Chapter 83: Perilous Zone

    Chapter 83: Perilous Zone

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    Inside County Governor Manor.

    "Lock him inside my compound. Use that building," Gongye pointed to a building. "Use every chain we have. Ensure the area's security. Do not make any mistakes."


    The personal guards immediately escorted Qin Liehu away as he glared at County Governor Gongye.

    "Hmph, if not for your son, I would have taken your life with a simple order," Gongye thought to himself. The imperial government gave absolute power over a county to the county governor. Killing an eighth-grade official was nothing. Of course, the imperial government also demanded a lot of the county governors. For example, they had to deal with demons and placate the commoners.

    Gongye entered a silent chamber and closed the door.

    He sat cross-legged on a mat.

    "I have acted in accordance with the imperial government's laws. I openly sent troops to deal with the Qin family and the sect behind Qin Yun hasn't even dared to appear," Gongye scoffed secretly. "Top cultivation sect? How much does that amount to in front of the imperial government? Even the strongest Connate Golden Core realm experts of a top cultivation sect would not dare kill troops wantonly, or they would be pursued by the imperial government and have no choice but to flee."

    The imperial government ruled the world and wielded the Godfiend lineage of cultivation methods.

    Just in the Jiang Prefecture alone, the imperial government assigned two Connate Golden Core experts, one openly and one in secret, to watch over it. Such strength was not inferior to a top cultivation sect like the Scenic Mountain Sect. And this was not even including the Godfiend Guard's large numbers and the massive army!

    There were nineteen prefectures in the world!

    When added to the forces in the imperial capital, which was where the strongest martial powers of the imperial government were concentrated, it made the imperial government the indisputably greatest faction! Only Daoist and Buddhist sacred lands, the Kunlun Prefecture's Yi family, and a certain few large family clans could make the imperial government concerned. It would not wish to lose decorum with them! But the imperial government seldom worried about typical top-tier cultivation sects.

    The moment the imperial government gave the order, such as the destruction of demons in Grand Dominance County, Scenic Mountain Sect's Palatial Lord Essence Charm had immediately come to watch over the county. Why? It was because the imperial government was the rightful governing body of the world. By abiding by the instructions of the imperial government, the sect would enjoy better days. There were common instances in history of sects that were easily flattened after angering the imperial government.

    As for itinerant cultivators and the weaker cultivation sects, they were better off pledging allegiance to the imperial government! For example, Commander Fang and Commander Tie became officials of the imperial government.

    "As long as what I do has precedent according to the imperial government's laws and I make no mistake, the top cultivation sect backing him will definitely choose not to oppose the imperial army," Gongye thought to himself. "Unfortunately, despite being so young, that Qin Yun was able to quell his anger when I sent troops to capture him! If he had shed blood, killing soldiers... Hmph, he would've been taken down by the imperial government even if he is a Connate Golden Core expert!"

    "It seems like the sect backing him has also warned him in the past."

    "However, you did not succumb to my first move. What about my second move?" Gongye anticipated the outcome.

    "Now, your brother will be tortured daily if you do not enter the Six Fans Gate. Yet the security is so tight that it has become a rather perilous zone. Then again, your brother might even be tortured to death. Are you going to watch your brother die while standing idly by?" A black beam stirred in Gongye's eyes.


    Qin Yun was walking on the street.

    The streets were bustling and he could hear conversations everywhere! Inside restaurants and tea shops, patrons chatted away. People were discussing the Qin family, Second Young Master Qin, and the new county governor nearly everywhere in the city.

    "So it was Second Young Master Qin and a Divine Firmament Chapter disciple that killed Water God. Despite accomplishing such a great meritorious feat, Lord County Governor still wants to be rid of him?"

    "Well, isn't Lord County Governor having a headache now!? Second Young Master Qin is a real godly immortal. That was Second Young Master Qin's voice everywhere in the city not too long ago."

    "Lower your voice. The soldiers are coming."

    "What's there to fear!? None of the soldiers that surrounded Qin Manor in the siege died. Many of the soldiers are actually grateful towards Second Young Master Qin."

    There was discussion everywhere.

    The soldiers that were jogging down the streets were feeling very helpless as well. They could only follow their orders to search every corner of the city. "Make way. Did you see a youth leading two women, one old and one young, as well as two three or four-year-old children?" The soldiers were searching the city region by region.

    Qin Yun watched them work.

