Chapter 72: New County Governor

    Chapter 72: New County Governor

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    Grand Dominance, County Governor Manor.

    That night, lanterns had been hung up early in an elegant compound in County Governor Manor. Beautiful women shuttled from table to table. People filled the tables and they exchanged toasts. It was a very lively scene.

    Qin Yun was sitting at the main table. Around him were the Connate False Core realm cultivator, Master Meixia, the newly appointed personal guard commander, Commander Tie, the Hong family's Patriarch Hong, a county officer, and the new county governor.

    The other tables had officials of County Governor Manor, the army, the personal guards, and the Six Fans Gate. There were also some wealthy and large family heads of Grand Dominance County, as well as other famous figures.

    "Brother Hong, I heard that your ninth son has also knocked open the gate of immortality?" The new county governor appeared rather cultured. His skin was a little dark and his eyes looked as sharp as a hawk's. When he stared at people, it left them feeling repressed.

    Patriarch Hong said with a laugh, "Lord County Governor, my child had only followed an itinerant cultivator in his cultivation. He was lucky to knock open the gate of immortality. It's nothing worth mentioning. Nothing at all."

    "So what if he's an itinerant cultivator? I am an itinerant cultivator as well. Haven't I entered the Connate realm too?" The new county governor said with a smile.

    Qin Yun, who was sitting at the same table, watched the new county governor.

    According to what his father told him, the new county governor's name was Gongye Bing. He was once a scholar who barely managed to keep a small official post. However, he focused on cultivation and, after knocking open the gate of immortality, he was naturally placed in important positions by the imperial government. He was promoted again and again... And now, he had entered the Connate False Core realm at just slightly older than sixty years old. As a Connate cultivator, his lifespan was extremely long. He was destined to have a bright future.

    In the Great Chang empire, governing a country needed wisdom. A cultivator that was good at cultivation was not necessarily good at governing.

    However, the people in truly high positions such as Prefecture Overseer, or high officials of the imperial government, could all govern the world. In addition, they had extremely high cultivation realms! For example, the highest authority of the Great Chang empire, Human Emperor, had unified the country and had been in power for three centuries. He was even publicly recognized as one of the strongest figures in the world. The high officials that were under him were also naturally extraordinary.

    "If my son is able to step into the Connate realm, I'll be smiling even in my sleep," Patriarch Hong said with a chuckle.

    "If there's time, have your ninth son come to me. Let me see how he's progressing," County Governor Gongye exchanged a few more words with Patriarch Hong before turning to Qin Yun. "Young Master Qin."

    "Lord County Governor," Qin Yun answered.

    County Governor Gongye's eyes fixed upon Qin Yun like a hawk's. He said with a smile, "The person I wished to meet the most after coming to Grand Dominance is you. Grand Dominance's Water God wreaked havoc for more than two centuries, and the imperial government had made several attempts to get rid of that great demon. But, Water God would always hide in the river once he detected danger. Even Connate Golden Core experts were powerless to do anything about him. Yet, Young Master Qin, you joined forces with a Divine Firmament Chapter disciple and eliminated this huge calamity that plagued millions of citizens of our Grand Dominance County! I, Gongye Bing, am sincerely impressed by you. Really! As Grand Dominance's county governor, it is my responsibility to bring benefits to the common people. But no matter what I do, it will be incomparable to the great feats you have accomplished."

    "Lord County Governor, you are being humble." Qin Yun said, "You are the official of millions of residents of Grand Dominance, and so are like a father or mother to them. Every action you take will impact countless residents. The wellness of their livelihoods will depend on your governance."

    "By taking up the post of an official, I have to bring benefits to the people. I will naturally do my best and not dare to slack off." County Governor Gongye smiled at Qin Yun with narrowed eyes. Following that, he looked at Master Meixia and began talking about Buddhist matters.


    County Governor Gongye had just taken up his post and appeared rather cordial.

    He spoke to everyone. He even went to converse with other officials and heads of wealthy families.

    "This County Governor Gongye is... completely different from the previous County Governor Wen." Qin Yun drank his wine as he evaluated and observed. "County Governor Wen comes from a large family clan and is from South Hill's Wen family. With him being rather advanced in age, he handled matters in a lenient and accommodating manner. In fact, he left many things to his son, Wen Chong. As for County Governor Gongye, he has slowly risen from a lowly official to this. Furthermore, he is at the Connate False Core realm. Even if he's cordial... The formless stance that comes from the Connate False Core realm will exude a suppressive feeling. It can be seen that County Governor Gongye is an extremely overbearing and demanding person. Perhaps, many of the families in Grand Dominance County are in for difficult times in the coming days."

    That day, both the guests and host enjoyed themselves thoroughly. Qin Yun and his father left together.


    In a study.

    County Governor Gongye sat alone in his study. With a thought, a formless wave emanated, enshrouding the entire study. Even if someone were to suddenly enter the room, they would see darkness and nothing else. He had isolated himself visually and audibly.


