Chapter 70: Separation

    Chapter 70: Separation

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    Although he had roamed the world and had seen a cultivator adept at Gu arts, this was the first time he was encountering Gu.

    He guessed the bugs' identity the moment he saw them. What else could they be when they had the same psyche projection on them?

    "Gu arts? Friend, what is your purpose of controlling Gu to visit me so late at night?" Qin Yun sat up and grabbed the black flying sword by his bed's headboard. He spoke calmly but he already had a guess. The most famous magi in the Jiang Prefecture was the Grass Magus Sect.


    The two Gu hesitated momentarily before charging at him with a loud buzz.

    Since stealing didn't work, they had resorted to robbery!

    "Woosh." Qin Yun instantly drew his black flying sword, causing sword beams to envelop the two Gu. The bugs flitted about with unpredictable trajectories.

    The sword struck one of the Gu, shattering its carapace. It ended up flying backward. Qin Yun's sword beam circled around and struck another Gu. The Misty Rain Sword was proficient at defense so how could he not defend against two Gu? Even without the Misty Rain Sword Intent, he was able to easily ward them off.

    "Since you aren't speaking, don't blame me for being heartless." Qin Yun said.

    He swiped his black flying sword across, sending sword beams fluttering. With a woosh, the sword split one of the Gu into two. The other Gu immediately attempted to escape in fear.

    "Escaping?" Qin Yun charged forward and with a flash of his sword, split the Gu that was attempting to escape into two.

    Qin Yun looked at the two corpses of the Gu and frowned. "They came deep into the night and attacked me the moment I discovered them. The other party did not use a voice transmission through the Dharmic powers augmented on the Gu to communicate from the beginning. From the looks of it, the other party doesn't want to expose themselves."

    "Is it the Motai family? That elder Yan Bin is a Man Magus from the Grass Magus Sect." Qin Yun made some guesses.

    However, just the corpses of the Gu were insufficient to prove anything.



    Inside a room.

    Yan Bin, who had his psyche infused into the two Gu, suddenly turned pale.

    "Darn it."

    Yan Bin gritted his teeth. "He destroyed my Gu? If not for me worrying about alerting that witch, Red Jade, I would have sent more than a hundred Gu in a massive assault. There would be no way for you to defend against that."

    It wasn't easy rearing any Gu. The destruction of one left his heart aching.

    The main purpose of the mission was to steal surreptitiously; hence, he had only sent two.

    "Creak." Yan Bin stood up and opened the door. Far outside the building, Motai Lang was sitting on a bench waiting.

    "How was it?" Motai Lang immediately walked over.

    "They were discovered." Yan Bin shook his head. "He was clearly asleep but he was able to notice my Gu. I wonder if he had an array formation or an intrinsic Dharma treasure."

    "He is a sword immortal. I heard that sword immortals would take decades to cultivate a ninth-grade Intrinsic Flying Sword. It would take a few years to master one only with all sorts of precious items selected." Motai Lang continued, "But, the price to pay is just too much."

    Yan Bin said with a heavy tone, "Regardless, I have already taken action. He will definitely suspect our Motai family."

    "So what if he has suspicions? There isn't any proof." Motai Lang frowned. "However, we should rush back tomorrow morning and tell Grandfather."

    "Alright." Yan Bin agreed.

    Early the next morning, the Motai family convoy left Grand Dominance City and embarked on their journey home.

    "They are returning?" Inside Qin Manor, Qin Yun received news of Motai family's departure. He also felt somewhat relieved.


    Several days later.

    An immortal crane flew amid the clouds. Standing above it was a middle-aged Daoist. He overlooked his surroundings and could vaguely make out an ancient city.

    "We have reached Grand Dominance. Crane, descend," said the middle-aged Daoist.

    The crane immediately swept downwards into Grand Dominance City and rushed to County Governor Manor.


    That afternoon.

    Qin Yun dashed to the riverbank and saw two figures standing within a pavilion far away. One of them was Yi Xiao, who was dressed in pale yellow clothes, while the other was a middle-aged Daoist.

    "Yi Xiao's Uncle-Master is here?" Qin Yun's heart tightened and immediately walked over.

    Yi Xiao looked at Qin Yun as she walked out the pavilion and headed towards him.

    The duo faced each other.

    "My Uncle-Master is here." Yi Xiao said with a smile. "I'll be leaving Grand Dominance today."

    "You are leaving today?" Qin Yun was taken aback before he nodded slightly. Separation had finally come.

    The two walked alongside the riverbank.

    "Two things had made my trip to Grand Dominance delightful. First, it was the slaying of Water God, allowing us to save countless people. Second, it was to know you, Qin Yun." Yi Xiao said with a smile.

