Chapter 84: Five Revolutions Mystic Wood Formation

    Chapter 84: Five Revolutions Mystic Wood Formation

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    Qin Yun also sensed the scene within the dungeon. His gaze turned colder.

    Inside the dungeon, Qin An was tied to a wooden frame. Beside him was a charcoal stove and the charcoal inside it was burning red with flames billowing out of it. A metal rod was being heated inside the stove and two prison wardens sitting beside him were mumbling under their breaths, "Young Master Qin An, don't you blame us. It was ordered by Lord County Governor. We have to let you enjoy this once a day. If we disobey the order, the ones enjoying this would be the both of us."

    "Don't worry, no matter how severe the punishment, you will not die! We will ensure that you do not die. If you were to die, we would be in great trouble as well."

    One of the prison wardens glanced at the charcoal stove. "It will be ready in a short while. According to the rules, we have to brand you five times. Hey, Old Fu, is the salt prepared?"

    "Wait a moment. Someone is getting it." A prison warden shouted from afar.

    "First, you will be branded before some salt will be sprinkled. Young Master Qin An, you must have never experienced this before. I guarantee you that you will never forget it for life." A prison warden said with a chuckle. "Don't worry, we are experienced. You will definitely not die."

    Qin An gritted his teeth as his body could not help but tremble.

    It was instinctive. He was unable to control the trembling even if he tried.


    Beneath the dungeon, there was a quiver. It was very weak, something undetectable to ordinary people.

    In fact, buried deep underground was a bronze column. There were complicated runes engraved on the column and at that moment, a flying sword had tunneled underground. It stabbed through the bronze column with a bang, destroying the runes on the column! The Six Fans Gate dungeon's array formation was especially used to prevent cultivators from succeeding in a prison break! Once the array was triggered, ordinary cultivators would not be able to escape.

    Ordinary cultivators were unable to release their psyche nor would they be able to find the array core deep underground.

    However, Qin Yun could instantly crack it.

    "Oh no!"

    "Be careful, there's a prison break!"

    There were alarmed shouts from outside the dungeon! Despite the shouts, they were obstructed by the Heaven and Earth powers. The sound could not reach the dungeon!

    Following that, Qin Yun walked straight into the dungeon. He walked past the prison wardens who could not see him at all.

    "There will be constables rushing in very soon. I have to bring Brother away as soon as possible. However... Did Gongye Bin really not lay a trap?" Qin Yun felt baffled. Everything was going too smoothly.

    Under the cover of invisibility, he walked through the dungeon.

    In a few steps, he came beside his brother.


    A sword beam flashed.

    Qin An was watching the metal rod in the charcoal stove turning red. A prison warden was also walking over with a plate filled with salt! At that moment, Qin An could not help but grit his teeth. "Bear with it! Bear with it! It won't result in death. I won't die."

    Suddenly, he felt the binding on his wrists loosen. The pressure on his ankles relaxed and clanging sounds were heard! The shackles that restrained him fell to the ground in pieces. The cuffs about his ankles had shattered.

    Qin An retracted his arms in a daze.

    "This..." The two prison wardens sitting by the side were dumbfounded. They watched in horror at the chains and cuffs shattering. What had broken the shackles and cuffs? They had failed to see it clearly. All they saw was a hazy stream of light.

    "Prison break-"

    One of the fat prison wardens widened his eyes and shouted. The other prison wardens were also alarmed. Many imprisoned criminals looked over curiously. Following that, they felt the surrounding air solidify. A formless energy enveloped them, as well as the prison wardens around them.


    With an ethereal cry, all the prison wardens flew up and were thrown far away.

    Woosh! Woosh! Woosh!

    The criminals looked in astonishment at Qin An, who was tied to a wooden frame. A gray-clothed man had appeared out of thin air.

    At the moment Qin Yun appeared, he extended his hand to grab Qin Yun's wrist. "Brother, I'll be taking you away. Be careful. There might be danger around here."

    Qin An looked at the figure in front of him and was astonished and puzzled. "Brother?" Despite hearing his brother's voice, for some reason, he could not remember the looks of the person in front of him. Qin An even began to suspect if he had turned extremely old and frail. He was like an elder in his eighties or nineties, unable to remember a thing. However, he could recall things very clearly except the looks of the person in front of him.