    He was dressed in an ordinary gray cloth robe. He emanated a strange fluctuation from his body. Even if the mortals around Qin Yun could see him, they would naturally forget what Qin Yun looked like! Even if they tried to carefully recall, they would only vaguely recall seeing a passer-by. This Dharma spell was called the Divine Concealment Spell! The Dharma spell itself wasn't complicated, but had a high requirement for one's soul and psyche. Typical cultivators that had just knocked open the gate of immortality were unable to cast it.

    People like Yi Xiao, who had reached the perfected twelfth stage of the Qi Refinement realm, had an extremely powerful soul and psyche. They were exceedingly close to reaching the Connate realm. Therefore, Divine Firmament Chapter disciples like her could naturally cast such a spell. Because of her looks, she would use the spell to walk unhindered around typical mortals. Only cultivators with powerful psyche were able to discern her true looks.

    Qin Yun had no need to cast it in the past, but now he cast the 'Divine Concealment Spell' like Yi Xiao.

    "They are searching for us everywhere?" Qin Yun shook his head secretly.


    Qin Yun raised his head immediately as he vaguely made out a bird flying high into the sky.

    "The three letters are being sent? Hong Lingtong sure is fast." Qin Yun had left Quintessential Essence marks on the letters. If anyone were to open the letters without notice, he would be able to sense it. He could also vaguely sense the letters as long as they were in a particular range. Now, he sensed that the three letters were moving at extremely fast speeds in different directions. One of the letters had already gone beyond Grand Dominance City. Clearly, the birds had already been sent to deliver the letters.

    "Although I could think of means to secretly save Brother and Father, I will still need Old General Wang and the others to redress the accusations," Qin Yun thought to himself. "After all, I'm a cultivator that has yet to enter the imperial government. Even if I were to become an official, I would not be able to present a petition to the imperial government due to my lack of status."

    "Only after overturning the accusations can my parents and brother's family walk on the streets. If not, they can only hide forever." Qin Yun felt resentment.

    Thankfully, he had rendered meritorious services by killing Water God. However, in order to keep his sword intent a secret, the explanation given to the imperial government was that he was only responsible for melee combat. The main credit was given to Yi Xiao and the treasures the Divine Firmament Chapter had bestowed! Therefore, the Divine Firmament Chapter took about eighty to ninety percent of the credit from the imperial government while Qin Yun only got ten to twenty percent.

    If all the credit was given to him, the imperial government would definitely have rewarded him handsomely. But as a result, every great fiendish demon in the world would target him! Demons and humans had been fighting since time immemorial. If great fiendish demons were targeting him, he would have nowhere to hide except Daoist sacred lands or the royal palace.

    "You win some, you lose some."

    "Forget it. Regardless, I have to first think of a way to save Brother and Father. As for redressing the accusations, it would be good if Old General Wang and company are able to help me resolve that matter. If they can't do it, I'll just wait until I become stronger! By then, I'll have a strong enough influence to settle the matter," Qin Yun thought to himself.

    Although he looked like he was walking normally, he was moving very quickly.

    In a blink of an eye, he had come to Six Fans Gate.

    Qin Yun first walked into an alley and made a turn. Following that, he completely vanished.

    He had cast an Invisibility Spell!

    An Invisibility Spell could be seen through by using Dharma Eyes or methods that involved the release of psyche. However, only cultivators were capable of that. The constables in Six Fans Gate were not cultivators but there were a few sent by the county governor! Through Qin Yun's Intrinsic Flying Sword, he ascertained their locations and maintained a particular distance from them. Even if they activated their Dharma Eyes, they would not be able to discover him.

    Under the effects of the Invisibility Spell, Qin Yun swaggered into Six Fans Gate's main entrance. The constables at the entrance would not have seen a thing even if they widened their eyes.

    "There are cultivators inside." Qin Yun even knew them personally. After all, he had been to County Governor Manor before. He knew the county governor's subordinates.

    "They are all too weak to be worth mentioning. First, I should crack this array formation. This is the only array formation in Six Fans Gate." Qin Yun felt at ease. After all, his Intrinsic Flying Sword could sense everything in a thousand foot radius. He had long discovered the array formation and his father had informed him of the situation regarding Six Fans Gate.

    Amid invisibility, Qin Yun came to a dark corner and released his flying sword.


    The Intrinsic Flying Sword flew out like a fish and turned the corner of Six Fans Gate, quickly tunneling into the building.
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