Chapter 81: Settling Down

    Chapter 81: Settling Down

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    Six Fans Gate Dungeon.

    Qin Liehu and Qin An were imprisoned in two neighboring cells. Outside, there were Eldest Liu, Second Liu, Fifth Liu and other personal guards watching them. As for the Six Fans Gate constables in charge of manning the dungeon, they were waiting far away. They were discussing in whispers. "What happened? Why is Lord Qin apprehended? Why is Lord Qin's eldest son, Qin An, also captured?"

    "Lord Qin's second son is an extremely powerful cultivator. Why are they capturing his father and brother just like that? Aren't they afraid of trouble?"

    "Who knows? Entry and exit to Six Fans Gate are now banned."

    The constables discussed in hushed tones. Such discussions happened in various areas in Six Fans Gate. Everyone felt that something serious had happened!

    "Father, they said that you colluded with demons?" Qin An grabbed a wooden post and looked at Qin Liehu in the neighboring cell.

    Qin An's legs were only shackled. It was more lenient compared to Qin Liehu's. He was shackled by large chains that weighed hundreds of kilograms. The thick chains were shackled to his ankles. This was because Qin Liehu was already at the ninth stage of Qi Refinement. In addition, he had cultivated in body-tempering mystic arts. He was strong, allowing him to match ordinary cultivators. He was even the match of typical lesser demons. Therefore, his strength required meticulous care when imprisoning him.

    "They claimed that I colluded with demons for no good reason." Qin Liehu looked worried as he shook his head. "Furthermore, entry and exit to Six Fans Gate have been banned. Clearly, the county governor is not worried about the two of us but your brother."

    "Despite knowing that your brother has extraordinary strength and that I have never colluded with demons, he still took action..." Qin Liehu shook his head. "There are probably huge implications behind this matter."

    "Huge implications?" Qin An was puzzled.

    Qin Liehu whispered, "An'er. Although this new county governor acts aggressively, from what I know, his governance in other areas is pretty good. He isn't a dumb person. Just like before... He might have stifled many family clans in Grand Dominance County but all of them lacked backing or strength. Considering the times, one can ignore the bullying. He had previously befriended our Qin family but now, he has suddenly lost all decorum with us. From the looks of it, it's not simply because of money."

    "Why is there a sudden loss of decorum?" asked Qin An.

    "In the imperial government, it is common to see welcoming appearances on the surface who would stab you in the dark. There is no lack of people who would lose decorum instantly." Qin Liehu whispered, "But I'm only an eighth-grade official while your brother is a cultivator and not part of the imperial government... Then, it has to be due to some special reason that made the new county governor want to deal with your second brother."

    "He's dealing with Brother and not us?" asked Qin An.

    "Deal with us?" Qin Liehu shook his head. "The county governor can execute anyone below the seventh-grade without permission. I'm only a lowly eighth-grade official. He could have executed me directly. You and I are not worth his attention."

    Qin Liehu quickly made a judgment.

    The county governor was targeting his son and not because of money.

    "What reason would make the county governor do so? Or should it be said... who made him do so?" Qin Liehu thought to himself, "Could it be trouble that was implicated from Miss Yi Xiao? Or is the Motai family exerting its force in the background?"

    "Sigh. That Yi Xiao is a Divine Firmament Chapter disciple and a member of the Kunlun Prefecture's Yi family. She's a fairy-like existence so how can there be few courters?" Qin Liehu thought to himself. "The Motai family had previously threatened us. They are also a large clan from East Sea County. The Motai family's patriarch is also an Earth Magus."

    Qin Liehu guessed at the reasons for the calamity that had befallen them.

    Qin An remained silent before saying, "Father, would my wife and children be fine?"

    Qin Liehu frowned and said in a low-spirited voice, "Colluding with demons is a grave accusation. It will implicate the family members. The county governor had accused me of this crime so as to implicate your brother. Similarly, your mother, your wife, and children..."

    "No. No..." Qin An's eyes brimmed with tears.

    Despite being imprisoned, they were worried about their family outside.

    As for the Liu siblings and company, they were watching the imprisoned Qin Liehu and Qin An in the dungeon.

    "That Qin An is crying. Haha, he's crying..."

    "Really interesting."

    "In a while, your family will be reunited!" Eldest Liu shouted.

    Qin Liehu and Qin An looked over.

    "Oh. I made a mistake. It's possible that they had resisted arrest and were immediately executed. Then, you can reunite underground." Eldest Liu quipped deliberately. He even guffawed loudly after finishing his piece.

    "Dream on. My brother is not someone that can be dealt with by you." Qin An yelled.

    "Haha, your brother? He can't even fend for himself!" Second Liu sneered.


    From afar, the Heaven and Earth delivered a rumbling sound.

    "Gongye Bing... You framed my father, Qin Liehu... killed Water God... What injustice is this? ..."

    Although Qin Manor was more than five kilometers away from Six Fans Gate, with the Heaven and Earth powers broadcasting the voice simultaneously in an area that spanned ten kilometers, it reached the entire county city. It also reached the Six Fans Gate's dungeon.

    "This sound!" The Liu siblings and company were alarmed. The sounds they heard seemed like the Heaven and Earth were resonating. It held them in awe and veneration.