    "I'm rather happy too." Qin Yun said wistfully, "But, it's unknown when we will meet again after this separation."

    Yi Xiao said with a smile, "We are cultivators. We will naturally have a chance of meeting. Besides..."

    Yi Xiao's eyes flashed a complicated look. She looked into the distant sky and said, "Besides, I will be at Jiang Prefecture's Wusu County's Windblast Pavilion on 25th February every year. I'll spend a few days there."

    "Oh? Wusu County is rather close to my Grand Dominance County. I'll definitely be there," said Qin Yun.


    Yi Xiao continued looking into the sky. "In fact, 25th February is my birthday but it is also the day my father abandoned me at Windblast Pavilion."

    Qin Yun was slightly startled.

    "Let's meet again next year on 25th February at Windblast Pavilion," said Yi Xiao with a smile.

    "See you there." Qin Yun nodded.

    Yi Xiao nodded slightly before leaving.

    Qin Yun looked at her.


    The middle-aged Daoist walked towards Yi Xiao from afar. She reached him and said, "Uncle-Master, we can leave at your convenience."

    "This young brother, Qin Yun, has helped you greatly this time. I'll have a chat with him," said the Daoist with a laugh.

    Yi Xiao was slightly taken aback before nodding.

    He walked over.

    When Qin Yun saw the middle-aged Daoist walking to him, he could not help but feel perplexed. The Daoist walked over with a smile. "I'm Yi Xiao's Uncle-Master, Mingxiang."

    "Greetings, Senior Mingxiang," greeted Qin Yun.

    Mingxiang nodded. "I can tell that you have some feelings for Yi Xiao?"

    Qin Yun was slightly startled.

    "However, I'll like to advise you to give up on that thought." Mingxiang's eyes were filled with coldness. He said indifferently, "My disciple-nephew is the eldest disciple of Divine Firmament Chapter's current generation. At a young age, his strength is in no way inferior to mine. In the future, he will definitely attain the Connate Golden Core realm! He and Yi Xiao are a pair made in heaven. Even the Kunlun Prefecture's Yi family will be delighted for this to happen."

    Qin Yun's expression changed slightly.

    "You want to be together with Yi Xiao? Firstly, Yi Xiao's master will not agree to it. The Kunlun Prefecture's Yi family will not agree to it either." The middle-aged Daoist suffused coldness. "Yi Xiao is only nineteen this year but she has already perfected her Five-elemental Lightning Dharma. She is at the perfected twelfth stage of Qi Refinement. She has rendered great service by killing Water God and the sect will bestow her with rewards. Her return this time might allow her to enter the Connate realm at one go. What about you? You are already twenty-one but you have yet to enter the Connate realm. You are inferior even when compared to Yi Xiao, much less when compared with my disciple-nephew."

    "Furthermore, the successful slaying of Water God was because of the plan created by my Divine Firmament Chapter and the treasures it had provided. You were only responsible for melee combat. You rubbed off some of Yi Xiao's achievements! You obtained great merit and apparently received a lot of benefits from the things left behind by Water God? Hmph, these benefits are yours. Just know your place."

    "In the future, you are prohibited from meeting her!"

    "You do not deserve her!"

    "If I were to know that you dare meet her, don't you blame me for being heartless! Hmph!"

    The middle-aged Daoist turned around after speaking his piece.

    He had been watching from the side for a moment and had realized that Qin Yun and Yi Xiao were apparently having an extraordinary relationship. He knew that something was amiss! His disciple-nephew was the eldest disciple of his peers. Daoist Mingxiang had watched him grow up, so he was naturally most pleased if his disciple-nephew was able to become Dao partners with Yi Xiao. Even among the Divine Firmament Zhang family's Young Master Fu and Sixteenth Prince, he believed that Young Master Fu was too young at the age of sixteen and did not know a thing about love. As for Sixteenth Prince? In his opinion, Sixteenth Prince could wipe out the thoughts of snatching Yi Xiao from Divine Firmament Chapter's eldest disciple!

    As for Qin Yun? Daoist Mingxiang thought nothing of him!

    He came to Yi Xiao's side.

    "Uncle-Master, what did you talk about?" queried Yi Xiao.

    "Nothing much, just some idle chatter. He sure has guts to dare kill Water God." The middle-aged Daoist smiled. "Alright, let's leave. Crane!"


    The crane swooped down from the sky.

    The middle-aged Daoist held Yi Xiao and jumped onto the crane's back. With a woosh, they tore through the void. On the crane's back, Yi Xiao could not help but turn back to look at the young man who was standing by the riverbank. What would it be like and when would it be before they would meet again after this separation?
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