Chapter 71: Seventh-grade Flying Sword

    Chapter 71: Seventh-grade Flying Sword

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    "Wow, an immortal!"

    "They are immortals! Immortals!" Many people by the riverbank exclaimed. Many of them had never seen the rare occurrence of cultivators flying into the air.

    Qin Yun looked up as the crane gradually turned smaller before it finally disappeared into the clouds.

    He recalled his first encounter with Yi Xiao. It was during the Courtesan Belle selection at the Flower Solarium river. Back then, she had used Palm Lightning... They had dealt with White Tiger together at Green Tooth Mountain and fought hordes of demons... They had jointly fought Water God... and he had carried her while engaging in Sword Kinesis Flight...

    Everything was still fresh on his mind.

    "Yi Xiao, bon voyage." Qin Yun said softly.

    "I'll meet you again at Wusu County's Windblast Pavilion on the 25th of February."

    At that moment, Qin Yun felt a tinge of longing and distress. Only then did he fully realize: he had unknowingly developed feelings for Yi Xiao.

    "However, that Uncle-Master of hers sure is interesting. He truly cares for his wards but he's overly strict." Qin Yun suffused a smile when he thought of the unpleasant encounter. He had experienced too many life and death situations in the three years of war on the northern borders. Many of his good friends had died in battle. After seeing so much of it, many things paled in comparison. He did not think much of Daoist Mingxiang's threat.

    He also understood what Daoist Mingxiang meant. He was from the Divine Firmament Chapter, so be it the eldest senior brother or Yi Xiao, he had watched them grow up. As such, Daoist Mingxiang preferred that the eldest senior brother end up with Yi Xiao. It was only human nature.

    "How can you think to preside over matters of the heart? However, with Yi Xiao's status, I first have to reach the Connate realm and have the confidence to match Daoist Mingxiang so that he won't be able to stand in my way." Qin Yun thought to himself.

    Even though he had grasped Misty Rain Sword Intent early on, Qin Yun felt that he could only confidently match Daoist Mingxiang after attaining the Connate realm. Daoist Mingxiang was, after all, from a Daoist sacred land. The cultivation heritage he trained in was also extremely brilliant. When both parties cultivated in brilliant cultivation methods, the differences were magnified based on one's Dharma treasures and cultivation realms.

    In the past, he was unable to perceive the Heaven and Earth without Heaven Man Unity. Yet he achieved Expertise Nearing Dao to grasp the Misty Rain Sword Intent.

    After killing Water God, he first felt the knot in his heart untangle. After that, he could perceive the Heaven and Earth. Also, he gained new insights into the Misty Rain Sword Intent on a daily basis.


    Qin Yun had kept this matter a secret but Yi Xiao had guessed that he had grasped sword intent and even kept it a secret on his behalf. She did not dare to leak the news. That was because being able to achieve Expertise Nearing Dao at the Postnatal realm to attain sword intent indicated that one's heart was aligned with the essence of Sword Dao. If one could perceive the Heaven and Earth, one could truly begin reflecting on the charms of the Heavenly Dao and undergo even more rapid improvements.

    This was also why great demons would think of means to kill him once it was exposed.

    "I wonder what it will be like when we meet on the 25th of February," Qin Yun muttered to himself before he turned around and left.


    Half a month later, it was late at night in Qin Manor.

    Qin Yun sat cross-legged on the grass in his yard. A silver flying sword flew around inside the compound and appeared like a misty rain. It fluttered around in the air creating beautiful trajectories. Wherever the sword beam traveled, it left behind a misty rain. Everything was a haze as the might remained contained but constantly increased.

    "Retrieve." Qin Yun beckoned as the silver flying sword flew back into his palm and entered his dantian, where it transformed into a sword ball.

    "It's no wonder legendary Connate Golden Core experts can undergo decades of seclusion to meditate on the Dao." Qin Yun nodded. "I once thought that it would be monotonous but now, from the looks of it, the enlightenment gained from meditating over the Dao on a daily basis is intoxicating. The insights accumulated will keep increasing and eventually transform into strength."

    Of course, Connate Golden Core experts were slower at meditating over the more profound Heavenly Dao's charms than he was.

    He stood up and returned to his room.

    Inside his room, he sat cross-legged on the bed and began attuning his breathing. Now, having attained Heaven Man Unity, the Heaven and Earth energies would automatically surge into his body. They were mild, but they bolstered Qin Yun's preparations. The Quintessential Essence that had condensed into a vortex in his dantian had gradually become thicker. It was also very nourishing to his dantian. The stronger his dantian, the more Quintessential Essence he could take in.

    As usual, after attuning his breathing, it was time to cultivate his Intrinsic Flying Sword.

    "Phew." He took out a large cloth bag from his Cosmic Bag. The moment the cloth bag opened, he enveloped the contents with Quintessential Essence. Items like Purple Gold Dust, Three-colored Silver, Astral Patterned Steel, and Sparking Starstones flew out and landed on the ground, forming a pile.

    He left the cloth bag in a corner.

    Qin Yun extended his hand and a sword beam flew out from his fingertip, transforming into a silver flying sword that hovered over the precious materials.

    "Chi! Chi! Chi!"

