Chapter 64: Enemy Assault

    Chapter 64: Enemy Assault

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    Above a lake that resembled a huge mirror, two men and a woman were casually rowing a boat, which was reflected by the lake's surface like a beautiful portrait.

    The trio was also observing the happenings in Qin Manor.

    "There isn't much security." The only woman was dressed in a pink robe. She laughed as she covered her mouth and simultaneously said with a voice transmission, "In a while, Bladesman, you will cast an Invisibility Spell to bring us in. Once we infiltrate it and find Qin Yun, Old Venomous Creature, you will immediately release your venom. Bladesman and I will immediately launch our collective assault."

    "About releasing the venom, rest assured." A middle-aged man that was dressed in black servant garb said with a voice transmission. "Hehe, once the venom is released, the humans within a thousand foot radius would definitely die. Most of the humans in this Qin Manor will be dead and even if that Qin Yun doesn't die immediately, he would be so severely injured that he will not be able to put up any resistance."

    Another youth that was sitting across the woman chuckled with a voice transmission. "He's only a sword immortal that has yet to enter the Connate realm who is at White Tiger's strength. All he can do is engage in melee sword arts. Any one of the three of us can deal with him. With our joint efforts... he wouldn't even have a chance to retaliate!"


    The middle-aged man that was dressed as a servant nodded as well.



    As they rowed the boat, the boat slowly approached the shore.

    The trio disembarked the boat and came to a shady spot under the trees. No other person could see them. The three of them silently vanished through the casting of an Invisibility Spell. They had easily infiltrated Qin Manor! The three guards that were responsible for guarding the area that faced the lake did not discover a thing. Two of them were chatting and one of them was napping.


    A quiet yard in Qin Manor was left to Qin Yun. Without his permission, no one from the residence could enter. Even if his parents wanted to enter, they would need to inform him ahead of time... After all, Qin Yun might be cultivating in Dharma spells so trespassing was forbidden.

    Qin Yun sat cross-legged on the grass.

    "Before my breakthrough, the release of my psyche could only reach about fifty to sixty feet. After achieving Heaven Man Unity, my psyche can go as far as a hundred and twenty feet." Qin Yun closed his eyes to sense the area. With himself as the center, he could see everything clearly in a hundred and twenty feet radius. Even a speck of dust could be 'seen' clearly. It was much clearer than the naked eye.

    As for regions beyond a hundred and twenty feet...

    It was a blurry stretch. However, one could sense the vast energies contained within the world, and could also sense the auras of various lifeforms. All the living auras could be sensed in a five-kilometer radius, a result of attaining Heaven Man Unity. Perhaps, there were cultivators with extremely high cultivation levels that could avoid being detected by Heaven Man Unity but typical humans and demons were unable to do so.


    Qin Yun opened his eyes and with a thought, a sword by his waist unsheathed itself. It was the ninth-grade flying sword that he had received from Hong Lingtong.

    The black flying sword circled around Qin Yun.

    "Using this ninth-grade flying sword to protect me would be better than ordinary divine weapons. At least, it is at the level of a Dharma treasure." With Qin Yun's mental directions, the worldly powers gathered onto that one sword, forming abstruse runic patterns.

    "Sword kinesis, go!"


    The black sword also transformed into a stream of light and flew afar before it circled around a large tree by the corner wall of the compound before flying back. It wantonly whistled through the yard.

    Qin Yun closed his eyes.

    Sword kinesis arts allowed sword immortals to focus their psyche on the flying sword, and through the flying sword, be able to clearly see their surroundings. However, it was only able to do so for a two hundred feet radius!

    "Without the restrictions of a body, the psyche range is still so small." Qin Yun shook his head. With a thought, the black flying sword flew back to his side and sheathed itself.


    He extended his hand and a sword beam flew out from his fingertip, transforming into a silver flying sword.

    This was what an Intrinsic Flying Sword was.

    He used his sword kinesis simultaneously.


    The silver flying sword circled the entire yard in a flash. It was much faster than the black flying sword.

    "Through the flying sword, my psyche senses are much stronger." This time, Qin Yun could sense that most of his psyche was fused with his Intrinsic Flying Sword. Through it, he could survey the surroundings and see nearly a thousand feet out. It was much better than the black flying sword.

    In terms of psyche range, the human body's senses were the weakest. As the body needed to protect the soul, it made it very difficult for the soul to sense the surroundings. It would be pretty impressive just being able to sense a region of a hundred and twenty feet.

