Chapter 79: Entire City Stirred

    Chapter 79: Entire City Stirred

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    Qin Yun's expression was ferocious. He used his psyche to begin activating the Heaven and Earth powers.


    Every inch of space in the back garden was trembling. Countless rocks and gravel began floating up in the sky as air itself began to distort. The meteor-like blazing trails of fire that were shot by the Star Chasing Crossbows seemed to encounter powerful resistance in mid-flight. They were rapidly decelerating at a discernable rate as the flames lingering around the arrow became increasingly clear. After flying for about one or two hundred feet, they successively stopped in midair.



    The cultivators among the personal guards were using their Dao talismans but although the Dao talismans were triggered and they could use the Heaven and Earth powers for themselves, the Dao talismans could only barely absorb a little bit of the Heaven and Earth powers unlike in the past! In the past, they could have cast a bolt of lightning but all that was formed were some streaks of sparks. In the past, a water python could be produced but all they could produce now were tiny water snakes... The strength of the Dharmic powers rapidly decreased to less than ten percent.

    Besides, these cultivators that cast the Dharmic spells were not even at the Connate realm. As a result, their Dharmic Dao was not strong. Having less than ten percent of the power accumulated, the spells flew about twenty to thirty feet before dissipating under such coagulated Heaven and Earth powers.

    The surrounding world quaked, causing all the arrows to stop in midair. The Dharmic spells only extended a few dozen feet out.

    There was a frenzied rage in Qin Yun's eyes.

    Heaven Man Unity!

    It could control the Heaven and Earth powers. If he was dealing with cultivators at the Connate realm, just the repression of the Heaven and Earth powers was naturally lacking in strength. Only by casting Dharma spells through the control of the Heaven and Earth powers was it threatening enough! However, against Postnatal cultivators or even mortals, the Heaven and Earth powers were extremely terrifying. It permeated every inch of the air. Every inch of the domain that the arrows penetrated, they would experience greater obstruction. No matter how powerful the Star Chasing Crossbows were, they would lose all their strength after slightly more than a hundred feet, unable to progress another inch.

    Dharmic Dao also needed to control the Heaven and Earth powers. If Connate realm cultivators had used Quintessential Essence to activate the Dao talismans, they would naturally be able to obtain large amounts of Heaven and Earth powers.

    However, for Postnatal realm cultivators, their Dharmic Dao was very weak. Their absorption of Heaven and Earth powers were very weak. Qin Yun's Heaven Man Unity was able to repress more than ninety percent of it! It caused the Dharmic Dao to be severely weakened.

    There was a saying: In front of Heaven Man Unity, the numbers of mortals lost its meaning. This was also the reason why cultivators were terrifying. Under normal circumstances, only very few Connate False Core realm cultivators could grasp Heaven Man Unity. Many mortals would not see scenes of Heaven Man Unity their entire lives.

    "It's a heavenly man! A heavenly man!"

    The personal guards and soldiers saw how their Dharma spells dissipated after flying out a few dozen feet and how all the arrows stopped in midair. The surrounding air was distorted and trembling. All of them found their hearts trembling in fear.


    Qin Yun flew up with his mother, sister-in-law, niece and nephew.

    By coercing the Heaven and Earth powers, one could naturally fly. However, such flight would be too slow! There was a limit to the Heaven and Earth powers after all. Even the Star Chasing Crossbows were able to shoot out more than a hundred feet despite its obstruction. Secondly, just sensing the Heaven and Earth powers was one thing, but to forcefully control the Heaven and Earth powers was extremely demanding on the soul and psyche. It could not be maintained for long periods of time.

    "He flew up!"

    "A god!"

    "A god!"

    Many soldiers looked up in shock.

    Changlan, his sister-in-law, nephew, and niece were also watching their surroundings in alarm.

    "We are flying. We are flying?" They were feeling anxious but they could sense an invisible energy wrapping around them.

    "Don't worry. Leave everything to me." Qin Yun's voice sounded in their ears.

    Qin Yun brought his family and flew to a height of about two to three hundred feet off the ground.

    In midair, he surveyed his surroundings.

    "Gongye Bing!!!"

    Qin Yun spoke.

    Qin Yun had transmitted his voice by modulating the surrounding Heaven and Earth powers. The radius he could control was in a radius five kilometers away from him! That meant that the Heaven and Earth powers in an area spanning ten kilometers across was being used. They were all used to create rumbling sounds as though the entire world was speaking.