    With the circulative spell, the Intrinsic Flying Sword's surface took on a lustrous flow. The precious materials beneath it turned into dots of light that surged into the Intrinsic Flying Sword. It refined and absorbed the materials much faster than back when he had yet to finish refining his Intrinsic Flying Sword. As it grew stronger, its refinement and absorption speed naturally increased as well.

    The absorption continued for about five minutes.


    The Intrinsic Flying Sword began to vibrate, issuing a sword hum. The suction strength abruptly increased and was like a bottomless hole that could absorb everything.

    "It's about to begin the breakthrough!" Qin Yun was delighted. It was the critical moment for the Intrinsic Flying Sword's breakthrough.

    The Purple Gold Dust, Three-colored Silver, Astral Patterned Steel, and Sparkling Starstones were rapidly reducing at a visible rate. The pile of materials kept shrinking and large amounts of dregs formed. When eighty percent of the materials were refined and absorbed, the Intrinsic Flying Sword finally stopped vibrating. The sword hums came to a rest and the room returned to silence.

    Qin Yun looked at the silver flying sword that seemed like a misty illusion. He knew that this misty illusion originated from the Smokelike Water. His Intrinsic Flying Sword could break through to the seventh-grade mainly because, out of all the precious materials, the Smokelike Water provided a major boost.


    Qin Yun beckoned and the silver flying sword flew to his palm. The three-inch-long flying sword was rather dainty and seemed no different from a toy in his palm. However, through its misty illusions and water-like body, it was more resplendent and beautiful than even pearls and precious stones.

    "My precious." Qin Yun looked delighted. "Most of the treasures obtained after killing Water God have been invested into it before it could reach the seventh-grade. However, with it being my Intrinsic Flying Sword, I can produce the might of a fifth-grade Dharma treasure when using it."

    This might would be sufficiently terrifying.

    If Quintessential Essence was the foundation of casting Dharma spells, then sword intent was the soul of flying sword-arts. As for the Intrinsic Flying Sword itself, it was a weapon!

    The importance of foundation could not be stressed enough. Strong Quintessential Essence allowed one to cast stronger Dharma spells! For example, Yi Xiao had used the False Core Pill's Dharmic powers to cast Dharma spells like Formless Yin Lightning and Cast Beans for Soldiers. If Qin Yun had not reached Heaven Man Unity, he would have to wait till the Connate False Core realm before he could use sword kinesis. Even if he had attained Heaven Man Unity, the stronger the Quintessential Essence, the more Heaven and Earth powers he could use.

    Quintessential Essence was Dharmic power, which was the foundation. With rich Dharmic powers, strength would only increase fundamentally and sharply.

    Sword intent was the soul! Once attacks possessed a soul, the might they produced was naturally extraordinary.

    The Dharma treasure itself was also extremely important. A terrifying Dharma treasure could allow one's strength to dramatically increase. For example, if Daoist Red Jade's Crimson Fire Gourd were to land in the hands of an ordinary Connate False Core realm cultivator, just the flames it spewed could allow them to fight someone at the Connate True Core realm. For instance, if Water God had the fifth-grade Dharma treasure, Crimson Fire Gourd, just the flames it released would have burned Qin Yun and Yi Xiao to death. That was the might of a Dharma treasure! The greatest asset a cultivator had would typically be a Dharma treasure.

    Places like Daoist sacred lands would have Dharma treasures as the cornerstones of the sect! Dharma treasures could be inherited by one generation after another. However, the Heavenly Dao's charms could only be understood independently. Similarly, Quintessential Essence required arduous and slow cultivation of the cultivation methods.

    "In the past, my strength could only be considered to barely reach the early stages of the True Core realm. Thankfully, Water God had lost an arm and was fresh out of a breakthrough, allowing me to beat him." Qin Yun looked at the Intrinsic Flying Sword in his palm and felt euphoric. "Now that my Dharma treasure has increased another grade, I already possess strength at the Connate True Core realm. Even if Water God's arms were intact, I'd be able to rob him of his life in several moves."

    "Next, I should try my best to enter the Connate realm." Qin Yun looked forward to it. "An Intrinsic Flying Sword can purify my Quintessential Essence. Along with the sword intent's charms and Heaven Man Unity... I'm confident of stepping into the Connate realm before next year's 25th of February."


    One day after another passed as Qin Yun continued cultivating in peace. There weren't any more infiltrations of demonic slaves or people seeking to buy the blood. Everything was peaceful as Qin Yun cultivated every day to gain enlightenment.

    During this period, County Governor Wen was promoted! He left Grand Dominance.

    Senior Essence Charm and Daoist Red Jade also left Grand Dominance.

    So it was that three months had passed since Water God's death.

    "Phew". The cold autumn wind blew. Qin Yun sat by the window on the second level of a restaurant. He was drinking and having some simple dishes.

    "Second Young Master, Second Young Master." Ah Gui rushed to the second level of the restaurant.

    "Ah Gui?" Qin Yun looked at him and said with a smile, "What's the matter that needs you to be in such a rush?"

    "The new county governor has arrived in Grand Dominance!" Ah Gui said immediately, "Tonight, he will be inviting many important figures of Grand Dominance to a banquet. He has already sent someone to deliver an invitation to Qin Manor. He invites Master and Second Young Master to attend tonight."

    "The new county governor?" Qin Yun nodded slightly.
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