Chapter 78: Red-eyed

    Chapter 78: Red-eyed

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    As Qin Yun observed his surroundings from the tree, he could clearly see that all the roads along the lake's periphery were filled with soldiers. The distant streets around Qin Manor were also surrounded! In fact, it was a huge encirclement that completely surrounded Qin Manor. The radius was so large that if he had not stood at such a high vantage point, he would not have been able to see the troops in their entirety. Furthermore, after the massive encirclement was formed, a large number of troops began to approach Qin Manor. It gave Qin Yun a fright.

    "What? Are they surrounding Qin Manor? Why are they doing this?" Qin Yun found the realization coming down upon him as a bolt from the blue. His face turned pale.

    "Oh?" On the streets outside Qin Manor, Commander Tie was leading the personal guards and soldiers when he saw the bluish-gray robed Qin Yun leaping onto a tree's crown.


    Commander Tie immediately waved his hand and gave his command. His voice resounded out to a mile of the surrounding area. "Silver-badge constable Qin Liehu colluded with demons, turning a blind eye to the atrocities they committed. Everyone from the Qin family is to be captured, thrown into the dungeons, and made to await their fates! Any defiance will be met with death!"

    The soldiers that surrounded Qin Manor immediately leaped across the walls. The guards inside Qin Manor turned pale from fright. They would have tried to put up a fight if the intruders were bandits or criminals. However, the intruders were soldiers from the imperial government! How could they dare resist? All of them stood obediently by the side and placed their Demon Annihilation Crossbows on the ground.


    Qin Manor's large door was broken open. Uncle Li was even more anxious as he said, "You can't enter."

    "Scram!" A personal guard that led the charge kicked Uncle Li to the side. Uncle Li clutched his chest and could not get up. The surrounding guards, servants, and maidservants were dumbfounded. Collude with demons? How could they continue serving the Qin family when they were accused of such a grave crime? They were only lowly subordinates.

    Commander Tie led the personal guards and many soldiers as they swarmed into Qin Manor. Soldiers also constantly streamed in from other directions.


    "Silver-badge constable Qin Liehu colluded with demons, turning a blind eye to the atrocities they committed. Everyone from the Qin family is to be captured, thrown into the dungeons, and made to await their fates! Any defiance will be met with death!"

    The voice spread very far.

    There were many mansions of wealthy clans situated in the vicinity of the lake. There were also restaurants, tea shops, and even brothels along the lake's banks.

    "Heavens, Lord Qin Liehu colluded with demons? The Qin family is to be captured and thrown into the dungeons?" A thin old man's hands went limp as he dropped a teacup to the table, causing the tea to splash across the table. However, he immediately stood up and went to the tea shop's railings to look into the distance.

    Another man appeared beside him and immediately said, "This county governor is truly aggressive. Your family, my family, and many other wealthy families have been coerced into giving silver. Now, it even wants to go after the Qin family? The Qin family has a cultivator! I heard that his strength is equivalent to Great Demon White Tiger's!"

    "That's why so many troops are being sent!" The thin man said hurriedly. "If they let the cultivator escape, he would hide in the darkness and cause trouble for Lord County Governor. Therefore, there are so many soldiers surrounding the area. I even saw Commander Tie and a platoon of personal guards. That's a lot of experts. Clearly, they are bent on capturing Second Young Master Qin."

    "Let's wait and see."

    The man beside him whispered, "To be honest, I hope that Second Young Master Qin will be able to escape! Let that county governor suffer a little."


    "They are here to apprehend the Qin family?"

    Many family clans that neighbored the manor were alarmed. Many passers-by watched from afar.

    When the troops were mobilized, many large family clans in Grand Dominance City may have been concerned but they did not know the goal of the mobilization! Now, they knew-it was to deal with the Qin family!

    "Quickly report it to Master."

    "Lord County Governor is going after the Qin family."


    News spread rapidly, reaching large family clans like the Hong and Wang family. The truly large family clans in Grand Dominance City paid close attention to every move taken by the government. Now, with the county governor dealing with the Qin family, it was absolutely a huge deal to Grand Dominance County.

    "Dealing with the Qin family?" Hong Lingtong held a wooden staff and walked in the direction of Qin Manor. "According to what I have sensed, Lord County Governor is an extremely horrifying existence. He has the imperial government backing him, and so is not to be made an enemy. That Qin Yun is similarly a terrifying existence who is not to be fought. They are the only two people in all of Grand Dominance County that I do not dare offend. Now, they are coming to blows? Perhaps Lord County Governor still isn't aware of Qin Yun's true strength."


    Qin Yun leaped down from the tree's crown as his body gently landed. He tapped his feet on the roof of a building and rushed to the back garden.

    At that moment, Commander Tie's voice was simultaneously heard by Changlan and others. "Silver-badge constable Qin Liehu colluded with demons..."

