Chapter 66: Letter of Visit

    Chapter 66: Letter of Visit

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    Azure Ox patiently waited for information and soon, lesser demons brought him two other pieces of information.

    "You may leave."

    Azure Ox put together the three pieces of information. They were obtained from three different sources. After all the Nine Mountain Island had entrenched itself in the Jiang Prefecture for more than a thousand years. It had infiltrated very deeply into the system.

    By putting the three pieces of information together, he was able to have a better understanding of the situation.


    On a throne in an opulent hall, black smoke rose and condensed into the Nine Mountain Island Lord. He looked down at Azure Ox. "Azure Ox, you sent three demonic slaves but have you obtained the heart blood of children?"

    "I have been incompetent." Azure Ox said respectfully. "The three demonic slaves have been sent but they failed."

    "Then, keep thinking of a solution!" Under Nine Mountain Island Lord's blood-colored brows, his eyes suffused anger.

    Azure Ox bowed and said immediately, "Master, the old bastard, Essence Charm, and the old witch, Red Jade, are in Grand Dominance City at present. There was hope trying to sneak an attack on Qin Yun previously but now having failed, they wouldn't give us another chance. There might be a trap awaiting us in Qin Manor! Against such danger, no Connate True Core realm demon would dare take the risk."

    Nine Mountain Island Lord fell silent.

    He only had three Connate True Core demons under his command! One was wild and intractable while the other two were slightly obedient. However, who would agree to partake in a suicide mission?

    "The three demonic slaves that were sent failed. Sending another demonic slave that barely has strength at the Connate False Core realm would probably be useless." Azure Ox asked, "Are we sending demonic slaves with strength at the Connate True Core realm?"

    Demonic slaves with strength at the Connate False Core realm were originally demons at the peak of the Postnatal realm. They were on the level of demon leaders. A large number needed to die in order to have an extremely small number of successful cases.

    Demonic slaves with strength at the Connate True Core realm were great demons at the Connate False Core realm originally. Refining them into demonic slaves had a very high fatal rate!

    Nine Mountain Island Lord had previously done the procedure on seven Connate False Core demons in the past but only two had succeeded! Among the two that had succeeded... one of them had been vanquished by Essence Charm about a century ago. Now, there was only one left. Such powerful demonic slaves that were unafraid of death and exceedingly loyal was not something Nine Mountain Island Lord was willing to send, considering the Grand Dominance City's tight security.

    "Azure Ox, do you have any other methods?" Nine Mountain Island Lord asked.

    "With old bastard Essence Charm and old witch Red Jade around, I doubt hard tactics would work." Azure Ox said, "We can try soft tactics! We can always try buying. Wouldn't simply buying it from him work?"

    "Buy?" Nine Mountain Island nodded slightly. "Alright then. Let's buy it from a junior that has yet to enter the Connate realm. But who shall go?"

    "We demons cannot make an appearance." Azure Ox said. "It has to be done by a human. Isn't it very common for human cultivators to buy precious items from Qin Yun? According to what I know... Qin Yun has sold the Anchor Cloudchain he obtained from Junior Brother Water God to the Hong family. Perhaps, there is more than one cultivator rushing to Grand Dominance City at this moment."

    "Our Nine Mountain Island has good relations with the East Sea County's Motai family. With its fame, this matter should be easily accomplished," Azure Ox said confidently."Also, the Motai family requires favors from us so they would not dare demand too much from us."

    Nine Mountain Island Lord nodded. "Alright, let the Motai family do it! Old Man Motai will not dare tamper with it."

    "Yes." Azure Ox answered respectfully.


    Half a month later.

    A ship with large flags fluttering in the wind entered the Lanyang River. The flags had the word Motai on it and no bandits, pirates or lesser demons dared to cause trouble to it wherever it passed.

    "Grand Dominance is up ahead, isn't it?" A bald, lanky youth was standing on the deck as he looked into the distant.

    "Young Master," said a chuckling old man beside him. "We have already entered Grand Dominance and in four hours, we will arrive at the county city."

    "Alright. Failure is not an option. The 'Yin Yang Snake Heartblood' that Grandfather needs has to be obtained," said the youth.

    "Yes, Yin Yang Snake Heartblood." The old man chuckled. His young master did not know but he had come under instructions of his master. He knew that the blood in question was the heart blood of children. It shared similarities with Yin Yang Snake Heartblood. Those who did not fully understand that were unable to distinguish them.

    "Uncle Bin, after we arrive at Grand Dominance City, send a letter and a gift for me! I will pay a visit early next morning." The youth sneered. "I'm really honoring this fellow that's not yet at the Connate realm by visiting him in such a respectful manner."


    The old man immediately said, "Our eldest young master of the Motai family is visiting a nobody like him, a sword immortal that has yet entered the Connate realm! Indeed, the honor bestowed on him is excessive. However, Master has also said that the Yin Yang Snake Heartblood is extremely important for his cultivation. It has to be obtained at all costs. There is no room for failure."

