Chapter 75: Sense of Urgency

    Chapter 75: Sense of Urgency

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    At the moment the golden bracelet expanded, there was a formless suction force that enveloped the area like a maelstrom in the sea. It pulled at everything into its devouring core.

    "Phew." Not only was the silver flying sword fast, it was also intelligent. Like a fish, it escaped the suction force with a whoosh. It struck the bracelet from the side causing it to fly away in a diagonal fashion.

    Following that, the silver flying sword whistled straight for Golden Firmament.

    A treasure in Golden Firmament's palm had already increased in size suddenly. It transformed into a black spear that had fiery red patterns on its pole! Demons were different from humans. Most humans were good at long-range attacks. Even a sword immortal like Qin Yun was attacking from afar by releasing his flying sword! As for demons, most of them were proficient at melee combat. Water God, Golden Firmament, and Azure Ox were examples. Even some demon leaders and lesser demons were adept at melee combat.

    Demons that cast Dharma spells from afar were exceedingly rare.


    As the sword attacked, Golden Firmament immediately brandished the black spear in his hands. The fiery runic patterns on the pole lit up and instantly, a blazing inferno surrounded and attacked the flying sword.


    The flying sword tore through the obstructing flames and struck the spear. The aftershocks from the clash radiated outwards as the surrounding air distorted. Some of the taller trees broke off from the aftershocks. Thankfully, the surrounding Heaven and Earth powers were vibrating as well, reducing the aftershocks. It protected Qin Manor and the surrounding residences.

    Even so, there were remnant aftershocks that reached Qin Manor and to the other residences. Many windows and doors rattled as a result.

    This was only the result of the Heaven and Earth powers weakening the aftershocks! If not for Qin Yun controlling the Heaven and Earth powers, the repercussions would be only greater.

    "His strength is indeed much stronger than Water God." Qin Yun thought to himself.

    Golden Firmament moved his spear extremely fast, causing wind and fire to gather. Augmented by the powers of wind and fire, the spear not only influenced the surrounding void, it caused the silver flying sword to fly in chaotic eddies. Furthermore, the spear was extremely fast, much faster than the amputated water ape. Naturally, it managed to put up a complete defense.

    In the rumbling thunder, the silver sword streaked across the sky, leaving behind meandering fiery trajectories. It surrounded Golden Firmament and attacked time and time again while hurtling back and forth.

    However, Golden Firmament's defense was impenetrable as though he still had strength left.

    "Such a commotion would definitely be detected by human experts in Grand Dominance City. They would also report it to the Inspector Heavenly Alliance. I have to kill Qin Yun as fast and possible and nab the treasure. Hmph, this Connate sword immortal that's guarding Qin Yun is probably a Connate False Core realm sword immortal. Although he can produce strength at the Connate True Core realm, he cannot threaten me." Golden Firmament was just about to charge down.

    But suddenly, the silver sword that was crazily hurtling back and forth in its assaults changed its tactics.

    "Hu! Hu! Hu!"

    It was as gentle as the wind but erratic in its drifting.

    The silver sword instantly transformed into a gigantic sword beam that enveloped Golden Firmament!

    This was Qin Yun's most powerful attack in melee combat-Cyclic Sword Flash! And ever since he grasped Heaven Man Unity, making him capable of performing sword kinesis, he had been rewarded by his daily rumination. Furthermore, with his flying sword attacking his enemy at a distance, there was no need for defense, only offense! Qin Yun had modified Cyclic Sword Flash, which was used to protect himself, to an attack that surrounded the enemy, launching a barrage of attacks at the enveloped target.

    It also made Cyclic Sword Flash transform into a special move that could trap and kill the enemy. Such a special move was only grasped two months after Qin Yun killed Water God.

    "What?" Golden Firmament found himself surrounded by sword beams. Instantly, it took a great deal from him to defend. His black spear brandished around as wind and fire burgeoned into a swimming dragon that circled the surroundings. Occasionally, it would force Cyclic Sword Flash's radius to expand a little but immediately, the radius of Cyclic Sword Flash would shrink once again.

    "Slash!" Failing to defend properly, the sword beam slashed across his abdomen and tore through layers of feathers. He had suffered a slash wound and blood was oozing out.

    "Such a powerful flying sword death blow. Which sword immortal is it?" Golden Firmament was alarmed.

    The feeling of being surrounded by the Cyclic Sword Flash left his heart in trepidation. Thankfully for him, the Cyclic Sword Flash was meant to fight a group of enemies. Even though it had been modified to ensnare and kill an enemy, it was only better at ensnaring but was weak at killing! The corresponding physical attack naturally lacked strength. However, if Golden Firmament were to suffer another ten or twenty strikes, he would probably die there and then.

    "I have to leave quickly!"

    Golden Firmament immediately flapped his wings. Boom! A howling wind was generated, blocking even the Cyclic Sword Flash. The Immortal Sealing Bracelet that was somewhere else also shrunk into a point of light before entering Golden Firmament's body.


    While being enveloped by the strong winds, Golden Firmament instantly flew into the distance and in a blink of an eye, disappeared into the horizon.


    After escaping into the clouds, Golden Firmament looked at the wound on his abdomen. "There was truly an ambush! The sword art that was used to ensnare me was something I couldn't even defend against. It has to be some flying sword art's secret deathblow. From the might of the flying sword... the sword immortal sent by the sword immortal sect must be at the Connate False Core realm. But that person has attained Heaven Man Unity. Furthermore, he has mastered a secret deathblow. No wonder he dares to protect Qin Manor."

