Chapter 67: Yi Xiao is leaving?

    Chapter 67: Yi Xiao is leaving?

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    The next day, in the early morning.

    "Yi Xiao?" Qin Yun encountered Yi Xiao at the manor's door. He led her straight in. "Three demonic slaves were sent after me only a few days ago. Why did you leave County Governor Manor alone? Weren't you afraid that demonic slaves would attack you? You haven't recovered much of your strength."

    "Don't worry about me." Yi Xiao smiled. "Although I have yet to recover, I still have items that can keep me alive! Furthermore, County Governor Manor has Senior Essence Charm, while your house has Senior Red Jade. That Nine Mountain Island Lord would not be dumb enough to send more subordinates on a suicide mission. It's not easy to refine powerful demonic slaves. By the way, I heard that the Motai family will be visiting you today?"

    Qin Yun nodded. "You even know that?"

    "The moment the Motai family entered Grand Dominance County, news of them was delivered to County Governor Manor. Every action such a large family clan takes is watched closely by County Governor Manor." Yi Xiao said with a smile, "From the looks of it, even the Motai family wants the treasures left behind after Water God's death."

    "When the Motai family comes, I'll know what they want," replied Qin Yun.


    When Yi Xiao entered the manor with Qin Yun, she suddenly fell silent before saying, "Qin Yun, I have something I need to tell you."

    "What?" Qin Yun asked.

    "I'll be leaving in the coming days." Yi Xiao elaborated, "I'll be leaving Grand Dominance City."

    "But-but you haven't recovered from your injuries," Qin Yun immediately said.

    It was too sudden.

    He believed that Yi Xiao would stay in Grand Dominance City for a few months, but now she was leaving in a couple of days?

    "My master has caught wind of the infiltration of demonic slaves sent by Nine Mountain Island Lord." Yi Xiao explained. "She is worried about me and has requested an Uncle-Master from my Divine Firmament Chapter to bring me back to the sect when he passes through Grand Dominance City."

    "How strong is your Uncle-Master?" Qin Yun immediately asked.

    "He is an Uncle-Master of the Divine Firmament Chapter proper, and not a subsidiary sect."

    "That's good, that's good..." At that moment, Qin Yun felt mixed emotions but he said, "It's also a good thing that your Uncle-Master is bringing you back."

    "Yea." Yi Xiao acknowledged.

    The two walked alongside each other as they maintained silence.

    "Ha, I was planning on eating more of Grand Dominance City's delicacies." Yi Xiao broke the silence.

    "There will be more chances in the future." Qin Yun nodded.

    "Yea, in the future," Yi Xiao replied.

    They saw a servant running over from some distance away. From afar, he shouted hurriedly, "Second Young Master, the Motai family is here." Qin Yun had instructed the servants to inform him the moment the Motai family came.

    When Yi Xiao saw this, she said with a smile, "Since the Motai family is here, I'll not be meeting them. I'll have a chat with Senior Red Jade."

    "Alright." Qin Yun nodded.

    Yi Xiao turned and left.

    Seeing the departing Yi Xiao's turned back, Qin Yun's good mood from the Motai family's request of a treasure was gone.

    "Yi Xiao is leaving?" Qin Yun muttered inwardly.

    However, he did not have the luxury of time to continue thinking about the matter. He turned and headed for the manor entrance to welcome the Motai family.


    Soon, Qin Yun was at the manor entrance.

    There, he immediately saw a bald, lanky youth outside. Beside him stood an elder.

    "Haha, you must be Young Master Qin Yun. I'm Motai Lang. I had heard of Young Master Qin's name back in East Sea County. I am extremely impressed." Motai Lang beamed passionately. The elder was smiling as well.

    "Young Master Motai, please." Qin Yun led the way with a smile.

    Motai Lang walked ahead of the elder into the manor with Qin Yun escorting them.

    "Back in East Sea County, I heard news that Brother Qin and a female disciple of the Divine Firmament Chapter had jointly killed Water God," Motai Lang said with a voice transmission as his eyes flashed. "I felt ardor and zeal coursing through my blood when I learned of it. I really wished I had joined Brother Qin in the expedition to kill Water God. Of course, that's only wishful thinking. I lack the strength, unfortunately."

    Qin Yun smiled slightly. "It was quite a perilous situation."

    "This is something that warrants great merit. It's impressive that you succeeded," Motai Lang said wistfully. Although he looked down on Grand Dominance County's family clans and thought nothing of them, his grandfather had given him a mission. And he was specifically chosen because he was a person that knew how to communicate properly based on who he was talking to. He spoke with an extreme earnestness. Even if the Motai family was overly foppish, a legitimate son like him would not possess much power.

