Chapter 85: Gongye Bing, you are ruthless!

    Chapter 85: Gongye Bing, you are ruthless!

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    Qin An panicked while he watched from the side. After all, the veins were constantly hurtling at them. The dungeon cells beside them had been easily penetrated and crushed. It was already extremely demanding on one flying sword to ward off the countless veins.

    "Brother, if you can't withstand it, ignore me. Just flee for your life." Qin An said immediately.

    At the same time, the Liu brothers began controlling the thick veins to wrap around venomous awls. There were five of them, each being powerful Dharma artifacts! They were also laced with a toxic venom of the Magus lineage. If an ordinary cultivator were to be tainted by a tiny bit of it, they would die instantly. By using one's Dharmic powers to control the venomous awls, they were powerless against Qin Yun but with the thick veins wrapped around them, it made the awls move much faster and made them pose a greater threat.


    Qin Yun commanded with his mind.

    The silver flying sword turned into a hazy misty rain that seemed to flitter. The extremely robust veins instantly became easier to cleave through. As the veins were constantly being cleaved apart, the silver flying sword's shadow flitted towards the Liu brothers!

    Clang! Clang! Clang!

    The five venomous awls the Liu brothers controlled were sliced apart with a flash of a sword beam, crashing to the ground loudly as fragments. The Dharma artifacts had failed to put up any resistance before being destroyed.

    "What!?" The Liu brothers' expressions changed drastically.

    "Why did his strength increase so tremendously?"

    "The Five Revolutions Mystic Wood Formation is rapidly unable to hold him back." The Liu brothers saw how the veins they were controlling were being cleaved apart. With the pandemonium approaching them, they could not help but panic.

    They were only that strong through the control of the formation.

    Without the formation, their combat strength would decrease to a fifth!

    "Could this might of his imply that he has the strength at the Connate True Core realm?" The Liu brothers speculated. They were acutely aware that even ordinary Connate False Core realm cultivators would barely survive amid the Five Revolutions Mystic Wood Formation.

    "He's only a Postnatal sword immortal. Could it be..."

    "Sword intent?"

    The quintet came up with a guess and could not help but be alarmed.

    "Chi! Chi! Chi!" More veins were sliced through. There were fewer veins for them to control! The condensation and regrowth of the veins were not as fast as they were being sliced apart.

    "Eldest Brother!" Second Liu yelled. "Quick!"

    Eldest Liu immediately took out a red bottle.


    When County Governor Gongye brought Qin Liehu away, he had handed a red bottle to Eldest Liu. "This is one of my treasures. If Qin Yun attempts a prison break and the Five Revolutions Mystic Wood Formation is unable to stop him, allowing them to have a chance of escaping, uncap the bottle! Remember, use this treasure only when dealing with Qin Yun. Unless it's critical, do not use this treasure. Even my heart aches if it's used!"

    "My lord, don't worry. We would only use it at the critical moment against Qin Yun! Haha... If Qin Yun doesn't have any powerful life-preserving methods that were given to him by his sect, killing him with the Five Revolutions Mystic Wood Formation is sufficient." Eldest Liu had said so confidently.


    "If we don't use it, the five of us are doomed." Eldest Liu ignored the repercussions and used the county governor's treasure.

    With a poof, the bottle stopper was pulled out.


    A swath of dense black bugs flew out of the bottle. Instantly, they rushed into Eldest Liu body as he immediately widened his eyes. "Gongye Bing, you are ruthless!"

    His body noiselessly slumped to the ground as swaths of dense black bugs bored out of his body. At that moment, the black bugs were in one swarm but when it flew out, it split into five tinier swarms. They charged at the other four Liu brothers and Qin Yun! Instead, the mortal, Qin An was not targeted by any of the black bugs.

    "It doesn't differentiate friend from foe?" Qin Yun's expression changed when he saw the scene.

    "Gongye Bing!" The other four Liu brothers were appalled when they saw the situation unfold. They even let out shrill screams.

    "Gongye Bing, you are ruthless!"

    "We have been so loyal to you but you actually did this to us!?"

    "You will die a horrible death!"

    One by one they shouted.

    They were disgruntled! They had been loyal to Gongye Bing but they never expected that the so-called killer move he had left them did not differentiate foe from friend. The five of them would be killed as well! Clearly, Gongye Bing had wantonly abandoned the five of them in order to kill Qin Yun.


    However, Qin Yun controlled his Intrinsic Flying Sword to produce his Cyclic Sword Flash.


    The silver flying sword instantly held back the incoming black bugs. The bugs frantically attacked but were sliced and ground by the flying sword. As for the other four swarms of bugs, they ignored the situation. They continued dealing with the Liu brothers, boring into their bodies and devouring their flesh and blood.