    "Gongye Bing!" "Gongye Bing!" "Gongye Bing!" "Gongye Bing!" "Gongye Bing!" "Gongye Bing!" ...

    The voice echoed everywhere.

    "What happened?"

    "What sound is that?" The entire Grand Dominance City was stirred.

    How big was a county city?

    Qin Yun's voice resounded simultaneously through the Heaven and Earth powers in a ten-kilometer range. His voice transmitted, allowing it to be heard from everywhere in Grand Dominance City. Furthermore, it appeared as if the entire heaven and earth were speaking.

    "You framed my father, Qin Liehu, for colluding with demons and make no distinction between right and wrong. You released arrows to destroy my Qin family. Do you know that my younger sister was killed by demons and that my father's arm was severed because of demons? My Qin family has a blood feud with demons, so how can we collude with demons? I, Qin Yun, had even sworn to kill Water God! Now, I had jointly killed Water God with a Divine Firmament Chapter disciple. As a new county governor, you actually press false charges on me and want to destroy my Qin family? What injustice is this?"

    "If you really want to forcefully take action and destroy my Qin family, let's see if you possess the strength needed to do so!"

    The world rumbled as his voice spread throughout the city.

    Countless citizens of the city were astounded.

    "What? Lord County Governor wants to destroy the Qin family?"

    "Is that Second Young Master Qin speaking? Why does it feel like the entire world is speaking!?"

    "A god, a god!"

    "So the ones that killed Water God is Second Young Master Qin and a Divine Firmament Chapter disciple. They are living bodhisattvas! Living bodhisattvas! Second Young Master Qin is a living bodhisattva!"

    "So it was Second Young Master Qin..."

    All of Grand Dominance City's citizens broke out into a flurry of discussion. The cultivators that had killed Water God had long been placed on a divine pedestal in Grand Dominance. Many families even created a plaque in their homes for them to honor the cultivators that had killed Water God and saved millions of citizens. Now, the commoners knew... that the ones that killed Water God were Qin Yun and a Divine Firmament Chapter disciple.

    "This voice?" In Dreamlike Pavilion Lady, Vice Minister Wang and Dreamlike Pavilion Lady looked up. The world was resounding with the voice: "Gongye Bing... You framed my father, Qin Liehu... jointly killed Water God... What injustice is this? ...destroy my Qin family, let's see if you possess the strength needed to do so!"

    The resounding voice in the world even left Vice Minister Wang quivering. Beside him, Dreamlike Pavilion Lady was also shaking in alarm.

    "That is Second Young Master Qin?" Dreamlike Pavilion Lady could not help but ask, "Why does his voice seem to be resounding from every corner of the world. It's like a god."

    "What do you know!? This is what's called Heaven Man Unity! Heaven Man Unity! It's a state that even many Connate realm cultivators are unable to reach." Vice Minister Wang eyes lit up. "Nice, I previously thought that this new county governor was rather smart to befriend the Hong and Qin family. Now, he plans on destroying the Qin family? He's trying to pierce through the sky! Qin Yun's strength is much more terrifying than he can imagine. Soldiers are nothing before a cultivator at the Heaven Man Unity state!"


    "Nice! What a great Second Young Master Qin! Let that Gongye Bing know what retribution is! Such a vicious person has retribution befalling him!" Inside another family residence, an elder gave his kudos when he heard the voice.

    "Father, Second Young Master Qin has helped us vent our anger." A middle-aged man beside him said agitatedly.

    "Second Young Master Qin was the one who killed Water God. He has great merit on him." The elder said, "Furthermore, how can Gongye Bing bully a figure that's almost godlike?"

    At present, which one of the weaker family clans in Grand Dominance City was not furious? However, they had no choice for the county governor deliberately chose to bully those without any background.


    Swallow Phoenix Brothel.

    Chen Shuang pushed open the door and listened to the reverberating voice in the world. "...I, Qin Yun, had even sworn to kill Water God... What injustice is this?..."

    "Brother Yun." Chen Shuang looked up. She was astounded by the voice from the heaven and earth but was also worried about him.


    Gongye, who had been secretly observing the situation's development outside Qin Manor with a few subordinates, heard Qin Yun's voice transmitted through the Heaven and Earth powers. His expression changed.

    "Heaven Man Unity? When did he attain the state of Heaven Man Unity? Very few people in the Connate False Core realm can even attain Heaven Man Unity!" Gongye was momentarily stunned when he heard the heaven and earth voice. This was something he never expected in the beginning.
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