    Gongye waved his hand and an ancient bronze mirror appeared on his desk. Soon, a black-robed man appeared through the distortions in the bronze mirror. The man had blood-colored brows and his eyes suffused a sanguine light. He was none other than the infamous great fiendish demon-Nine Mountain Island Lord.

    "Senior Brother, what's the matter?" Gongye said with a smile.

    "Junior Brother, congratulations on your promotion. You are now in charge of an area," Nine Mountain Island Lord said with a chuckle.

    Gongye said with a smile, "It's truly rare for Senior Brother Nine Mountain to congratulate me. Out of all our fellow disciples, I'm a human junior brother ranked seventh. I am the weakest and was always looked down upon. Senior Brother Nine Mountain, you left Cloudfiend Mountain a thousand years ago, declared yourself king, and ruled an area. I remember that in the decades I spent on Cloudfiend Mountain as a disciple, you have only met me once, isn't that right?"

    "Haha, Junior Brother, I'm a demon while you are a human. We have different comprehension abilities. Although you humans have short lifespans, you can cultivate quickly. We demons enter a seclusion that span decades. Naturally, I didn't have much time to meet you. Furthermore, you infiltrated the imperial government as a disciple of Cloudfiend Mountain, so I didn't dare disturb you. After all, wouldn't a visit from me expose your identity?" The bronze mirror showed Nine Mountain Island Lord smiling. "As for now, I have been in the Jiang Prefecture for a thousand years. When I learned that you were to become an official in the Jiang Prefecture, I naturally had to congratulate you."

    "So you've contacted me to congratulate me?" Gongye smiled faintly.

    There were demons that entered Daoist or Buddhist sects.

    So naturally, there were humans that entered fiendish demon sects.

    Gongye was considered a core disciple of Cloudfiend Mountain. He shared the same generation as Nine Mountain Island Lord, so he naturally knew the cruel methods available to fiendish demons. Why would Nine Mountain Island Lord, a Connate Golden Core demon that had lived for many years, contact him without some special reason?

    "Junior Brother, I do have something I must trouble you for," Nine Mountain Island said.

    "Speak. I'm listening," Gongye said with a smile. He wasn't surprised.

    His senior brother said, "I will not lie to you. My disciple, Water Ape, had helped me gather the blood of children's hearts. But he was unexpectedly killed by Qin Yun and that Divine Firmament Chapter disciple, Yi Xiao. A large batch of children's heart blood is now in Qin Yun's hands. Therefore, I wish for you to help me to get it from Qin Yun at all costs."

    "Oh?" Gongye said with a laugh. "I've checked the dossiers, and there are records of three demonic slaves infiltrating Qin Manor. It is suspected that they were sent by you. So you were after the children's heart blood?"

    "Unfortunately, they failed. Junior Brother, do you have any solutions?" Nine Mountain Island Lord asked. "As long as you help me settle this problem, I will definitely reward you."

    "I can help." The corners of Gongye's mouth suffused a smile. "However, I will need your ancient Fiendcelestial finger bone in exchange."

    "The Fiendcelestial Phalanx?" Nine Mountain Island Lord's eyes suffused anger. "Impossible."

    "It's not like I want it forever. Lend it to me for studying and I'll return it to you in fifty years," Gongye said with a smile. "Senior Brother, do you think I'd dare try to rob you of your items?"

    "Ask for something else. It's impossible for me to give you the Fiendcelestial Phalanx." Nine Mountain Island Lord's voice turned deep. Fifty years? Who knew what his human junior brother's strength would be in fifty years? If he gained the confidence to no longer fear his senior brother, it might be possible that he would refuse to return it.

    Gongye shook his head. "Then, there's no deal. That Qin Yun is extraordinary. He might even have a top cultivation sect backing him! Furthermore, he has killed Water God and rendered a great service. If I were to deal with him... it would be hard for me to answer to the imperial government."

    "And giving you the Fiendcelestial Phalanx allows you to answer to the imperial government?" Nine Mountain Island Lord scoffed. "Junior Brother, if there's any internal strife within the human's imperial government, it's possible that you end up killing each other, let alone a lone cultivator. I know you possess the means with your official post. Change the condition. I will remember this favor."

    "I met Qin Yun just today. He's not easy to deal with. Alright, there's someone calling me from outside. I have to leave." After Gongye finished saying that, he drew back the Dharmic powers he had infused into the bronze mirror, causing the Nine Mountain Island Lord that was displayed on it to disappear into thin air.

    "Hmph!" Gongye sneered. "Trying to order me around? Dream on."

    With that, he got up and left the study.

    "Lord." The personal guards outside were awaiting him at all times.

    "Let's go. Accompany me to the underground dungeons. Let's take a look at our Patriarch Liu," Gongye ordered.
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