    Motai Lang was a man who had been putting on various facades from a young age.

    "Brother Qin, to be honest, Grand Dominance is truly beautiful." Motai Lang walked into the mansion and said with regret, "Although East Sea City is a lot bigger, it's a little too busy. It's not as quaint as Grand Dominance with its excellent scenery. If I were to choose, I'd rather stay in Grand Dominance permanently."

    "I also like Grand Dominance. However, East Sea County is excellent too. I heard that many of the Water race from the seas head there for trade," commented Qin Yun.

    There were four seas in the world.

    Out of the Water races of the four seas, the Dragon race reigned supreme. The hegemon of the East Sea's Water races was the East Sea Dragon King! East Sea County City was the biggest city where the East Sea Water race traded with humans.

    "The bustle is excessive. The East Sea's Water race is there, the Godfiend Guard is stationed there, and so are the Daoist and Buddhists sects. My Motai family may be considered one of the top three family clans in the East Sea County, but to be honest, not even we would dare to offend those top factions." Motai Lang said as he poured out his woes.

    Qin Yun nodded.

    It was only sensible. The Godfiend Guard was the imperial government's strongest physical force in the Jiang Prefecture! Backing the East Sea Water race was the East Sea Dragon race! If the Daoist and Buddhist sacred lands sent anyone, the Motai family would naturally acquiesce.

    "Grand Dominance is still better. It doesn't have all sorts of complicated factions. It's sweet and simple," Motai Lang said with a laugh.

    Amid the chatter, they arrived at Qin Yun's compound and entered an elegant hall.

    Qin Yun, Motai Lang, and the elder took their seats.

    "Brother Motai's, can I ask the purpose of your visit?" Qin Yun asked. Regardless of the matter, the short chat had given Qin Yun a good impression of Motai Lang. Qin Yun had roamed the world and suffered. Of course, he knew not to trust others so easily. However, if the other party had nothing much to do with him, he wouldn't bother being overly wary of them. Since they were so respectful towards him, he naturally treated them with respect.

    "Sigh." Motai Lang continued, "Brother Qin, as you know, the magus lineage waned a long time ago. It's difficult for my Grass Magus Sect to cultivate. We recently heard that Brother Qin obtained a special blood needed by my Grass Magus Sect. Therefore, we came here specially to buy it from you."

    "Blood?" Qin Yun nodded slightly. He wasn't surprised.

    The materials that the magus lineage used for cultivation were special. Using blood as a cultivation material was commonly seen among magi.

    "What blood is it?" asked Qin Yun.

    "Yin Yang Snake Heartblood." Motai Lang explained, "It's an extremely rare snake species. This Yin Yang Snake Heartblood contains an Yin and Yang aura that is extracted from the snake's heart. The Yin and Yang aura is also extremely pure. However, Yin Yang snakes are too rare. It's hard enough finding a single one, and finding a hundred, if not a thousand, is almost an impossible task. I heard that Water God collected Yin Yang Snake Heartblood, and had a large quantity of it."

    Qin Yun shook his head. "The blood Water God left behind after he died did not have Yin Yang Snake Heartblood."

    "It is there, it certainly is," Motai Lang immediately said. "My Motai family is certain that Water God possessed a batch of Yin Yang Snake Heartblood... Check it thoroughly. In the treasures he left after his death, there should be some blood. That blood has Yin and Yang auras."

    Qin Yun nodded and said, "There is indeed some blood. I can also sense the Yin and Yang aura. However, I can also sense rich grievance auras from it."

    "The grievance aura is a result of having too many Yin Yang Snakes killed. To accumulate that much blood, how can the numbers be few? With so many killed, the snakes will remember the vendetta, causing the grievance auras to be heavy." Motai Lang said with a smile. "That batch of blood is what my Motai family needs. Don't worry, Brother Qin. My Motai family will definitely not take advantage of you."

    "That's not it." Qin Yun shook his head. "It's absolutely not Yin Yang Snake Heartblood. Back when I traveled the world, I once discovered a Yin Yang Snake in the southern Yue Prefecture. I befriended a few locals and had skinned a Yin Yang Snake personally. I have also personally tasted its gallbladder and drank alcohol that has the blood of the snake's heart mixed in it. I am absolutely certain that the blood is not Yin Yang Snake Heartblood."

    Motai Lang was stunned.
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