    "If I wasn't great at escaping, I would not have been able to break out of that flying sword deathblow. I have to leave. I can't stay any longer." Golden Firmament spread his wings once again and quickly vanished into the clouds.


    By now, residents of Qin Manor and the surrounding residences had come out. Although the force had been weakened by the Heaven and Earth powers, Qin Yun's control of the Heaven and Earth powers was limited. It still left doors and windows rattling. There were even some large trees that had their top halves ripped off. It naturally attracted many people.

    Those who came out fast were the guards that were part of the night watch. They had even seen Golden Firmament that was enveloped by wind and fire! They had seen the terrifying commotion from the battle.

    The battle had ended by the time the slower ones came out.

    "What happened?" Qin Liehu came out with clothes draped on him. The battle was over.

    "Master." A servant in charge of the night watch pointed in midair. "There was a battle in the sky. It caused a huge commotion."

    Typical mortals could not discern whether the perpetrators were demons or cultivators from five to six hundred feet away.

    "Battle?" Qin Liehu scanned his surroundings and saw some broken trees. All the leaves had been shaken off but the leaves on the bottom half were intact. He could not help but be alarmed.

    And elsewhere.

    Qin Yun came out of the room and looked up into the sky. "Golden Firmament would probably think it's a Connate realm sword immortal."

    Having encountered such a situation, no one would believe that the person behind the flying sword was a Postnatal realm sword immortal. The might displayed was just too horrifying.

    "My Misty Rain Sword Intent's strongest attack, Cyclic Sword Flash, was transformed into an attack that ensnares and kills the enemy. He must think that it's some secret move from a flying sword heritage. Unfortunately, I can only demonstrate the most basic sword kinesis through Heaven Man Unity. The heritage I have might be complete and it offers several secret deathblows but I can't perform any of them."

    Top heritage was excessively demanding on Quintessential Essence and Dharmic powers!

    The stronger his Quintessential Essence and Dharmic powers were, the more complicated and esoteric moves he could perform. Qin Yun could only perform the most basic sword kinesis through Heaven Man Unity. The Cyclic Sword Flash was in fact just a move from his Misty Rain Sword Intent.

    "Over the past three months, I have increased my sword intent greatly. My flying sword has reached the seventh-grade but I'm only able to match Golden Firmament." Qin Yun thought to himself. "In terms of strength, Golden Firmament is the weakest among the three Connate True Core realm great demons under Nine Mountain Island Lord. He's only average in strength but his flying and escaping arts are the strongest."

    All demons had a particular trait they were proficient at.

    Golden Firmament was proficient at flying and escaping! His flying and escaping arts were even better than his master, Nine Mountain Island Lord.

    Azure Ox was the most ferocious when battling head-on. He had even clashed with a Connate Golden Core realm cultivator in the past.

    Finally, the Venomous Wyrm was the most troublesome in every aspect.

    However, the other two had relatively ordinary means of escape. They naturally would not dare infiltrate human cities or they might get obstructed by Inspector Heavenly Alliance's Inspector Heavenly Ambassadors. Only Golden Firmament that was best at flying and escaping arts... was willing to take the risk.

    "Back then, three demonic slaves were sent here. Now, even a great demon at the Connate True Core realm is willing to take the risk. It's highly unusual." Qin Yun thought to himself. "Could it be that Nine Mountain Island Lord and Water God have an extremely good relationship? This possibility cannot be eliminated but it's very unlikely. The most likely reason is that... I have something that Nine Mountain Island Lord wants."

    "What precious treasure do I have that I do not know of but Nine Mountain Island Lord knows about?"


    "Among the items left behind by Water God, there are indeed some that I have not been able to identify."

    Qin Yun's mind raced as he took out a gray bottle from the Cosmic Bag by his waist. "In the past, the Motai family had wanted this and even threatened me. That night, Gu were sent to steal something. It was likely the Motai family. However, from beginning to end, the Motai refuses to explain the origin of the blood."

    "Could this be what Nine Mountain Island Lord wants?" Qin Yun guessed.

    Following that, he kept the gray bottle inside his Cosmic Bag.

    "Regardless, Nine Mountain Island Lord has not given up."

    "This will be troublesome." Qin Yun could not help but feel a sense of urgency. "I had planned on peacefully cultivating for the next few months and head for Wusu County on the 25th of February. But now, from the looks of it, I have to be constantly vigilant. I have to step into the Connate realm as soon as possible! Once I step into the Connate realm, my strength will increase greatly as well."


    Elsewhere, at County Governor Manor.

    County Governor Gongye was standing at a corridor and watching from afar. He looked at the battle that happened in midair. There were dark runic patterns condensed on his eyes, allowing him to see the battle that was more than five kilometers away clearly. He could see Golden Firmament and how the flying sword had used Cyclic Sword Flash to trap Golden Firmament. Finally, he saw Golden Firmament flee.

    "It's Disciple-Nephew Golden Firmament." Gongye frowned slightly. "The flying sword art that appeared at the end was truly powerful. It was able to completely ensnare Golden Firmament. Even a Connate False Core realm sword immortal has to spend a great deal of time to master such a unique deathblow. The sword immortal sect backing Qin Yun truly thinks highly of him. There are seniors from his sect protecting him!"

    "Indeed, having garnered such great merit, his sect has also enjoyed an increase of providence's favor. They are definitely delighted as well." Gongye thought to himself.

    "Lord County Governor," Commander Fang rushed over and said, "There is a great demon combating with a sword immortal above Qin Manor. Should we..."

    "The great demon has left! There's no time to pursue it. Just make a record of it." Gongye said before turning to leave.
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