Chapter 80: Young Master Qins Benevolence

    Chapter 80: Young Master Qin's Benevolence

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    "Heaven Man Unity? Doesn't that mean he can use sword kinesis through Heaven Man Unity?" Gongye was alarmed. "Could it be that the person who clashed with Disciple-Nephew Golden Firmament using a flying sword was Qin Yun?"

    He recalled seeing a flying sword fly out of Qin Manor, causing his disciple-nephew to eventually flee.


    "That flying sword was able to produce strength at the Connate True Core realm. It was even strong enough to force my disciple-nephew to escape. Qin Yun isn't even at the Connate realm. To be able to do that, he'd need more than just Heaven Man Unity. Such a thing is only possible if he has grasped sword intent! But if he has grasped sword intent at the Postnatal realm... In the entire world, only one such person is produced every few centuries. How can it be this much of a coincidence, that a figure that appears once in centuries happens to be in a small place like Grand Dominance? And that I happen to encounter him?"

    "Furthermore," Gongye's mind raced. "If he is truly such a figure, with the way the Daoist sacred lands and top sects work, they will definitely refuse to leave him out in the wild. While he is weak, they will want to keep him in the sect to protect him well. Only when he reaches the Connate realm would they let him leave the mountain to gain experience."

    However, he did not know.

    Fate made fools of people. He had encountered such a legendary sword immortal genius.

    How could one not defile his hands by touching pitch?

    "What's most troubling is his declaration that I framed them. He claimed responsibility for killing Water God and let it be known throughout Grand Dominance City. Sure, I can ignore the commoners by spreading rumors secretly. I can even claim that Qin Yun is bragging deliberately and that he did not kill Water God. Perhaps, I can even say that he was colluding with Water God, but the one that killed Water God is a Divine Firmament Chapter disciple and that Qin Yun took the credit by blowing his own trumpet... By spreading a multitude of rumors, the commoners would not be able to discern falsehoods from reality." Gongye looked at the hovering Qin Yun. "But if I made it known to everyone, it would definitely reach the imperial government and cause them to investigate the matter."

    "With that, I will have to act more in accordance with the rules and make no mistakes."

    Gongye understood as well.

    At this point, he could no longer retreat!

    All of this took time to ponder over, but just as these numerous thoughts flashed across Gongye's mind, Qin Yun finished his speech.

    Gongye immediately transmitted his voice, "Commander Tie! All six of you are to immediately take action!"

    Commander Tie was a Connate False Core realm cultivator, after all. The other five also had the most powerful weapons stashed in County Governor Manor. This could be considered the final stage of an all-out assault.


    In Qin Manor's back garden.

    After Qin Yun finished his speech, he transmitted his voice to his family members. "I'll be taking you away now."

    "Alright." Changlan and his sister-in-law were agitated as well. They felt that, with the speech having been delivered to such a wide area, there was no way the county governor could hide the truth. The Qin family's wrongful treatment would be put to a stop and their reputations would remain unsullied.

    But below them...

    Commander Tie and the five personal guards behind him exchanged looks. They did not dare to hesitate any longer.

    "Kill!" Commander Tie suddenly waved his hand. A palm-sized black ball that was filled with spikes flew out from his hand. It transformed into a black shadow and quickly reached the overhead Qin Yun. Behind it was a chain that led to Commander Tie's hand. This was Commander Tie's only Dharma treasure-ninth-grade Three-treasured Meteor Hammer. Commander Tie gave the Dharma treasure its name. This Dharma treasure was the thing he treasured the most.

    And beside him were five cultivators from the personal guard. They each produced a unique fire tube. It was the most terrifying weapon in Grand Dominance County-Fire Peacock.

    Fire Peacock was somewhat weak against Connate realm demons with formidable physiques. However, it still posed a threat against Connate realm humans, for they had weaker bodies.

    "Oh? Fire Peacock?" Above them, Qin Yun's eyes flashed upon seeing the situation. In the battlefields in the northern border, he had naturally seen the imperial government use this terrifying weapon.

    In his sleeves, the Intrinsic Flying Sword was already being controlled with sword kinesis. In such times of danger, he was naturally ready to attack at any time.


    A thought.


    Heaven Man Unity's sword kinesis caused the sword beam to flash. It dodged the incoming Three-treasured Meteor Hammer and penetrated straight through three Fire Peacocks. Another two Fire Peacocks that were triggered by Quintessential Essence.

    Boom! Boom!

    What appeared to be columns of flame expanded out fully and disassembled.

    The final image looked like a peacock showcasing its fine tail!

    A sharp object pierced straight at Qin Yun amid flames. In terms of might and speed, they were much stronger than the Star Chasing Crossbows.

    "Phew." Qin Yun took the initiative to face them head-on. He instantly drew his black sword and, with hazy sword beams that appeared erratically, he repelled the incoming Three-treasured Meteor Hammer first before turning and blocking all the projectiles contained within the Fire Peacocks!

    "Yes, back when I was on the battlefield, I found them very terrifying. But in fact, with the Heaven and Earth powers obstructing them, the Fire Peacocks have only thirty percent of their strength by the time they reach me. They can easily be parried," Qin Yun thought to himself.

    As he brandished his black sword, his Intrinsic Flying Sword charged straight at Commander Tie.

    "What!?" Commander Tie was both astounded and furious that Qin Yun had made such quick work out of his Three-treasured Meteor Hammer. As he controlled his Dharma treasure, he drew the battle saber by his waist. After joining the imperial government, he had also learned the imperial government's godfiend body-tempering techniques. Although he was a rookie, his melee combat strength was not to be taken lightly.

    However, Commander Tie's strength was barely at White Tiger's level. His important Three-treasured Meteor Hammer was even weaker than White Tiger at melee combat when cast so far out.