    "Got it. Grandfather had also asked me to hold back my temper. Don't worry. I will be friendly." The bald lanky youth said with a chuckle.

    "Grand Dominance, Grand Dominance..."

    The bald youth scoffed.

    As a large family of the biggest county, the East Sea County, in the Jiang Prefecture, the Motai family thought nothing of any other family clan in Grand Dominance County.

    "The biggest family clan in Grand Dominance is the Hong family, right? The family does not even have a cultivator at the Connate realm." The youth scoffed. "I heard that the one backing the Hong family is Lord Prefecture Overseer?"

    "One of Lord Prefecture Overseer's beloved concubines is from the Hong family," said the elder.

    The youth felt even more disdain. Lord Prefecture Overseer obviously enjoyed a high status with all the power in the eighteen counties in the Jiang Prefecture concentrated on him. Those that could compare with him included a general of a Godfiend Guard stationed in the Jiang Prefecture and other Connate Golden Core experts. What Lord Prefecture Overseer had was true power. With him as a backer, the Hong family naturally rose rapidly.

    However, to truly ancient family clans, the Hong family that did not possess much heritage was despised.

    "On account of Lord Prefecture Overseer, don't provoke the Hong family. It would be problematic once spousal pressure rears its head." The old man said immediately.

    "Don't worry," replied the youth.


    Grand Dominance City, Qin Manor.

    Qin Yun sat cross-legged on the grass and cultivated alone in his yard. Ever since he killed Water God, perhaps due to the satisfying an obsession that had plagued him for years, or perhaps attaining Heaven Man Unity that allowed his senses to be sharper, Qin Yun found that he had new insights into the Misty Rain Sword Intent. He naturally did not waste any time by honing and cogitating over it daily.

    "Phew!" A black flying sword was flying in the yard freely. It was agile and its motions were reminiscent of a fish in water.

    "Second Young Master." A servant's voice came from outside.

    Qin Yun frowned slightly as he directed the sword with his mind.


    The black flying sword flew back into the scabbard by his waist.

    "Come in," said Qin Yun.

    The servant opened the door to the yard and entered with another person. The servant was Ah Gui and the other was a page that he did not recognize.

    The page carried a small box and said respectfully, "Young Master Qin, under my master's orders, I'm here to deliver a letter of visit. My master will be coming personally to visit." With that said, he bowed and handed the small box forward.

    Qin Yun nodded at Ah Gui.

    Ah Gui took over the box and gave it to Qin Yun.

    The box opened to a letter and a pair of red pearls.

    "They are already sending a gift before even meeting me? That's rather cordial?" Qin Yun opened the letter and read it. He was somewhat surprised. "The East Sea County's Motai family? Why is the Motai family treating me with so much respect?"

    The East Sea County was not something the Grand Dominance County could compare with.

    In the eighteen counties in Jiang Prefecture, Grand Dominance County was considered average. In fact, most counties were similar. And the East Sea County was the biggest county in the Jiang Prefecture. Even when compared to every other county in the world, it was ranked in the top five! It had a population of nearly twenty million, and each county city had a population that exceeded a million. It was quite astounding for a city to have a million people.

    Even the imperial capital was the same.

    The Great Chang empire had stationed a Godfiend troop in East Sea County! The Motai family was ranked as one of the top three family clans in the East Sea County.

    "Motai family's Patriarch is one of the two Grand Elders of the Grass Magus Sect." Qin Yun faltered.

    The Grass Magus Sect was the only cultivation sect of the magus lineage in the Jiang Prefecture. However, the three lineages of Daoism, Buddhism, and Godfiendism were still considered flourishing. The magus lineage had eventually waned and the Grass Magus Sect had only luckily inherited some of the heritage but could only be considered a second-rate sect. However, magus cultivation was strange and unfathomable. The Motai family's patriarch was the only two Earth Magi, which was equivalent to the Connate True Core realm, in the Grass Magus Sect.

    "Ever since the three demonic slaves were killed, my Qin Manor has not encountered much trouble with Senior Red Jade stationed here." Qin Yun thought to himself. "Although there have been many cultivators coming to exchange for treasures with me, they were only ordinary cultivators. The Motai family is also requesting for something precious?"

    "The high and mighty Motai family has something they want from the treasures Water God left behind?" Qin Yun pondered over the matter.

    However, with the Motai family's status, it could directly come to him.

    To send a letter of visit ahead of time made Qin Yun found them overly courteous. The honor they gave him seemed excessive.

    "I understand. Tomorrow, I will be waiting for your master here," said Qin Yun.

    "Then, I will bid you farewell."

    The page immediately bowed respectfully and left. The servant, Ah Gui sent him out.
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