Chapter 68: Threat?

    Chapter 68: Threat?

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    Motai Lang immediately said, "Brother Qin, could you be mistaken? Or could there be another batch of blood?"

    "No, there is only one batch of blood. It does have Yin Yang aura exuding from it but it also has an extremely rich air of grievance," Qin Yun explained. "However, it's definitely not Yin Yang Snake Heartblood."

    The elder who was sitting beside them turned anxious.

    This matter was truthfully about the heart blood of a child, and so was extremely important. Furthermore, it was a sinister matter; if it were to be made known, there could only be trouble! Motai Lang enjoyed a high status and he was competent at what he did; therefore, he had been put in charge of this undertaking. Unfortunately, he was still young. Of course, the matter was kept under wraps since it was best if few people knew about it! The only ones that knew of the purchase of the heart blood of children were the Motai family's patriarch and the elder, Yan Bin, who was in charge of contacting Nine Mountain Island.

    Yan Bin cursed inwardly, "This Qin Yun even knows about Yin Yang Snake Heartblood?"

    They had deliberately fabricated a story about something that was extremely rare.

    A cultivator could cultivate for more than a century without ever seeing a single Yin Yang Snake. If one did not go to the Yue Prefecture, the snake was probably something that would elude them for life. Furthermore, cultivators would show disdain towards eating Yin Yang Snake Heartblood. However, Qin Yun had yet to knock open the gate of immortality back then. He was only a mortal roaming the world. Naturally, he had encountered all sorts of strange items and beings. An Yin-Yang snake was rare so he had tasted it.

    As such, the 'lie' was seen through.


    "It's not Yin Yang Snake Heartblood?" Motai Lang was perplexed.

    That's not right.

    His grandfather appeared very confident when he instructed him on the matter.

    "Young Master," Yan Bin said with a voice transmission despite his mouth remaining motionless. "This blood that contains Yin and Yang aura is an extremely special blood. It's very important for Master's cultivation of the magus arts. In order to keep it a secret, we call it Yin Yang Snake Heartblood when we speak of it in public. But it is, in fact, a different, extremely precious blood! It has to be obtained at all costs."

    Motai Lang felt enlightened when he heard that.

    So that was the case...

    What his family wanted to buy wasn't Yin Yang Snake Heartblood.

    "Grandfather deliberately held back the truth so that he could buy it at a low price?" Motai Lang speculated. "I never expected for it to be hidden from me as well."

    Although many thoughts raced through his mind, Motai Lang smiled even more brilliantly.

    "Haha..." Motai Lang laughed. "Brother Qin, I'm truly impressed. Impressive! You even know of Yin Yang Snake Heartblood. Alright, I'm not afraid to embarrass myself. I'll be honest."

    Qin Yun smiled as well. Was he finally speaking the truth?

    "That batch of blood was originally my Motai family's. Later on, it was stolen by a cultivator before it finally landed in the hands of Water God. It is a special blood concocted by my Motai family for the cultivation of magus arts. Brother Qin, I'm requesting you to sell it to us on account of the Motai family," Motai Lang said. "Blood used in the cultivation of magus arts is not something typical cultivators can use. Brother Qin, I know that you are a sword immortal and I'm willing to exchange a ninth-grade flying sword Dharma treasure for it."

    Yan Bin added as well, "In fact, it's a bit of dirty linen for my Motai family, so we would like to request that you not speak of this matter beyond these walls."

    "Cultivation in magus arts? Specially concocted blood?" Qin Yun frowned. "Brother Motai, without understanding the origin of this blood, I will not be able to sell it to you."

    "I told you, it was specially concocted for the cultivation of magus arts," said Motai Lang immediately.

    "Brother Motai, do you think I'm ignorant because of my age?" Qin Yun frowned. "There is an immense amount of blood and the grievances exuded from it are overwhelming! I couldn't even guess how many lives were ended to have such a level of grievance. It would be fine if those lives belonged to beasts, but if this is the blood of humans... such overwhelming grievance is a result of grave sins. The karma involved would be tremendous."

    The grievance exuded by the blood was just too much. Qin Yun naturally had to be careful.


    The higher their realm, the more they paid attention to karma!

    The act of killing Water God resulted in the gratefulness of millions of citizens. He had earned great merit from it. Cultivation demanded one to do things of great merit and avoid sinful matters. Qin Yun had obtained complete top heritage so he naturally knew of certain taboos.

    "There's just too much grievance in this. I have no choice but to be careful," Qin Yun said. "I have to investigate the origins of this blood and the cause of the grievances. Only after figuring these things out will I be able to decide on the matter."

    "You..." Motai Lang turned anxious.

    Yan Bin sighed secretly when he heard this. "Shit, we called it Yin Yang Snake Heartblood and treated it as the blood of beasts, hoping to deceive him. Who knew that we would be seen through?"

    Cultivators would typically not encounter the heart blood of children. Who would gather such things during ordinary cultivation?

    "Brother Motai, I wish for an explanation," said Qin Yun.