    The Intrinsic Flying Sword could match a fifth-grade Dharma treasure. Powered by the sword intent, even though the black bugs were a lot harder than typical metal, they were still easily sliced apart.

    After destroying one swarm, the flying sword immediately charged at Fifth Liu's corpse that was closest to it. Just as the black bugs that had grown slightly larger flew out of his corpse, they were enveloped by the silver flying sword.

    "What sort of venomous bugs are these?" Qin Yun's expression changed slightly. "They do not seem interested in my brother. Clearly, they feed on cultivators! Furthermore, they rapidly grow after consuming flesh and blood. Such venomous bugs must have a weakness... If not, they would become a scourge of this world."

    Everything in the world reinforced or countered each other.

    The venomous bugs definitely had their faults and weaknesses. He just wasn't aware of them.

    Although he had roamed the world for six years, he had never encountered such powerful venomous bugs before!

    "Phew! Phew! Phew!" The silver sword immediately returned to Qin Yun and blocked the black bugs. Yet, they continued attacking Qin Yun relentlessly! They were constantly minced by the silver flying sword.

    "Oh? They seem to lack intelligence. Despite knowing that they will be sending themselves to their deaths, they still continue their assault?" Qin Yun discovered the first flaw of the black bugs. They were too silly.

    Of course, ordinary Connate False Core realm cultivators would not be able to defend against so many black bugs that attacked from every direction unless they had powerful treasures protecting themselves.

    Qin Yun's Misty Rain Sword Intent was best at defense! It was an impenetrable aegis that caused all the venomous bugs to eventually die!


    With a wave of his hand, the treasures left behind by the Liu brothers flew over. With a cursory glance, he kept them in his Cosmic Bag. Through the Intrinsic Flying Sword's perception, he knew everything about the treasures they had.

    "The five of them are dead! The only ones that truly could identify me are the five of them. With them dead, the Six Fans Gate will not know who saved my brother." Qin Yun heaved a sigh of relief.

    "Brother, let's go," said Qin Yun.

    "Go?" Qin An nodded immediately.

    Qin Yun grabbed his brother and leaped onto the silver sword that had expanded to nearly ten feet long. Furthermore, he took out an Invisibility Charm and triggered it immediately.


    Invisible energy enveloped Qin Yun and Qin An. With that, the both of them vanished.

    "Boom!" The Six Fans Gate dungeon's roof exploded, forming a huge hole.

    With his brother, Qin Yun instantly charged into the sky, escaping the dungeon. As he left, he controlled the Heaven and Earth powers to deliberately actuate the entire dungeon.


    Previously, the prison wardens that Qin Yun had sent flying watched as the horrifying veins overwhelmed a huge area. All of them ran outside in terror. They managed to escape but of course, it was because the Liu brothers had no intention of killing the prison wardens.

    The prison wardens had escaped the dungeon while other constables outside the dungeon rushed over.

    "What happened? What happened in there?"

    No one present dared to enter.

    As the entire dungeon quaked, there were veins sprouting out of the windows and walls, it left the constables appalled. They were worried that the dungeon might collapse at any time.

    "Who are the ones battling inside?" More and more constables rushed over.

    "No idea." The prison wardens shook their heads in a daze.

    "We saw the shackles and cuffs on Qin An suddenly shatter. A man suddenly appeared and we immediately shouted about the prison break. Following that, we were thrown out. I can't even remember what the man looks like."

    "Neither can I."

    "I saw his face but I don't remember it."

    One prison warden after another said.

    When one of the constables saw this, he nodded and said, "This is a Dharma spell of cultivators. When we mortals see them, we will not remember their looks. While engaging in prison breaks and crimes, cultivators naturally do not want to expose their identities."

    Suddenly, silence befell the dungeon.

    It was completely silent.

    The people gathered outside waited and watched curiously. Following that, there was a blast as the roof to the dungeon exploded!

    Boom! Boom! Boom! The dungeon that had been damaged by the Five Revolutions Mystic Wood Formation began crumbling when Qin Yun actuated it through the control of the Heaven and Earth powers. A pile of dust escaped into the sky as a tiny portion of the dungeon was left erect.


    And up in the air,

    Qin Yun and Qin An were flying at high speed through Sword Kinesis Flight on a gigantic flying sword.

    The constables beneath them had looked up due to the explosion of the roof but due to the Invisibility Spell, all they saw was the bright clear skies! They did not see any figures.

    Qin Yun and Qin An overlooked their surroundings and could see everything clearly.

    "Are we flying? Is this Sword Kinesis Flight?" Qin An was somewhat perplexed. This was a matter of legends. Looking at the constables beneath them looking up as though they could not see them, he asked, "Can't they see us?"

    "I have cast an Invisibility Spell. Mortals can't see us." Qin Yun explained.
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