Chapter 69: Thieving Late into the Night

    Chapter 69: Thieving Late into the Night

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    Everyone was watching by the side but Daoist Red Jade sensed something. She frowned and said, "What a tremendous aura of grievance. It's simply too much. Furthermore, there is so much of this blood. It is almost enough to make a small river."

    "My Motai family had killed many beasts before concocting this blood." Yan Bin immediately said, "Many beasts were killed, resulting in such great grievance."


    Daoist Red Jade shook her head. "It contains Yin Yang aura and is rather pure but has an immense air of grievance. It's not easy to create so much grievance from the blood of beasts. I surmise that there's an eighty percent chance that it's the blood of humans or demons. Only sentient beings can have such a high level of grievance. However, I can't identify it. Neither have I ever seen it before."

    "Young Brother Qin Yun, the air of grievances is just too much. If you were to handle it without heed, you will be implicated by grave sins. That will cause trouble for your cultivation." Red Jade said, "Figure out its origins before deciding on how to deal with it."

    "I share the same sentiments." Qin Yun nodded.

    Such great grievance could very well mean the immense grievance and hatred from numerous living beings!

    However, there were fiends that liked to use 'grievances' for cultivation. If he were to hand this blood into the hands of fiends, he would be tainted with grave sins. The richer the air of grievances, the graver and more terrifying the sin.

    If it only had faint amounts of grievances, Qin Yun wouldn't have minded it. After all, killing too many beasts also resulted in its accumulation.

    But, Qin Yun was alarmed at the terrifying state it had reached.

    "Since you do not trust my Motai family, we bid you farewell." Motai Lang said, "Brother Qin, if you want to sell the blood, you can sell it to us at any time."

    "Let's go!"

    Motai Lang led Yan Bin and left immediately.

    "Ah Gui, send them off." Qin Yun instructed.

    "Yes." Outside, Ah Gui immediately led the way.


    "This Motai family sure speaks and acts fast." Qin Yun explained to Yi Xiao and Daoist Red Jade, "When they first came, they claimed that it was Yin Yang Snake Heartblood but I saw through their lie. They then said that it was blood concocted by their Motai family."

    Yi Xiao nodded. "Yin Yang Snakes are mutants. They are born with Yin and Yang auras. Legends say that they are descendants of the Torch Dragon and have massive sizes and high intelligence. However, they are only mortal beasts if they haven't turned sentient. If they gained sentience and become demons, they would be extremely terrifying demons. Their potential might not be weaker than water apes. The grievances generated by Yin Yang Snakes wouldn't be small as well. It's possible to accumulate this much blood by killing hundreds or thousands of Yin Yang Snakes."

    "Yin Yang Snake Heartblood? That might be possible." Daoist Red Jade nodded as well.

    "I have seen an Yin Yang Snake before and have even eaten it." Qin Yun shook his head. "I'm absolutely certain that it's not the blood of Yin Yang Snakes."

    Daoist Red Jade became astonished. "You have eaten one before?"

    "I ate one in the Yue Prefecture. Back then, I killed that beast through the joint efforts of a friend. It was only a mutated beast that had yet to gain sentience. Killing it was already rather difficult." Qin Yun sighed. Back then, his strength was only equivalent to a lesser demon.

    "It looks like the Motai family knows of the blood's origins but it doesn't want to make it known." Daoist Red Jade sneered, "The more they refuse to explain it clearly, the more careful you have to be."


    Motai Lang led Yan Bin out Qin Manor.

    He turned back to look at Qin Manor's plaque as his eyes flashed coldly. The mission given to him by his grandfather had failed! Furthermore, the most beautiful woman he had ever seen, a fairy-like existence, was very intimate with Qin Yun. She had even used her Kunlun Prefecture's Yi family background to repress him. This made Motai Lang feel jealous and furious. Yet, he knew that the Kunlun Prefecture's Yi family was a juggernaut. It could crush his Motai family with a little force!

    "Young Master, what do we do now? Master insists of obtaining that blood." Yan Bin asked with a voice transmission.

    "Who knew that he saw through the excuse of Yin Yang Snake Heartblood." Motai Lang replied with a voice transmission. "It's all your fault. Why didn't you tell me ahead of time? It would not have led to us having to leave in such a hurry. If we continue pestering Qin Yun, he will definitely become more suspicious. He might also try all means to investigate the origin of the blood if we press further."