    "It should be very far but why is the voice so terrifying?" Second Liu whispered.

    "I don't know." Eldest Liu shook his head. Without seeing with their own eyes, they would never have imagined that it was produced through Heaven Man Unity.

    Qin Liehu and Qin An looked delighted.

    From the Heaven and Earth voice, they could sense Qin Yun's powerful strength. The speech showed clear confidence. He was not afraid of the county governor's men.

    "Brother! Brother, you have to ensure their safety." Qin An anticipated a good outcome.

    "Yun'er." Qin Liehu also looked forward to it.

    After about ten minutes, the entrance to the dungeon suddenly slammed open.

    County Governor Gongye led men and rushed in.

    "Lord." The Liu siblings and the personal guards stood up one after another. They greeted him respectfully. The other constables in the vicinity looked austere.

    The county governor was an existence that wielded absolute power in a county.

    Gongye walked in with an ashen expression.

    "Lord County Governor, where are my wife and children?" Qin An shouted. He fretted over them.

    "Don't worry. From the county governor's expression, you can tell that they were not captured." Qin Liehu scoffed.

    "Bring Qin Liehu away!" Gongye ordered coldly. "Bring him back to County Governor Manor!"


    Eldest Liu immediately opened the cell.

    Qin Liehu was relieved when he saw Gongye's reaction. Gongye had not retorted which meant that his family members had not been captured. They had escaped! Qin Liehu felt a weight off his mind.

    "County Governor Gongye, the heavens are watching. You have to do things according to your conscious." Qin Liehu sneered and said, "My son had jointly killed Water God with a Divine Firmament Chapter disciple. Such a great act is recorded in the imperial government. It's not something you can easily write off."

    "The one that colluded with demons is you, not your son. He is only being implicated by you. However, he dared resist arrest. That is an additional crime." Gongye said coldly.

    Despite saying that, Gongye thought to himself, "I never planned on dealing with Qin Yun. I knew it would be troublesome! But the Cloudfiend Mountain Blood Crystal... Over all my years of cultivation, I have only obtained one Cloudfiend Mountain Blood Crystal. If I can get a second one, it would be worth it no matter the cost. However, I wonder how miraculous the legendary Fiendcelestial Phalanx is. I have never seen it before."

    With that, Gongye and a large convoy brought Qin Liehu back to County Governor Manor.

    As for Qin An, he remained remanded in Six Fans Gate's dungeon. Gongye had even personally arranged for many people to watch him.


    In an elegant mansion.

    "Brother Qin Yun, this is one of the mansions that I secretly purchased. Others do not even know that this mansion is associated with my Hong family." Hong Lingtong entered and said with a smile, "Brother Qin Yun, you can let your family stay in the inner wing of this mansion. I will set up an array formation. Even if soldiers come searching, they would not be able to go beyond the first layer of arrays. They will absolutely not be able to enter the inner wing."

    "Thank you, Brother Hong," said Qin Yun.

    He also had Dao talismans that could conjure concealment techniques. However, they were not as powerful as an array formation. They could only conceal a very tiny region and were unable to hide an entire inner wing.

    "It's nothing. After setting up the array formation, I can still dismantle and take it away in the future." Hong Lingtong said with a smile, "I will arrange for grain, vegetables, meat and other food to be sent here. I'll send two maidservants to serve your family. Don't worry. The two maidservants just need to enter the mansion's door! Before all of you leave, they will absolutely not go past that door."

    "Alright." Qin Yun nodded.

    "Brother Qin Yun, if there's any other need, please feel free to give your instructions." Hong Lingtong said amiably.

    Changlan said, "Young Master Hong, you offered my Qin family help in its time of need. Yun'er, you have to remember this great favor."

    "Mother, I understand," replied Qin Yun.

    Hong Lingtong immediately said, "Brother Qin Yun, you killed Water God. Numerous people in Grand Dominance County are thankful towards it. Many of them have even set up a permanent plaque in their houses for you. It's also my honor to help you. I'll set up the array formations first." With that said, Hong Lingtong left.

    Changlan whispered, "Yun'er, this Hong Lingtong had offered many mansions for your choosing previously. Why did you choose this one?"

    "This is closer to Six Fans Gate. Father and Brother are likely captured and imprisoned in Six Fans Gate's dungeon." Qin Yun said, "I have to think of a way to save them."

    Six Fans Gate's dungeon was the place where criminals were usually remanded.

    The mansion they were in was within five kilometers of Six Fans Gate! From the mansion, he could send his flying sword far away and reach Six Fans Gate.

    In fact, the surrounding five kilometers of Six Fans Gate covered nearly half the city. Three of the mansions that Hong Lingtong had offered were also within five kilometers of Six Fans Gate! The reason why he had chosen the particular mansion was that it was also within five kilometers from County Governor Manor! It was naturally the best option.

    "Alright, you have to think of a way to save your father and brother." Changlan was worried as well. His sister-in-law looked at Qin Yun with reddened eyes. The two children were still anxiously hugging their mother's thighs.

    Qin Yun nodded slightly. "Don't worry. Leave everything to me."

    Regardless of anything, he had to save his family!
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