    Changlan and her daughter-in-law were dumbfounded.

    "Impossible!" The color in Changlan's face drained. Her daughter-in-law hugged her son and daughter and could not help but tremble. Although she tried to stop it, she could not repress the terror that was seizing her. She had a feeling that she about to be swamped by a disaster. She even found it difficult to breathe.


    A figure flashed in from afar and entered the garden.

    Changlan and her daughter-in-law noticed that Qin Yun had arrived. Instantly, they felt like they had seen their pillar of support.

    "Yun'er," Changlan said immediately. "What happened to your father?"

    "Mother, Sister-in-law. Don't worry." Qin Yun gritted his teeth. "Our Qin family has a vendetta against demons, so how is it possible for us to collude with them? However, since the county governor sent troops here, they are probably intending to apprehend us. Hmph, what wishful thinking."

    Qin Yun was incensed at that moment.

    "Rest assured. Regardless of what happens, I'll definitely lead you away from here safely," Qin Yun promised.

    As he looked at his nervous mother and his sister-in-law that was hugging her two children with a pale face, pangs of fury burned in Qin Yun's heart!


    As armors and weapons clamored in a cacophonous din, a large number of soldiers flooded in like water to the back garden.

    "All of you, scram!" Qin Yun turned his head and suddenly waved his hand. Boom! Quintessential Essence rumbled as he lifted up the soldier that led the charge. Qin Yun flung the solder, causing many to fly out of the back garden amid angry screams.


    Following that, the garden's walls exploded. With an austere-looking Commander Tie in the lead, there were cultivators everywhere. There was also a large platoon of personal guards. Massive numbers of soldiers followed behind but not one would dare lead the charge. They knew that the cultivator inside was too terrifying.

    "Commander Tie, where is Gongye Bing?" Qin Yun's eyes were filled with bloodlust as he said coldly.

    "Young Master Qin," Commander Tie said. "During your father's tenure as silver-badge constable, he colluded with demons, turning a blind eye to the atrocities committed by demons. There is much evidence that points towards your father."

    Qin Yun's mother, Changlan's eyes turned red as she yelled from the side, "Impossible! Why is Liehu missing an arm? How did my daughter die? It's all because of demons. It was the result of demons! Our Qin family would absolutely never collude with demons."

    "There is evidence pointing to it."

    Commander Tie frowned slightly as he continued. "I know Young Master Qin has done great service, and Lord County Governor has also said that we would capture and judge all of you according to the rules set forth by the imperial government. As to how he plans to deal with you, he will report it to the imperial government and let them decide."

    Qin Yun sneered. "The moment we enter the dungeons, our fates are determined by the county governor's whims. Do you honestly believe what he says?"

    Commander Tie said in a deep voice, "Everything is done in accordance with the imperial government's laws. Now, Young Master Qin, please yield or we will turn rough."

    "Turn rough?" Qin Yun's expression sunk. "I know that all of you are sent by Gongye Bing and are only following orders. I'm unwilling to kill either. Quickly make way and let us leave. If not, don't blame me for being heartless to protect my family."

    "Release the arrows!" A voice resounded in Commander Tie's ears. "Commander Tie, didn't I say that you could release the arrows?"

    Commander Tie was alarmed.

    He immediately replied with a voice transmission, "Lord County Governor, Qin Yun is extremely strong. The Star Chasing Crossbows and other such means aren't guaranteed. If we truly begin a battle, the Qin family members might die and many soldiers will die too."

    "If he has the guts to kill, then by all means let him do it. Killing soldiers? The more he kills, the graver the charges. Even Connate Golden Core realm experts would not dare to kill soldiers in broad daylight, for it would be in defiance of the government," Gongye responded with a voice transmission.

    Commander Tie was alarmed.

    The county governor was truly relentless.

    If Qin Yun fell into a red-eyed frenzy and wantonly killed soldiers, the imperial government would definitely capture him at all costs. Even the sect backing him could not support him in such a situation.

    "Release the arrows!" Commander Tie gritted his teeth and retreated suddenly as he swung his hand down.

    The personal guards had received orders from the county governor before arriving. Immediately, they raised their Star Chasing Crossbows. Some cultivators held Dao talismans and began casting Dharma spells. At that moment, more than three hundred Star Chasing Crossbows were aimed at Qin Yun. Simultaneously, many Dharma spells were being prepared. A majority of the Star Chasing Crossbows in Grand Dominance's armory had been taken out.

    While being aimed, with many triggers on the verge of being pulled, the Star Chasing Crossbow arrows' runes were triggered. They hurled at Qin Yun and company in the form of meteor-like flames that tore through the void.

    Qin Yun stood in front of his mother, sister-in-law, nephew, and niece. His eyes turned red instantly.
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