to Changlan.

    Qin Yun pondered, "I now have the Smokelike Water I got from Senior Essence Charm. The Three-colored Silver and Purple Gold Dust are likely to be gathered in half a month's time. As for White Tiger's axe, there are still a few hundred kilograms left to refine. If I get Wen Chong to help me buy another two to three hundred thousand taels of precious materials, it should be sufficient to refine my Intrinsic Flying Sword to the seventh-grade!"

    Dharma treasures at the seventh to ninth grade were relatively better in each grade but even so, Qin Yun had to pay a tremendous price for it.

    If it were to reach the sixth-grade? Or even higher? That price would be ridiculous.

    Water God had haggled with his master, Nine Mountain Island Lord, yet his Blackwater Oxhorn Trident was only a sixth-grade Dharma treasure! This was why Yi Xiao believed that she had taken advantage of him. Hence, she had left all the spoils of war to Qin Yun and did not want any of the remaining items.


    Hong family.

    Old Master Hong was sitting around anxiously when he saw his sons walk in.

    "Lingtong, how was it?" Old Master Hong immediately walked forward. He knew that his ninth son had gone to make a trade, using all the available cash the Hong family had.

    "It was a success!" Hong Lingtong said with a smile. "With the Anchor Cloudchain in hand, even if it's Commander Fang, Master Meixia, or White Tiger, I'll be able to fight them."

    Old Master Hong's eyes lit up as he looked joyous.

    The strength that stemmed from the family was most reliable!

    "Brother, wouldn't you be even more powerful when you enter the Connate realm?" First Young Master Hong said immediately.

    "Father, Brother." Hong Lingtong advised, "It can be anyone else in Grand Dominance County, but Qin Yun... is not to be offended!"

    Old Master Hong and First Young Master Hong were taken aback.

    His brother could not help but ask, "Isn't Qin Yun about White Tiger's match?"

    "We cannot afford to offend him." Hong Lingtong turned and left. "Father, Brother, just remember that." According to what he sensed, even with the Anchor Cloudchain, he might not be able to escape if Qin Yun wanted him dead! However, to be able to figure that out had to do with the secret immortal heritage he had. He naturally could not go into the details.

    Old Master Hong and First Young Master Hong were stunned.

    Cannot afford to offend him?

    "In what way should we not offend him?" First Young Master Hong asked out of curiosity.

    "It likely has to do with the master or sect that's backing him." Old Master Hong said. "Anyways, listen to your brother. There's absolutely no harm in doing so."

    Matters that happened in the past few years had proved one point. There was no mistake when it came to listening to Hong Lingtong!


    At noon, under the scorching sun of summer, there were a few scattered boats on the tiny mirror-like lake. On one of them, there were two men and a woman. They were leisurely rowing the boat as they cast their gazes in a particular direction. There was a luxurious mansion there that assimilated a portion of the lake.

    "That's Qin Manor."

    "Let's enter and kill that Qin Yun and find the children blood that Island Lord wants."
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