    How could Qin An be able to crack the Divine Concealment Spell?

    Qin Yun naturally did not want to leave behind any evidence while breaking his brother out of jail. He constantly maintained Divine Concealment Spell to prevent others from recognizing him.

    "Prison break!"

    "There's a prison break!"

    "Save us!"

    "Is that Second Young Master Qin?" The criminals that were remanded shouted excitedly.

    Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom!

    Five inconspicuous wooden columns in the dungeon exploded one after another. Five men appeared, each of them was covered with a thick wooden shell. Furthermore, they grew a lot of leaf veins. There was a thick wood-elemental spiritual energy emanating the entire dungeon. Instantly, the scene turned illusionary and became a hazy green world. The green world's roots were the five men with countless veins rapidly binding against each other.

    The veins tore through the bodies of some of the criminals who were in the range of the array formation. They died with their eyes open. Others were bound and they suffocated to their deaths. In a blink of an eye, dozens of criminals died. Instantly, the surroundings were filled with the smell of blood. It was the fresh blood of the dead criminals. When the veins were stained with blood, they appeared even more menacing.

    "This is?" Qin Yun grabbed Qin An's hand and solemnly observed his surroundings. "What a strange array formation. My psyche is unable to penetrate it. Although I have Heaven Man Unity, I can only barely sense that the Heaven and Earth powers contained within the array formation are extremely complicated in its flow. But I do not know anything about array formations."

    Qin An panicked as he looked at the countless leaves and veins around him.

    "What brotherly love! Lord County Governor was right after all. You really came to save your brother." The quintet stared at Qin Yun and was feeling excited. They were unaffected by the Divine Concealment Spell and could see Qin Yun's looks clearly.

    "The Liu brothers?" Qin Yun said with a deep voice. "So it's you."

    "It appears you are rather powerful. Heaven Man Unity? As a Postnatal cultivator, you are able to defeat an ordinary person at the Connate False Core realm." Eldest Liu scoffed.

    Third Liu chuckled and said, "The five of us could match the Connate False Core before we become followers of the lord. With this formation, our strength is even more formidable!"

    "You will definitely die today." Fourth Liu said.

    "All of you are infamous, being on the kill lists of more than one cultivator. By submitting to Gongye Bing, you enjoy a sense of stability while donning the facade of being officials." Qin Yun quipped.

    "Brothers, cut the crap with him. Kill!" Fifth Liu said.



    The Liu brothers attacked together. Instantly, countless veins flew toward Qin Yun and Qin An. Qin An's face was drained of its color.

    "Break." Qin Yun controlled his Intrinsic Flying Sword.

    The Intrinsic Flying Sword instantly whistled out, severing the incoming veins. A large number of veins were constantly being slashed apart! Due to the large number, Qin Yun could only manage to reduce a small portion of the surrounding veins. However, they continued growing after being sliced off! New veins would spread towards them in great number. Qin Yun felt that as the entire array formation stirred, the wood-elemental aura was constantly condensing and producing new veins.

    "Cut, cut it all." Qin Yun controlled with all his might. He even intended to kill the Liu brothers.

    However, the closer it was to the Liu brothers, the thicker the veins became. It also became more difficult to slice through the veins! Just one Intrinsic Flying Sword could only barely create a three-foot radius defense.

    "I have to use my sword intent! If not, there's no way I can break this formation." Qin Yun thought to himself. "However, the moment I use my sword intent, I have to kill all the Liu brothers. I cannot expose my sword intent."

    By using sword intent, his strength would increase to the Connate True Core realm!

    For a Postnatal sword immortal to possess such strength meant only one possibility-grasping sword intent! He could not afford to expose it at all. The outcome would be many times worse than the threat the county governor posed. All the great fiendish demons would hunt him down.

    "Haha... You can't crack this formation. You are doomed. Let me tell you! This is the Five Revolutions Mystic Wood Formation! You should be gladdened that you are being killed by this formation!" The Liu brothers were frenzied.

    "Misty Rain Sword Intent!"

    Qin Yun's eyes flashed as he immediately conjured his Misty Rain Sword Intent.
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