    The sword beam flashed, cleaving straight through Commander Tie's battle saber. Although it was considered a divine weapon, it was not at the level of a Dharma treasure!

    As for Qin Yun's Intrinsic Flying Sword, it was able to produce strength at the level of a fifth-grade Dharma treasure. How could his ordinary divine weapon be able to defend against it?

    "What a powerful Dharma treasure, this flying sword! I'm dead!" Commander Tie's heart chilled. The Three-treasured Meteor Hammer could not save him in time. His battle saber was broken and the Intrinsic Flying Sword was too fast. He was finished. He was definitely going to die.

    At that moment, Commander Tie even felt disgruntled towards County Governor Gongye.

    You tried to dispose of Qin Yun without certainty of success? You only lead us subordinates to our deaths!

    "Chi. Chi." Commander Tie felt his legs go numb as he could not help but slump to the ground. He looked down and saw that his legs had two gaping wounds. Blood flowed incessantly as he could not even stand.

    "Great! Young Master Qin Yun is benevolent. What benevolence." Commander Tie was feeling extremely grateful at that moment, so much to the point of having tears stream down his cheeks. Qin Yun could clearly kill him with the sword but had only injured his legs! His legs were not even cleaved off. Such injuries could be recuperated in about a month.


    The five cultivators that had used the Fire Peacocks all collapsed to the ground at the same time. They held their thighs. All of them had wounds sliced across their thighs and could not stand up.

    "Chi! Chi! Chi!"

    The sword beams circled the personal guards. Most of the cultivators were struck as they collapsed to the ground.

    "Boom!" Flying gravel and dust flew up into the sky! The personal guards and soldiers could not even open their eyes. Countless gravel flew wantonly as they were forced to use their clothes to protect their heads.

    Qin Yun controlled the dust and sand, causing the area to turn to pitch darkness. With a beckon of his hand, his Intrinsic Flying Sword rapidly flew back into his sleeve and continued sticking close to his arm. He continued maintaining sword kinesis in case he needed to face another enemy.

    "Mother, Sister-in-law. Let's leave quickly," Qin Yun said.

    With that, the Heaven and Earth powers enveloped his family and they silently and rapidly left Qin Manor in pitch darkness.

    Qin Yun traveled very fast, even with his family in tow. Soon, they were about a kilometer away from Qin Manor.

    "Brother Qin Yun, I'm Hong Lingtong. Have mercy." A youth holding a wooden staff walked over. The person that appeared in front of him was none other than the ninth son of the Hong family, Hong Lingtong.

    "Hong Lingtong?" Qin Yun looked at him. When the young man was a thousand feet from him, Qin Yun was able to confirm his identity through his Intrinsic Flying Sword. "Brother Hong, I'm now being pursued by the government. Why are you here?"

    "Brother Qin Yun, I obviously know the Qin family is being maligned. I believe Brother Qin was caught unprepared and does not have a suitable place to hide at the moment? If you can trust me, follow me. My Hong family is able to hide a few people easily in Grand Dominance County," Hong Lingtong said with a smile.

    Qin Yun looked at him and nodded. "Alright. As you are helping me in this time of need, I, Qin Yun, will definitely remember Brother Hong's help."


    Hong Lingtong smiled. "Please follow me."


    Back at Qin Manor.

    As the flying gravel gradually settled, the personal guards and soldiers began rubbing their eyes and looking at their surroundings.

    "Where is he?"

    "Second Young Master Qin is no longer around. Did he escape?"

    "Indeed, how could we hope to catch such a godly immortal?" The soldiers spoke in whispers. After seeing the terrifying might of Heaven Man Unity demonstrated, the ordinary soldiers no longer had any thoughts of matching Qin Yun.

    Even the army would feel helpless against the natural powers of the Heaven and Earth.


    Gongye led his subordinates to charge inside and survey the area. Commander Tie and the other cultivators were all sitting on the ground, clasping their thighs. They were beginning to bandage their wounds with cloths. Blood had dyed the cloths red.

    "A bunch of good-for-nothings," Gongye muttered inwardly. Although he did not say it out loud, his expression was ashen.

    "Lord County Governor," Commander Tie immediately said, "All of us have injuries in our legs. Now, we can't even stand up, much less pursue that Young Master Qin Yun."

    "What Young Master Qin Yun? He resisted arrest and that's naturally a severe crime," Gongye snorted coldly.

    The surrounding people fell silent.

    The personal guards, including Commander Tie, were silently grumbling. Some of the cultivators were even communicating through voice transmissions among themselves.

    "He tried to deal with Qin Yun without absolute confidence. Thankfully, Young Master Qin Yun is benevolent, or we would be dead."

    "All he did was hide behind us and let us lead the charge."

    "If Young Master Qin Yun was more bloodthirsty, it wouldn't be a surprise if more than half the three thousand soldiers and personal guards ended up dead. However, not a single soldier has died. Young Master Qin Yun is benevolent. He knew we were only acting under orders."

    "It's good that he injured our legs. It gives an excuse to not pursue Young Master Qin Yun. Let the county governor think of a solution himself."

    They had just smelled death, so they were naturally displeased with the county governor.

    The county governor stood in the Qin family's back garden with an ashen expression. From the way the surrounding soldiers looked at him and the expressions of the personal guards, Gongye was able to guess what was on their minds.

    "If not for me needing to hide the strength I've gained from fiendish demon lineage, I would have personally destroyed you." Gongye secretly clenched his teeth. Unfortunately, the moment he exposed his fiendish demon means, he would immediately become the enemy of the public. The imperial government and the Inspector Heavenly Alliance would pursue him! Despite his fearsome strength, all he could do was hide.
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