    "Brother Qin, do you not trust me? I already said it's for the cultivation of magus arts. Yet you are...being too insistent. In addition to a ninth-grade flying sword, I'll get you another ninth-grade Dharma treasure, how about it?" Motai Lang immediately added, "If you give my Motai family face, we will naturally remember this act of yours."

    "This is not about face. There's too much grievance coming from it. I have to be careful about it." Qin Yun shook his head.


    In another wing of the Qin Manor, Daoist Red Jade and Yi Xiao were together.

    "The Motai family came to request a treasure?" Daoist Red Jade's eyes lit up. "Let's go and take a look! That kid Qin Yun doesn't know much. He might get fooled by the Motai family."

    Alright." Yi Xiao accompanied her.

    The duo headed for Qin Yun's yard.

    When they came outside, they heard an angry shout from inside. "Qin Yun! Will you not give my Motai family face?"

    "Brother Motai, I'm sorry but without knowing where the aura of grievance comes from, I cannot sell it to your Motai family," replied Qin Yun.

    "What's the matter? Why have they begun quarreling?" Daoist Red Jade was somewhat shocked. Ah Gui, who was standing by the entrance, immediately said, "Second Young Master is busy entertaining distinguished guests at present. Entry is prohibited."

    "Make way."

    Daoist Red Jade waved her hand and sent Ah Gui stumbling backward.

    She and Yi Xiao entered together.

    They immediately saw Motai Lang and Yan Bin getting up to leave. They had ugly expressions and Motai Lang was shouting, "Qin Yun, how impressive you are. How dare you think nothing of my Motai family. My Motai family will remember this!"

    Qin Yun sighed upon seeing this. "It looks like the Motai family wants the blood at all costs. However, such immense grievance would only lead to endless troubles if I give it away without completely understanding the situation...The more the Motai family is unwilling to explain its origins, the more unwilling I am to sell it."


    Motai Lang and Yan Bin immediately saw Yi Xiao and Daoist Red Jade come in when they stepped outside the hall.

    "This..." Motai Lang felt as though the world in front of him had lit up.

    Although Daoist Red Jade had beautiful features, she could only be considered normal. However, Yi Xiao was truly like a fairy that had descended from heaven. Motai Lang was stunned. He had seen many beauties in East Sea County and even had a few renowned courtesans living in his residence. However, compared to Yi Xiao, they were far inferior. Motai Lang could not help but hold his breath.

    Beautiful, too beautiful! A fairy!

    Although no one had ever seen a fairy from the heavens, Motai Lang believed that even the fairies from heaven were likely inferior to her.

    "The Motai family?" The fairy-like woman walked over. Just as Motai Lang was about to say something, she walked to Qin Yun's side and looked at Motai Lang coldly. "How impressive, this Motai family. It can act so arrogantly just because it has an Earth Magus in the family? There has been more than one Heaven Magus that has died at the hands of my Kunlun Prefecture's Yi family."

    Motai Lang drew a gasp when he heard that.

    Kunlun Prefecture's Yi family? It existed for a period longer than the Great Chang empire.

    After the Great Chang empire ruled the world, it took the initiative to confer kingship to appease the terrifying ancient family! Even demons were incessantly terrified of the Kunlun Prefecture's Yi family. Its influence surpassed even top cultivation sects. Only Daoist or Buddhist sacred lands could suppress it, and even then only slightly.

    "Is this lady Miss Yi?" Motai Lang immediately beamed as though he was not the one making threats just moments ago. He said, "I must have turned foolish in my anger. All I wanted was to buy a batch of blood but Brother Qin refuses to sell it. I dare say that I have not offended Brother Qin in any way and am willing to exchange Dharma treasures for it, but he refuses. Sigh, I'll definitely be reprimanded by my grandfather when I return."

    Although he purposely sounded aggrieved, Motai Lang felt displeased seeing Qin Yun and Yi Xiao standing so close together in such an intimate manner.

    Qin Yun stood by Yi Xiao's side and said with a voice transmission, "Yi Xiao, thanks. By reprimanding him, you have lessened my troubles."

    Even if the Motai family wanted to make things difficult for him, they now had to think twice.

    "There's no need to thank me. However, what blood does he want to buy? Why do you refuse to sell it to him?" Yi Xiao asked with a voice transmission.

    Daoist Red Jade walked over as well and asked, "Young Brother Qin Yun, what does the Motai family want to buy?"

    "It's a batch of blood. It is rich with grievances and I'm afraid of being implicated by tremendous negative karma." Qin Yun explained as he took out an ordinary gray bottle from the Cosmic Bag hanging by his waist. "Senior Red Jade, help me take a look. What blood is this? Without figuring out its origins, I do not dare decide on the matter so easily."

    Motai Lang immediately looked at the gray bottle in a yearning fashion.

    Yan Bin's heart tightened.

    Darn, that's the heart blood of children! If it were to be recognized, it would lead to great trouble.

    "Let me take a look." Daoist Red Jade took it over and pulled open the bottle stopper.
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