    "We can't press him." Yan Bin immediately agreed when he heard that.

    If they pressed him, Qin Yun would definitely attempt an investigation. If the investigations bore fruit and people learned that it was the heart blood of children... the Motai family could disavow the matter! But, the mission from Nine Mountain Island Lord would fail completely. As a result, the Motai family would end up being punished by the Nine Mountain Island Lord.

    "Let's return to our residence first. Tonight, think of a way to steal the blood." Motai Lang looked at the elder beside him and said with a voice transmission. "Did you see it just now? Steal the entire Cosmic Bag hanging by his waist."

    "Steal?" Yan Bin's heart stirred.

    "Uncle Bin, you are adept at Gu arts. Send a venomous Gu to steal it! Do it late in the night. So what if he's a cultivator? He still needs to sleep. Once he's deep asleep, the Gu can fly over and stealthily take his Cosmic Bag away." Motai Lang sneered. "Some sects might have array formations but his Qin family should lack them. Although there might be some preparations, your Gu are only bugs. Bugs are prevalent in summer so no one would notice them."

    "Alright." Yan Bin nodded slightly.

    Motai Lang immediately entered a horse carriage. Yan Bin rode a horse with many subordinates lining the side.

    The convoy left immediately.


    Late at night.

    Inside a room, Yan Bin was sitting cross-legged. His pupils suffused a green nether glow.


    Two gray bugs flew out from his ears. They were slightly bigger than mosquitoes and their proboscises were sharp and long. As they hummed, they immediately flapped their wings and noiselessly departed the house. They flew extremely quickly and flew through the night sky. In five minutes, they reached Qin Manor. When they arrived at their destination, the two bugs rapidly slowed down, making them appear like ordinary mosquitoes.

    Summer nights had many mosquitoes and bugs. These two bugs were inconspicuous and no mortals would notice two bugs in the night.

    The two bugs flew for Qin Yun's compound with great familiarity.

    At that moment...

    Qin Yun was indeed sleeping soundly. He had cultivated in the first half of the night, honing his breathing and cultivating his Intrinsic Flying Sword. After obtaining the items like Smokelike Water and Purple Gold Dust, Qin Yun did not rest a single night. The hundreds of kilograms of axe remnants he obtained from White Tiger had been refined. He had absorbed about half the Smokelike Water. The Purple Gold Dust and Three-colored Silver had similar fates. The Intrinsic Flying Sword's accumulation was gaining in strength and Qin Yun believed that there was a chance of upgrading it to a seventh-grade Dharma treasure within a month's time.

    Many treasures had been used to bring his flying sword to the seventh-grade! For example, Grand Dominance County's number one family, the Hong family, had not accumulated enough because of its recent rise. They were unable to obtain a seventh-grade Dharma treasure even if they went bankrupt! It was evident how precious a seventh-grade Dharma treasure was.

    Water God had exploited millions of citizens for more than two centuries. He had also obtained many benefits from his master, Nine Mountain Island Lord. All this led to him only obtaining a sixth-grade Dharma treasure and his other treasures.

    "Buzz~" The two bugs flew through the cracks between the wooden door of Qin Yun's building.

    Inside the sleeping Qin Yun's dantian, there was a sword ball that was being nurtured by his Quintessential Essence and soul but it suddenly quivered.

    "Oh?" Qin Yun immediately opened his eyes.

    In the dark night, Qin Yun remained on bed. The moment Qin Yun opened his eyes, he immediately covered a hundred and twenty feet of his surroundings with his perception.

    "There's danger?" Qin Yun did not doubt his Intrinsic Flying Sword's sharpness. A cultivator's ability to perceive danger was inferior to their intrinsic Dharma treasures.

    With his psyche shrouding a hundred and twenty feet of his surroundings, he discovered no other living beings in his room except a few bugs.

    There was nothing wrong with the other mosquitoes but there were two bugs that Qin Yun could sense some form of psyche on them. It was as though he was facing other sentient beings! Furthermore, he had never seen such bugs before. They had hard carapaces and their proboscises were as sharp as blades. He knew they were extraordinary from 'watching' them with his psyche.

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