    Through sword kinesis, one's psyche could be infused into the flying sword. A flying sword would not have any obstructions to the psyche and its range would be much larger.

    For the black flying sword, his psyche could only extend to about two hundred feet.

    However, an Intrinsic Flying Sword could extend to a thousand feet!


    The legendary Connate Golden Core sword immortals could send their flying swords flying to five hundred kilometers away. Such a long distance was not something the naked eye could perceive. Even Heaven Man Unity could only vaguely sense energy fluctuations. So how was one able to kill the enemy? By condensing one's psyche on the flying sword, the flying sword would become like an avatar. The release of one's psyche senses could then clearly see one's surroundings, so a flying sword was able to naturally strike out precisely, killing the enemy.



    As Qin Yun was engaging in his flying sword arts, hoping to improve the fusion of his Misty Rain Sword Intent into his flying sword arts, his expression suddenly changed slightly.

    As he was maintaining Heaven Man Unity, he could clearly sense three auras secretly entering Qin Manor from the lake.

    "Three auras have infiltrated my Qin Manor? Who are they?" Qin Yun was alarmed.

    Heaven Man Unity's advantage was its wide radius but it could not distinguish human from demon. Dharma Eyes were needed for distinguishment!

    "I'll take a look."

    Qin Yun got up and headed in that direction.

    Qin Yun's heart stirred.


    The Intrinsic Flying Sword hung close to the ground and flew forward ahead of him.

    Through the Intrinsic Flying Sword, his psyche could clearly 'see' a thousand feet radius of the surroundings. Soon, Qin Yun's psyche quickly 'saw' the three figures. They were still cloaked under invisibility but it only prevented detection from the naked eye. However, his psyche probe could clearly sense the demonic characteristics of the three figures.

    A pink-dressed demoness had a hideous scorpion tail. Clearly, she was a venomous scorpion demoness.

    There was a male demon with a red robe draped over him. His face and arms were covered in green fur.

    The last demon was covered in a purple carapace. It also had six hands, and each hand held a blade.

    "Venomous scorpion demoness. That green-furred demon looks like he's covered in venom. And the last demon has six arms? From the looks of it, they are no ordinary demons." Qin Yun tensed up when he discovered the green-furred demon. He knew that when some demons released their venom, it could kill a lot of people. This was his home!

    "Die!" Against these armed demons that had secretly infiltrated his residence under invisibility, Qin Yun could not be bothered to speak further. He would kill them silently without any interrogation.

    The first target was the venomous demon.


    The Intrinsic Flying Sword noiselessly flew over. Due to the rockery and trees that lined the manor's corridors, these three demons did not notice a thing. The Intrinsic Flying Sword came behind a rockery and quietly hovered in wait.


    The three demons proceeded.

    "According to the intelligence of Qin Manor's layout, Qin Yun should be in the west wing." The three demons advanced and communicated through voice transmissions. They did not move fast, afraid of causing a stir. Even though the servants in the manor were about twenty to thirty feet away, they failed to discover the demons passing by.

    Approaching! Approaching!

    The three demons were very close to the rockery.


    The silver flying sword that had been hovering in the grass beneath the rockery instantly moved, transforming into a stream of light.


    The black-robed demon with green fur suddenly widened its eyes. The sudden assault on it at such close distance was undefendable. A silver sword beam penetrated his head and immediately headed for the venomous scorpion demoness. As one demon had been killed, the demoness had the time to parry the attack. She brandished a scimitar to block the attack.

    The Intrinsic Flying Sword that was infused with Misty Rain Sword Intent was blurry like a misty shower. It was malleable, causing the demoness to miss. The sword beam still managed to penetrate her head as she widened her eyes greatly. A thought suffused her mind. "A flying sword? Wasn't it said that he could only engage in melee combat and that he was only about White Tiger's strength?"

    Following that, its thoughts dissipated.

    Both the demons had their heads blasted through, dying instantly.

    "Chi! Chi! Chi..." The six-armed demon was alarmed. Its six hands held six blades as it frantically slashed in every direction.

    The flying sword fleeted around and was fast as lightning. It attacked thrice instantly and all of them had been blocked by the six-armed demon.



    "Your blade arts aren't bad." Qin Yun said, "Speak, who instigated this. Why are you here in my Qin Manor?"
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